Define 32Nd Degree Mason

The 32nd Degree Mason, also known as the Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, is a part of the Scottish Rite branch of Freemasonry. It is one of the highest degrees conferred by a Masonic Lodge and is considered to be a symbol of prestigious recognition within the fraternity. The 32nd Degree Mason has an important role in the Masonic Order and is often seen as a leader among Masons.

A 32nd Degree Mason is a Freemason of the highest degree of the Scottish Rite. This degree is also known as a Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret and is a part of the York Rite. The title is given to Freemasons who have completed 30 degrees of Scottish Rite Masonry and have been awarded the 31st Degree. This degree is an honorary title within Freemasonry that recognizes members for their service to their Lodge, Grand Lodge, or other Masonic bodies.

Qualifications of a 32nd Degree Mason

The qualifications of a 32nd degree mason are quite high. To be eligible to become a 32nd degree mason, one must:

  • Be a Master Mason in good standing
  • Have the recommendation of two 32nd degree Masons
  • Be approved by a majority vote from the Supreme Council
  • Be an active member of their local Masonic Lodge
  • Demonstrate knowledge in Masonic philosophy and teachings

The 32nd degree is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a Freemason. It is recognition of a Mason’s commitment to his craft, and his dedication to its principles. The 32nd degree Mason must exemplify the highest levels of service and leadership within the fraternity. He must be willing to serve as an example for other Masons, and should demonstrate moral character, integrity, and charity.

He should also have a working knowledge of Freemasonry’s history, symbols, rituals, and teachings. This includes being able to explain how these elements are interrelated and how they form the foundation for Freemasonry’s principles.

1. Respect the laws of the country and state: A 32nd degree Mason is expected to respect the laws of the country and state in which he is residing. This means that he must abide by all the laws, regulations, and ordinances set forth by the government.

2. Uphold moral values: This is one of the most important obligations of a 32nd degree Mason. He must strive to uphold moral values in his life and should act as an example to others around him. He should also promote good moral values among other members of his Lodge.

3. Aid fellow Masons: It is important for a 32nd degree Mason to be supportive and helpful towards fellow Masons who are in need or distress. He should also strive to provide them with any assistance that they may require in order to succeed in life.

4. Promote Masonic principles: A 32nd degree Mason should always strive to promote Masonic principles such as brotherly love, truth, and charity throughout his life. He should also work towards promoting these principles among all members of his Lodge.

5. Participate in Lodge activities: A 32nd degree Mason is expected to participate actively in all activities organised by his Lodge, such as meetings, discussions, lectures, etc. This will help him stay updated about ongoing events and other matters related to Freemasonry.

6. Respect other religions: Freemasonry respects all religions and it is important for a 32nd degree Mason to be respectful towards people belonging to different faiths. He should never discriminate against anybody based on their religious beliefs or practices.

7. Give back to society: A 32nd degree Mason should always strive to give back something meaningful to society through various charitable activities or any other means possible which would be beneficial for mankind at large.

8. Follow Masonic etiquette: It is important for a 32nd degree Mason to remember and follow certain Masonic etiquettes while attending meetings or performing rituals at Lodges like dressing appropriately according to ceremonial requirements, maintaining proper decorum at all times, etc.

Ranks and Titles of a 32nd Degree Mason

The ranks and titles of a 32nd Degree Mason are among the highest in the Freemasonry movement. This degree is often referred to as the ‘Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret’ and is considered one of the most prestigious degrees in Masonry. The title of 32nd Degree Mason signifies a level of mastery in Masonic knowledge and practice.

The main title associated with being a 32nd Degree Mason is that of ‘Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret’, which is usually abbreviated to SPRS, or more commonly, ‘32°’. Other sub-titles associated with this degree include ‘Knight Commander Court of Honour’ (KCCH) and ‘Inspector General Honorary’ (IGH). Depending on the jurisdiction, some Masons may also receive additional titles such as Grand Representative or Grand Inspector General.

In addition to its titles, a 32nd Degree Mason is also expected to demonstrate a higher level of understanding and practice in Masonic ritual and lore than lower-degree Masons. This understanding includes knowledge of symbolism, philosophy, history, ethics, law, and government related to Freemasonry. As part of their practice, 32nd Degree Masons are tasked with preserving and promoting an understanding of Masonic principles within their own jurisdiction.

As part of their duty as a 32nd Degree Mason, they must also work for the betterment of humanity by contributing positively to society through charity work or other forms of service. The ultimate goal for a 32nd Degree Mason is to become an example for others within their jurisdiction by leading by example through their actions.

