Royal Arch Masons Officers

The Royal Arch Masons is a fraternity of Freemasons that is dedicated to the continued pursuit of Masonic knowledge and enlightenment. The Royal Arch Masons Officers are responsible for the governance and leadership of the organization. These Officers are elected by their peers, and serve for a period of one year. They are charged with upholding the values of the fraternity and ensuring that its members adhere to Masonic principles and practices.

The Grand Master of the Royal Arch Masons is the highest ranking officer within the organization and is responsible for leading and governing the Order. This includes overseeing the Grand Chapters, supervising the various committees, and ensuring that all Royal Arch Masons are living up to their obligations. The Grand Master also has the authority to make decisions on behalf of the Order, including setting policy and making appointments.

John T. Hewitt

John T. Hewitt was a prominent figure in the York Rite of Freemasonry. He served as Deputy Grand Master, Grand High Priest and Grand Master of the Royal Arch Masons in Arkansas from 1868 to 1872. He was also a respected leader in his local community, serving on the school board and as a deacon at his church.

Hewitt was born in 1823 in North Carolina and moved to Arkansas in 1844, where he became involved with Freemasonry. He joined the Grand Lodge of Arkansas as an Entered Apprentice in 1845 and rose through the ranks to become Deputy Grand Master in 1868. During his time as Deputy Grand Master, he oversaw the formation of several new lodges, which increased the presence of Freemasonry throughout the state.

As well as his work within Freemasonry, Hewitt was active within his local community. He served on the school board for many years and was an active member of his church, eventually becoming a deacon. In addition to this, he also helped to establish several churches throughout Arkansas.

Hewitt was known for being an enthusiastic Mason and for promoting unity amongst Masons across Arkansas. His legacy is remembered through several awards that are presented each year by the Grand Lodge of Arkansas, including a scholarship that is awarded annually to a student who wishes to pursue a career related to Freemasonry.

Hewitt’s commitment to Masonic principles is also evident in his writings. His book “Masonic Expositions” is still widely read today and provides valuable insight into his views on Masonic philosophy and practice.

John T. Hewitt left behind an impressive legacy that continues to be remembered throughout Arkansas today. His commitment to Masonic principles helped shape the state’s rich Masonic history and continues to be an example for those who wish to follow in his footsteps.

History of the Royal Arch Masons

The Royal Arch Masons, or the ‘Rite of Perfection’, is a fraternal organization dedicated to the craft of Freemasonry. The organization was founded in 1752 by a group of Scottish and Irish masons who met in London. Since then, the Royal Arch Masons have grown to become one of the most influential Masonic orders in the world.

From its inception, the Grand Lodge of Royal Arch Masonry has been committed to upholding the ideals and principles of Freemasonry. This includes promoting brotherly love and charity among its members, as well as providing educational opportunities for those wishing to explore further into Masonry’s teachings. The Grand Lodge also offers its members access to a network of lodges which are spread across the United Kingdom and Ireland.


The Grand Lodge is overseen by a Grand Master, who is supported by three Grand Wardens and an Executive Committee made up of nine elected officers, including a Deputy Grand Master and a Registrar General. The organization is divided into four districts – England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland – each with its own Deputy Grand Master and District Grand Secretary.

The organization is governed by several laws which are set out in various documents such as The Book of Constitutions, The Book of Statutes and The Book of Regulations. These documents set out guidelines on how the organization should be run, as well as providing details on its rituals and ceremonies.

Rituals & Ceremonies

The Royal Arch Masons practice various rituals throughout their meetings. These include opening and closing ceremonies, processions, lectures on Freemasonry’s history and teachings, discussions on current issues facing Freemasonry today, prayers for departed brethren and other activities designed to foster fellowship among members.

In addition to these regular meetings, members may also take part in what are known as “side degrees” which are optional activities that provide additional education about Masonic history or teachings for those who wish to participate.

Members may also take part in various charitable activities such as fundraising events or volunteering at local charities or community centers. These activities help promote Freemasonry’s core values while also helping those in need throughout society.

In Reflection

The Royal Arch Masons are an important part of British Freemasonry’s history and present day culture; they continue to uphold their values while forming strong bonds between its members through ritual ceremonies as well as charitable acts within their communities. With over 200 lodges spread throughout Britain and Ireland today – all overseen by a dedicated team led by an elected Grand Master – it’s clear that this ancient fraternity continues to thrive with each generation bringing new perspectives into this timeless tradition!

Grand Treasurer of the Most Excellent Prince Hall Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons

The Most Excellent Prince Hall Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons is a fraternal organization that is dedicated to serving the members of its chapter throughout the United States and Canada. The Grand Chapter is also responsible for appointing a Grand Treasurer, who holds a vital role in the financial affairs of the organization. The Grand Treasurer is responsible for overseeing all financial transactions and investments, as well as managing all funds and assets belonging to the Grand Chapter.

