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The 32nd Degree Master Mason is the highest degree attainable in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. This degree of the Masonic fraternity is dedicated to providing members with a greater understanding of Masonic teachings and principles, and to furthering their knowledge and dedication to the craft. Members of this degree have often been referred to as “Masters of the Royal Secret” due to their special knowledge, commitment, and involvement in the craft. Those who are initiated into this degree take on a much deeper responsibility within their lodge and the fraternity as a whole. It also provides an opportunity for members to become more involved in charitable activities, such as outreach programs, service projects, and educational initiatives that benefit society at large.

A 32nd Degree Master Mason is a Freemason who has achieved the highest degree attainable in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. This degree is conferred as an honorary title and requires a minimum of 14 years of service as a Mason. 32nd Degree Masons are expected to possess a knowledge of Masonic philosophy and symbols, as well as the fundamentals of Masonic law. They must also be committed to the principles of brotherly love, relief, and truth that are at the core of Freemasonry.

History of the 32nd Degree

* The 32nd degree is the highest degree attainable in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.
* It is a prestigious and respected level of achievement for any Mason and is often referred to as the “Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret”.
* It is believed that this degree was originally established in 1801, when a group of Masons from France traveled to Charleston, South Carolina.

* This group was granted permission by the city’s Grand Lodge to form their own Masonic lodge and initiate members into their new system.
* They named it “The Supreme Council Of The Thirty-Second Degree” and it has been known by this name ever since.
* This degree is not only a symbol of prestige but also a way for Masons to learn more about Masonic philosophy and history.

* Those who receive the 32nd degree are expected to use their knowledge for the advancement of Masonry and humanity in general.
* They are also expected to be role models within their local lodges, setting an example for those who are just starting out on their Masonic journey.
* They are expected to be leaders within their communities, using their knowledge and influence to make positive changes in society.

* The 32nd degree requires a great deal of study and dedication in order to attain it.
* Those who receive this degree must have a thorough understanding of all aspects of Freemasonry including its symbolism, rituals, philosophy, history, ethics and more.
* Becoming a 32nd degree Mason requires years of commitment to Masonic principles and values as well as dedication to self-improvement through learning and service.

Those who have achieved the 32nd degree have earned recognition not only amongst Masons but also amongst non-Masons for their dedication and commitment to Freemasonry principles. For centuries, they have been seen as some of the most knowledgeable Masons in existence and have used that knowledge for good causes throughout history.

Requirements for Becoming a 32nd Degree Master Mason

The requirements for becoming a 32nd Degree Master Mason, also known as the Scottish Rite, are not simple to meet. The steps to achieving this degree are quite extensive and require dedication and commitment. To become a 32nd Degree Master Mason, one must first become a third degree master mason.

* The first step is to join a lodge in good standing with the United Grand Lodge of England or a similar grand lodge recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England.

* Once accepted into the lodge, one must then study and apply Masonic principles and teachings.

* This includes studying various rituals and symbols that are used within the lodge during meetings.

* One must also demonstrate an understanding of the traditions, customs, and rules of Freemasonry.

Once these steps have been completed satisfactorily, one may then be admitted into the 32nd Degree Scottish Rite. After admission into this degree, further study of Masonic philosophy is required in order to gain further knowledge of its various degrees and teachings. This includes studying topics such as ritualism, symbolism, philosophy, history, morality, and even literature related to Freemasonry.

In addition to this knowledge-based education, candidates must also demonstrate certain other qualities in order to be accepted into this degree. These include qualities such as respect for others within the fraternity; integrity; honor; respect for laws; loyalty; good character; charity; courage; temperance; wisdom; humility; discretion; patience; benevolence; mercy; justice; sincerity and truthfulness.

Therefore, after all these requirements have been met satisfactorily and all studies have been completed successfully, candidates may then take part in a formal ceremony wherein they will be inducted as 32nd Degree Master Masons in front of their peers at a lodge meeting. Becoming a 32nd Degree Master Mason requires great dedication and commitment but it can ultimately be very rewarding for those who are willing to put in the work necessary to achieve it.

Benefits of Being a 32nd Degree Master Mason

Being a 32nd Degree Master Mason is an incredible honor that has many benefits. Here are some of the most noteworthy advantages of becoming a 32nd Degree Master Mason:

• Access to Masonic Lodges: As a 32nd Degree Master Mason, you have access to Masonic lodges all over the world. This gives you the opportunity to meet and network with other Masons, and to get involved in various charitable activities.

• Social Connections: Being part of a Masonic Lodge provides you with valuable social connections. You will be able to network with other Masons, which can result in career and business opportunities.

• Improved Morality: Being part of a Masonic Lodge teaches members the importance of morality and sound values. There is also an emphasis on being charitable and helping out those in need.

