Masonic Order Of The Secret Monitor

The Masonic Order of the Secret Monitor is an ancient order of Freemasonry that has been in existence for centuries. It is a unique and exclusive order that is dedicated to the promotion of brotherly love, relief, and truth. Its members strive to exemplify its fundamental principles in their daily lives by practicing charity, integrity, and moral uprightness. The Order’s teachings are based upon ancient rituals and symbols which have been passed down through generations of Freemasons.

The Masonic Order of the Secret Monitor is an appendant body of Freemasonry founded in England in 1797. The Order was formed to cultivate and strengthen the bonds of Brotherly Love and Affection amongst its members, and also to promote a spirit of mutual assistance. The Order is administered under the United Grand Imperial Council, with a Grand Master at its head.

The Secret Monitor was originally intended to be a brotherhood within Freemasonry, and was based on the story found in II Chronicles 20:37-38. This story tells of two brothers, Zerubbabel and Adoniram, who meet after many years apart, each intending to slay the other in combat. At the decisive moment they recognize each other and embrace instead. The ritual of initiation into this Order takes this story as its basis.

Membership into the Masonic Order of the Secret Monitor is open to any Master Mason in good standing with his lodge who also holds membership with a Supreme Grand Council Chapter or one of their Constituent Chapters. Members must also agree to abide by the Constitution and laws governing this fraternity.

The three main principles upon which this order stands are: Brotherly Love; Relief; and Truth. These three basic principles are reflected in every aspect of life within this Masonic fraternity.

What is the Masonic Order Of The Secret Monitor?

The Masonic Order of the Secret Monitor is a Masonic order dedicated to the study of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth. It was established in 1788 and is one of the oldest active Orders in Freemasonry. It is a closely guarded secret among its members and is only open to those who have been initiated into a regular lodge of Freemasonry.

The Order takes its name from the biblical story of David and Jonathan, where Jonathan made David swear an oath that he would never forget their friendship by placing his right hand upon his left thigh as a sign of his commitment. This oath became known as the “Obligation of the Secret Monitor” and continues to be used by members today.

Members are expected to uphold the three main tenets of Brotherhood, Relief, and Truth. Brotherhood refers to a brotherhood bond between members that allows them to support one another when faced with difficulties or difficulty in life. Relief refers to the charitable deeds that members are encouraged to perform both within their own lodge and outside it. Lastly, Truth refers to both the personal truth that each member should strive for in their own lives as well as truth within Freemasonry itself.

The Order has its own traditional ceremonies involving vows and obligations such as those found in other Masonic orders. Members also wear special regalia unique to this order, including an apron with two ribbons, which symbolizes loyalty and friendship between two brothers; a white leather glove; and an engraved dagger or sword, which symbolizes vengeance for any betrayal of brotherly love or trust.

In addition, members take part in various activities throughout the year such as lectures on Masonic topics, social events, charity work, and educational trips related to Masonry. The Order also publishes its own quarterly magazine which contains articles on various topics related to Masonry as well as news about current initiatives taken by lodges throughout England and Wales.

In conclusion, The Masonic Order of The Secret Monitor is an ancient order dedicated to practicing Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth through special ceremonies involving vows and obligations as well as charity work throughout England and Wales. Members wear special regalia unique to this order while taking part in activities such as lectures on Masonic topics social events .

Qualifications for Membership in The Masonic Order Of The Secret Monitor

The Masonic Order of the Secret Monitor is an organization that seeks to promote brotherly love, relief, and truth. To become a member of this esteemed organization, candidates must meet certain qualifications. These qualifications include:








Once these qualifications have been met, candidates are welcomed into the order as members and can enjoy all the benefits that come with it. It is important to note that while Freemasonry has some religious connotations, it is not a religious organization. Rather, its mission is to promote fellowship and mutual understanding among men from different backgrounds.

The Three Degrees of the Masonic Order Of The Secret Monitor

The Masonic Order Of The Secret Monitor is a fraternal organization that has been in existence for hundreds of years. It has three distinct degrees which are used to symbolize the progress of an initiate as he progresses through the organization. The three degrees are:

• Entered Apprentice: This is the first degree in the Masonic Order Of The Secret Monitor and it symbolizes the initial steps taken by a person who is joining the Order. During this degree, initiates learn about the basic tenets of Freemasonry, including its moral and ethical principles.

