Provincial Grand Lodge Of Herefordshire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire is an important part of the United Grand Lodge of England. It was established in 1786 and has been at the forefront of Freemasonry in this county ever since. The Lodge meets four times a year to conduct business, host events and take part in Masonic ceremonies. It is composed of over 500 members and is overseen by a team of Provincial Officers who are elected annually. The Lodge also awards various charitable donations each year to local causes that benefit the community.The Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire was established in 1723 by the United Grand Lodge of England. The first Grand Master of the new Provincial Grand Lodge was William, Duke of Chandos, and it has since been presided over by some of England’s most prominent figures, including the Prince Regent in 1811. The lodge has had an active role in Herefordshire’s history, often taking part in civic events and local festivals. It is currently headquartered in Hereford Cathedral and continues to have a strong presence in the county today.

Structure of Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire

The structure of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire is based on the customs and traditions of Freemasonry. It is divided into three main branches: The Craft, The Royal Arch and Rose Croix. Each branch has a Grand Master, who is responsible for the overall governance and direction of the lodge.

The Craft refers to the traditional system of Masonry in which a candidate must be initiated, passed and raised in order to become a full-fledged Mason. In Herefordshire, there are seven lodges that meet regularly for Masonic business. Each lodge is headed by a Worshipful Master who holds office for one year.

The Royal Arch refers to an additional degree, or order, within Masonry. This degree is conferred upon those who have completed their journey through the Craft degrees and it furthers their knowledge of Freemasonry. Those who join this branch are known as Companions.

The Rose Croix is a higher order within Freemasonry that focuses on metaphysical aspects of the craft. Those who join this branch are known as Knights or Dames and they must have already achieved the rank of Master Mason in order to be eligible for membership. It is often considered to be the pinnacle of Masonic study and its members often go on to become leaders within the organization.

Each branch of Freemasonry in Herefordshire has its own set of officers who are responsible for providing guidance and support within their respective organizations. The structure also includes committees which focus on various facets such as education, charitable giving, finance and ritual development.

In addition to these three branches, there are several other orders which may be affiliated with the Provincial Grand Lodge such as Mark Masonry, which focuses on charitable works; Templarism which focuses on Christian ideals; Scottish Rite which focuses on philosophical studies; and Allied Masonic Degrees which focuses on historical research into masonic ritual practices.

The Provincial Grand Lodge also maintains close relationships with other lodges around England such as those in Worcestershire, Shropshire and Gloucestershire as well as internationally through its affiliation with United Grand Lodges throughout Europe and beyond.

By adhering to centuries-old traditions while embracing modern changes in technology, culture and society, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire continues to uphold its core values: brotherly love, relief (charitable giving) and truth (moral uprightness).

Johnathon Gethin

Johnathon Gethin is the Provincial Grand Master for Herefordshire, a position he has held since 2017. He is a member of the United Grand Lodge of England, the governing body for Freemasonry in England and Wales. He is also a Past Grand Officer, having been appointed to that rank in 2013.

Johnathon has been involved in Freemasonry since the early 1990s, when he joined his first lodge. Since then, he has gone on to become an active member of various lodges and chapters around Herefordshire. He has also served in many positions of responsibility within those lodges and chapters, including Worshipful Master and Scribe E.

In addition to his involvement with Freemasonry, Johnathon is also a published author and public speaker. He has written several books on Masonic history and philosophy, as well as articles in numerous publications about Freemasonry. He has also spoken at conferences and other events around the world on topics related to Freemasonry.

As Provincial Grand Master of Herefordshire, Johnathon’s primary role is to oversee the operations of all lodges and chapters within his jurisdiction. This includes ensuring that all members follow Masonic principles and that all lodges are operating according to Masonic law. He also works with other Provincial Grand Masters from around England and Wales to ensure that all Freemasons are abiding by the same set of standards throughout the country.

Johnathon’s commitment to Freemasonry extends beyond his duties as Provincial Grand Master as well. He is involved with numerous Masonic charities throughout Herefordshire and beyond, helping them with fundraising efforts as well as offering advice on how best to serve their respective communities. Additionally, he serves as an ambassador for Masonry worldwide, traveling abroad on behalf of the organization to promote its values and teachings among non-Masons.

