Provincial Grand Lodge Of Wiltshire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire is the governing body of the Province of Wiltshire in England and Wales, under the United Grand Lodge of England. Founded in 1812, it is responsible for the oversight and promotion of freemasonry in Wiltshire, and consists of over 50 lodges spread across the county. The Provincial Grand Lodge is a vibrant and active part of the Masonic community, with an emphasis on charity work and supporting its members. It plays an important role in preserving the traditions of Freemasonry while also ensuring that its practices remain relevant to modern society.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire has a long and distinguished history. It was formed in 1797 by the United Grand Lodge of England, with the purpose of providing governance and oversight to freemasonry within the county. The first Provincial Grand Master was appointed in 1798, and since then there have been a succession of Provincial Grand Masters from across Wiltshire. Over the years, these have included a number of prominent figures from the world of Freemasonry, including several past Prime Ministers and other leading members of society. Over its long history, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire has provided guidance and support to its members, promoting friendship and mutual understanding amongst them. It has also been instrumental in helping to promote freemasonry across Wiltshire as a whole, as well as providing assistance to local communities through charitable works.

History of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire is a Freemasonry lodge with a long and storied history. Founded in 1813, the lodge has been active in the county for over two centuries, and has been instrumental in providing leadership and guidance to its members. The lodge is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and moral conduct, and is dedicated to making a positive impact on its community.


Membership in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire is open to any qualified Freemason in good standing with a local or national lodge. The organization offers a variety of activities to its members, including meetings, lectures, lectureships, social events and other activities. In addition, members can take part in workshops designed to enhance their knowledge and skills related to Freemasonry.


The Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire is headed by an elected leader called the Provincial Grand Master (PGM). The PGM is responsible for ensuring that all members abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the organization. He or she also manages the finances of the lodge and serves as an ambassador for Freemasonry in Wiltshire. Additionally, the PGM appoints Regional Grand Masters (RGM) who are responsible for overseeing individual lodges within their geographical area.

The RGM is supported by a team of officers who are elected by each lodge within their region. These officers include Senior Wardens, Junior Wardens, Treasurers and Secretaries who assist in running meetings and ensuring that all matters relating to Freemasonry are carried out properly. Additionally, each RGM appoints a District Deputy Grand Master (DDGM) who oversees lodges at a local level.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire also features an Executive Committee which consists of officers from each region within Wiltshire who meet regularly throughout the year to discuss issues affecting Freemasonry in their area. The Executive Committee also makes decisions on behalf of all lodges within its jurisdiction.

Overall, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire provides valuable leadership for its members throughout Wiltshire. Through its commitment to upholding high standards of integrity and moral conduct, it helps ensure that all Freemasons have access to quality services and activities that promote personal growth and development.

Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire Events

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire is proud to provide a wide range of events and activities throughout the year. From conferences and seminars to ceremonies, these events are open to all members and families interested in learning more about Freemasonry.

Here are some of the most popular Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire Events:

• Installation Ceremony: Every year, the Provincial Grand Master holds an installation ceremony in which new members are inducted into Freemasonry. This is a great opportunity to meet other lodge members and learn more about the traditions and values of Freemasonry.

• Annual Conference: The Annual Conference provides an opportunity for lodge members to come together to discuss current issues affecting the fraternity, as well as any other topics related to Freemasonry. It is open to all members regardless of rank or experience.

• Educational Seminars: The Provincial Grand Lodge holds educational seminars throughout the year on various topics related to Freemasonry, such as its history, philosophy, and rituals. These seminars are open to all lodge members and their families who wish to learn more about the fraternity.

• Social Events: In addition to educational seminars, the Provincial Grand Lodge also hosts social gatherings throughout the year for lodge members and their families. These events provide an opportunity for members to get together in a relaxed setting and enjoy each other’s company.

By attending these events, lodge members will gain a better understanding of Freemasonry and its traditions while also having fun with their fellow brethren. Whether you’re new or experienced in Masonry, there’s something for everyone at these exciting events!

