What Is A 32 Degree Mason Called

A 32° Mason is a member of the Scottish Rite, an appendant body of Freemasonry. It is the highest degree attainable in the York Rite and Scottish Rite systems, and is conferred upon those who have demonstrated a commitment to Freemasonry and its ideals. The 32° Mason is referred to as a Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, or “Sovereign Prince”. This degree signifies one’s completion of the first set of degrees in the Scottish Rite system and allows them to advance further in their Masonic education.

A 32nd Degree Mason is a member of the Scottish Rite, which is an organization of Freemasonry. This degree is also known as a Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret.

The Meaning of a 32 Degree Mason

Joining the Freemasons is a centuries old tradition that many take part in for various reasons. Becoming a 32-degree Mason is the highest degree of initiation a Freemason can achieve. The 32nd degree is not just about gaining knowledge and understanding, but also about being an example of Masonic ideals. Here are some of the things that go into being a 32-degree Mason:

• Commitment to the Craft: 32-degree Masons must show commitment to the principles and teachings of Freemasonry and contribute to its growth and development. This includes taking part in Masonic activities, attending meetings, and helping with charitable work.

• Understanding Masonic Principles: 32-degree Masons must have an in-depth knowledge of the core principles of Freemasonry, such as brotherly love, relief, truth, and faith. They must also be able to apply these principles to their everyday lives.

• Service to Others: 32-degree Masons are expected to use their knowledge and understanding to help others. This includes taking part in charitable work, providing support for those in need, and helping promote unity among members of the fraternity.

• Respect for Fellow Masons: All 32-degree Masons must treat fellow members with respect regardless of their rank or degree. This includes showing respect for their opinions and beliefs as well as honoring their service to the Craft.

• Demonstrating Upright Behavior: To be a good example for other members of Freemasonry, all 32-degree Masons should strive to live an honorable life that upholds Masonic values. This means avoiding behaviors that could bring discredit or dishonor upon oneself or the fraternity.

Becoming a 32nd degree Mason is not just about advancing one’s own knowledge; it is also about living according to Masonic ideals and setting an example for others. By following these guidelines, one can become an exemplary member of the Freemason fraternity.

History of the 32 Degree Mason

The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is one of the two branches of Freemasonry that a Master Mason may join in order to continue his Masonic education. This is done through a series of degrees, with the 32nd degree being the highest degree a Master Mason can attain. Understanding the history and origins of this degree can provide insight into why it is so highly regarded by those who choose to join it.


The 32nd Degree was first developed in 1801 by Supreme Councils who were based in Charleston South Carolina. The Supreme Councils had been established for several years prior, but they had only conferred up to the 29th Degree until 1801 when they introduced four additional Degrees which made up what we now know as the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. The purpose of introducing these new Degrees was to further expound upon certain topics which had been briefly touched upon in the lower Degrees.


The 33rd Degree is awarded for exceptional service within Freemasonry or for outstanding accomplishments outside of it. This is an honorary Degree that can be awarded to any Brother who has proven himself worthy and dedicated to Masonic principles. The rest of the Degrees are divided into three sections, each containing ten Degrees:

• Lodge of Perfection:

• Chapter Rose Croix:

• Council Princes Kadosh:

Symbolism in 32nd Degree

The 32nd degree is broken down into four sections which are also known as “Valleys” and symbolically represent different stages in life or aspects of knowledge that need to be explored and understood in order to move forward spiritually and intellectually.

Each Valley has its own set of lessons which focus on developing particular skills or attitudes needed to progress further on our spiritual journey. Through these lessons, members learn how to become better individuals, better brothers, and ultimately better citizens.

In Reflection

In reflection, The 32nd Degree provides Masons with an opportunity to further their understanding and knowledge about Freemasonry through a series of symbolic lessons and teachings that have been passed down over generations. By exploring each Valley, members learn how to become more spiritually aware and develop important virtues such as love, honor, truth, and perfection that will help them on their journey through life.

Benefits of Being a 32° Mason

Masonry is one of the oldest fraternal organizations in the world with its members have access to a variety of benefits and privileges. As a 32° Mason, you can take advantage of many advantages that come with membership. Here are some of the benefits you can receive by becoming a 32° Mason:

• A sense of belonging to an organization that strives to make people’s lives better through charity and fellowship.

• An opportunity to participate in meaningful activities that promote self-improvement and camaraderie.