The Grand Treasurer must be familiar with all aspects of accounting, budgeting, and financial planning in order to ensure that all funds are handled correctly and that investments are made wisely. Furthermore, the Grand Treasurer must ensure that all funds are used for their intended purpose, in accordance with the rules and regulations established by the Grand Chapter. They must also provide regular reports to the Grand High Priest regarding any financial activities or decisions made by them.

The job responsibilities of a Grand Treasurer include maintaining accurate records of all transactions; preparing budgets and other financial documents; monitoring investments; preparing reports for review by higher authorities; developing policies and procedures related to finance; ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal laws; providing advice on fiscal matters; and handling any disputes or grievances regarding finances. Additionally, they are responsible for promoting sound fiscal practices throughout their chapter.

In order to serve as Grand Treasurer of Prince Hall’s Most Excellent Prince Hall Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, an individual must have a strong knowledge base in accounting principles and processes. They should also possess excellent organizational skills, an aptitude for problem solving, and strong communication skills. Therefore, they should be comfortable working independently as well as within a team environment when needed. A successful candidate will demonstrate an ability to make wise financial decisions while upholding the highest standards of integrity expected in this position.

What is Royal Arch Masonry?

Royal Arch Masonry is a branch of Freemasonry, which is an organization that promotes moral and spiritual values. It centers around the belief that each person has a duty to improve himself morally and spiritually, as well as to help others do the same. Royal Arch Masonry is considered the completion of the Master Mason Degree.

What are the Symbols of Royal Arch Masonry?

The symbols found in Royal Arch Masonry are similar to those found in other forms of Freemasonry. These include the Square, Compass, All-Seeing Eye, Triangle, and an open Bible. Other symbols often used in this branch of Freemasonry are two crossed keys, three arches, and a double-headed eagle.

What Are The Degrees Of Royal Arch Masonry?

The degrees of Royal Arch Masonry range from Mark Master to Most Excellent Master to Royal Arch Mason. In each degree, members learn more about Masonic history and symbolism as they progress through their studies. Each degree also focuses on building character traits such as integrity, trustworthiness and charity.

What Is The Role Of A High Priest In A Chapter Of Royal Arch Masons?

The High Priest serves as the presiding officer in a chapter of Royal Arch Masons. He presides over all meetings and ceremonies, leads discussion on Masonic topics and provides guidance to other members when needed. He also has the responsibility of ensuring the chapter adheres to its bylaws and regulations. Furthermore, he is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations within his chapter including record keeping and financial management.

History of the Royal Arch Masons

The Royal Arch Masons is an organization within the Masonic fraternity that dates back centuries. This organization, sometimes referred to as “The Chapter,” is dedicated to teaching moral and spiritual truths through symbols and allegory. The Royal Arch Masons have been part of Masonic tradition since before the formation of the United Grand Lodge of England in 1717.

Symbols & Rituals

The rituals and symbols used by the Royal Arch Masons are based on biblical stories and teachings. Symbols such as a triangle, sun, moon, stars, ram’s horn, and double-headed eagle are used to represent various biblical stories and lessons. These symbols appear throughout the ritual ceremonies that are performed in order to advance through the various levels of membership in the organization.

Structure of Membership

Membership in the Royal Arch Masons is divided into two main categories: Symbolic or Craft Masonry, which refers to traditional lodge meetings; and Capitular Masonry, which refers to meetings held in a chapter or “Royal Arch” room. To join a chapter, an individual must first be a Master Mason in good standing with their symbolic lodge. They must then petition for membership into a chapter and be accepted by its members.

Membership Benefits

Membership in the Royal Arch Masons provides its members with a range of benefits. These include access to educational materials about Masonic history and philosophy; opportunities to attend lectures on topics related to Freemasonry; social activities such as dinners and dances; networking opportunities with other Freemasons; discounts with hotels or restaurants; access to exclusive publications; travel privileges; access to private libraries containing Masonic books; and more.

King Solomon’s Temple

One of the most important symbols associated with the Royal Arch Masons is King Solomon’s Temple. This structure was built by King Solomon as a place for worshiping God according to Jewish custom. The temple was destroyed centuries later by Nebuchadnezzar II but its memory lives on through its appearance in Masonic rituals today. During these rituals, members learn about various aspects of building King Solomon’s Temple including its architecture, symbolism, structure and purpose. The lessons learned from this symbol help members better understand Masonic philosophy and ideals.

What is Royal Arch Masonry?

Royal Arch Masonry is a form of Freemasonry that dates back to the 18th century. It is one of the oldest and most respected forms of Freemasonry, and is known for its elaborate ceremonies and rituals. Royal Arch Masons, or RAMs, are members of a Masonic body that follows the teachings of King Solomon, who was said to have built a temple in Jerusalem. Members learn about morality, ethics, and brotherly love in Royal Arch Masonry. The purpose of Royal Arch Masonry is to improve the character of its members by teaching them moral values and giving them an understanding of their place in the world.

