Eastern Star Female Masons

The Order of the Eastern Star is a Masonic organization for both men and women. It is one of the largest fraternal organizations in the world, with over 1 million members and chapters in over 20 countries. The Eastern Star Female Masons are a unique group of women who have chosen to pursue a spiritual journey through the teachings of Freemasonry. They are dedicated to fulfilling the principles of their faith, service to others, and loyalty to their fraternity. As part of their commitment, they provide fellowship, support and charitable works to those in need. Through education, they strive to develop strong moral character in their members as well as promote faith, hope and charity in their communities.

Eastern Star Female Masons are female members of the Order of the Eastern Star, a Masonic-affiliated fraternal organization. The Order of the Eastern Star is open to both men and women, but those who join must have a connection to either a master Mason or someone who is related to a master Mason. Women must be 18 years or older and have some connection to a Master Mason in order to join the Order of the Eastern Star, which is composed of five “points” or symbols: Adah, Ruth, Esther, Martha and Electa.

The History Of Eastern Star Female Masons

Eastern Star Female Masons is an international organization for people who are interested in the Freemasonry traditions. It was founded in the late 19th century and has been a part of many different cultures around the world. The main goal of the organization is to promote charity, friendship and truth. The organization has had a long and interesting history, which includes famous members such as Queen Victoria and Amelia Earhart.

The Eastern Star Female Masons is an all-female group that has its roots in the Freemasonry tradition. The first Grand Chapter was established in 1868 in Pennsylvania, USA. Over time, it spread to other countries such as Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The organization focuses on charitable works as well as social interaction among its members.

The symbols used by the Eastern Star Female Masons are very similar to those used by Freemasonry groups. These symbols include five-pointed stars, a square and compass, a sun and moon, and a sword pointing downward. They also use colors such as white for purity and purple for justice. Other symbols used by this organization include a keystone with two candles representing enlightenment and knowledge.

Members of the Eastern Star Female Masons are expected to follow certain principles such as charity, justice, truthfulness and brotherly love. They also adhere to the Masonic Code of Conduct that promotes tolerance and understanding among all people regardless of gender or race. As part of the Masonic tradition, members must take part in educational activities such as lectures on Masonic topics or historical research projects related to Freemasonry or Eastern Star Female Masonry itself.

Membership to Eastern Star Female Masons is open to women ages 18 years or older who have been accepted into a local chapter of Freemasonry or affiliated with another Masonic order through their family or friends. To be eligible for membership one must be recommended by two members in good standing within their local chapter of Freemasonry or affiliated with another Masonic order through their family or friends.

Eastern Star Female Masons have grown significantly over time and have chapters all around the world today from countries like India to Japan to South Africa which further emphasizes its global reach across many different cultures and backgrounds. It continues to promote friendship amongst its members while also continuing its focus on charity work within local communities around the world through activities like fundraising events for different causes such as disaster relief efforts, providing scholarships for students who come from underprivileged backgrounds or supporting other organizations that share similar goals with them such as cancer research foundations etcetera .

Overall Eastern Star Female Masons continue to promote their core principles while also celebrating their unique culture within their ever growing international community making it an important part of many societies around the world today because it provides an opportunity for women from all walks of life come together under one banner so that they can make meaningful contributions towards building better futures for themselves along with those around them .

The Rituals & Ceremonies of Eastern Star Female Masons

The Order of the Eastern Star is a Masonic organization for both men and women, and it is devoted to charity, truth and loving kindness. The female members are known as the Eastern Star Female Masons. These women practice a variety of rituals and ceremonies that help promote their values and beliefs.

• Initiation Rituals: To become an Eastern Star Female Mason, one must first be initiated into the organization through a series of initiation rituals. These rituals include reciting oaths, swearing allegiance to the order, and participating in ceremonial activities such as burning candles or incense.

• Symbolism: Symbols play an important role in many of the rituals practiced by the Eastern Star Female Masons. Symbols such as stars, crescents, triangles, and pentagrams are often used to represent various aspects of their philosophy. These symbols are often used in combination with specific colors to convey different meanings.

• Ritual Clothing: Members of the Order of the Eastern Star typically wear special clothing for their rituals and ceremonies. This clothing usually includes a white dress or gown with a sash in one or more of the organization’s symbolic colors (red, purple, yellow, green or blue). Additionally, members may also wear aprons, gloves and scarves adorned with various symbols or decorative patterns.

• Ceremonial Music: Music is an important aspect of many Eastern Star Female Mason rituals. Members often sing songs that echo their core values and beliefs while performing some form of ceremonial dance or movement. This music helps to create a sense of unity among members while they go through the various aspects of each ritual.