• Access to the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to reach one’s full potential in life.

• An extensive network of like-minded individuals who share similar values and perspectives on life.

• Financial assistance for members in need through various programs and initiatives.

• A platform for volunteering your time and talents to charitable causes around the world.

• Educational opportunities such as seminars, classes, lectures, workshops, and more.

• The chance to build lasting relationships with fellow Masons through shared experiences.

By becoming a 32° Mason, you can gain access to these benefits and more. It’s an excellent way to become part of an ancient fraternity that values service, loyalty, and integrity.

Requirements to Become a 32 Degree Mason

Becoming a 32nd degree Mason is a rewarding and meaningful experience. The process of becoming a 32nd degree Mason requires dedication, commitment, and a willingness to learn. Here are the requirements that all 32nd degree Masons must meet:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must have been a Master Mason for at least two years
  • Must demonstrate the moral character and knowledge required of the craft
  • Must complete the necessary number of Masonic degrees
  • Must pass an examination on the knowledge of Masonic ritual and symbols
  • Must attend special meetings and events for 32nd degree Masons

Before beginning the process to become a 32nd degree Mason, it is important to understand what it means. A 32nd degree Mason is one who has achieved the highest level of membership in Scottish Rite Freemasonry. This level of membership requires dedication, commitment, and an ongoing pursuit of knowledge. It also requires that members actively participate in their local lodge or masonic body.

In order to reach this level of membership, individuals must first become proficient in the teachings and rituals of Freemasonry. This includes completing several degrees, including Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, Master Mason, Mark Master Mason, Past Master, Most Excellent Master, Royal Arch Chapter Member, Royal Master Mason, Select Master Mason and Super Excellent Master Masonic degrees.

Once these degrees are completed and tested upon by an examining committee or Grand Lodge board member(s), individuals must then demonstrate their knowledge on Masonic ritual and symbols. Once this is successfully accomplished they can then be advanced to the 32nd degree rank. Therefore applicants must attend special meetings and events for 32nd degree Masons as part of their ongoing education within Freemasonry.

Becoming a 32nd degree Mason is an honor that comes with great responsibility within Freemasonry. But with hard work and dedication it can be accomplished with much satisfaction for those who pursue it.


32nd Degree Degrees

The 32nd degree is the highest degree in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. It is a degree that has been conferred upon many members of the fraternity, and it is a great honor to be able to achieve such a high level. Those who have attained this degree are known as Knights of Kadosh, and they are considered to be among the most knowledgeable and respected members of the organization.

The 32nd degree is divided into two distinct parts: The first part consists of three sub-degrees, and these are often referred to as Blue Lodge degrees. These degrees are intended to provide further insight into the organization’s beliefs and rituals. The second part consists of four additional sub-degrees, which focus on more advanced topics such as philosophy, history, and ethics.

In order to achieve the 32nd degree, one must go through all seven sub-degrees in sequence. Each degree requires its own unique set of tests and challenges in order to be completed. After completing all seven degrees, one is eligible for advancement to the 33rd degree.

The first three degrees – known as Blue Lodge degrees – include The Entered Apprentice Degree (EA), The Fellow Craft Degree (FC), and The Master Mason Degree (MM). These three degrees introduce new members to basic Freemasonry principles and provide an overview of the organization’s history and rituals.

The next four degrees – known as Philosophical Degrees – include The Secret Master Degree (SM), The Perfect Master Degree (PM), The Intimate Secretary Degree (IS), and The Provost & Judge Degree (PJ). These four degrees focus on deeper philosophical topics such as ethics, morality, justice, duty, truthfulness, courage, temperance, fortitude, faithfulness, charity, fidelity, hospitality, humility and many other important themes.

Upon completion of all seven sub-degrees within the 32nd degree program a person can then apply for advancement into the 33rd degree within Freemasonry if they so choose. Those who attain this level are among some of the most respected members within this ancient fraternity.

The Structure of the 32nd Degree

The structure of the 32nd Degree is complex yet distinct, and is reserved for those who have achieved a certain level of accomplishments within the Scottish Rite. It is composed of three degrees, each with its own set of rituals and teachings that are designed to impart knowledge and wisdom.

The first degree is the Apprentice, which focuses on the practical aspects of Freemasonry. This degree teaches members how to use the tools of Freemasonry in order to build up their character. The second degree is known as the Fellow Craft, which expands upon the principles taught in the Apprentice degree and focuses more on moral guidance and ethics. Lastly, the third degree is known as the Master Mason, which is considered to be a culmination of all that has been learned in both previous degrees. This degree also serves as a source of inspiration and enlightenment for members.

