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The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent is an independent and sovereign Masonic body of Freemasonry, established in 1844. The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent is the governing body for over 150 Masonic Lodges in the East Kent area, representing nearly 6,000 Freemasons. This includes Lodges at Ashford, Canterbury, Dover, Deal and Folkestone. The Provincial Grand Master of this Province is Most Worshipful Brother D J Anderton-Smith. He is assisted by a team of Executive Officers who are all members of Lodges within the Province. The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent was established in the year 1792 and is one of the oldest Masonic Lodges in England. The Lodge was founded by the Grand Master, Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn, who was the fourth son of King George III. The Lodge has a long and distinguished history, having been present at many major events in British history. It is believed that it provided assistance to the Allied forces during World War II, as well as offering its members a place to rest and recuperate from their service. The Lodge has also been involved in many charitable activities over the years, including providing funds for local schools and hospitals. Today, the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent remains an important part of British Masonry and continues to be an active part of its local community.

Who is the Provincial Grand Master of East Kent?

The Provincial Grand Master of East Kent is an esteemed member of the Freemason’s society, and a leader in the area. This person is appointed by the United Grand Lodge of England, and is responsible for overseeing all activities related to Freemasonry in East Kent. The Provincial Grand Master serves as a bridge between the local Lodges and the UGLE, ensuring that all regulations are followed and that Masonic principles are upheld. The Provincial Grand Master also works to promote good relationships between Lodges in East Kent, as well as to promote charitable works in the area.

The Provincial Grand Master of East Kent has a great deal of responsibility, from overseeing Lodge meetings to handling disciplinary issues among members. He or she must also ensure that all regulations set forth by the UGLE are followed. In addition, they must also work with local Lodges to identify ways to better serve their members and provide valuable services for their communities.

The Provincial Grand Master is an important and respected figure in East Kent Freemasonry, and his or her leadership has helped shape the area’s Masonic history for many years. They have helped bring new ideas to Lodges in East Kent, while also keeping traditions alive through their dedication and support. The current Provincial Grand Master of East Kent is Worshipful Brother William Roddick, who was appointed in 2020. Worshipful Brother William brings a wealth of experience to his role as PGM, having served as a Lodge Secretary for many years prior to his appointment.

In reflection, the Provincial Grand Master of East Kent holds an important position within Freemasonry and within East Kent itself. He or she plays an integral role in ensuring that all regulations are followed and that Masonic principles are upheld throughout the region. Additionally, they work hard to ensure that local Lodges provide valuable services to their members and communities alike.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent is one of the oldest surviving Masonic Lodges in Great Britain. It was founded in 1796 and has been an important part of the Freemasonry movement ever since. The Lodge is responsible for overseeing all Masonic activities and ceremonies that take place within the Province, as well as looking after the welfare and interests of its members. It is headed by a Grand Master, who is supported by a number of officers that help to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the Lodge.

Grand Master

The Grand Master is the highest-ranking official in the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent. He or she is responsible for setting policy, presiding over meetings, and making sure that all activities are conducted in accordance with Masonic law. The current Grand Master is Sir Kenneth Lees.

Deputy Grand Master

The Deputy Grand Master supports the work of the Grand Master by acting on his or her behalf when necessary. He or she also assists with administrative tasks such as preparing agendas for meetings, ensuring that correspondence is dealt with promptly, and providing advice on any matters relating to Masonic law or procedure. The current Deputy Grand Master is Dr Alan Brownlow.

Provincial Officers

The Provincial Officers are tasked with running day-to-day operations within the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent. They include a range of roles from Treasurer to Almoner, each with their own duties and responsibilities. These officers are elected annually at an open meeting and serve for a period of one year before being replaced by new officers.

Lodge Masters

Lodge Masters are responsible for overseeing individual lodges within the Province and ensuring that they comply with all Masonic regulations and rules. They preside over meetings, maintain order during ceremonies, provide leadership to their respective lodges, and ensure that all members’ needs are met.