• Performance Arts: Performance arts such as theatrical plays or skits are often used during Eastern Star Female Mason ceremonies as well. These performances may involve storytelling about a specific moral lesson or biblical story relevant to their beliefs. They can also be used to dramatize certain aspects of their philosophy in order to make them easier to understand for those observing the ritual from outside its inner circle.

Overall, there are many different rituals and ceremonies practiced by members of the Order of the Eastern Star that help promote their core values and beliefs amongst its members while creating a sense unity within its ranks. Through these activities they strive to create an atmosphere conducive for charitable work while promoting truthfulness and loving kindness between people from all walks of life.

Membership Requirements to Become an Eastern Star Female Mason

The Order of the Eastern Star is an organization of female Masons, which requires certain qualifications and requirements to become a member. Here are some of the primary requirements for joining:

• You must be a woman at least 18 years old who believes in a Supreme Being.

• You must have an immediate family member who is a Master Mason, such as a husband, father, brother, or son.

• You must be recommended by two current members of the Order and receive the unanimous approval of the local chapter.

• You must be willing to pay annual dues and attend meetings and special events regularly.

In addition to these basic qualifications, there are also several character traits that are expected of members of the Order. These include being charitable, loyal, honest, forthright, diligent and conscientious. Additionally, applicants should also demonstrate good moral character and respect for civil laws. Once you meet all these requirements and are accepted into the Order you will be asked to take an obligation that is similar to that taken by Freemasons upon entry into their organization. In this obligation you will promise to uphold the principles of the Order which include charity, truth and loving kindness. You will also promise to aid other members in their time of need.

Therefore, you should also be aware that membership in The Order Of Eastern Star has many benefits beyond just belonging to an organization with an interesting history and beliefs. By becoming part of this organization you can form lasting friendships with like-minded women from around the world who share your values and ideals. You will also have access to exclusive programs such as educational scholarships which can help you further your education or career goals.

The Benefits of Becoming an Eastern Star Female Mason

Members of the Order of the Eastern Star (OES) are a diverse group of women and men dedicated to charity, truth, and loving kindness. They meet in local chapters across the United States and Canada, where they enjoy fellowship and work together to support their communities. OES members come from a variety of backgrounds, but all share a common bond of brotherly love. Becoming an Eastern Star female Mason can offer many benefits, including:

• Increased Social Network: As a member of Eastern Star, you will be able to meet people from different walks of life who share your values and beliefs. You will have the opportunity to develop close friendships with other members that can last for years.

• Leadership Opportunities: Becoming an Eastern Star female Mason can open doors for leadership roles in the organization, such as being elected as a Worthy Matron or Worthy Patron for your local chapter. This is a great way to gain experience in leading and managing people while also serving as a role model for others.

• Charitable Giving: The Order of the Eastern Star is committed to charitable giving through its many projects and initiatives. As an Eastern Star female Mason, you will be able to make a difference in your community by participating in charitable causes such as food drives and helping those in need.

• Professional Development: Joining OES provides access to workshops on topics like public speaking or financial literacy that can help you develop professionally. You may also find opportunities to network with other members who may be able to help you advance your career goals.

In addition to these benefits, becoming an Eastern Star female Mason gives you access to resources that are specifically designed for women Freemasons such as books on Freemasonry history and etiquette guides. By joining the organization, you will become part of an international community that is devoted to charity, truth, and loving kindness.

The Order of the Eastern Star

The Order of the Eastern Star is an international fraternal organization that was established in 1850. It is open to both men and women, though it was originally created for female relatives of Master Masons. The Order of the Eastern Star is based on teachings from the Bible and it promotes charity, truth, and loving kindness. Its mission is to provide a platform for members to develop their spiritual life and strengthen their commitment to God, family, and community.

Core Beliefs

The Order of the Eastern Star has five core beliefs which are: faith in God, reverence for holy scriptures, service to humanity, truthfulness in thought and action, and charity towards all mankind. These core beliefs serve as the foundation for all activities within the organization. Members are encouraged to live their lives according to these values while seeking knowledge and understanding through religious study.


The Order of the Eastern Star uses various symbols as part of its teachings. These symbols include stars, triangles, a sunburst, seven-pointed star with a circle in the center, a beehive with bees around it, a sprig of acacia leaves with a closed bud at its center among others. Each symbol has its own special meaning which contributes to the overall teachings within the order.


Membership in the Order of the Eastern Star is open to both men and women who are Master Masons or related by blood or marriage to Master Masons. Membership requirements vary from state to state but typically involve taking an oath or pledge as well as paying dues on time in order to remain active within the organization.


In addition to regular meetings which focus on religious teachings and moral guidance, members also participate in various charitable activities such as fundraising events and community service projects. The Order of the Eastern Star also hosts annual conferences where members can meet each other from across different states and countries which helps promote fellowship within their ranks.

