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The Eastern Star Freemason is an organization of men and women, dedicated to promoting the principles of charity, truth, and loving kindness. It is a part of the Masonic family—the largest fraternal organization in the world. The Eastern Star was established in 1850 by Robert Morris, a lawyer and educator from Boston, Massachusetts. The organization has roots in the Order of the Eastern Star, which was founded by Dr. Rob Morris in 1855. Today, there are more than two million members worldwide. The purpose of this organization is to bring together men and women who share similar values and beliefs for fellowship and service to their community. Through its charitable works, it seeks to promote unity among its members as well as with other like-minded organizations. Eastern Star Freemason also provides educational opportunities for its members and encourages them to be active citizens in their local communities.

The history of the Order of the Eastern Star (OES) dates back to around 1850 when Rob Morris, a lawyer and educator from Boston, established the organization. He was an acknowledged leader in the movement to unite Masonic-related organizations for female relatives of Master Masons. Morris had been influenced by Adoptive Masonry which had become popular in Europe during the mid-18th century. He believed that an organization similar to Freemasonry should be created for women and he wrote a ritual based on biblical examples of heroic women. The original five points of the Eastern Star symbolize five heroines: Adah, Ruth, Esther, Martha, and Electa. The first chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star was established in 1855 in New York and it quickly spread throughout North America due to its popularity among Masonic families. Today, there are over one million members worldwide who are actively involved in charity work and community service projects.

What is Eastern Star Freemason?

Eastern Star Freemasonry is a fraternal organization that is closely associated with the Masonic Lodge. The organization was established in 1868 and has its roots in the female version of Freemasonry. The group allows both men and women to join and participate in various activities such as charitable works, social events, educational programs, and community service projects.

The organization follows a set of core principles which includes brotherly love, relief, truth, faith in God, and charity. These core principles are shared by all members of the Order. Eastern Star Freemasonry also has a strong emphasis on spiritual development through rituals and ceremonies.

In order to become a member of Eastern Star Freemasonry, individuals must be recommended by two current members of the Order. They must then go through an initiation process which includes taking a vow to uphold the Order’s principles and values. After being accepted into the group, members are expected to attend meetings regularly and take part in activities such as charitable works or educational programs.

Eastern Star Freemasonry also has several degrees that members can progress through as they become more involved with the organization. These degrees include Appendant Degrees which focus on specific topics such as history or leadership; Elective Degrees which allow members to gain knowledge about different areas; Honorary Degrees which recognize those who have made significant contributions to the Order; and Grand Cross Degrees for those who have achieved the highest level of service within Eastern Star Freemasonry.

Members also have access to a wide variety of resources to help them grow spiritually as well as professionally. This includes access to books, webinars, workshops, seminars and other materials related to the Order’s teachings. Eastern Star Freemasonry also provides opportunities for networking with other members and taking part in social events throughout the year.

Ultimately, Eastern Star Freemasonry is an organization that strives to bring together individuals from all walks of life who share a common goal: To promote brotherly love among its members while helping others in need through charitable works and community service projects. Through its commitment to upholding core principles such as brotherly love and charity, Eastern Star Freemasonry continues to provide an environment that encourages spiritual growth while enriching lives on both individual and collective levels.

Qualifications to Become a Member of Eastern Star Freemason

Becoming a member of the Eastern Star Freemason is an honorable undertaking and requires that all prospective members meet certain qualifications. The most important requirement is that the individual must be at least 18 years of age and have a belief in a Supreme Being. Other qualifications include:

• Being of good moral character and repute,
• Being recommended by two current members in good standing,
• Demonstrating a knowledge of the basic principles of Freemasonry,
• Undergoing an extensive background check.

The Eastern Star Freemason also requires prospective members to submit three references who can attest to their moral character as well as provide evidence that they can financially support themselves as a member. Upon being accepted into the Order, new members must take part in an initiation ceremony where they will be asked to recite the Obligation of Membership. This obligation sets forth the moral and ethical standards for members and includes a promise to never divulge any secrets associated with the Order or its rituals.

In addition to requirements for membership, there are also specific requirements for advancement within the Order. To advance from one degree to another, members must demonstrate proficiency in both written and oral examinations on Masonic philosophy and ritual. They must also fulfill specific service requirements related to their degree level before they are eligible for advancement.

Overall, becoming a member of the Eastern Star Freemason is not an easy process but one that is deeply rewarding for those who are accepted into this esteemed organization.

Symbolism in Eastern Star Freemason

The Eastern Star Freemason is a secret society that has been around for centuries. It is a fraternal organization that is open to both men and women, although the majority of members are women. The Eastern Star Freemason has its own set of symbols and rituals that have been used for hundreds of years. These symbols and rituals carry a great deal of symbolism and meaning for members of the organization.

