Order Of St Thomas Of Acon


The Order of St Thomas of Acon is an ancient and noble religious order founded in the 12th century. The Order was founded by King Richard I of England, also known as “Lionheart” in 1188. The Order is dedicated to the protection and propagation of the Christian faith and to the defense of the Holy Land. It is a chivalric order, that is, it follows a code of chivalry and honor in its activities and relationships. The members of this Order are known as Knights or Dames Grand Cross, Knights or Dames Commander, Priors, Chaplains, Doctors and Squires. The members of this Order are bound together by a common commitment to serve God and His Church through their service to others.

The Order of St Thomas of Acon, also known as Aconites, is a religious order founded in the late 12th century by three English knights who had been traveling in the Holy Land. The Order was established to provide spiritual and financial support to pilgrims visiting the sites of Christ’s life, death and resurrection. The Order has a long and rich history, having been involved in many battles and wars in defense of Christianity throughout its existence. The Order was disbanded in 1540 by Henry VIII during the Reformation, but was re-established in 1841 by a group of English laymen. Today, the Order is an international brotherhood with members living all over the world. It is dedicated to maintaining Christian values and promoting spiritual growth through prayer, study and fellowship.

Location of Order of St Thomas of Acon

The Order of St Thomas of Acon was founded in 1218 by King Henry III. It was a religious order dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is now known as the Most Venerable Order. The order was originally based at the Cathedral Church of St Thomas at Acon in London, England. Today, the headquarters are located at East Molesey, Surrey, England.

The order has a number of other locations around England and Wales including:

  • Ludlow Castle – Shropshire
  • St Bartholomew’s Hospital – London
  • St Peter’s Church – Carmarthenshire
  • Saltney Abbey – Flintshire
  • Winchester Cathedral – Hampshire

The Order also has an international presence with chapters in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In addition to its spiritual mission, the order also works to promote education and social welfare through its charitable arm, The Acon Foundation. The foundation provides financial support to individuals and organisations in need, as well as funds for research into medical and scientific issues related to health and wellbeing.

The Order also organises regular events throughout the year such as lectures on spirituality and history, seminars on contemporary issues such as poverty reduction and environmental sustainability and pilgrimages to holy sites in Britain or abroad. These events serve to bring people together from different backgrounds in a spirit of mutual respect.

The Order is committed to caring for those most vulnerable in society by providing food banks for those who are homeless or struggling financially; offering mental health support; running campaigns against modern slavery; and supporting victims of human trafficking. Furthermore, it works with other organisations such as the Red Cross to provide humanitarian aid in times of natural disaster.

By bringing together religious beliefs with practical action, the Order is able to provide meaningful help for those who need it most while continuing its long tradition of service to God.

Antecedents of Order Of St Thomas Of Acon

The Order of St. Thomas of Acon was founded in the late 12th century by a group of Knights Templar who sought to honor the memory of St. Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury who was martyred by King Henry II in 1170. The order was closely associated with the Knights Templar and both organizations shared a common set of ideals and beliefs.

The Order was originally established as a monastic order to provide spiritual guidance, but it eventually evolved into a chivalric order that provided protection and assistance to travelers and pilgrims throughout Europe. The Order also provided medical care to those in need, established hospitals, and performed charitable works.

The origins of the Order can be traced back to 1185 when King Henry II granted the first charter for the organization. This charter granted them autonomy from both Church and State, allowing them to operate independently as an ecclesiastical institution. This allowed them great freedom to pursue their mission without interference from either entity.

The Knights Templar were influential in the development of the Order’s structure and organization, providing guidance on recruitment practices, training, and other aspects of daily life within the Order. They also provided much financial support which allowed for expansion into new territories throughout Europe.

In addition to their religious mission, members of the Order were expected to adhere to a strict code of chivalry that included loyalty, courage, piety, charity, and respect for all people regardless of social standings or religious beliefs. This code was based on medieval concepts such as knighthood and chivalry that were popular at that time period.

The Order’s influence spread throughout Europe during its early years because many members traveled extensively in order to fulfill their mission and assist travelers in trouble spots along their route. Members often moved between different countries in order to assist pilgrims or crusaders who needed help along their journey. By 1267 there were over sixty-five chapters across Europe with a total membership estimated at around five thousand individuals at its peak.

Throughout its history, members have acted as intermediaries between political factions during times of war or conflict; they have also served as mediators between rival religious groups attempting to resolve disputes peacefully; they have even been involved in negotiations between governments attempting to settle differences without recourse to violence or war. This has made them respected figures throughout Europe during times when peace was not always easy to come by.