Overall, becoming a 32nd Degree Mason requires commitment and dedication to both Masonic teachings and charitable work. The many titles associated with this degree signify mastery in knowledge and practice within the Freemasonry movement as well as commitment to serving others through charity work and acts of service.

Distinctions of a 32nd Degree Mason

The 32nd Degree Mason is one of the highest honors a Freemason can achieve. It is the highest degree in the Scottish Rite, and membership is by invitation only. Those who attain this degree must have shown an exceptional level of commitment and knowledge to the fraternity. Here are some of the distinctions that set 32nd Degree Masons apart:

  • 32nd Degree Masons are expected to live by a high moral code.
  • They are required to uphold and promote the values of Freemasonry.
  • They have access to exclusive meetings, events, and other activities.
  • 32nd Degree Masons must demonstrate an exceptional level of knowledge in Freemasonry.
  • They are expected to take on leadership roles within their lodges.

Membership in this degree requires dedication and commitment to Freemasonry. To be awarded the 32nd Degree Mason, candidates must have proven themselves as knowledgeable and committed Masons who will serve as leaders within their lodges. They must also demonstrate a commitment to living by high moral standards and promoting Masonic values. As members of this degree, 32nd Degree Masons have access to exclusive Masonic meetings, events, and other activities. They also receive special recognition from their peers for their dedication to Freemasonry.

For those who achieve the 32nd Degree Mason honor, it is an incredible accomplishment that represents their commitment to upholding Masonic values. It also demonstrates their dedication to continuing education within Freemasonry and taking on leadership roles within their lodges. Being a part of this exclusive community provides many benefits for those who achieve it.

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History of the 32nd Degree Masonry

The 32nd Degree Masonry is a branch of Freemasonry, and it’s history dates back to the early 19th century. It is the highest degree of Freemasonry and it was created in 1802. This degree was created to recognize those who have gone above and beyond in their dedication to Freemasonry. The 32nd Degree is also known as the Sublime Degree of the Royal Secret and it is one of several degrees within Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

The 32nd Degree Masonry is considered to be one of the most prestigious Masonic organizations in existence today. Those who are members of this degree have achieved a very high level within Freemasonry and they are seen as leaders within the organization. They have a great deal of influence over their peers and they are often sought out for advice or guidance.

The requirements for being accepted into this degree vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but typically involve a minimum of three years membership in Freemasonry, as well as an intense study of its history and principles. It also requires that members demonstrate loyalty to their lodge, brothers, and their country. Once accepted into this degree, members are obligated to uphold its principles and values at all times.

In order to become a 32nd Degree Mason, one must first become a member of one of the four Masonic bodies that make up Scottish Rite; these include: The Lodge Of Perfection, The Chapter Of Rose Croix, The Council Of Kadosh and The Consistory. Each body involves taking different oaths or obligations while studying different aspects related to Freemasonry such as philosophy, ethics, symbolism, history, rituals and so on.

When a member has completed all four degrees he will then be eligible for advancement into the 32nd Degree Masonry. This entails further study into the mysteries surrounding this degree which includes topics such as philosophy, morality and other esoteric concepts related to Freemasonry. Upon completion of this study members will then receive recognition from their peers by being awarded with this prestigious title.

Membership in the 32nd Degree Masonry carries with it many honors including being inducted into an elite group within Freemasonry that is highly respected among its peers in other lodges around the world. Members also gain access to special events where they can learn more about Freemasonry from other experienced masons as well as gaining access to exclusive resources that may not be available otherwise.

In addition to receiving recognition from fellow masons, those who hold this degree may also receive special awards or honors from their home lodges or grand lodges depending on where they live; these can range from medals or certificates acknowledging their achievements in masonic studies or even be given titles such as Grand Master or Grand Officer depending on their contributions during their time in Masonic service.

All in all becoming a 32nd Degree Mason is an honor that carries with it much respect amongst masons around the world. It takes dedication to reach this level but those who do will find themselves amongst some of the most esteemed masons throughout history; an honor few achieve but many aspire towards!

What is the Order of the Temple for 32nd Degree Masons?

The Order of the Temple for 32nd Degree Masons is a group that provides moral and spiritual support to Masonic members. This order is one of the oldest and most respected organizations in Freemasonry, having been founded in 1730. The Order of the Temple consists of four levels of membership, each with its own set of responsibilities and privileges. The four levels are Apprentice, Fellowcraft, Master Mason, and 32nd Degree Mason. Each level has its own rituals and ceremonies that are based on ancient teachings and Masonic practices. Members of this order are expected to live up to a high standard of conduct both within the organization and in their daily lives.

