Eastern Star Positions

The Order of the Eastern Star is a Masonic-affiliated fraternal organization open to both men and women. It was established in 1850 by lawyer and educator Rob Morris, a noted Freemason, as a means of furthering his work in promoting the principles of faith, hope, and charity. The Order has its own rituals and symbols, and members are expected to follow certain rules and regulations. The duties of each position vary, but they all serve to promote the values held by the Order. Each member of the Order holds one or more positions within the organization, such as Worthy Matron or Worthy Patron.

The Grand Matron of the Order of the Eastern Star is the presiding officer responsible for overseeing all aspects of the organization. This position is usually held for a one-year term and is elected by members of the Order. The Grand Matron has many duties, including presiding over meetings, examining petitions from new members, appointing committees, and providing guidance to subordinate chapters.

Eastern Star Grand Patron

The Eastern Star Grand Patron is an esteemed position held by a man in the Order of the Eastern Star. The Order of the Eastern Star is an international fraternal order that is open to both men and women. The Eastern Star Grand Patron is chosen at the Supreme Chapter, and his term lasts from one Supreme Chapter to the next. He presides over all meetings and activities of the Order of the Eastern Star, including conferences, conventions, and meetings with other organizations.

The duties of the Eastern Star Grand Patron are numerous. He must be present at all meetings and functions, both local and international, to maintain order and ensure that all business is conducted according to regulations. He must also be familiar with all OES ritualistic work, so he can provide guidance when needed. In addition, he is responsible for setting up committees to handle various tasks related to the Order’s mission and objectives.

The Eastern Star Grand Patron also serves as a public representative for the Order of the Eastern Star. He may be asked to speak at events or participate in interviews or forums on behalf of the organization. As such, it is important for him to be well-versed in OES history and current activities so he can represent them accurately. It is also his responsibility to ensure that proper etiquette is followed when representing OES in public settings.

The Eastern Star Grand Patron plays an important role in promoting unity among members of different chapters throughout the world. He encourages members to strive towards common goals by engaging in fellowship activities like social events or community service projects that bring members together across state lines or even national borders. In this way, he helps foster a spirit of brotherly love among members while promoting unity within OES as a whole.

Therefore, it is important for any future Eastern Star Grand Patrons to possess strong leadership qualities as well as a commitment to serve faithfully in their role as leader of OES worldwide. This position requires dedication, hard work, and a genuine desire to serve others through their actions as well as their words – qualities that are essential for any successful leader!

Eastern Star Associate Matron

The Eastern Star Associate Matron is a part of the Order of the Eastern Star, an international fraternal organization that is based upon the teachings of the Bible. It is one of the largest and oldest fraternal organizations in the world, with chapters in many countries. The Associate Matron plays an important role in the organization, helping to coordinate activities and providing leadership for its members.

The Associate Matron is responsible for overseeing and guiding other members of the Order, particularly those who are newly initiated. She must be knowledgeable about all aspects of the organization and be able to provide guidance and advice to other members. She also serves as a mentor to new initiates, helping them understand their roles within the organization.

In addition to her duties as an Associate Matron, she is also responsible for organizing various events and activities that promote fellowship among members of the Order. This includes organizing meetings, workshops, retreats, and social gatherings. She must also ensure that all events are conducted appropriately and in accordance with regulations set forth by the Order’s governing body.

The Associate Matron must also take part in fundraising activities to help support projects within her chapter or lodge. She may be asked to help solicit donations or plan fundraising events such as dinners or auctions. She should also be well-versed in public relations techniques so she can promote her chapter or lodge’s activities within her local community.

The Eastern Star Associate Matron is an important role within this international fraternal organization that provides leadership, guidance, and support for its members. She must be dedicated to her duties while ensuring that all activities are conducted properly and ethically. Her efforts will contribute greatly to ensuring a successful future for this long-standing organization.

What is an Eastern Star Associate Patron?

An Eastern Star Associate Patron is a special honorary rank of membership within the Order of the Eastern Star. It is reserved for spouses, siblings, or children of Order of the Eastern Star members. An Associate Patron is not a full member and does not have voting rights in the organization. However, they are able to attend meetings and other events with their family members.

Benefits and Responsibilities of Being an Eastern Star Associate Patron

Being an Eastern Star Associate Patron offers many benefits to its members. For example, members are able to learn more about the Order of the Eastern Star through their family members who are full members. They can also gain greater insight into how the organization works and what it stands for. In addition, they can participate in charitable activities that are organized by the Order.

As with any membership position, there are also responsibilities associated with being an Eastern Star Associate Patron. These include adhering to all rules and regulations set forth by the Order and taking part in any activities that help promote its mission or values. Additionally, they must abide by all applicable laws and regulations governing their membership within the organization.

In Reflection

The position of Eastern Star Associate Patron offers those related to full members a unique opportunity to learn more about this prestigious organization while also having a chance to contribute in meaningful ways. Although it comes with certain responsibilities, it can be a rewarding experience for those who take advantage of it.

Overview of Eastern Star Secretary

The Eastern Star Secretary is an important part of the Order of the Eastern Star, a fraternal organization in the United States. The Secretary is responsible for managing and organizing all correspondence, meetings, and events related to the organization. The role also includes creating agendas, taking minutes at meetings, and keeping detailed records of all expenditures.

The Eastern Star Secretary must also be able to communicate effectively with other members of the organization. They should be organized, detail-oriented, and have excellent written communication skills. Additionally, it is important that they are able to work independently as well as collaboratively within a team.