Johnathon Gethin’s dedication to Freemasonry is evident not only through his service within Herefordshire but also through his work internationally. His commitment to upholding Masonic principles while promoting them abroad serves as an excellent example for all who hope to follow in his footsteps one day.

Norman Wride

Norman Wride is the current Provincial Grand Secretary of Herefordshire, being a Freemason for many years. He has been involved in the organization for over thirty years, and has held a number of positions during this time, including Grand Master and Lodge Master. He is well-known within the Masonic community, having been a respected leader for many years.

Wride is passionate about Freemasonry and its traditions, and is committed to keeping them alive in Herefordshire. He has worked hard to ensure that the Masonic values are upheld throughout the county, and that all members are treated with respect and fairness. He also works to promote new initiatives that will benefit both members and non-members alike.

One of Wride’s main focuses is on education within the Masonic community. He works closely with schools, universities, and other educational institutions to provide opportunities for new members to learn about Freemasonry’s history and traditions. He also organizes events that bring together members from different lodges in order to foster relationships between them.

Another area of focus for Wride is on fundraising and charity work. Through his work as Provincial Grand Secretary he has been able to help raise money for a variety of causes throughout the county, including those related to health care, education, poverty relief, youth development, housing assistance and more.

Wride’s commitment to keeping Freemasonry alive in Herefordshire has earned him respect from both inside and outside of the Masonic community. His leadership style is one that encourages open communication among members as well as collaboration between lodges in order to best serve their communities. He firmly believes that everyone should have access to knowledge about Freemasonry’s history and traditions so they can make informed decisions when joining or leaving a lodge.

In addition to his work as Provincial Grand Secretary of Herefordshire, Wride also serves on various committees within the Masonic community such as those dedicated to finance, public relations, recruitment and membership services. His dedication to Freemasonry combined with his enthusiasm for its values makes him an invaluable asset within the organization.

Wride’s commitment to Freemasonry continues today through his tireless work as Provincial Grand Secretary of Herefordshire. By upholding its core values while encouraging open communication between lodges he ensures that all members have access to knowledge about its history and traditions so they can enjoy a successful membership experience with their lodge family.

Roles & Responsibilities of Provincial Grand Lodge Of Herefordshire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire serves as the governing body for Freemasonry in the county. The Lodge is responsible for the administration, regulation and direction of all Masonic activity within its jurisdiction. It works in conjunction with other Masonic Orders to ensure that all members receive a quality experience and are treated fairly and equitably. The Provincial Grand Lodge also has a responsibility to promote Freemasonry and its principles among the general public.

The Provincial Grand Lodge is headed by an elected Grand Master, who is responsible for overseeing the operation of the Lodge. The Grand Master is assisted by a Deputy Grand Master, who acts as his advisor. The Deputy Grand Master is responsible for managing day-to-day operations and ensuring that all members adhere to proper protocols and regulations. Other officers include Senior and Junior Wardens, Secretary, Treasurer and Chaplain, who are all elected by members of the Lodge.

The Provincial Grand Lodge is responsible for organizing its own meetings and events, often in conjunction with other Masonic Orders. It also has a responsibility to ensure that all members receive proper training in order to carry out their duties effectively. This includes providing educational resources such as books, manuals or lectures on Freemasonry topics. All meetings must follow proper protocols set out by the Provincial Grand Lodge, such as dress codes, etiquette rules and appropriate behavior within the lodge room.

The Provincial Grand Lodge also performs various charitable works within its jurisdiction. This may include providing assistance to those who are less fortunate or organizing events that raise funds for worthy causes. Additionally, it may be responsible for overseeing any disputes between members or helping resolve any issues that arise between different factions within Freemasonry itself.

Ultimately, it’s up to each individual lodge or branch of Freemasonry to decide what type of activities it wishes to undertake in order to fulfill their mission and responsibilities towards both their members and society at large. However, each lodge should strive to uphold the values of brotherhood and service that have been at the core of Freemasonry since its inception centuries ago.

Provincial Grand Lodge Of Herefordshire Charitable Causes

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire is dedicated to supporting a number of charitable causes. Through its annual donations and other direct fundraising activities, it has been able to make considerable contributions to local and national charities. Some of the main areas it supports include:

• Education – The Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire contributes to educational projects in the local area, such as providing financial assistance for students and helping to fund educational trips for underprivileged children. It also supports literacy initiatives by running book donation drives and working with local libraries.