One of the most important symbols associated with the Eastern Star Freemason is the five-pointed star. This star is known as the “Pentacle” or “Pentagram” and it has a variety of meanings depending on who you ask. Generally speaking, it symbolizes the five points of fellowship, which are truth, love, peace, harmony, and unity. It also symbolizes protection from evil forces and spiritual guidance.

The pentacle or pentagram also has deeper meanings associated with it. For instance, it can represent the divine feminine aspects of nature such as fertility, creativity, and intuition. In addition, it can represent different stages in life such as birth, marriage, death, and rebirth.

The Eastern Star Freemason also uses other symbols to convey their beliefs and values such as the All-Seeing Eye which symbolizes knowledge and understanding; the Book of Constitutions which represents law; the Square which symbolizes morality; the Compasses which symbolizes temperance; and the Sword which symbolizes justice. There are also several other symbols used by members including animals like owls or lions that represent wisdom or courage respectively; plants like roses or lilies that represent beauty or purity; colors like purple that represent royalty; letters like YOD representing God’s name; planets like Venus representing love; numbers like 3 representing faith; stars like Sirius representing spirituality; and triangles representing trinity or power.

In addition to these symbols, there are also rituals performed during meetings that have great symbolic meaning for members as well. For example, there is an initiation ritual known as “The Passing” where new members are welcomed into the fraternity by being presented with a copy of The Book Of Constitutions while they recite certain oaths prescribed by their lodge leaders. There is also an obligation ritual where each new member pledges themselves to uphold certain principles set forth by their lodge leaders such as loyalty to one another and commitment to promoting brotherly love among all members regardless of race or religion.

Overall, symbolism plays an important role in Eastern Star Freemasonry because it helps to communicate its values and beliefs through meaningful symbols as well as rituals performed during meetings that carry a great deal of symbolic meaning for its members. Symbols provide a way for members to express their feelings about their organization without having to use words alone – something that may be difficult depending on one’s language proficiency – while rituals provide an opportunity for members to come together in solidarity to demonstrate their commitment to one another through meaningful symbolism..

The Degrees of Eastern Star Freemason

The Eastern Star Freemasons is an organization that consists of five degrees. Each degree has a unique purpose and meaning. The first degree, the Adoptive Degree, is focused on charity and is open to both men and women. The second degree, the Star Point, focuses on fidelity and is open to both men and women. The third degree, the Amaranth Degree, is focused on truthfulness and is open to both men and women. The fourth degree, the Golden Circle Degree, focuses on friendship and is open to both men and women. Lastly, the fifth degree, the Order of the Rainbow for Girls, focuses on loyalty towards God and country and is only available to young girls between 8-18 years old.

Each of these degrees has its own symbols or rituals associated with it that are shared with all members of the organization. For example, during initiations into the first degree, members are presented with a white apron that symbolizes purity as well as a five pointed star which symbolizes charity. In other degrees such as the Golden Circle Degree or Order of the Rainbow for Girls there are additional symbols such as a golden circle or rainbow that are used in initiations or rituals related to those particular degrees.

These symbols are not only visible during initiations but also during other events such as installation ceremonies. During installation ceremonies members dress in traditional costumes which feature these same symbols (white aprons with stars for example). Additionally many Eastern Star lodges have their own unique symbols that represent their particular lodge such as flags or banners hung in their lodge room or special emblems worn by members while they are conducting rituals within their lodge room.

It is important for members of Eastern Star Freemasonry to understand these different symbols associated with each degree so they can better understand their role within the organization as well as appreciate its history and traditions. Symbols have always been used by organizations such as this one to help identify its members while also instilling pride in them for being part of something larger than themselves.

Eastern Star Freemason

The Eastern Star Freemason is an organization that has been around for several centuries, and it includes men and women from all walks of life. It is a fraternal organization that offers members many opportunities for fellowship, service, and spiritual growth. The organization is based on the teachings of the Bible, and its members strive to live by its precepts. Members also participate in various rituals and traditions that are unique to the group.


Eastern Star Freemason rituals are based on the Masonic rites. These include the opening and closing of a meeting, as well as specific rituals related to initiation ceremonies. The opening ritual consists of a prayer, followed by readings from scripture. The closing ritual involves a prayer for unity and peace among members.

Initiations involve several steps, including taking an oath of secrecy, receiving a lambskin apron, learning how to properly wear it during meetings, and being presented with a copy of the book of Constitutions and Regulations. Members must also learn certain symbols associated with Eastern Star Freemason before they can progress further in their membership.


The Eastern Star Freemason has been known for its traditional dress code since its beginnings in the late 18th century. Men wear tuxedos or dark suits with white gloves while women wear long evening gowns or dresses in pastel colors. During meetings, members wear distinctive aprons that distinguish them from non-members.

