What Is A Masonic Bible


The Masonic Bible is a special version of the Holy Bible meant to be used in Freemasonry rituals and ceremonies. It features special annotations and symbols that are important in understanding Masonic teachings and allegories. The Masonic Bible is not meant to replace an individual’s own personal copy of the Holy Bible, but rather to aid in the understanding of Masonic principles and practices. The Masonic Bible is typically used during initiation ceremonies, lectures, and other gatherings related to Freemasonry.

A Masonic Bible is a Bible that has been specifically designed for use in Masonic rituals and services. It contains the full text of the King James Version of the Bible, as well as additional information and illustrations related to Freemasonry. The book contains symbols, diagrams, and other illustrations to aid in understanding the meanings behind Masonic teachings.

The Symbolism of a Masonic Bible

Masonic Bibles are an important part of Freemasonry rituals and ceremonies. A Masonic Bible is a special edition of the King James Bible that has been prepared specifically for use by members of the Freemason fraternity. The Bible contains all the passages found in the standard King James version, but it also includes additional content added specifically for members of the fraternity. Here are some of the key elements and symbols featured in a Masonic Bible:

  • Square and Compass: The Square and Compass are two of the most iconic symbols associated with Freemasonry. The Square symbolizes morality and justice, while the Compass symbolizes strength and faith. Both of these symbols appear on the cover of most Masonic Bibles.
  • All-Seeing Eye: The All-Seeing Eye is another important symbol in Freemasonry, representing God’s omniscience and omnipresence. It appears on many Masonic Bibles, usually as part of an illustration or decoration.
  • Forty-Seventh Problem Of Euclid: This problem, which was posed by ancient Greek mathematician Euclid, is regarded as one of the most significant mathematical problems in history. It is commonly used to represent geometry in Freemasonry, and is featured prominently on many Masonic Bibles.
  • Blazing Star: This star-shaped symbol is traditionally used to represent Divine Guidance or Truth. It often appears alongside other important symbols such as the All-Seeing Eye and Square & Compass.

In addition to these symbols, many Masonic Bibles also feature special markings that indicate its status as a Masonic edition. These may include a special title page with references to Freemasonry, as well as various other markings scattered throughout its pages that indicate it was prepared specifically for use by members of the fraternity.

The presence of these symbols and markings makes a Masonic Bible an incredibly powerful tool for those who practice this ancient tradition. By studying these symbols and their meanings, Masons can gain further insight into their beliefs and practices – thereby deepening their understanding of this ancient tradition even further. Moreover, having access to a special edition bible dedicated specifically to Freemasonry can be incredibly meaningful for members who wish to connect more deeply with their faith through this unique branch of Christianity.

History of Masonic Bible Texts

Masonic bible texts have a long and fascinating history. The earliest known use of the bible in Masonic rituals dates back to the late 1700s when it was used to swear initiates into lodges. The use of the bible in Masonic ceremonies has evolved over time, and today it is used as a symbol of faith and morality for all Masons.

  • The first recorded use of the bible in Freemasonry was in 1723 when James Anderson, a prominent Scottish Mason, incorporated it into his Constitutions of Freemasonry.
  • In 1760, Grand Lodge of England adopted a rule requiring Masons to “open and shut their lodges on the Holy Bible”.
  • In 1791, an American version of the Masonic ritual called the “York Rite” was introduced, which included the use of bibles in its ceremonies.
  • By 1813, most lodges in the United States had adopted some form of bible reading during their meetings.
  • Today, many lodges still open and close their meetings with a reading from one or more bibles.

In addition to being used in lodge meetings, Masonic bibles are also used as symbols during initiation ceremonies. During these ceremonies, initiates are presented with a copy of sacred scripture that is believed to be divinely inspired. This copy is not meant to be read by initiates but rather serve as an outward sign of faith and dedication. It is also meant to remind initiates that they must strive for moral uprightness in all aspects of life.

Masonic bibles come in many different forms. Some lodges choose to use traditional bibles such as King James Version or Revised Standard Version while others may choose special versions such as those created by Masonic authors or those with special features such as engraved covers or gold-embossed pages. Regardless of which version is chosen, it serves as an important symbol for Masons around the world.


Masonic Bibles are special editions of the Bible that are used in Masonic Lodges. They usually contain additional material that is related to Freemasonry, such as ritual instructions, references to Freemasonry symbols, and other Masonic teachings. Here we will discuss the different types of Masonic Bibles and their uses.

Types of Masonic Bibles

There are several different types of Masonic Bibles available, each with its own purpose and use:
* The King James Version: This is the version most commonly used in Masonic Lodges around the world. It contains all of the text from the standard King James Version, plus an extensive introduction about Freemasonry and its symbols.
* The Authorized Version: This is a more recent version of the Bible that has been authorized by Grand Lodge for use in Masonry. It contains all of the text from the King James Version, as well as additional notes and annotations related to Masonry.
* The Revised Standard Version: This version has been revised to include more contemporary language and updated scholarship. It also includes additional material related to Freemasonry, including ritual instructions and references to symbolism.
* The Oxford Annotated Bible: This is a scholarly edition of the Bible that contains extensive notes on various topics related to Masonry. It also includes an introduction about Freemasonry and its symbolism.
* The Holy Scriptures According to the Masoretic Text: This version is based on ancient Hebrew manuscripts and includes commentary on Masonry throughout its pages.
* The New International Version: This version has been widely accepted by many Christian churches around the world as an authoritative translation of the Bible. It also includes commentary on Freemasonry throughout its pages, including ritual instructions and references to symbolism.

Each type of Masonic Bible is designed for a specific purpose – some are intended for study, while others are meant for use during ritual ceremonies or services in Masonic Lodges. No matter which type you choose, you will be sure to find something interesting within its pages!