To qualify for this position, applicants should have experience in secretarial or administrative roles. A degree in a related field may be beneficial but is not required. Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite programs (Word, Excel) is important as well as a basic understanding of accounting principles. Additionally, applicants should demonstrate strong written communication skills and exceptional organizational abilities.

The ideal candidate should also be flexible and adaptable to changing needs within the organization while remaining focused on their duties as Eastern Star Secretary. Therefore, they should have a working knowledge of Order of the Eastern Star procedures and protocol.

Order of the Eastern Star Treasurer

The Order of the Eastern Star Treasurer is a critical role in ensuring the financial stability of the organization. This individual is responsible for maintaining accurate records and managing financial transactions. The treasurer is also responsible for providing accurate financial reports to the members and ensuring that all funds are managed appropriately.

The treasurer must have a good understanding of accounting principles and must be able to maintain an accurate set of financial records. They should be familiar with various accounting software packages, such as QuickBooks, in order to keep track of transactions and generate reports.

The treasurer should be able to develop a budget for the organization and ensure that funds are allocated appropriately. They must be able to identify areas where cost cuts can be made and suggest creative ways to raise additional funds when needed. The treasurer should also have an understanding of investment strategies and risk management principles.

The treasurer must be organized and detail-oriented in order to oversee all aspects of the organization’s finances. They should have excellent interpersonal skills in order to work with other board members, advisors, vendors, donors, volunteers, etc., as well as have strong written communication skills when preparing reports or other materials related to finances. The treasurer must also keep up with legal requirements such as filing taxes and reporting any changes in finances or investments.

Above all else, it is critical that the Order of the Eastern Star Treasurer have integrity in order handle money responsibly and accurately manage financial information. They should also stay up-to-date on current trends in accounting practices so they can provide sound advice on how best to handle finances for the organization’s future success.

Eastern Star Conductress

The Eastern Star Conductress is a very important position within the Order of the Eastern Star. This position is responsible for ensuring that all members of the organization adhere to the guidelines and regulations that have been put in place by the Grand Chapter. The Conductress is also responsible for providing new members with information about how to conduct themselves while within the organization.

The main duties of an Eastern Star Conductress include conducting meetings, presiding over ceremonies, and presiding over initiation rituals. They are also responsible for overseeing all financial matters and ensuring that funds are properly allocated and accounted for. Additionally, they must keep up-to-date records of all members within the organization and ensure that all dues are paid on time.

In addition to their regular duties, an Eastern Star Conductress is also responsible for providing guidance and mentorship to new members of the organization. They should strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. They should be able to answer any questions that newcomers may have regarding the rules and regulations of the organization. Furthermore, they should be available to provide advice or assistance whenever needed.

The Eastern Star Conductress is a very important position in any chapter or organization of the Order of the Eastern Star. They must possess strong leadership skills as well as good organizational abilities in order to effectively carry out their duties. It takes dedication, compassion, and enthusiasm to excel in this role and help create a positive atmosphere within an organization.

Eastern Star Associate Conductress

Being an Eastern Star Associate Conductress is a great way to help the community. It involves taking on the role of a leader and providing guidance to those in need. Here are some of the duties associated with this position:

• Representing the Order in the community: As an Eastern Star Associate Conductress, you will be responsible for representing the Order in public events and meetings. You will also be expected to take part in promotional activities and share your knowledge about the Order.

• Planning and organizing events: You will be responsible for planning and organizing various events, such as fundraisers, parties, and other social gatherings. This includes finding venues, arranging transportation, preparing materials, and other tasks.

• Serving as a mentor: An Eastern Star Associate Conductress is expected to serve as a mentor to her members. This may include providing advice on personal matters or helping them achieve their goals.

• Representing the order in court: If necessary, an Eastern Star Associate Conductress may be called upon to represent the order in court or other legal proceedings. This requires knowledge of legal procedures and understanding of how to navigate such proceedings.

Being an Eastern Star Associate Conductress is a rewarding experience that gives you an opportunity to make a difference in your community. It requires dedication and commitment but can provide many benefits both professionally and personally.

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Final Words On Eastern Star Positions

Eastern Star Positions provide a unique opportunity to members of the Order of the Eastern Star to serve in a variety of roles. As leaders in their communities, members can use their positions to influence and inspire others, while also providing spiritual guidance and support. With the various roles available, members have the chance to learn new skills, build relationships with other members, and make a difference in their local communities.

The Eastern Star family is a great way for members to come together and share in fellowship while also serving their fellow man. It’s important that those who are elected into positions of leadership within the order take their duties seriously and use their positions wisely for the betterment of all those involved.

The principles, teachings, and rituals of the Order form the foundation for all aspects of its existence. As such, it is important that those in Eastern Star Positions carry out their duties with respect for these principles and an understanding of what they mean to each individual member. By doing so, they will help ensure that the Order continues to thrive for generations to come.

The Order of the Eastern Star provides an enriching experience for its members and should be taken advantage of by everyone who has an interest in building strong communities through service and fellowship. With its various positions available, there is sure to be something for everyone – from mentorship opportunities to charitable work – making it an excellent resource for individuals looking to give back in meaningful ways.

In reflection, Eastern Star Positions present a great way for members to serve others while also engaging in personal growth opportunities through meaningful work. Through electing qualified candidates into these roles, we can ensure that our Order remains strong and vibrant as we look towards our collective future together.


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