Order Of The Garter Knights Templar


The Order of the Garter Knights Templar is one of the oldest and most prestigious chivalric orders in the world. It is a Christian military order founded during the Middle Ages to protect pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. The Order was established in 1348 by King Edward III of England as an elite group of 24 knights dedicated to defending Christianity and the Catholic Church from its enemies. The members of this order are considered some of the most brave and noble warriors ever to have fought for their faith. The Order’s motto, “Honi soit qui mal y pense” (evil be to him who evil thinks) is inscribed on its coat of arms, and speaks volumes about its ideals. Today, The Order continues to exist in a modern form as a charitable organization dedicated to promoting Christian values and protecting human rights around the world.

The Order of the Garter Knights Templar is one of the oldest and most prestigious chivalric orders in the world. It was formed in 1348 by King Edward III of England, as a way to reward his most loyal knights. Since then, it has been a symbol of honour and high standing for its members. The original purpose of the Order was to defend the Christian faith against enemies during the Crusades, but it has since evolved to become an order for noblemen and women from all over Europe. Its members are known as Knights or Dames Grand Cross, and wear an insignia featuring a blue garter with gold buckles and a golden rose.

Symbols and Insignia of the Order of the Garter

The Order of the Garter is one of the oldest and most prestigious orders of chivalry in England. It is also one of the most recognizable symbols of English heritage and culture. The symbols and insignia associated with this order are steeped in history and tradition, representing centuries-old traditions, values, and beliefs.

The most recognizable symbol associated with the Order of the Garter is its crest. The crest is a stylized depiction of a falcon atop a red rose, surrounded by a garter inscribed with the words Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense (“Shame to him who thinks evil”). The crest is depicted on all official documents, banners, and robes used in connection with the Order.

Other symbols associated with the Order include several badges which are worn by members. These badges typically depict a shield or emblem surrounded by either a garter or ribbons. Some badges also feature an image or Latin phrase such as “Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense” or “Dieu et Mon Droit” (“God and my right”).

The official robes worn by members of the order are also important symbols. These robes typically feature richly colored velvet cloaks lined with white satin, which are decorated with intricate embroidery featuring images such as lions, roses, crowns, and other motifs related to England. The robes are worn on special occasions such as coronations or investitures.

In addition to these outward symbols associated with the Order, there are several secret signs used to identify members. These include handshakes, passwords, secret signs made using hand gestures, and even secret tattoos that only other members can recognize.

• Crest depicting falcon atop red rose encircled by garter inscribed Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense
• Badges featuring shields/emblems encircled by garter/ribbons & images/Latin phrases
• Robes featuring velvet cloaks lined w/ white satin & intricate embroidery related to England
• Secret signs used to identify members including handshakes & passwords

Famous Members of the Order of the Garter Knights Templar

The Order of the Garter Knights Templar is a religious order that was founded in 1119 and is considered one of the oldest and most prestigious orders in Europe. Many famous figures have been members of this order, from kings and queens to military leaders and prominent scientists. Here are some of the most notable members:

  • King Edward III – He was the founder of the order in 1348 and served as its Grand Master until his death in 1377.
  • King Henry VIII – He joined the order in 1520 and was a member until his death in 1547.
  • King Charles I – He was a member from 1618 until 1649.
  • Sir Francis Drake – The famous explorer was a member from 1581 until his death in 1596.
  • Sir Isaac Newton – The famed scientist was inducted into the order in 1705.
  • Duke of Wellington – The military leader was made a member after leading Britain to victory against Napoleon at Waterloo.

In addition to these famous figures, many other prominent people have been members of the Order, including writers, artists, statesmen, and generals. The Order continues to be an influential organization today, with many modern-day members who are dedicated to its mission.

The Order of the Garter Knights Templar and their Roles & Responsibilities

The Order of the Garter Knights Templar is a select group of individuals, chosen for their military and chivalric talents, who strive to uphold the values of honor, courage and loyalty. As members of this esteemed order, they are expected to serve and protect the people of England and its territories with integrity and vigilance.

The Order of the Garter Knights Templar was established in 1348 by King Edward III as a response to the growing threat posed by France during The Hundred Years War. This order has since become a symbol of prestigious military service in England with its members taking on various roles within society.