Rituals and Ceremonies

The Order of the Temple has several rituals that are conducted at each level. These rituals include symbolic gestures such as bowing or kneeling, as well as verbal affirmations such as oaths or prayers. Each ritual has specific symbolism associated with it which serves to reinforce certain principles or values. In addition to these rituals, there are also several ceremonies that can be conducted by members at any level, including initiation ceremonies for new members, installation ceremonies for officers, or special ceremonies for important occasions.


The symbolism associated with the Order is both rich and varied. Symbols such as swords, pillars, altars, candles, banners and robes are all important components in conveying the deeper meaning behind Freemasonry’s teachings. Additionally, certain colors are often used in Masonic regalia or during rituals to represent particular virtues or qualities that members should strive towards.


Membership in the Order of the Temple provides many benefits to its members. These include access to a network of like-minded individuals who can provide moral support and advice; access to unique resources such as books or lectures on Masonic philosophy; opportunities for personal growth through participation in rituals; and finally a sense of belonging to an ancient tradition that is still alive today.

For those interested in learning more about Freemasonry or joining the Order of the Temple for 32nd Degree Masons , there are numerous resources available online that can provide more information about this organization. Additionally, many local lodges offer tours or presentations about their activities which can be helpful for those considering joining this ancient tradition.

The Origin of 32nd Degree Masonry

32nd Degree Masonry is a prestigious Masonic degree that signifies the highest level of achievement. It originated from the Scottish Rite, which was founded in 1717 and is considered to be one of the oldest and most influential fraternal organizations in the world. This degree is part of a series of thirty-three degrees and was established to provide an advanced level of learning for members. The degrees are traditionally divided into four sections, or “bodies”, which are named Symbolic Lodge, Chapter, Council, and Consistory. Each body focuses on different aspects of Masonic learning such as history, philosophy, ethics, and ritual.


The purpose of 32nd Degree Masonry is to further the knowledge and understanding of Freemasonry by providing members with an advanced level of education. It also serves as a way for members to become more involved in their local lodges by taking on leadership roles within their organization. Members who achieve this degree gain access to exclusive opportunities such as social events and service projects that are not available to those at lower levels.

Philosophical Principles

The philosophical principles behind 32nd Degree Masonry are based on the teachings of Freemasonry which include charity, brotherhood, truthfulness, justice and morality. These principles emphasize service to others while also promoting self-improvement through education. Members are encouraged to lead by example in their communities by participating in philanthropic activities such as volunteering at local charities or helping those less fortunate than themselves. They also strive to uphold these values within their own lives by being honest and upstanding citizens who treat others with respect and dignity.

Symbols & Rituals

32nd Degree Masonry utilizes a variety of symbols and rituals that have been passed down through generations of Masons. These symbols represent concepts such as faith in God, moral conduct, charity towards others, loyalty to one’s country and fraternity among brothers. The rituals involve oaths that must be taken by all members who wish to ascend into this degree so they can prove their commitment to these principles. Additionally, members must adhere to certain rules regarding dress code when they attend meetings or participate in any activities related to 32nd Degree Masonry.

Overall, 32nd Degree Masonry is a highly esteemed level within Freemasonry that promotes knowledge expansion through education along with charitable works for society’s benefit.

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Final Words On Define 32Nd Degree Mason

32nd Degree Masons are members of the Scottish Rite, an appendant body of the Freemasonry. They are among the most advanced members of the Masonic fraternity and have access to some of its oldest and most esoteric teachings. 32nd Degree Masons practice a form of symbolic Freemasonry that is both rooted in ancient traditions and focused on individual spiritual development. Through their participation in rituals, lectures, and other Masonic activities, these Masons strive to better themselves and their communities. The purpose of 32nd Degree Masonry is to provide an opportunity for personal growth, spiritual development, and service to others.

The 32nd Degree Mason is an example of how Freemasonry has changed over time while still maintaining its core values. This degree is a testament to the fact that Freemasonry is a living tradition that evolves with the times and continues to play an important role in our culture today. By engaging with this degree’s teachings, Masons can expand their knowledge base and understanding of Masonry’s rich history. The insight gained from pursuing this degree can help them become better citizens, more effective leaders, and more compassionate individuals who strive for service above self.

At its heart, 32nd Degree Masonry is about self-improvement and making a positive difference in our world. Through engaging with Masonic principles such as brotherly love, relief, truth, equality, and charity, these Masons can strive towards excellence in all aspects of life. Ultimately, this degree provides an opportunity for members to grow spiritually while exploring timeless principles which guide us all on our journey through life.

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