• Fellow Craft: This degree is meant to represent a Mason’s continued journey into Freemasonry by teaching them more advanced concepts and knowledge about the organization. During this degree, Masons learn about the history of Freemasonry, its symbols, and its principles.

Master Mason: This is the highest degree in Freemasonry and it represents a Mason’s full commitment to living according to Freemasonry’s moral and ethical code. During this degree, Masons learn about their responsibility for protecting and preserving Freemasonry’s secrets and traditions.

The Masonic Order Of The Secret Monitor also has other degrees which are not related to these three but are still important parts of its teachings and traditions. These include Sublime Prince of The Royal Secret, Royal Arch Masonry, Knights Templar, Scottish Rite, York Rite, etc., each with their own unique rituals that must be performed in order to become a part of them.

Overall, these three degrees represent an initiate’s journey as they progress through their membership in the Masonic Order Of The Secret Monitor while learning more about its teachings and traditions along the way.

The Role and Responsibilities of the Grand Master of the Masonic Order Of The Secret Monitor

The Grand Master of the Masonic Order Of The Secret Monitor is a revered position within the fraternity, holding a great deal of responsibility and power. As Grand Master, it is the individual’s duty to ensure that all members of the Masonic Order adhere to its principles and regulations. This includes ensuring that all members are properly trained in the order’s teachings and practices, as well as overseeing any disciplinary action that may need to be taken against any members who violate these rules.

The Grand Master also holds a great deal of authority in regards to ceremonies and rituals performed by members of the Order. It is their responsibility to ensure that all rituals are performed properly, as well as deciding which rituals are appropriate for each situation. As such, they must have a thorough understanding of all aspects of Freemasonry, including its history, symbolism and etiquette.

Additionally, it is up to the Grand Master to preside over any meetings or summits held by members of the Masonic Order. This includes being present during initiation ceremonies for new members, as well as presiding over debates or discussions about important issues within the fraternity. The Grand Master will also act as an arbiter in any disputes between members or lodges, ensuring that justice is served in all cases.

Beyond these duties, it is also up to the Grand Master to ensure that all lodges are properly maintained and equipped with appropriate materials for their activities. This may include providing financial support for lodges or ensuring that supplies such as books or other materials are available when needed. Furthermore, they must also keep up-to-date records of all activities within their jurisdiction so that any changes or updates can be tracked easily should they be needed in future years.

In short, it is clear that being a Grand Master of the Masonic Order Of The Secret Monitor carries with it a great deal of responsibility and power. From overseeing rituals and ceremonies to providing financial support for lodges, from presiding over meetings to keeping accurate records – this position requires someone with dedication and an unwavering commitment to upholding Freemasonry’s values and principles at all times.

Becoming a Member of the Masonic Order Of The Secret Monitor

Becoming a member of the Masonic Order of the Secret Monitor is a noble and rewarding pursuit. There are many steps you must take to be accepted into this order, however, it is not an impossible task. Here are some steps to get you on your way:

  • Research the Masonic Order of the Secret Monitor and familiarize yourself with its purpose, history, and traditions.
  • Find a lodge in your area that practices this order and inquire about their membership requirements.
  • Apply for membership by filling out an application form. This form will ask for personal information such as your name, address, occupation, and date of birth.
  • Attend an induction ceremony. During this ceremony you will be given a series of lectures about the order’s history and teachings.
  • Take an oath of secrecy. This oath is taken very seriously by members of this order and is essential in preserving its traditions.
  • Participate in activities with other members. These activities may include attending meetings, taking part in rituals or ceremonies, or visiting other lodges.

Once you have completed these steps and been accepted into the order, you will become a full-fledged member. As a member you will be expected to uphold the values and traditions of the Masonic Order Of The Secret Monitor. You will also be expected to pay annual dues to help maintain the organization’s activities. Becoming a member of this secret order can open up new opportunities for personal growth as well as helping others in need.