In order to receive this high honor, individuals must have successfully completed and passed all three previous degrees. Additionally, they must demonstrate exemplary character through their actions and attitudes towards others. There are also certain requirements that must be met before one can even consider applying for this level of achievement within Freemasonry.

Once an individual has achieved this level he will receive access to various special teachings that are only made available at this level including:

  • An in-depth understanding of philosophy
  • Advanced knowledge on rituals
  • Instruction on how these teachings can be implemented into daily life
  • A deeper appreciation for Masonic history

All these learnings are meant to help guide an individual’s journey towards spiritual enlightenment and self-improvement. By achieving these goals they will become an even more valuable member within their community. Ultimately, becoming a 32nd Degree Mason is not only a great honor but also a great responsibility as well; it requires dedication and commitment from those who wish to attain it.

Overview of the 32nd Degree

The 32nd Degree of Freemasonry is part of the Scottish Rite, one of two branches of Freemasonry in which a Master Mason may progress after he has completed the 3rd Degree. The 32nd Degree is considered the highest degree that a Mason can obtain. It is also called the “Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret”, and its members are referred to as “Sovereign Grand Inspectors General.” The 32nd Degree symbolizes a man’s spiritual journey to enlightenment and understanding of his duties as a Mason and toward his fellow man.


The 32nd Degree is associated with many symbols, which represent different aspects of its teachings. These symbols include:
* A double-headed eagle: This symbolizes power and dominion over two worlds – the physical and spiritual.
* A five-pointed star: This symbolizes light, truth, and knowledge.
* A human eye: This symbolizes vigilance and discernment.
* A triangle: This symbolizes harmony between body, mind, and spirit.
* An anchor: This symbolizes hope in times of distress or despair.

Rites & Rituals

The 32nd Degree includes several important rites and rituals that are performed during initiation ceremonies for new members. These rites and rituals include an oath of secrecy, an invocation for protection from evil spirits, a prayer for guidance from divine forces, an explanation of Masonic symbols such as the double-headed eagle and five-pointed star, an offering ritual to honor all those who have gone before us in Freemasonry, a symbolic ritual to represent strength through unity among all Masons, a ceremony to recognize new members who have been initiated into the degree, as well as other invocations meant to inspire humility in its members. Lastly, they involve symbolic gestures such as bowing down before an altar or raising their hands in unity with other members while reciting ancient words of power or wisdom.

In addition to these rites and rituals there are also lectures given on various topics related to Freemasonry such as ethics, morality, brotherhood/sisterhood among Masons, justice/righteousness towards mankind etc.


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In Reflection on What Is A 32 Degree Mason Called

Masonry is a centuries-old organization with a deep history. It has served as an important outlet for men of all backgrounds to bond and form lasting relationships. As a result, its members are held in high regard by many. Those who have achieved the 32nd degree of Masonry are especially well respected as they have demonstrated their commitment and knowledge to the craft and to their fellow brethren.

The 32nd degree Mason is called a Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, or simply a “Prince”. This title is intended to honor their dedication and service to Masonry and recognize them as one of its most esteemed members.

The process of becoming a 32nd degree Mason is long and arduous. It begins with becoming an Entered Apprentice, followed by Fellowcraft, Master Mason, then various other degrees until reaching the level of Sublime Prince. Along the way, they must master various rituals and prove that they possess the skills necessary for being an effective Masonic leader.

Achieving the level of Sublime Prince is no small feat, but those who have done so have earned an esteemed place in Masonic history. They are respected not only for their knowledge and commitment to the craft but also for their dedication in helping others grow in understanding of what it means to be a Mason. Whether it’s through teaching or providing guidance, these Princes strive to help others continue learning so that they too can reach this highest level of achievement within the organization.

It’s clear that becoming a 32nd degree Mason requires dedication, effort, and perseverance beyond what many are accustomed too – yet it can also provide immense rewards. Those who achieve this rank possess knowledge that few can ever hope to learn on their own or from any other source outside of this ancient order. Becoming a 32nd degree mason is an achievement not only worthy of admiration but also one that carries with it great power and responsibility – something all Masons should strive for regardless of whether or not they ever reach such great heights within this organization.

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