Functions and Responsibilities of the Provincial Grand Lodge Of East Kent

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent is a Freemasonry organization, which oversees Lodges in the Province of East Kent in England. The Provincial Grand Lodge is responsible for maintaining the traditions and integrity of Freemasonry in East Kent. It includes ensuring that all Lodges are meeting the legal and moral requirements set out by the United Grand Lodge of England. The following outlines some of its functions and responsibilities:

• Ensuring Freemasonry in East Kent remains true to its traditions, values, and laws. This includes setting rules for membership, ensuring lodges comply with regulations, and keeping records of proceedings and events.

• Overseeing all activities within Lodges to ensure they are conducted in accordance with Masonic law. This includes making sure all members observe the principles of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.

• Promoting Freemasonry throughout East Kent by organizing events such as charity fundraisers or Masonic dinners.

• Supporting members by providing advice on Masonic law or offering guidance when needed.

• Encouraging new members to join through various initiatives such as public awareness campaigns or offering scholarships to young candidates.

• Organizing visits from dignitaries from other Provinces or countries to exchange ideas on Freemasonry and strengthen ties between Masonic organizations worldwide.

The Role of a Freemason in the Provincial Grand Lodge Of East Kent

Freemasons are a vital part of the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent. Their role is to help promote and develop the lodge by taking part in social and other activities. As well as this, they are tasked with upholding the core values and traditions of Freemasonry. This involves helping to ensure that the lodge is managed in an ethical manner, that its members uphold its principles, and that it provides a safe environment for all those who attend. They are also responsible for recruiting new members and ensuring that existing members remain active within the lodge.

Freemasons may be asked to take on various roles within the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent, such as being a mentor to new members or overseeing important decisions. They may also be asked to assist in organizing events or activities which promote Freemasonry in East Kent, or even in other parts of the country. Additionally, they often take on an administrative role, managing finances, keeping records and helping with communications between lodge members.

Freemasons are also expected to represent their lodge at official functions such as ceremonies or parades, as well as at conferences or other gatherings related to Freemasonry. Furthermore, they may be asked to participate in charitable work or fundraising activities which benefit both local communities and those further afield.

In addition to their formal duties, Freemasons play an important part in maintaining the spirit of fellowship within their lodges by providing support and advice to fellow members when needed. They help create an atmosphere where people can enjoy conversation without fear of judgement or discrimination – something which is essential for fostering harmony among members.

Therefore, Freemasons have a duty to uphold the highest standards when it comes to ethical behaviour among themselves and fellow members. This includes respecting each other’s opinions and beliefs while still ensuring that all decisions taken are fair and unbiased. In this way they can help ensure that their lodge remains a place where everyone can not only enjoy themselves but also learn from each other’s experiences.

Overall, Freemasons have an important role to play in supporting the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent by promoting its core values and upholding its traditions while also providing guidance and assistance when needed.

The Provincial Grand Lodge Of East Kent

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent is a Masonic organization that holds meetings and events throughout the year. The lodge is based in Kent, England, and its members come from different backgrounds and have differing views on Freemasonry. The aim of the lodge is to promote fellowship, friendship and charity among its members.

Membership Requirements

To be a member of the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent, you must be a Freemason in good standing with a lodge affiliated to the United Grand Lodge of England. You must also be over 18 years old and have a recommend from two members of the lodge.

Meetings and Events

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent meets regularly throughout the year to discuss matters related to Freemasonry in general, as well as any business related to the Lodge itself. These meetings are usually held at a local Masonic hall or at another location agreed upon by all members present.

Events are also held throughout the year by the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent. These events can range from formal dinners or lectures to more informal social gatherings such as barbeques or pub nights. All members are invited to attend these events, which provide an opportunity for everyone to get together in a relaxed atmosphere away from their everyday lives and enjoy each other’s company.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent also provides support for local charities and community organisations through fundraising activities and donations. These activities help to promote goodwill between Freemasons and their non-Masonic neighbours, as well as helping those less fortunate than themselves through charitable donations.

