32Nd Degree Masonic Rings For Sale


For those looking for the perfect masonic ring, 32nd Degree Masonic Rings for Sale offers a variety of styles and designs to choose from. As a 32nd degree Mason, you can choose from a range of styles and designs that best suit your personality and tastes. Whether you’re looking for something simple or something more ornate, there is a Masonic ring that’s sure to fit the bill. This guide will help you understand the meaning behind 32nd degree Masonic rings and provide insight into the various styles available.

The 32nd degree is the highest symbolic degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. This achievement represents a Mason’s dedication to service, self-improvement, and the principles of brotherly love, relief, and truth. As such, it is only natural that many Masons would want to commemorate this milestone with an appropriate accessory—the 32nd degree Masonic ring.

These rings typically feature a variety of symbols associated with Freemasonry, such as the Square and Compasses motif or the double-headed eagle. The colors used in these rings usually reflect those of the Scottish Rite—black (for knowledge) or red (for courage). Some designs also feature gemstones or other precious stones, such as rubies or sapphires.

No matter which design you choose, wearing a 32nd degree Masonic ring is an excellent way to honor your commitment to Freemasonry while expressing your sense of style. It also serves as a reminder of your hard work and dedication in achieving this level of recognition within the fraternity.


32nd Degree Masonic rings are a symbol of the highest level of Freemasonry, with its members known as the “Sovereign Princes” or “Knights Commander of the Court of Honour.” These rings are decorated with intricate carvings and gemstones, and often feature a double-headed eagle or other Masonic symbols. It is important to understand the history and symbolism behind these rings to fully appreciate their significance.


The 32nd Degree Masonic rings date back to the 1700s, when they were first used by members of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. This order focuses on philosophical teachings, and its members are known for their dedication to charitable work and spiritual development. In addition to wearing a 32nd Degree ring, members also have access to exclusive Masonic lodges and ceremonies that are not available to non-Masons.


The 32nd Degree ring is a symbol of status within the Masonic Order, representing an individual’s commitment to their faith and their dedication to helping others. The double-headed eagle is often featured on these rings, which is a symbol of strength and power in many cultures. Other common symbols include swords, crowns, stars, triangles, anchors, and compasses.


32nd Degree Masonic rings come in a variety of designs, from simple metal bands with minimal engravings to more elaborate pieces set with precious stones such as rubies or diamonds. Some rings may also feature gold or silver settings for added elegance. There is no one “official” design for these rings; it is up to each individual Mason to choose one that reflects their own personal style.

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32nd Degree Masonic rings are steeped in history and symbolism that has been passed down through generations of Masons. These rings represent an individual’s commitment to living life according to the principles of Freemasonry such as charity and spiritual development. With a variety of designs available, each Mason can choose one that reflects his unique personality and style.

Where To Find 32nd Degree Masonic Rings For Sale

Masonic rings are a symbol of pride and membership in the Freemasons, a fraternal organization that dates back centuries. For those who have achieved the 32nd degree of Masonic membership, a 32nd Degree Masonic ring is available to show their achievement and dedication to the organization. There are a few places where you can find these rings for sale, including online stores, local jewelers, and even some Freemasonry lodges that offer them for sale.

One of the most convenient places to find 32nd Degree Masonic rings for sale is online. Many online retailers offer a wide selection of rings at different price points, so you can find one that fits your budget. You can also find rings made from different metals such as gold or silver, so you can choose one that fits your style best. Be sure to read reviews and do your research before purchasing a ring online to ensure that it is authentic and made with quality materials.

Local jewelers also often carry Masonic rings, including those of the 32nd degree variety. A local jeweler may be able to special order a ring if they do not have it in stock or have access to materials needed for custom orders. Jewelers often provide more personalized service than online stores, so if you want something unique and tailored specifically for you, this may be the better option.

Therefore, some Freemasonry lodges offer their members 32nd Degree Masonic rings for sale at discounted prices. If you are an active member in good standing with your lodge or other Freemasonry organization, be sure to ask about any discounts or promotions they may have on these rings.

No matter which avenue you choose to take when looking for a 32nd Degree Masonic ring for sale, make sure that it is authentic and made from quality materials by a reputable source. This will ensure that the ring will last for years and serve as an enduring symbol of your commitment to the Freemasons organization.

How to Choose the Right 32nd Degree Masonic Ring

Choosing a 32nd Degree Masonic Ring can be intimidating for those who are not familiar with Masonic symbols and traditions. It is important to know what the ring symbolizes in order to make an informed decision. There are a few key points that should be kept in mind when selecting a 32nd Degree Masonic Ring.