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire is a charity that works to serve the local community in Wiltshire. It looks to raise funds for those in need and to provide support and services to the local area. The Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire provides a range of activities, services and projects, including:

• Providing grants for health, education and welfare
• Supporting local charities and other organisations
• Working with schools, colleges and universities
• Organising events such as fundraising dinners
• Developing new initiatives for the community
• Providing training and development opportunities
• Making donations to causes in need.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire also runs an annual Charitable Works Fund which provides grants for projects which benefit the local area. This fund is open to all organisations working with disadvantaged people or vulnerable members of the community. Projects supported by the fund include:

• Community-led initiatives
• Education & training programmes
• Health & wellbeing initiatives
• Arts & culture projects.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire also works closely with other charities and organisations in the region to develop new initiatives that promote social inclusion and help communities thrive. The charity has a strong focus on providing support for young people, helping them develop skills, gain employment and build confidence. Through these efforts, it strives to create a brighter future for everyone in Wiltshire.

Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire Membership Details

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire is an organization that is dedicated to the promotion and support of Freemasonry in the region. It is one of the oldest and most respected masonic lodges in the United Kingdom. Membership to this lodge is open to all Masons who are interested in attending meetings, engaging in charitable works, and socializing with fellow members. Here are some details about membership to this esteemed lodge.

  • Membership is open to all Masons who wish to join.
  • All members agree to abide by the laws, regulations, and rules set forth by Provincial Grand Lodge.
  • All members must be current on their dues payments.
  • Membership requires attendance at regular meetings.
  • Any disputes between members must be handled according to the rules set forth by the lodge.
  • Members are expected to participate in charitable works and events organized by Provincial Grand Lodge.

In addition, members have access to a wide range of benefits such as special discounts, access to exclusive masonic resources, invitations to special events, and more. The Provincial Grand Lodge also organizes a variety of activities for its members including lectures on masonic topics, visits from high-ranking dignitaries from around the world, and much more. All these activities help foster a strong sense of camaraderie among its members.

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The Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire is a Masonic organisation based in the county of Wiltshire, England. It is the largest Masonic lodge in the region and has been in existence since 1777. The lodge is responsible for the governance and regulation of Freemasonry within its jurisdiction. It is also responsible for the supervision and management of all Masonic lodges within its jurisdiction.


The lodge is structured into a number of different departments, with each department responsible for different aspects of its operation. At the top level there is the Provincial Grand Master, who presides over all meetings and ceremonies. Below this are a number of Deputy Provincial Grand Masters, who act as advisers to the Provincial Grand Master. There are also executive committees, which are responsible for making decisions on matters such as finance and membership.


Membership of the Provincial Grand Lodge is open to any male aged 21 or over who meets certain criteria. The criteria include being a member of a regular Masonic lodge; being recommended by two existing members; and having been approved by an independent body. All members must abide by a strict code of conduct when attending meetings or ceremonies, which includes displaying respect for fellow members and treating them with courtesy at all times.


The Provincial Grand Lodge organises various activities throughout the year, including social gatherings such as dinners and dances, as well as educational seminars on topics related to Freemasonry. These activities provide members with an opportunity to network with other Masons from across Wiltshire and beyond, as well as to further their knowledge about Freemasonry in general. Additionally, there are charitable initiatives organised by the lodge that benefit local communities within Wiltshire.


The organisation behind the Provincial Grand Lodge is largely composed of volunteers who dedicate their time to ensure smooth running operations and efficient decision-making processes. At the head of this organisation sits a Board of Directors who manage day-to-day operations and oversee long-term strategic planning for the lodge’s future development. The Board also appoints committees that focus on specific areas such as finances or membership recruitment, ensuring that all aspects are managed efficiently from top to bottom within the organisation’s structure.

History and Background of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire is one of the oldest Masonic lodges in England, established in 1722. It has been at the forefront of Freemasonry in the county ever since, taking an active role in promoting the principles of Freemasonry and providing support to members of its local lodges. The lodge is made up of a number of lodges located across Wiltshire, and its members are committed to upholding the values and traditions that have been established over centuries.

The lodge is governed by a Provincial Grand Master, who is elected by members for a four-year term. The current Grand Master is Right Worshipful Brother Nigel Jagger, who was elected in 2019. The current Deputy Grand Master is Right Worshipful Brother Clive Sternberg.

Objectives of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire

The main objective of the Province Grand Lodge of Wiltshire is to promote and maintain brotherly love amongst all members; this includes encouraging fellowship between all members and providing support to those in need. It also promotes charitable work within Wiltshire, with many funds being set up to support local causes. In addition, it helps to promote education amongst its members by providing lectures and seminars on Masonic topics as well as other related topics such as history and philosophy.