Introduction to a Masonic Bible

A Masonic Bible is a unique version of the Christian Bible, with certain modifications made to it that are specific to the Masonic tradition. It is used by members of Freemasonry during their ceremonies and rituals, which are conducted within their Lodges. The Masonic Bible contains the same basic text as any other Christian Bible, but it contains some additional information which has been specifically included to support the rituals and teachings of Freemasonry.

Symbols in a Masonic Bible

The most noticeable difference between a standard Christian Bible and a Masonic Bible is that the latter will include symbols on its cover. These symbols are an important part of the tradition and teachings of Freemasonry, and they signify various aspects of the faith such as justice, truth, charity and fraternity. These symbols also help to create an atmosphere of solemnity during Lodge ceremonies.

What Does a Masonic Bible Contain?

A Masonic Bible typically contains two additional books not found in a standard Christian Bible – The Constitutions Of Freemasonry and The Book Of The Law. The Constitutions Of Freemasonry contains the fundamental laws which govern the workings of each individual Lodge, while The Book Of The Law sets out the moral code by which all Masons are expected to live their lives. In addition to these two books, many Lodges also use special editions of other religious texts such as The Holy Koran or The Zend Avesta during their ceremonies.

How to Use a Masonic Bible

During Lodge meetings, Masons use their Bibles for both practical and symbolic purposes. For example, they may be used for reading Scriptures or for taking oaths upon them during initiation ceremonies. In addition, they may be used as part of various rituals such as ‘opening’ or ‘closing’ a Lodge meeting by placing them on the altar at certain points during proceedings. They may also be used in ‘lectures’ given by senior members in order to impart knowledge about various aspects of Masonry.

In summary, a Masonic Bible is an important part of every Mason’s journey into Freemasonry. It contains additional material specifically related to Masonry that helps members understand its teachings and rituals better.

Benefits of Owning a Masonic Bible

Owning a Masonic Bible can offer many benefits to those who are involved in Freemasonry. The book can provide guidance and support to Masons as they work their way through the organization’s teachings. Here are some of the main benefits of owning a Masonic Bible:

• It serves as an important source of knowledge and understanding. The Masonic Bible contains the teachings and history of Freemasonry, which can help Masons better understand their beliefs and practices.

• It helps foster spiritual development. The Bible is an important part of the Masonic tradition and provides Masons with a way to explore their spirituality.

• It can be used for lodge ceremonies. Many lodges require that all Masons have a copy of the Masonic Bible during ceremonies, so owning one will ensure that you’re always prepared for any event.

• It’s a symbol of membership in the organization. Owning a Masonic Bible is seen as a sign that you’re an active member of Freemasonry, which can open doors to new opportunities within the organization.

• It promotes fellowship among members. Reading from the same book during lodge meetings helps create an atmosphere of unity among members, which strengthens the bond between them.

Owning a Masonic Bible is not only beneficial to individual members but also to the organization as a whole. The book serves as an important source of knowledge, encourages spiritual growth, and promotes fellowship among members, all while providing them with an opportunity to further explore their involvement in Freemasonry.

Where to Buy a Masonic Bible

Masonic Bibles are a valuable source of knowledge for any Freemason. They provide an important reference for understanding the rituals, traditions, and principles of Freemasonry. But where can you buy a Masonic Bible? Here are some tips on how to find the perfect Masonic Bible for your needs:

• Look online: The internet is a great place to start when looking for a Masonic Bible. There are many reputable online retailers that specialize in selling Bibles specifically designed for Freemasons. These retailers often offer a wide selection of styles and sizes, so it’s easy to find one that fits your needs.

• Check local bookstores: Many local bookstores will have a selection of Masonic Bibles available for purchase. This is often the best option if you want to see the Bibles in person before making your purchase. It also allows you to ask questions directly to the store staff about any specific details or features you may need.

• Visit your lodge: If you’re already a member of a lodge, chances are they have at least one Masonic Bible available for sale. This is usually the least expensive option, as lodges tend to offer discounted prices on these items. Plus, it’s always nice to support your local lodge if possible.

• Look at eBay or other auction sites: You may be able to find rare or antique Masonic Bibles on these types of sites as well. While it can be difficult to verify the authenticity of such items, they may still be worth considering if you’re looking for something special.

No matter which option you choose, make sure that you take your time when selecting the perfect Masonic Bible for your needs. With a little bit of research and patience, it’s easy to find an amazing book that will serve as an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration for years to come!

Final Words On What Is A Masonic Bible

Masonic Bibles are a symbol of the brotherhood of Freemasonry and the shared values that members pledge to uphold. They represent the solidarity and commitment of the members to uphold their moral code and serve as a reminder to always strive for greatness in all aspects of life.

The symbolism behind these Bibles is not limited to Freemasonry; they are also symbolic of the greater ideals that humanity aspires to. The pages within these Bibles stand for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding; they represent a path towards improved morality and spiritual enlightenment.

In addition, Masonic Bibles serve as a reminder of our duty to ourselves and our fellow man. They encourage us to act with kindness, compassion, and justice – values that are essential if we are to make progress in our lives.

It is clear that Masonic Bibles have an important role in Freemasonry and beyond. They provide an opportunity for members to be reminded of their obligations and responsibilities while also being inspired by stories of courage, nobility, and justice from generations past. For all these reasons, Masonic Bibles remain a powerful symbol of unity and brotherhood within the fraternity.

In conclusion, Masonic Bibles hold a special place in Freemasonry – representing shared values, knowledge, wisdom, morality, spiritual enlightenment, kindness, compassion, justice – all necessary ingredients for personal growth and progress in life. While being symbolic reminders of our obligations towards ourselves and our fellow man, they also provide inspiration from past generations on how best to live life with courage and integrity.

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