Today many aspects of medieval chivalry are still practiced within the ranks of modern day orders such as St Thomas’s own ‘Garter’ which is still awarded annually by Queen Elizabeth II on St George’s Day each year (April 23rd). The Garter is believed by some historians to be one of oldest surviving orders within Europe today with roots stretching back over seven centuries ago when it was first founded under King Edward III (1327-1377).

Rules and Rituals of Order of St Thomas of Acon

The Order of St Thomas of Acon is a secret society that dates back to the 14th century. It is made up of members who are sworn to secrecy and abide by strict rules and rituals. The rules and rituals are designed to promote brotherhood, loyalty, and honor.

The first rule of the Order is that no member shall reveal any information about the Order or its members to anyone outside the organization. This includes all conversations, documents, emails, texts, etc. that may pertain to the Order or its members.

The second rule is that all members must adhere to a strict dress code when attending meetings or events. This includes wearing a robe, gown, hood, or hat when entering or leaving the meeting place. The third rule is that all members must demonstrate respect for each other at all times. This includes speaking respectfully and refraining from any type of physical violence or aggression towards each other.

Members are also expected to show respect for the traditions and customs of the Order which include rituals such as singing songs in Latin during meetings and reciting an oath before entering into the organization’s vault. Additionally, members are expected to take part in various charitable activities such as fund raising for charitable causes or volunteering in local communities on behalf of the Order.

The fourth rule is that all members must pay their dues in full at least two weeks prior to attending any meeting or event hosted by the Order. Those who fail to do so will be barred from attending until payment has been received in full. The fifth rule is that all conversations during meetings must be kept confidential among those present at the meeting only; no one outside those present should be made aware of what was discussed during a meeting unless otherwise authorized by the organization’s leadership team.

Therefore, it should be noted that membership within the Order requires a commitment not only from its members but also from their families who are asked to abide by similar rules and regulations whilst respecting their privacy at all times when discussing matters related to the organization’s activities and membership status with others outside of its circle.

Order Of St Thomas Of Acon

The Order of St Thomas of Acon is an ancient order of chivalry, established in the 11th century. It is believed to have existed since the time of Henry VIII. The order has a long and illustrious history, having been granted various privileges by the Crown, including precedence over all other orders of knighthood. The Order is dedicated to the service of God and the protection of His people, and its members are committed to upholding the highest ideals of honour, loyalty and service.

Membership in the Order is open to all persons who have demonstrated their commitment to chivalric ideals through their actions and deeds. Individuals must demonstrate a commitment to honour, loyalty and service in order to be considered for membership. The criteria for admission are rigorous and require an individual to demonstrate exemplary qualities. Once admitted, members must take an oath of allegiance and commit themselves to uphold the principles and values that define knighthood.

The Order has a hierarchical structure with various levels of membership ranging from Knights Grand Cross (GCH) at the top level, down through Knights Commander (KCH), Esquire (Esquire), Squire (Squire) and finally Companions (Comp). Each level carries with it certain privileges such as a seat in Parliament or special rights within court proceedings. As one progresses through the various levels they become eligible for higher honours such as being made a Lord or Lady by royal decree or being appointed as a Privy Counsellor or other high office within government.

The Order also has various ceremonies associated with it such as investiture ceremonies where new members are formally welcomed into the Order with appropriate honours; knighting ceremonies where individuals are knighted in recognition of their accomplishments; coronations where monarchs are crowned; funerals where members are buried with due ceremony; banquets where members can celebrate special occasions; processions which commemorate important events; jousts which demonstrate skill at arms; tournaments where knights compete against each other in friendly competition; feasts which mark important celebrations such as weddings or anniversaries; pilgrimages which involve travelling to holy sites in devotion to God; and many other special occasions.

These privileges serve both practical and symbolic purposes – on one hand they can provide tangible benefits while on the other they serve as symbols that demonstrate one’s commitment to chivalric ideals.

The Order continues today as an exclusive organisation dedicated towards upholding chivalric ideals throughout society by awarding honours for exceptional acts performed by its members. It is open only those who share its values and whose deeds embody its principles – honourable individuals who are willing to make sacrifices for others in service towards God’s will.

The Order of St Thomas of Acon

The Order of St Thomas of Acon is a fraternal and chivalric organization dedicated to upholding the highest moral and ethical values, promoting religious devotion, and providing charitable service. Founded in England in the 13th century, it is now a global organization with members in more than 100 countries. The Order is committed to preserving the legacy of its patron saint, Thomas à Becket, as a warrior for justice and truth.