• Healthcare – The Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire works closely with local healthcare providers to improve access to medical care for those in need. It also provides financial aid for medical treatments, such as purchasing medical equipment or medications for those unable to afford them.

• Disaster Relief – The Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire has provided substantial donations over the years for disaster relief efforts both in the UK and overseas. These donations have helped provide emergency food, water, shelter, and other essential items to those affected by natural disasters or conflict situations.

• Animal Welfare – The Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire is committed to improving animal welfare through its various initiatives. These include funding veterinary care for sick or injured animals, supporting animal rescue organisations, sponsoring spay/neuter campaigns, and contributing towards conservation efforts in endangered species populations.

• Community Development – The Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire is dedicated to helping local communities develop and thrive by providing support through grants and donations. These funds are used for a variety of projects that promote education, economic empowerment, health services, cultural activities, environmental protection initiatives, poverty alleviation programs, and other forms of community development.

In addition to these areas of focus, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire also provides financial assistance for individuals facing hardship due to ill health or other difficult circumstances. Through its various charitable activities, it strives to make a difference in people’s lives both at home and abroad.

Provincial Grand Lodge Of Herefordshire Meetings & Events

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire is a meeting and events organization with a rich history. Founded in 1864, the organization has been hosting events and meetings for its members since then. In the modern day, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire hosts a range of events, including:

  • Annual General Meeting
  • Provincial Investitures
  • Installation Ceremonies
  • Social Gatherings

The Annual General Meeting is held each year and provides an opportunity for members to discuss and debate matters that affect the Province. This meeting is usually held at one of the many Masonic Centres in Herefordshire. The Provincial Investitures are held bi-annually in April or May, and are attended by members from all across the Province. This ceremony provides an opportunity for newly elected officers to take up their positions and be invested with their authority. The Installation Ceremonies are also held bi-annually in October or November. These ceremonies provide an opportunity for new Masters to be installed into their Lodges, as well as other dignitaries from across the Province being appointed into various positions.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire also hosts various social gatherings throughout the year, such as dinners, dances and receptions. These provide members with an opportunity to get together and enjoy each others company outside of formal meetings and ceremonies. They also provide an opportunity for new members to meet more experienced Masons and learn more about Freemasonry in general.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire is an important part of Freemasonry in the area, providing leadership and guidance within its lodges throughout the Province. With its range of meetings and events, it provides an important platform for social interaction amongst Masons from all walks of life.


The Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire provides members with a range of benefits and opportunities. These include social activities, networking events, access to exclusive resources and more. By joining the Provincial Grand Lodge, members are able to take advantage of these benefits and make the most of their membership.

Networking Events

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire offers members the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. Regular events are held throughout the year, giving members the chance to make connections and build relationships with other members. These events are a great way for members to meet new people and build their professional networks.

Social Activities

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire also offers its members a range of social activities. From dinners and cocktail parties to sporting activities and days out, there is something for everyone. These activities provide an excellent opportunity for members to get together in a relaxed setting and get to know each other better.

Exclusive Resources

Membership in the Provincial Grand Lodge also gives access to exclusive resources. This includes educational materials, access to specialised services and discounts on products from affiliated companies. Members can take advantage of these resources to further their knowledge or save money on goods and services.

Last Thoughts

Being a member of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire provides numerous benefits for those who join. From networking events and social activities to exclusive resources, there is something for everyone. The advantages offered by membership in this organisation make it an attractive option for those looking for a rewarding experience.

Final Words On Provincial Grand Lodge Of Herefordshire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire has a long and proud history of being a central hub for Freemasonry in the region. The lodge is full of dedicated members who uphold the traditions and values of the craft. It has been an important part of local life in Herefordshire for many years, and its presence will continue to be felt for many more to come. The lodge is committed to promoting fellowship and friendship among its members, while also offering support for those in need in the local area.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire has contributed greatly to the local community over its long history, providing much needed support and assistance to those in need. It is also a great source of knowledge and education for both its members and non-members alike. The lodge’s dedication to preserving the traditions of Freemasonry is something that should be admired, and it is something that will continue into the future.

In Last Thoughts, it is clear that the Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire has been a vital part of the region’s history for centuries, and will continue to be an important part of local life for years to come. Its commitment to helping others and preserving Freemasonry’s rich traditions makes it an invaluable asset not just to Herefordshire but also to all those who are part of its membership.

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