• Increased Self-Confidence: Becoming a 32nd Degree Master Mason helps to increase your self-confidence. You will gain respect from your peers and be held in high regard by other Masons.

• Professional Advancement: Many employers look favorably upon individuals who are members of Masonic Lodges, as it shows that they have strong morals and are dedicated to helping others. This can help you advance professionally and reach new heights in your career.

• Financial Benefits: Becoming a 32nd Degree Master Mason can provide you with financial benefits as well. You may be eligible for scholarships or grants that are specifically set aside for Masons, or even discounts on products or services from other businesses that appreciate your commitment to the organization.

• Community Involvement: Lastly, being part of a Masonic Lodge enables you to get involved in your community by participating in various charitable activities and events such as blood drives and food donations.

These are just some of the many benefits available when becoming a 32nd Degree Master Mason. From increased self-confidence to financial gains, becoming part of this prestigious organization can provide unique opportunities for personal growth and development that will benefit you for years to come!

Roles & Responsibilities of a 32nd Degree Master Mason

A 32nd Degree Master Mason is a Freemason who has been recognized for his exemplary work within the fraternity. He has achieved the highest level of recognition within the Masonic organization and it is considered a great honor to be bestowed with such a high degree. With this honor comes many responsibilities and roles that must be taken on by this individual. Here are some of the roles and responsibilities that come with being a 32nd Degree Master Mason:

• Representing the Brotherhood: As a 32nd Degree Master Mason, you must serve as an example of the Masonic Brotherhood. You must uphold all of its values and beliefs, as well as ensure that others do as well. This means upholding principles such as brotherly love, relief, and truth.

• Leading by Example: You are expected to lead by example in all aspects of life, both inside and outside of Freemasonry. You should strive to be an inspiration to others through your actions and words. Additionally, you should also take on a leadership role within your lodge or other Masonic organizations, helping guide and mentor other members in their journey through Freemasonry.

• Serving Others: As a 32nd Degree Master Mason, you are expected to serve others in any way possible. This includes helping those in need, providing for those who cannot provide for themselves, and offering guidance when needed. Your service should extend beyond just fellow members of your lodge; you should strive to help all people who could benefit from your assistance.

• Promoting Education: Education is essential for growth within any organization or society; thus it is important for a 32nd Degree Master Mason to promote education both within their local lodge and beyond. This includes not only formal education but also making sure that all members are knowledgeable about Freemasonry’s history and values so they can spread its message more effectively to others.

• Supporting Local Communities: Therefore, another key responsibility of being a 32nd Degree Master Mason is supporting local communities through charitable works or other initiatives that help improve people’s lives or make their environment better. By providing financial support or volunteering time, you can make a positive impact on your community while also setting an example for other Masons to follow in your footsteps.

Being recognized as a 32nd Degree Master Mason comes with great honor but also great responsibility – it’s up to each individual to uphold the values of the Brotherhood while leading by example at all times.


The 32nd Degree of Freemasonry is characterized by a variety of symbols that are used to represent its members and beliefs. The most prominent symbol is the Square and Compasses, which symbolizes the union between man and God. Other symbols include a two-headed eagle, a blazing star, a beehive, an anchor, and a lion. Each symbol has its own meaning and represents the values of Freemasonry such as truth, justice, and brotherhood.


The ritual of the 32nd Degree includes the recitation of specific oaths and vows in order to become a member. The rituals also involve the use of special handshakes, symbols, and words that must be used correctly in order for someone to be accepted into the fraternity. These rituals are meant to create an atmosphere of trust among members so that they may work together in unity.


The traditions of the 32nd Degree are based on ancient practices that have been passed down through generations. These traditions include meetings held at specific times throughout the year, such as during Easter or Christmas. They also include certain types of dress codes for members when attending meetings or participating in ceremonies. In addition, there are certain types of food that must be served during gatherings.

In reflection, symbols, rituals, and traditions play an important role in the 32nd Degree of Freemasonry. These symbols represent values such as truth and justice while rituals help to create an atmosphere of trust among members. Lastly, traditions provide framework for meetings and other activities throughout the year.

The Lost Word & The Third Section Rituals in the 32nd Degree

The 32nd degree of Freemasonry is one of the most significant and mysterious levels of initiation. It is believed that only those who have achieved great spiritual and intellectual heights can be initiated into this degree. The Lost Word and The Third Section rituals are two important components of this degree.

* The Lost Word ritual is an ancient ceremony that has been passed down for generations. It is believed to contain the secrets to enlightenment, and initiates must undergo rigorous training in order to be granted access to its secrets.