Symbolism and Meaning in the Order of the Eastern Star

The Order of the Eastern Star is a Masonic appendant organization open to both men and women. The five-pointed star represented in the organization’s logo is symbolic of many things, and has various meanings for members.

• The five points of the star represent five virtues: faith, hope, charity, obedience, and constancy.
• The white ray stands for purity, while the blue stands for fidelity.
• The yellow ray represents wisdom and reason, while the green ray symbolizes nature’s bounty.
• Red stands for courage and zeal, while purple symbolizes immortality.
• Therefore, orange stands for strength of character.

The star itself is an ancient symbol representing divine guidance; it can also be seen as a representation of Jesus Christ as the ‘bright morning star.’ As a Masonic emblem, it is believed to signify moral instruction in its various points. The ‘Eastern’ part of its name refers to its origin story – when its founder Robert Morris was inspired by a vision he had while visiting Jerusalem in 1845.

The Order has certain degrees that members must progress through in order to become full members; these degrees are based on Biblical figures such as Adah, Jephthah’s daughter; Ruth, Boaz’s second wife; Esther; Martha; Electa; and others who demonstrate faith and loyalty despite adversity or difficulty. Each degree has its own ritual ceremony which includes symbols such as candles that have different meanings depending on their color – usually white for purity or yellow for knowledge – and other symbols that represent parts of the lesson being taught during each degree ceremony.

In addition to teaching lessons related to faith and loyalty through its rituals and ceremonies, the Order also advocates philanthropy and charitable works done on behalf of local communities. Members are encouraged to participate in local charity events such as food drives or fund-raisers for those in need. It is believed that by using their time to help others they are exemplifying true Masonic values such as charity and benevolence towards their fellow man.

The symbolism found within the Order of the Eastern Star serves as a reminder to its members about what it means to be part of this organization – that it is about more than just rituals but also about helping those who are less fortunate than themselves. By understanding these symbols they can better appreciate what it means to be part of this organization, as well as spread their message of charity wherever they go.

Famous Members of the Order of the Eastern Star

The Order of the Eastern Star is one of the largest and most recognizable fraternal organizations in the world. It has a rich history and many notable members, including several famous celebrities. Here are some of the most famous members of this organization:

• Lucille Ball – A beloved television star, Lucille Ball was a member of The Order of The Eastern Star during her lifetime. She was an active member for many years and was even given a special honor at a ceremony in 1991.

• Patsy Cline – Country music icon Patsy Cline was another famous member of The Order of The Eastern Star. She joined in 1955 and remained an active member until her death in 1963.

• Elvis Presley – The King himself, Elvis Presley, was also among the ranks of The Order of The Eastern Star. He joined in 1956 and remained a loyal member until his death in 1977.

• Maya Angelou – Renowned poet and activist Maya Angelou was a proud member of The Order of The Eastern Star. She received special recognition from the organization for her work to promote racial equality and social justice.

• Sandra Day O’Connor – Sandra Day O’Connor is another famous member who joined The Order Of The Eastern Star in 1993. She became an honorary Grand Matron in 1994, making her one its highest-ranking members.

These are just a few of the famous members who have been part of this amazing organization throughout its long history. Each one has made significant contributions to their respective fields and served as examples for other members to follow.

In Reflection on Eastern Star Female Masons

Eastern Star Female Masons have been an important part of the Freemasonry tradition for hundreds of years. They provide a unique opportunity for women to join the fraternity, and take part in its long-standing traditions and philosophies. As a result, they have become a powerful force within the organization, and their presence is felt in many different ways.

The history of Eastern Star Female Masons is an interesting one, as it has evolved over time to fit with modern societal norms and expectations. Their commitment to their shared values of friendship, morality, and charity is admirable, and it is clear why they are so popular among Freemasons worldwide.

The Order also serves as a platform for women to network with each other, both inside and outside the organization. It provides a safe environment for female members to grow professionally and personally, while also developing strong bonds of sisterhood with their fellow members.

The Order also offers educational programs that can help members learn more about Freemasonry’s history and philosophy. These programs often include readings from Masonic literature or presentations from experienced masons who can provide valuable insights into the fraternity’s past and present workings.

Overall, Eastern Star Female Masons have been an invaluable addition to the global Freemasonry community. Their dedication to upholding its core principles has made them an integral part of the organization’s success over the years. They continue to be a strong presence in many Masonic Lodges around the world, providing leadership and guidance to both men and women alike.

Wrapping Up About Eastern Star Female Masons

In reflection, Eastern Star Female Masons are a vital part of Freemasonry’s history and culture. Their commitment to friendship, morality and charity has allowed them to become a respected order within the fraternity’s ranks worldwide. Through education programs and networking opportunities they provide valuable lessons in leadership as well as strong bonds between members that will last a lifetime. The Order continues to be highly regarded amongst its peers for its dedication to upholding traditional values within Freemasonry while adapting them for modern times.

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