• Quality: Quality is important when it comes to choosing any jewelry item, but especially so for a 32nd Degree Masonic Ring. The ring is symbolic of a person’s commitment to Freemasonry and should reflect that commitment with its quality.

• Symbolism: Another important factor when choosing a Masonic ring is symbolism. Many rings feature the Square and Compasses, which is one of the most recognizable symbols of Freemasonry. Other symbols may also be featured, such as the all-seeing eye, or G representing Geometry.

• Size: It’s important to get the right size when choosing a 32nd Degree Masonic Ring. A ring that’s too small may not fit properly and can be uncomfortable, while a ring that’s too large may look out of place or awkward on the finger. Make sure to get an accurate measurement before ordering.

• Metal: The metal used for a 32nd Degree Masonic Ring will affect its durability and how it looks on the finger. Gold and silver are popular choices, but there are many other metals available as well including titanium, stainless steel, and even bronze or copper for those who want something unique or antique-looking.

• Engraving: Many rings can be customized with engraving on the inside or outside of the band. This can add another level of symbolism by featuring an individual’s name or other meaningful words that represent their commitment to Freemasonry such as “Brotherhood” or “Loyalty”.

Choosing a 32nd Degree Masonic Ring should be an enjoyable experience that reflects each individual’s commitment and dedication to Freemasonry principles and ideals. With these tips in mind, anyone can find a perfect piece of jewelry that expresses their commitment in style!

32nd Degree Masonic Rings – The Perfect Gift

Masonic rings are one of the more popular pieces of Masonic jewelry. Not only are they a symbol of membership in the brotherhood, but they also make for great gifts. 32nd degree masonic rings are an especially popular type of ring, and it is easy to see why. Here are some reasons why 32nd degree masonic rings make for the perfect gift:

• They Feature Unique Design Elements: 32nd degree masonic rings typically feature unique design elements that set them apart from other pieces of jewelry. For example, many of these rings feature a double-headed eagle, which is a symbol associated with Freemasonry. Other symbols such as compasses and squares may also be included in the design.

• They Are Durable: 32nd degree masonic rings are made out of materials that can withstand wear and tear. This makes them an excellent choice for those who want to give a durable piece of jewelry as a gift. The ring will stay looking great for many years to come.

• They Make a Statement: Wearing a 32nd degree masonic ring makes a statement about the person wearing it. It shows that they have achieved something special within the Freemasonry brotherhood, which is something to be proud of.

• They Come in Many Different Styles: 32nd degree masonic rings come in many different styles, so it is easy to find one that fits the person receiving it perfectly. From classic designs to modern designs, there is sure to be something available that will match their style perfectly.

• They Are Affordable: Another great thing about 32nd degree masonic rings is that they are very affordable. This makes them an excellent choice for those who want to give someone special a meaningful gift without spending too much money.

All in all, there’s no doubt that 32nd degree masonic rings make for great gifts. Whether you’re looking for something special for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you’re sure to find something perfect among these beautiful pieces of jewelry.

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Things To Consider Before Buying A 32nd Degree Masonic Ring

Buying a 32nd degree masonic ring is an important decision, as it is a symbol of your commitment to the organization. Before making your purchase, there are several factors to consider:

* Style: Masonic rings come in a variety of styles, so it’s important to choose one that suits your taste. You can find rings with intricate details or simple designs; some feature symbols such as the all-seeing eye, while others may have gemstones or other decorative elements. Consider what type of design best reflects who you are and what you represent.

* Quality: Make sure that the masonic ring you purchase is made of high-quality materials. Look for a ring that has been crafted from durable metals such as gold, silver, or titanium. Additionally, consider if you would like to have any gems or stones on the ring – if so, make sure that they are authentic and will not fade over time.

* Price: The price of the masonic ring may be an important factor for you to consider before making a purchase. Compare prices from different vendors and look for discounts or sales when shopping around. Additionally, check whether any additional costs such as engraving fees might be added onto the purchase price.

* Size: It is essential to get the right fit when purchasing a masonic ring; if it is too big or too small then it may not be comfortable to wear and could even endanger your finger! Make sure that you measure your finger accurately before making a purchase – some vendors offer free resizing services if necessary.

By taking these factors into account and doing some research beforehand, you can find the perfect 32nd degree masonic ring that represents your commitment and style – all without breaking the bank!