Royal Arch Masons Beliefs

The beliefs of Royal Arch Masons are based on those outlined in the Holy Bible. RAMs believe that God created man with free will so he could choose between right and wrong. They believe that each man should strive to do good works and live a moral life. They also believe that it is important to be charitable towards others and demonstrate brotherly love.

Royal Arch Masons Rites

Royal Arch Masons practice several rites, which are ceremonies that involve symbolic rituals and teachings from scripture. The main rite is called Passing Through The Veils, which involves four steps: purification, investiture, instruction, and exaltation. During this rite, members receive instruction on Masonic principles such as charity and truthfulness. Other rites include Opening the Lodge in due form, Installation Ceremony for new members, Advancement Ceremonies for current members, Closing the Lodge in due form, Installation Ceremony for officers of a Lodge or Chapter (local branch), Annual Festivals such as Easter or St John’s Day celebrations.

Royal Arch Masons Membership

Membership into Royal Arch Masonry is open to all men who profess belief in a Supreme Being and who are at least 18 years old. To become a member one must be sponsored by an existing member who will vouch for his character before being accepted into the fraternity. Once accepted into membership all candidates will need to complete an initiation ceremony before becoming full-fledged members.

Royal Arch Masons Scribe

The Scribe is an important role within Royal arch masonry as they are responsible for taking minutes at meetings as well as recording any changes made to regulations or other Masonic documents within their lodge or chapter. They also act as custodians for any records relating to masonic history or genealogy held by their lodge or chapter.

Significance of Royal Arch Masons

The Royal Arch Masons is a fraternal organization that traces its roots back to the Middle Ages. It has a deep and detailed history that encompasses symbolism, tradition, and ritual. Today, the Royal Arch Masons are an important part of Freemasonry and a respected member of many Masonic orders throughout the world. The Royal Arch Masons promote brotherly love, relief, and truth among their members, as well as a commitment to charity and service to others.


The Royal Arch Masons use symbols to reinforce their teachings and beliefs. These symbols include the Square and Compasses, which represent a dedication to moral rectitude; the Triple Tau, which represents faithfulness; the All-Seeing Eye of God; and the Pillar of Strength, which symbolizes justice and strength. Each symbol has its own meaning and serves as a reminder of what it means to be an active member of the organization.


The Royal Arch Masons are divided into four main degrees: Mark Master Mason, Past Master Mason, Most Excellent Master Mason, and Royal Arch Mason. Each degree has its own rituals, symbols, traditions, and regalia associated with it. To become a full member in good standing of any one degree requires passing an examination on that particular degree’s knowledge base.


The purpose of the Royal Arch Masons is two-fold: firstly they aim to promote fellowship among their members through ritualistic ceremonies; secondly they seek to help those in need by providing charity work in their communities. For example, many chapters organize food drives for local charities or volunteer at homeless shelters during holidays or other special occasions.

Captain of the Host

The Captain of the Host is an important position within most Royal Arch Mason chapters. This person serves as both an officer within the chapter and as its spiritual guide for ritualistic purposes. He is responsible for leading ceremonies such as initiations or dedications with reverence and respect for all participants involved. He also serves as a mentor for new members by helping them understand Masonic principles better.

mark master mason signs

Wrapping Up About Royal Arch Masons Officers

Royal Arch Masons Officers are an important and integral part of the Masonic Fraternity. They serve as an example of leadership, dedication, and commitment to the fraternity, and have been a source of inspiration for generations. The officers of a Royal Arch Mason lodge hold a great deal of responsibility, as they are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the lodge. They must ensure that all members abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the Grand Lodge. In addition, they must ensure that every member is treated with respect and dignity.

The Royal Arch Masons Officers provide an invaluable service to their lodge, as well as to their brothers and sisters in Freemasonry. They act as mentors, providing guidance and counsel to those who may be new to Freemasonry or those who are struggling with any aspect of it. They also act as role models for younger members of the fraternity, displaying proper conduct and behavior in all aspects of life.

The Royal Arch Masons Officers’ duties do not end at their lodge meetings or activities. They also serve in other capacities within their communities by participating in charity work or volunteering at local schools or churches. This gives them a chance to show their commitment to service outside of Freemasonry, which is a testament to their dedication and loyalty to the fraternity itself.

In addition, these officers help promote Freemasonry through public relations events such as speaking engagements or participating in parades or fundraisers that help spread awareness about the fraternity’s mission and values. Through this type of outreach, these officers help strengthen not only the bond between brothers but also between Freemasonry and its surrounding community.

In reflection, Royal Arch Masons Officers play an essential role in ensuring that every member is treated with respect and dignity while promoting Freemasonry’s values within their community. Their tireless work helps keep the fraternity strong and vibrant for generations to come.


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