Masonic Lodge Motto


The Masonic Lodge is an organization of men who have joined together to promote moral and spiritual values. The core of the Lodge is their shared commitment to their motto: “Friendship, Morality, and Brotherly Love.” This motto encapsulates the fundamental principles and values that guide the members of the Lodge in all aspects of their lives. It also serves as a reminder that these values are essential for a happy and successful life. The Masonic Lodge provides its members with a safe environment to discuss and learn about these important principles, helping them to grow as individuals and as part of a larger community.

The Masonic Lodge Motto is “Better ourselves for the benefit of all mankind.” This motto emphasizes the importance of taking personal responsibility to better oneself, with the ultimate goal of benefiting all of humanity. It is a reminder that by improving our individual character we can have a positive impact on the world around us. The motto serves as a reminder that we are able to make a difference in the lives of others if we choose to work toward improving ourselves.

The Most Common Masonic Lodge Motto

Masonic Lodges have been around for hundreds of years, and each has its own unique motto. The most common mottos are typically related to the order’s ideals of brotherly love, truth, and charity. Some of the most famous mottos include:

These mottos are meant to serve as a reminder to members of the importance of upholding these values. They serve as an ethical code that guides members in their day-to-day lives. The mottos also provide members with a sense of solidarity and camaraderie among those who share a similar set of values.

Many lodges also have their own unique mottos which reflect their particular beliefs or history. For example, some lodges in Scotland use the motto “Nec Temere Nec Timide” which means “Neither rashly nor timidly” in Latin. This reflects the lodge’s commitment to having courage in times of adversity while remaining prudent when necessary.

The mottos also help create an overall sense of identity for each lodge. By having their own motto, lodges can create a unique identity that sets them apart from other lodges and helps foster a sense of pride among its members. In addition, these mottos help create an atmosphere where different opinions can be discussed freely without fear or judgement from fellow members.

Overall, Masonic Lodges have many different mottos but they all share a common goal: to promote the principles of brotherly love, truth, and charity among its members. These values are at the core of what makes Masonic Lodges so special and it is reflected in the various mottos used by each lodge.

History of the Masonic Lodge Motto

The Masonic Lodge is an organization of men that has been around since the 17th century. They are known for their cryptic symbols and their motto: “Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth”. But what is the history behind this motto?

The Masonic Lodge’s motto can be traced back to ancient times. In the early days of Freemasonry, the organization was based on principles of brotherhood and mutual aid. This was expressed in a number of symbols and sayings, including “brotherly love” and “relief”.

The idea of “brotherly love” has been a cornerstone of Freemasonry since its inception. It is meant to signify a sense of unity among members, a bond that transcends race, class, or any other form of difference. It also emphasizes the importance of individuals helping each other out in times of need.

The concept of “relief” has also been an important part of Freemasonry since its early days. This refers to the notion that members should be willing to help each other out in difficult times. This could mean anything from providing financial assistance to offering emotional support during trying times.

Therefore, the Masonic Lodge’s motto includes “truth” as a third component. This concept is also quite old and refers to the need for members to always strive for truth in their actions and words. It is a reminder that members should not take advantage of each other or act in ways that are contrary to their beliefs or values.

Overall, the Masonic Lodge’s motto has deep roots in history and carries with it a variety of meanings for its members today. It serves as both a reminder of what it means to be part of this unique group as well as an encouragement for those who strive for brotherly love, relief, and truth in all aspects of life.

The Ancient Greek Origins of the Masonic Lodge Motto

The Masonic Lodge is a fraternal organization that has many components, including a motto. This motto is derived from ancient Greek and has been used by the lodge since its inception. It is made up of three words: “latres, agapes, and philadelphos”. Each one of these words has its own unique meaning and can provide insight into the values of the organization.

Latres translates to “service” or “labor”, and this is the basis for the lodge’s philosophy of helping others in need. Agapes means “love” and expresses the idea that members should be focused on serving others out of love, not just obligation. Therefore, philadelphos translates to “friendship”, emphasizing the importance of fellowship among members.

The combination of these three words makes up the Masonic Lodge’s motto: Serve with Love, Live in Friendship. This motto reflects on the core values that are essential for any lodge member to understand and live by. It encourages members to use their labor to help those in need, do it out of love, and develop deep friendships with other members.

Although this motto originated from ancient Greece, it still holds true today in all Masonic Lodges around the world. The concepts behind it are timeless and continue to serve as an important reminder for members. The concept of service with love is something that every member should strive for during their time in the lodge, as it will ultimately bring them closer together with others and help them reach their goals as a collective unit.

Latin Phrases Used in the Masonic Lodge Motto

Masonic lodges, also known as Freemasonry, have many symbols and phrases that are used in their practices. One of the most recognizable symbols is the Masonic lodge motto, which is typically written in Latin. This motto often includes several Latin phrases that represent the core values of Freemasonry. Here are some of the most commonly used Latin phrases in Masonic lodge mottos:

• “Deus Meumque Jus” – This phrase means “God and my right” and is used to emphasize the importance of always doing what is right and just.

• “Ordo Ab Chao” – This phrase translates to “Order out of chaos” and is a reminder that even in difficult times, order will eventually be restored.

• “In Hoc Signo Vinces” – This phrase means “In this sign you will conquer” and is meant to encourage members to persevere in tough times and strive for success.

• “Audi Vide Tace” – This phrase translates to “Hear, see, be silent” and serves as a reminder for members to act with discretion when encountering sensitive information.