The group also has various social customs such as greeting each other with special handshakes or salutes when they meet at meetings or social gatherings. There are also certain phrases or words that are used when members greet each other during these events such as “brother” or “sister” followed by their name or title within the organization.

Therefore, there are special songs that are sung at certain times during meetings such as when new members are initiated into the organization or when special events such as birthdays occur within the group. These songs help bring members closer together as well as help them remember important aspects of their faith and beliefs within the group.

What is Eastern Star Freemason?

Eastern Star Freemason is a fraternal organization that is closely associated with the Freemasons. It was founded in the late 19th century in Indiana by Robert Morris, a lawyer and educator. The organization has chapters throughout the United States and Canada, and its members are male and female. The Eastern Star Freemason’s main objective is to promote charitable work, provide education, and develop leadership skills.

Grand Lodges

Grand Lodges are governing bodies of Eastern Star Freemasons that oversee the activities of chapters on an international level. Grand Lodges are responsible for maintaining standards of membership, setting policies, and regulating finances. The Grand Lodge also serves as the final authority on matters concerning ritual practices and Masonic law. Each Grand Lodge has its own rules and regulations that must be followed by all of its members.

Membership Requirements

To become an Eastern Star Freemason, one must meet certain requirements set by the Grand Lodge. These requirements include completing an application form to join a local chapter or lodge, attending meetings regularly, paying annual dues, adhering to the rules of membership, and participating in charity work or educational activities sponsored by the lodge or chapter. Additionally, potential members must be at least 18 years old and have two sponsors who are already members of the organization.

Rituals & Practices

Eastern Star Freemasons practice several rituals associated with their organization including initiation ceremonies for new members, oaths of secrecy regarding their activities within the lodge or chapter, and other rituals that vary depending on which state a member is located in. These rituals may also include prayers or readings from sacred texts such as the Bible or Quran. Additionally, Eastern Star Freemasons observe holidays such as Christmas Eve with special services at their local lodges or chapters.


Being an Eastern Star Freemason provides several benefits to its members including access to educational resources such as scholarships; discounts on insurance; access to social activities such as dances; networking opportunities; travel discounts; access to healthcare services; financial assistance for those in need; charitable donations; leadership training programs; mentorship opportunities; and more. Additionally, Eastern Star Freemasons take part in community service projects that benefit their local communities as well as those around them.

Alleged Controversies Surrounding Eastern Star Freemason

Eastern Star Freemasons have long been shrouded in mystery and suspicion, with many alleging that they are a secret society with strange rituals and practices. While these claims are mostly unsubstantiated, there are some legitimate controversies that have surrounded the organization.

• Proselytizing: It is alleged that Eastern Star Freemasons engage in aggressive proselytizing of their beliefs and practices, which some deem as a form of religious manipulation.

• Gender Discrimination: The organization is considered to be a male-dominated one, with women only being allowed to join after a certain level of initiation. This has led to allegations of gender discrimination and marginalization within the organization.

• Financial Practices: Eastern Star Freemasons have been accused of using their financial resources for their own gain, rather than for charitable purposes as they claim. This has caused some to question the legitimacy of the organization’s financial practices.

• Rituals: It has been alleged that Eastern Star Freemasons engage in secret rituals which involve strange symbols and practices that outsiders are not privy to. This has given rise to suspicion about what actually goes on behind closed doors in the organization’s meetings and gatherings.

Eastern Star Freemasons remain a mysterious organization, with many believing that its true purpose is hidden from public view. Whether these claims are based on truth or falsehood remains unknown, but it is clear that there are serious controversies surrounding this secretive society.

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Final Words On Eastern Star Freemason

The Eastern Star Freemason provides a unique opportunity for women to connect with and learn from each other. It is a powerful organization that is based on the principles of friendship, morality, and charity. The members of the order are dedicated to helping others in need and providing support within their communities.

The Order has grown significantly over the years, with lodges being established in many countries around the world. This growth shows just how popular and successful the organization has become. The Eastern Star Freemason is one of the oldest and most respected organizations of its kind.

The Order also has a strong spiritual component to it, with members being encouraged to practice their faith and work towards self-improvement. This helps foster an environment of acceptance and understanding among its members.

The Eastern Star Freemason provides an invaluable service to its members by providing them with fellowship, support, and guidance in times of need. It is a great way for women to come together and learn from each other while also giving back to their community.

In reflection, the Eastern Star Freemason is an invaluable part of many communities around the world. Its focus on friendship, morality, charity, spirituality, and self-improvement make it an ideal organization for women who seek these things in their lives. The Order continues to expand due to its success over the years and will surely continue to do so in the future as well.

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