* The Third Section ritual focuses on the history and teachings of Freemasonry, as well as its relationship with philosophy, religion, politics, and other aspects of life. During this ritual, initiates are expected to demonstrate their understanding of the teachings by answering questions related to them.

In both rituals, initiates must demonstrate their understanding of Masonic principles and symbolism in order to be accepted into the 32nd Degree. This includes knowledge of the symbolic nature of certain objects such as pillars, compasses and squares, as well as an understanding of the importance of various symbols within the Freemasonry tradition. Initiates must also demonstrate their commitment to Masonic principles such as brotherly love, truthfulness, justice, temperance, fortitude and charity by taking part in various activities such as charitable work or community service projects.

The 32nd degree also requires initiates to demonstrate their spiritual knowledge by taking part in rituals that involve meditation and contemplation on certain topics related to Freemasonry philosophy. During these rituals, initiates are encouraged to use symbols from within Freemasonry to focus their thoughts on achieving a higher level of understanding about themselves and life in general.

Therefore, initiates who successfully complete both The Lost Word & The Third Section rituals are able to become a member of one of the most exclusive levels within Freemasonry – one that is filled with knowledge and spiritual insight which can benefit not only individuals but also society as a whole.

Common Questions about the 32nd Degree

The 32nd degree of Freemasonry is a significant milestone for Masons and being awarded this degree is an honor. This article will answer common questions about the 32nd degree and provide more information about this elite group.

• What is the 32nd Degree? The 32nd degree is a symbolic honor conferred upon Masons who have advanced to the highest level of achievement in Masonry. It is considered the pinnacle of Masonry and it indicates that an individual has achieved a high level of knowledge, understanding, and proficiency in Masonic teachings.

• What does it mean to become a 32nd Degree Mason? Becoming a 32nd Degree Mason means that you have been recognized by your peers as having reached a high level of Masonic learning and understanding. It also indicates that you have achieved professional excellence within your craft and are respected by other Masons for your knowledge and expertise.

• How do I become a 32nd Degree Mason? The process to become a 32nd Degree Mason varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Generally speaking, it involves completing all of the lower degrees in Freemasonry, becoming proficient in Masonic teachings, and demonstrating exemplary service to the Fraternity. In some jurisdictions, candidates must also pass an examination on Masonic principles before they can be considered for advancement.

• What are some benefits of becoming a 32nd Degree Mason? Some benefits of becoming a 32nd Degree Mason include access to exclusive events, opportunities for leadership positions within Freemasonry, professional recognition among peers, and financial assistance for education or charitable causes. Additionally, many jurisdictions offer additional benefits such as discounts on membership dues or access to special resources.

• Are there any restrictions for becoming a 32nd Degree Mason? Most jurisdictions place no restrictions on who can become a 32nd Degree Mason; however, some may require candidates to be at least 18 years old or have completed certain degrees before being eligible for advancement. Additionally, some jurisdictions may require candidates to pay specific fees or complete additional requirements prior to advancement.

Overall, becoming a 32rd Degree Mason is an achievement that should be celebrated. It indicates that one has achieved mastery within their craft and is highly respected among their peers. As with anything else in life, achieving success requires dedication and hard work but it can be incredibly rewarding when one reaches their goals!

In Reflection on 32Nd Degree Master Mason Meaning

The 32nd degree of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry is a one of great honor and reverence. It is a degree that signifies a higher level of commitment to the ideals of Freemasonry, as well as an understanding and knowledge of the ancient mysteries. The degrees give insight into the esoteric teachings of Freemasonry, and bring together brothers in an eternal bond that transcends any other relationship. It is a degree that is respected by all members of the fraternity, and honors those who have reached it.

The 32nd degree also provides an opportunity for members to become further involved in their respective lodges, providing them with a chance to serve their communities through charitable works and other acts of goodwill. This degree helps foster a sense of brotherhood and unity amongst the members, while strengthening their bond with one another. It also serves as an example to others, showing them how important brotherhood and community can be.

The meanings behind this degree are vast and varied, with each individual attaching his own personal interpretation to it. It serves as a reminder to all Freemasons that they should strive to maintain their commitment to themselves, their brothers, their communities, and their country at all times – for these are the highest virtues that any man can ever hope to attain.

At its heart, 32nd Degree Masonry is about bringing people together in pursuit of greater understanding – both spiritually and morally – so that they may help shape a better world for future generations. This is what makes it such an important part of Freemasonry history; its dedication to the values of brotherhood, service, truthfulness, respect for others’ opinions, and education will continue to influence generations for years to come.

In reflection, 32nd Degree Masonry is more than just another level in Freemasonry: it represents a deeper commitment from its members towards upholding Masonic values throughout their lives. Through this commitment comes greater understanding between members across different cultures which can only lead to more unified lodges across the world – something we should all strive for!

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