The purpose of the Order of St Thomas of Acon is to promote Christian values and ideals through charitable works and religious devotion. The Order also seeks to provide fellowship among its members and serve as a common bond between them. In addition, it encourages members to serve their local communities through charitable works and other good deeds.


The goals of the Order are twofold: first, to promote Christian values through prayer, study, charity work, and other activities; second, to provide a supportive community for its members by creating an atmosphere that encourages fellowship, friendship, and unity. The Order also seeks to foster mutual respect among its members by emphasizing the importance of honesty, integrity, tolerance, charity work, and volunteerism.

In order to achieve these goals, the Order provides several programs such as educational opportunities for its members; religious services; social events; volunteer opportunities; charitable works; spiritual retreats; youth programs; scholarships; awards ceremonies; publications; international conferences; and more. The Order also has an active presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in order to keep its members informed about upcoming events or news concerning the organization.

Ultimately, the mission of the Order is to bring people together from all walks of life in order to celebrate Christian values while providing service to their local communities through charity work and other acts of kindness.

Charitable Work Done by Order Of St Thomas Of Acon

The Order of St Thomas of Acon is a charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of those in need. Through their various charitable initiatives, the order works to provide assistance to those who are sick, elderly, disabled and otherwise disadvantaged.

The Order of St Thomas of Acon is committed to providing financial aid and practical support to those in need. The order has a range of programmes in place which are designed to help those in need, such as providing food parcels, clothing and bedding. They also offer emergency medical assistance and counselling services for those who are struggling.

In addition to this, the order also runs educational programmes and has established links with universities around the world. These links enable students from disadvantaged backgrounds to access higher education opportunities that they might not otherwise have been able to access. The order also provides advice and mentoring services for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Order of St Thomas of Acon also provides support for charities and other organisations that are working for the benefit of communities around the world. They offer grants and other forms of funding which can be used towards projects that help people in need or promote education, health and social welfare.

The Order of St Thomas of Acon is committed to making a positive difference in people’s lives through their charitable work. Their mission is ‘to promote charity among all people’, which is demonstrated through their commitment to helping those who are less fortunate than others. By supporting individuals and organisations through their various programmes, they hope to make a difference in society by improving living conditions for all members of society.

Symbols and Emblems of Order of St Thomas of Acon

The Order of St Thomas of Acon is an ancient order dedicated to the service of God and the Church. The origin and history of the Order are obscure, but it is known to have been established in England in the 12th century. The Order has a number of symbols and emblems that identify its members and denote their rank in the Order. These symbols are as follows:

• The Cross of St Thomas: This is a red cross with four equal arms, each ending in a pointed tip. It is often referred to as “the Cross of St Thomas” or “the Arms of Acon”. It is believed to represent the four evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

• The Shield: This is a shield divided into four parts, each containing a symbol representing one of the four evangelists. In addition to this, there may be other symbols representing other aspects of the Order’s beliefs or history.

• The Motto: The motto for the Order is “Fides et Caritas” which translates to “Faith and Charity” in Latin. This is meant to signify that faith must be combined with charity in order for one to be truly faithful.

• The Badge: This badge consists of a red cross with four equal arms, each ending in a pointed tip surrounded by an ornamental border. In addition to this, there may also be other symbols representing different aspects of the Order’s beliefs or history such as stars or lions’ heads.

• The Banner: This banner consists of a red field with a white cross on it again bearing four equal arms ending in pointed tips. On either side are two stars representing faith and charity respectively.

All these symbols help identify members belonging to this ancient order and signify their rank within it. They remind us not only about its rich history but also its commitment towards faith and charity which remain integral aspects even today.

Final Words On Order Of St Thomas Of Acon

The Order of St Thomas of Acon is an important part of British history, and it serves as a reminder of the importance of religious freedom and tolerance. The order has been home to many different people over the years, and its members have fought for rights and freedoms that still shape the world today. The order is a reminder that even when faced with adversity, people should always strive for peace and understanding.

The Order of St Thomas of Acon has seen many changes over the years, but its goals remain the same: to bring people together in a spirit of unity and goodwill. By holding events such as conferences, seminars, and debates, the Order helps to bridge gaps between different points of view. Through these activities, members gain an understanding of different perspectives on life and faith that bring them closer together.

The values espoused by the Order are still relevant in today’s world, where religious freedom is becoming more important than ever. The Order stands for tolerance and understanding between people from all walks of life. This spirit helps to create a more peaceful society where everyone can live in harmony.

At its core, the Order is about bringing people together in a spirit of friendship and understanding. It is this spirit that has kept the Order alive for centuries, and it will continue to be an important part of British culture in the future.


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