* They are expected to serve as a powerful deterrent against any foreign threats, with their dedication to uphold justice and protect those in need.
* They are also responsible for providing military guidance to those in government positions, ensuring that all decisions taken will be done so with honor and righteousness.
* They are required to display exemplary leadership skills, both on and off the battlefield, as they act as an example for others to follow.
* They must always remain loyal to their country and its people, putting their own needs aside if necessary in order to serve their country faithfully.
* Therefore, they must be aware of current events both within England and abroad, as well as any potential threats or dangers which could arise in future which might require their attention or action.

The Order of the Garter Knights Templar is an important part of English culture and history, representing strength, courage and loyalty through its members’ actions throughout history. By fulfilling these roles & responsibilities with dignity and honour they have become invaluable assets within English society today.


The Order of the Garter Knights Templar is an ancient and prestigious group of knights that has existed since the 13th century. It is one of the most exclusive and oldest orders in the world and is steeped in history, legend, and tradition. Those who wish to join must meet certain requirements and follow a set of regulations and protocols. In this article we will discuss what these regulations are and how to meet them.

Requirements to Join

The Order of the Garter Knights Templar requires that all prospective members be male, over 18 years old, have no criminal records or dishonorable discharges from any military service, demonstrate a high level of morality and integrity, be physically fit, possess a good knowledge of history, and have a strong commitment to service.

Application Process

Those wishing to join must submit an application which includes their personal information as well as references from those who know them best. The application will then be reviewed by the leaders of the order who will make a decision based on the qualifications of the applicant. After this process is complete, those accepted into the order will receive further instruction on what they must do next.

Letter of Recommendation

The next step in joining the Order is submitting a letter of recommendation written by someone who has known you for at least five years. This letter should include information about your character traits such as honesty, integrity, loyalty, service to others, etc., as well as any other relevant details that could help support your application.

Interview Process

Once your application has been accepted you will be invited for an interview with members of the order. During this interview they will ask questions about your character traits as well as your knowledge of history and dedication to service. After this process is completed you may be asked to take part in additional activities such as military training or other forms of service.

Induction Ceremony

Once you have completed all necessary requirements you will be invited to attend an induction ceremony where you will receive your official certificate declaring you a member of The Order Of The Garter Knights Templar. This ceremony also marks your official acceptance into the group and provides an opportunity for members to celebrate their accomplishment together.

Ongoing Membership Requirements

Members are expected to maintain their commitment to service by participating in activities or events sponsored by The Order Of The Garter Knights Templar on a regular basis. This could include attending meetings or conferences, participating in charitable work or fund raising events, providing mentorship or guidance to new members or serving in leadership roles within the organization.

Initiation Rituals for New Members in the Order of the Garter Knights Templar

The Order of the Garter Knights Templar is one of the oldest and most prestigious orders in England. Founded in 1348, this order is steeped in tradition and has long been a symbol of honor and chivalry. As such, there are certain initiation rituals that new members must go through to become a part of this elite group.

• Preparation: Before any initiation ceremony can begin, new members must be prepared. This includes providing each knight with ceremonial clothing, a sword and shield, and other items as needed for the ritual.

• Oath: Once they have been prepared, new members must recite an oath pledging their loyalty to the order and its values. This is a solemn promise that all knights must make before they can be accepted into the Order.

• Investiture: After they have taken their oath, new knights will then be “invested” with their sword and shield by one of the Order’s senior members. This is meant to signify that they are now part of this noble organization.

• Ceremony: The investiture ceremony will then take place in front of all the other knights present at the gathering. Here, each knight will kneel before their peers and be formally given their sword and shield as a sign of their acceptance into the Order.

• Celebration: After all formalities have been completed, it’s time to celebrate! A banquet will usually follow where everyone can share stories from past battles and enjoy each other’s company in true chivalrous spirit!

These initiation rituals are still observed today by those hoping to become part of this noble order. It is a reminder that joining an organization such as this requires dedication, courage, and loyalty – qualities that make for true Knights Templar!

Controversies Surrounding the Order of the Garter Knights Templar

The Order of the Garter Knights Templar is one of the oldest and most prestigious orders in history; however, it has been surrounded by controversy for centuries. The Order has been accused of being a secret society that practices ancient rituals and is a gateway to a secret world. Though these accusations are unsubstantiated, they have created a great deal of intrigue and speculation surrounding the Order. Here are some of the most controversial topics related to the Order:

Freemasonry: The Order of the Garter Knights Templar has been linked to Freemasonry, which is an esoteric fraternal organization that has its origins in Europe during the 16th century. Freemasonry was believed to be an offshoot of the original Knights Templar and their secretive rituals were said to involve occult practices. Although many members of Freemasonry have denied any connection between them and the Knights Templar, there are still many who believe that there may be some truth in this claim.