In Reflection

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent is an active Masonic organisation that meets regularly throughout the year for meetings, social gatherings and fundraising activities. Membership requirements are strict but all accepted members are welcomed into a warm fellowship with like-minded individuals who share the same ideals and beliefs about Freemasonry. Through its meetings and events, this lodge strives to promote friendship, charity and goodwill among its members both inside and outside of Freemasonry.

The Benefits of Being a Member of the Provincial Grand Lodge Of East Kent

Membership to the Provincial Grand Lodge Of East Kent offers a number of benefits. From increased camaraderie with fellow members, to access to exclusive events and special privileges, there are many reasons why joining this prestigious organization is worth considering. Here are some of the key benefits:

• Opportunities for Networking: The Provincial Grand Lodge Of East Kent provides members with an extensive network of like-minded individuals in various professional fields. This provides members with a chance to build relationships and gain valuable contacts.

• Access to Exclusive Events: Members have access to exclusive events which are not available to non-members. These events range from social gatherings, to educational seminars and more.

• Special Privileges: Members receive special privileges such as discounts on tickets, access to exclusive services, and invitations to private functions.

• Increased Camaraderie: Being part of this organization allows members to develop strong bonds with other members through shared experiences. This provides members with a sense of community and belonging.

• Professional Recognition: Membership in the Provincial Grand Lodge Of East Kent carries prestige and provides members with recognition for their accomplishments within their profession. This can help open doors for further career opportunities.

These are just some of the key benefits that come from being a member of the Provincial Grand Lodge Of East Kent. By taking advantage of these benefits, you can take your professional development and networking opportunities to the next level!

Joining the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent

Becoming a part of the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent is a great way to become part of a respected and long-standing tradition. This ancient organization has been around since the 17th century and brings together Freemasons from all over the East Kent area. The following steps outline what you need to do in order to join this esteemed group.

• Start by contacting your local Masonic lodge in East Kent. You can find contact information for lodges near you on the Provincial Grand Lodge website or by asking around in your local area. You’ll need to let them know that you’re interested in joining their lodge and provide some basic information about yourself.

• Once your application is approved, you’ll be invited to attend an initiation ceremony, which will involve taking an oath and making certain declarations about your commitment to the organization. During this ceremony, you’ll be invested with various regalia, such as aprons and collars, which are symbols of your membership.

• After being initiated into the lodge, you’ll still need to go through several steps before becoming a full member of the Provincial Grand Lodge. This includes attending meetings regularly and taking part in various educational programs about Freemasonry. You may also be asked to take on some administrative duties within your lodge or at provincial level depending on your level of commitment and experience within the organization.

• Once you’ve gone through all these steps, you can then apply for full membership in the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent – a process which involves filling out an application form and having it approved by both your lodge and the provincial grand master himself. Once approved, you’ll become a fully-fledged member of this ancient organization!

From here, there are numerous ways that members can get involved with their local lodges or with provincial activities – whether it’s helping organize events or ceremonies or simply providing moral support for other members throughout East Kent. Joining the Provincial Grand Lodge is a great way to get involved with Freemasonry on an even higher level – it’s an opportunity not only to learn more about this fascinating tradition but also to make lifelong friends and be part of something truly special.

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Final Thoughts On Provincial Grand Lodge Of East Kent

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent is an incredible organisation that has been serving its members and the local community for many years. It is a place of fellowship, friendship and learning, where members can come to share their knowledge and learn from each other. The Lodge has a long and proud history of providing support to those in need. It offers a range of services and activities that benefit its members as well as the wider community in which they live.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent is an organisation that upholds the values of Freemasonry, including charity, integrity, brotherly love and relief. Its members work hard to promote these values through their charitable works, educational events and social gatherings. The Lodge also supports its members by providing them with mentorship opportunities, educational courses and other activities that foster a sense of belonging within the Masonic family.

In reflection, the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Kent is an invaluable part of our society. It offers a unique environment for its members to come together in fellowship and share their knowledge while contributing to the betterment of society at large. The Lodge’s commitment to charity, education and fellowship should be admired by all who are lucky enough to experience it firsthand.


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