The Province also works to ensure that all lodges are properly run, with regular meetings held to discuss any issues that may arise or changes that need to be implemented. This ensures that each lodge continues to operate according to Masonic principles and functions properly within its local community.

Communication Platforms

In order for all lodges within the Province Grand Lodge of Wiltshire to communicate effectively with each other, a number of communication platforms have been developed over the years. These include electronic mailing lists which allow for easy dissemination of information between lodges; social media platforms such as Facebook which allow for discussion on various topics; and websites which provide information about upcoming events or news from various lodges within the province.

In addition, there are numerous newsletters which are published regularly by each lodge within the province; these newsletters keep members up-to-date on upcoming events or important news from other lodges within their area. Therefore, there are also various forums where members can discuss topics related to Freemasonry or ask questions about their own lodge or other lodges within their area. All these communication platforms help ensure that all lodges stay connected and informed about what’s going on throughout the province.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire is an organization dedicated to the advancement of the principles and practices of Freemasonry. It is comprised of several Masonic lodges in Wiltshire, England, that are affiliated with the United Grand Lodge of England. The organization has a long history and is one of the oldest Masonic organizations in the world.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Freemasonry in Wiltshire, including setting standards for membership, ensuring compliance with Masonic laws and regulations, and promoting charitable works. The organization also provides educational opportunities to its members through seminars, conferences, and various other activities.

Masonic Lodges

Masonic lodges are local meeting places for members of the Freemasonry fraternity. They provide a place for members to meet regularly and discuss philosophical topics related to Freemasonry. Each lodge is governed by a Master Mason, who is elected by the members. Every lodge must adhere to a set of rules known as Landmarks which govern how they operate.

Membership in Masonic lodges is open to all men over eighteen years old who believe in a Supreme Being, regardless of their religious beliefs or affiliation. Once accepted into a lodge, members are expected to uphold the highest standards of morality and integrity while living up to their vows as Freemasons.

Philosophical Teachings

At its core, Freemasonry teaches its members about brotherly love, relief (or charity), and truth—the three great principles upon which Freemasonry was founded. Other philosophical teachings include lessons about morality, justice and wisdom; tolerance towards people from different backgrounds; respect for law; service towards society; and personal growth through rigorous self-examination.

Freemasonry also promotes spiritual development through meditation on sacred symbols and rituals. These symbols represent universal truths that can be applied to everyday life—truths which can help individuals become better citizens and make meaningful contributions to their communities.

Charity Work

In addition to its philosophical teachings, Freemasonry encourages its members to give back to society through charity work. Many Masonic lodges participate in charitable events throughout the year that benefit local communities or support international relief efforts such as disaster relief or famine aid programs. The Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire also organizes charitable initiatives such as fundraising events or community service projects that benefit those in need in Wiltshire or abroad.

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In Reflection on Provincial Grand Lodge Of Wiltshire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire has a long and proud tradition of service to the community. As a Freemason, one can be proud to be part of such an organization. It is a privilege to be part of such an ancient fraternity that helps others in times of need and offers fellowship for members from all walks of life. The Provincial Grand Lodge is committed to upholding the values that Freemasonry was founded upon: charity, integrity, and brotherly love.

Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire has proven over the centuries that it is an organization dedicated to helping its members and their communities. Through various charitable initiatives, it has provided assistance to those in need and given back to its local communities in many ways. The focus on building strong relationships between members has been important in creating a sense of family within the organization. The emphasis on fellowship, education, and philanthropy are just some of the attributes that make this Masonic lodge stand out from other organizations.

The Provincial Grand Lodge also provides guidance and support for its members through mentorship programs, seminars, and workshops. These programs help new members understand the importance of Freemasonry while serving as a valuable source of knowledge for more experienced members. The lodge also works closely with other Masonic organizations around the world in order to promote the values that Freemasonry stands for: honesty, justice, truthfulness, charity, loyalty and honor.

Overall, Provincial Grand Lodge Of Wiltshire can be seen as an integral part of any community it serves. Its commitment to helping others is admirable and its dedication to upholding Freemasonry’s values should be commended by all who encounter it or are part of it. Its varied charitable initiatives demonstrate its willingness to give back while its mentorship program ensures that new members have access to valuable resources that will help them become better Masons.

A visit or a membership with this lodge will leave anyone with a greater appreciation for Freemasonry’s timeless principles which will benefit both individuals and their communities alike.

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