• Secret Societies: It is widely believed that members of the Order are part of secret societies or organizations that practice rituals or ceremonies which are kept hidden from public view. Members of these societies may be bound together by vows or oaths which are meant to ensure secrecy and loyalty within their group. There have also been reports that such societies use symbols or signs as a way to identify themselves amongst one another, though these claims have never been confirmed.

• Occult Practices: Many people believe that members of the Order are involved in occult practices such as ritualistic magic or witchcraft. This belief is partly due to reports from former members who claim they were involved in such activities while in the Order, though these claims have never been substantiated. It is likely that these rumors stem from ancient rituals performed by medieval knights which still remain shrouded in mystery today.

• Political Influence: Because membership into this elite order is highly sought after, it has been suggested that members use their influence within politics and other areas to advance their own interests or those of other members. This type of behavior could potentially lead to corruption or abuse if not checked properly by authorities, though so far no evidence has been found to suggest any wrongdoing on behalf of its members.

• Financial Gain: Some people believe that membership into this exclusive order can bring wealth and power through access to certain resources available only to its members such as exclusive investment opportunities or access to political contacts and influential figures. Again, there is no hard evidence to back up this claim but it does remain an interesting topic for debate amongst historians and conspiracy theorists alike.

Overall, while there may be controversies surrounding the Order of Garter Knights Templar, none have yet been proven conclusively true nor can they be ruled out entirely due to lack of evidence either way at present time. What remains certain however is that this order continues to remain shrouded in mystery and intrigue even today despite its long history stretching back centuries ago!

The Impact and Legacy of The Order Of The Garter Knights Templar

The Order of the Garter Knights Templar has had an immense impact and legacy over the centuries. Founded in 1348, the Order was created to defend Christianity and uphold the principles of chivalry. In this article, we will discuss the impact and legacy of this prestigious order.

• Established by King Edward III, the Order was a select group of knights whose mission was to protect Christianity from its enemies. The Knights were renowned for their skill in battle and their loyalty to their faith. As a result, they became a symbol of power and strength throughout Europe.

• The Order’s influence extended beyond warfare; they were also responsible for creating some of the most recognizable symbols of knighthood, such as the red cross on a white background. This symbol is still used today by many organizations as a representation of courage, honor, and chivalry.

• The Knights Templar also played an important role in finance. They created a system for moving money between different countries without having to physically transport it. This system allowed them to fund their military campaigns and other activities more efficiently than ever before.

• In addition to their military contributions, the Templars were known for their patronage of art and culture. They funded artists who created beautiful works that depicted scenes from Biblical stories or historical events related to their order. These works are now highly sought after by collectors around the world.

• Therefore, the Templars’ legacy lives on in modern times through various organizations that have adopted their name or adopted similar ideals as part of their mission statement. These organizations include fraternities and sororities, religious orders, professional associations, business networks, charitable foundations, and more.

In reflection, The Order Of The Garters Knights Templar had an enormous impact on medieval society and beyond – from its contributions to warfare to its patronage of art and culture – that has endured for centuries.

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Final Words On Order Of The Garter Knights Templar

The Order of the Garter Knights Templar is one of the oldest and most prestigious orders in history. It has been a source of inspiration and pride for many people throughout its long history. It has represented the highest ideals of chivalry and loyalty to God, country, and King. Its members have selflessly served their country in times of war and peace with courage, honor, and distinction.

The Order is still going strong today as a symbol of loyalty and commitment to one’s beliefs. Its members, past and present, have sacrificed much for their country as they strive to protect it from harm.

It is an honor to be part of such a noble order that has stood the test of time. The traditions and rituals that accompany it provide a rich cultural experience that will remain with those who join it for life. The legacy of the Order will continue to inspire future generations as it has done so in the past.

As we reflect on all these things about the Order, we can’t help but feel immense pride at being part of an organization that stands for such noble ideals. We carry on its legacy with honor and dignity as we continue to fight for justice, freedom, and peace around the world.

In reflection, the Order Of The Garter Knights Templar is an esteemed organization which carries with it a long history of courage and dedication to protecting one’s beliefs. It provides its members with an experience unlike any other while upholding its values through its traditions and rituals. We can all look upon this institution with great admiration for everything it stands for today as well as in years past.

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