The Masonic Order Of The Secret Monitor

The Masonic Order of the Secret Monitor is a unique and meaningful part of Freemasonry. It is a brotherhood that was formed in England in 1797, and has since spread to many other countries including the United States. The Order has its own rituals, symbols, and practices that are distinct from other branches of Freemasonry. These rituals and practices are meant to bring members closer together and create strong bonds of brotherhood. Here are some common rituals and practices in the Masonic Order of the Secret Monitor:

• Initiation Rituals: The initiation rituals for the Masonic Order of the Secret Monitor involve a number of symbolic elements that help members understand the deeper meaning of Freemasonry. During these rituals, members will be presented with a number of symbols representing aspects such as life, death, truth, justice, and more.

• Symbolic Clothing: Members of the Order wear special clothing during meetings and ceremonies. This clothing includes a white robe with blue trimming, as well as a special hat that is adorned with symbols from the Order’s teachings.

• Oaths and Promises: As part of their initiation into the Order, members must take an oath vowing to uphold certain principles such as truthfulness, loyalty, justice, and more. This oath serves as a reminder to members to always strive for those qualities in their everyday lives.

• Regular Meetings: Members gather regularly for meetings where they discuss various topics related to Freemasonry. During these meetings they also take part in special ceremonies such as initiation rites or degree work.

• Charitable Works: One important aspect of Freemasonry is charity work. Members are encouraged to participate in charitable works such as helping those in need or raising money for worthwhile causes. This helps promote goodwill among members while also making a positive impact on society at large.

These are just some of the common rituals and practices in the Masonic Order of the Secret Monitor which help foster strong bonds among its members while also promoting charity work throughout society. With these shared values and commitments, members can continue to make positive contributions throughout their lives while growing closer together through mutual understanding and friendship within this unique brotherhood.

The Benefits of Joining the Masonic Order Of The Secret Monitor

The Masonic Order Of The Secret Monitor, or ‘the Brotherhood’, is an international fraternal organization dedicated to the promotion of spiritual and moral values. It is a unique and profound experience for those who choose to join and become part of this ancient brotherhood. The benefits that come with being a member of this order are many, including:

• Building and Strengthening Relationships: Becoming a member of the brotherhood helps build strong relationships with other members. This can provide support during difficult times, and it also creates an atmosphere of trust and respect between members.

• Developing Leadership Skills: Being part of this order can help develop leadership skills which can be applied in other aspects of life. Members will learn how to inspire others with their words and actions, as well as how to effectively lead in different situations.

• Learning Important Values: As part of the brotherhood, members will learn important values such as integrity, loyalty, and compassion. These values will stay with members long after they have left the order.

• Access to Resources: Members will also gain access to resources such as books, articles, lectures, seminars, and other materials related to the order’s teachings. This can be a great way to continue learning about the values that are important in this ancient fraternity.

• Connecting With People Around The World: Through membership in the Masonic Order Of The Secret Monitor, members will have an opportunity to connect with people from all parts of the world who share similar beliefs and values. This can help foster understanding between cultures and open up new opportunities for those who wish to explore more deeply into the mysteries surrounding this order.

In conclusion, joining the Masonic Order Of The Secret Monitor provides many benefits that are both tangible and intangible. Through its teachings and rituals members will gain valuable knowledge that can help them grow spiritually as well as personally. Additionally, by becoming part of this brotherhood individuals will be able to form strong relationships with other like-minded individuals from around the world who share similar beliefs and values.

In Reflection on Masonic Order Of The Secret Monitor

The Masonic Order of the Secret Monitor has a long and honorable history, and is a powerful symbol of the bond between brothers. It is an exclusive fraternity, requiring its members to be of good moral character and to show respect for their brethren and for the organization. The Order emphasizes loyalty, honesty, integrity, and fellowship, and its rituals are designed to help each member strengthen his commitment to these values.

Members of the Masonic Order of the Secret Monitor are expected to commit themselves to service above self. They strive to aid those in need in their community and beyond, and look out for the well-being of their fellow man. Through their charitable works they seek to honor the principals taught by Freemasonry.

The Order’s rituals are steeped in symbolism that encourages members to look within themselves for guidance on how best to live their lives. By focusing on self-discovery and growth, members can develop a stronger sense of purpose in life as well as a greater understanding of their place in society.

Ultimately, membership in the Masonic Order of the Secret Monitor is about much more than just pledging loyalty or performing rituals; it is about coming together with like-minded individuals who share common values and ideals. It provides an opportunity for members to come together in brotherhood while learning how best to serve others with humility and kindness.

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