Types of Materials Used To Make 32nd Degree Masonic Rings

Masonic rings have been used for centuries to signify the membership of a Mason in the fraternal organization. The rings come in all shapes and sizes and are made from a variety of materials. The most popular materials used to make 32nd Degree Masonic rings include gold, silver, stainless steel, titanium, and other alloys.

Gold is the most popular metal used to make Masonic rings because it is durable and has a beautiful shine that stands out among other metals. Gold can come in different colors such as yellow, rose, or white. It’s also hypoallergenic which makes it an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin. Gold is often combined with other metals to give it extra strength and durability.

Silver is another common material used for Masonic rings thanks to its affordability and bright finish that stands out among other metals. Silver can tarnish over time but can be polished back up to its original luster with a little effort. Silver is also often mixed with other metals like copper or nickel for added strength and durability.

Stainless steel is becoming increasingly popular for its durability and affordability compared to gold or silver. Stainless steel does not corrode or rust which makes it a great choice for those who are looking for something that will last them a long time without needing any maintenance. It also has a sleek look that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Titanium is another common metal used to make 32nd Degree Masonic rings as it’s incredibly strong yet lightweight at the same time. Titanium does not corrode or rust so it’s perfect for those who want something that will last them a long time without needing any maintenance. It also has an attractive silver-grey color which makes it great for anyone looking for something subtle yet stylish at the same time.

Other alloys such as brass, bronze, copper, and tungsten are also commonly used when making Masonic rings as they offer their own unique benefits depending on the needs of the wearer. Alloys combine different metals together to create stronger and more durable pieces that can withstand wear and tear over time without losing their luster or shine.

Overall, there are many types of materials used when making 32nd Degree Masonic rings including gold, silver, stainless steel, titanium, and alloys such as brass, bronze, copper, and tungsten – each offering their own unique benefits depending on what you’re looking for in your ring!

What Is the Difference Between A 33rd and 32nd Degree Mason Ring?

The 33rd Degree Mason ring and the 32nd Degree Mason ring differ in several ways. The most obvious difference is that the 33rd Degree Mason ring is reserved for Masons who have been elected to receive this honor. The 32nd Degree Mason ring is awarded to all members who have taken and passed the 32nd Degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. This degree is usually conferred upon a member after completing all of their required coursework within the Scottish Rite, which can take up to four years.

The 33rd degree mason ring is made from gold or silver, and often features a triangle at its center with a square in the middle, which is symbolic of the three degrees of Freemasonry. Additionally, it typically includes an eagle with outstretched wings at its top, symbolizing freedom from tyranny and oppression. It may also feature other symbols such as a five-pointed star or a compass and square symbolizing brotherhood and loyalty.

In contrast, the 32nd degree mason ring features a two-headed eagle with outstretched wings on either side with an open Bible in the center flanked by other symbols such as crossed swords or keys. This design symbolizes faith, strength and courage in facing life’s challenges.

The 33rd degree mason rings are generally more ornate than those given to members at lower levels of Freemasonry, as they are intended to signify a higher level of achievement within their organization. Additionally, some lodges require that their members wear their rings while attending meetings or participating in events or activities related to Freemasonry.

Therefore, 33rd degree masons are accorded greater respect within their Masonic lodges than lower level members due to their having achieved this highest level of recognition within their organization. This additional respect can be evidenced by their being invited to speak at meetings or taking part in special events related to Freemasonry more often than those who have not attained this rank.

Overall, there are many differences between a 33rd degree mason ring and a 32nd degree mason ring which reflect both the individual’s commitment and achievement within Freemasonry as well as the respect accorded them by fellow members for attaining this high honor.

Final Thoughts On 32Nd Degree Masonic Rings For Sale

32nd Degree Masonic Rings for sale are a great way to show your commitment to the brotherhood. They come in a variety of styles and materials and can be customized to your own unique preferences. Not only do they look great, but they also provide a tangible reminder of your commitment to the order and your pledge to uphold its values.

Masonic rings have been around for centuries and are one of the oldest symbols associated with Freemasonry. Their significance has only grown over time, representing membership in an ancient organization dedicated to helping people from all walks of life become better versions of themselves. The 32nd Degree is the highest honorary degree that a Mason can receive, making it all the more meaningful when worn on one’s finger.

Masonic rings are not only great for showing off your Masonic pride, but they also make excellent gifts for another Mason or someone close to you who shares your values. When shopping for one, make sure that you get one made with care and precision by a quality jeweler so that it will last for years to come. Whether you’re looking for something classic or something more modern, there’s sure to be something that fits both your style and budget!

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