• “Aude Aliquid Dignum” – This phrase means “Dare something worthy” and encourages members to rise up from within their current ranks and become better people.

These Latin phrases are not only found in Masonic lodge mottos but are also used as part of ceremonial rituals during meetings of members. They serve as reminders for members to always strive for justice, order, discretion, perseverance, and betterment within themselves and their communities.

Masonic Lodge Motto Usage in Present Day

The Masonic Lodge motto is still used today, and it has become a part of the culture of many lodges. The motto is usually printed on the back of a lodge’s business cards, as well as on the walls of lodges across the world. The motto is also often used in speeches and other written materials related to the lodge.

The most common form of the Masonic Lodge motto is “Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth”. This phrase encapsulates the core values that are expected from all members of a lodge. It emphasizes that members must act in an honorable manner and strive to help others in need. The phrase also reminds members to be honest and truthful in all their dealings.

The Masonic Lodge motto has also been adapted for modern times. For example, some lodges have changed their mottos to “Friendship, Charity, and Integrity” or “Charity, Respect, and Integrity”. These phrases are intended to be more inclusive and emphasize that all members should show respect for one another regardless of race, gender or religion.

The Masonic Lodge motto is an important part of many lodges’ culture. It serves as a reminder to members that they should strive to live up to its meaning every day. By doing so, they can ensure that their lodge remains a place where members can come together in friendship and mutual support while upholding their commitment to honesty and integrity.

Masonic Lodge Motto

The Masonic Lodge is a fraternal organization that follows the principles of brotherly love, relief, and truth. It is said that the motto of the Masonic Lodge is ‘Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth’. This phrase has been interpreted in many different ways by different lodges around the world. Here are some of the variations:

• ‘Friendship, Morality, and Brotherly Love’ – This version emphasizes friendship among members of the lodge as well as morality and brotherly love.

• ‘Charity, Truth, and Brotherhood’ – This variation stresses charity, truth and brotherhood amongst members of the lodge.

• ‘Service to Humanity, Integrity, and Faith’ – This version focuses on service to humanity as well as integrity and faith in one another.

• ‘Fraternity Through Harmony’ – This variation encourages fraternity through harmony among members of the lodge.

• ‘Fellowship Through Respect’ – This version promotes fellowship through respect for one another within the lodge.

• ‘Love One Another’ – This variation is a simple reminder to love one another within the lodge.

No matter which version of the Masonic Lodge Motto is used by a particular lodge, all versions emphasize the values that make up this ancient fraternity: brotherly love, relief, and truth.

Symbolism and Interpretation of the Masonic Lodge Motto

The Masonic Lodge motto is a symbolic representation of the brotherhood that exists between Freemasons. It is a reminder to all Masons that they are part of something greater than themselves. The motto also serves as a reminder to all members of the lodge that they should strive for excellence in all aspects of life. The symbolism behind the motto can vary depending on which lodge it is used in, but there are some common themes.

The first symbol of the Masonic Lodge motto is a set of compasses and a square, which represent the qualities of balance, harmony, and justice. These symbols are commonly seen on Masonic buildings and other items related to Freemasonry. This symbolizes how Masons strive to promote equality and justice in their daily lives.

The second symbol is the letter “G” which stands for God or Geometry. In Freemasonry, God is seen as the source of all knowledge and wisdom and geometry is often used to represent this principle. The letter “G” also stands for Grand Architect or Grand Master, both titles referring to an exalted position within the fraternity.

The third symbol usually found within the Masonic Lodge motto is an eye or triangle with an eye inside it. This symbolizes divine knowledge or understanding, as well as being watchful over one’s actions and thoughts. The eye also serves as a reminder that every Mason should always be aware of their surroundings and be mindful of their behavior at all times.

Therefore, there are often words included in the Masonic Lodge motto that emphasize certain values such as loyalty, honor, integrity, truthfulness, charity and brotherly love. These values serve as guiding principles for every Mason and remind them that they should always strive to live up to these ideals in their daily lives.

Overall, the symbolism behind the Masonic Lodge motto provides insight into both its history and its current purpose within Freemasonry today. By understanding these symbols and their meanings, Masons can gain a greater appreciation for their organization’s history as well as its modern mission in promoting equality and justice among its members worldwide.

Final Words On Masonic Lodge Motto

The Masonic Lodge motto is a reminder of the importance of morality and justice in human life. It serves to remind us that our actions have consequences, both good and bad. The motto encourages us to think about our actions and strive to do what is right in all situations. This motto can be a source of strength and guidance when things seem difficult or uncertain.

The Masonic Lodge motto is an important part of Freemasonry. It serves as a reminder that we must always strive to do what is right, even if it is hard or unpopular. We must also show respect for all mankind and treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. By following this motto, we can create a society where justice prevails and everyone has the freedom to live their lives in peace and harmony.

The Masonic Lodge motto has been around for hundreds of years, yet its message still resonates today. The world can often seem chaotic and uncertain, but the Masonic Lodge reminds us that by following its ideals, we can create a better future for ourselves and those around us. As Masons, we must always remember the importance of morality and justice in everything we do.

In reflection, the Masonic Lodge motto reminds us that morality matters and our actions have consequences. We should strive to do what is right in all situations so that we can create a more just society where everyone can thrive. By living according to this motto, we can ensure that justice prevails throughout our lives and communities.

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