Knights Templar Ring Meaning


The Knights Templar Ring is a powerful symbol of the rich legacy of the legendary Knights Templar. This ring has come to represent loyalty, courage, and honor among those who bear it. The meanings associated with the ring vary depending on who is wearing it, but one thing remains constant: the Knights Templar Ring has come to stand for strength and bravery in adversity. Those who wear it are proud to be part of a long legacy that stretches back centuries.

The Knights Templar Ring symbolizes the wearer’s membership in the Knights Templar, a religious and military order of the Middle Ages. It also serves as a reminder of the vows taken by the members upon joining this order: to remain faithful to God, their country, and their fellow knights. The ring is often engraved with symbols of faith, such as a cross or a lion, and may also have inscriptions from biblical passages.

The Meaning Behind the Knights Templar Ring

The Knights Templar Ring is a symbol of honor, loyalty and strength. It is an iconic piece of jewelry that has been worn by knights since the medieval period. The ring features a red cross on a white background, which symbolizes the order of the Knights Templar. The ring also has a Latin inscription that reads ‘Non Nobis Domine’, which translates to ‘Not unto us, O Lord’. This is an expression of humility and faith in God for the knight who wears it.

The Knights Templar were founded in 1119 in Jerusalem as a military order to protect Christian pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. They were known for their bravery and courage in battle, and were renowned across Europe as one of the most feared fighting forces of their time. As such, they earned great respect from other knights and warriors alike. Wearing the ring was a way for them to show their allegiance and loyalty to the Order and its ideals.

The symbolism on the ring also carries with it deeper meanings for those who understand them. The red cross on a white background is an homage to St George, who was said to have slain a dragon with his sword while wearing this emblematic symbol on his shield. Additionally, it represents courage, faith and honor; all important values that every knight should strive for in their life.

The Latin inscription ‘Non Nobis Domine’ also holds great significance for those who wear it. It serves as a reminder that any successes or victories should be given to God rather than taken for oneself; thus showing humility and obedience towards Him.

In modern times, wearing a Knights Templar Ring is still seen as an act of reverence towards this legendary order of knights and their beliefs in faith, courage and integrity. It has come to represent all these qualities that every knight should strive for in life; making it an important part of any knight’s wardrobe today.

Today, many people choose to wear one as both a way to show their admiration towards this legendary group of warriors but also as an act of self-affirmation; reminding themselves that they too can be brave and follow their own path with faith and honor like those before them did centuries ago.

The History of the Knights Templar Ring

The Knights Templar Ring is an iconic symbol of the medieval Christian military order. It has been used as a sign of membership for over 700 years. The ring was originally worn by members of the Knights Templar, a religious and military order that operated during the Middle Ages. The knights were renowned for their courage and dedication to protecting Christian pilgrims on their journeys to the Holy Land. The ring was a symbol of their commitment and loyalty to their cause.

The design of the ring is believed to have been inspired by the design of Solomon’s seal, a signet ring given to King Solomon in the Bible. The seal features two intertwined triangles that form a six-pointed star, which is believed to represent God’s protection over his people. This design was adopted by the Templars and used as their emblem, with rings bearing this design being presented to members upon taking their vows.

The rings were typically made from gold or silver and often featured inscriptions on them such as “Non nobis Domine” (Not unto us, O Lord). This phrase was taken from Psalm 115 in the Bible and served as an affirmation of faith for members of the order. In addition, some rings also featured gemstones such as rubies or sapphires. These stones were believed to protect members from harm while they were on their journeys.

In 1307, King Philip IV of France ordered the arrest and dissolution of the Knights Templar, effectively ending the Order’s existence in Europe. However, many Templars managed to flee before they could be apprehended and some went on to form other orders such as those found in Portugal and Scotland. Though they no longer exist today, remnants of these orders can still be seen in churches throughout Europe where symbols such as their iconic rings can still be found adorning walls or doors.

Today, replicas of these rings are popular among collectors and enthusiasts alike who appreciate its unique history and significance within Christianity. They are often used as symbols of faith or simply worn as fashion accessories by those who admire them for what they once stood for: courage, honor, sacrifice, and loyalty.

Design of the Knights Templar Ring

The Knights Templar Ring is a symbol of an ancient Christian military order that was founded in the 12th century. The design of the ring is quite simple, yet elegant. It typically features a red cross on a white background, with a Latin inscription around the edge that reads “Non Nobis Domine” (Not unto us, O Lord). This symbolizes the members’ commitment to serve God and protect Christianity. The rings were also used as a sign of recognition among members and to signify their loyalty to each other.

In addition to the red cross, some versions of the ring may also feature two additional symbols. The first symbol is a five-pointed star, which represents the five wounds of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for mankind. The second symbol is an image of two knights riding on one horse, which signifies brotherhood and unity among members. Additionally, some versions may feature other symbols such as swords and shields.

The design of the Knights Templar Ring has evolved over time but still remains largely unchanged since it was first created centuries ago. It is seen as a symbol of honor and courage for those who have served in this order and its modern day successors – including those who are currently serving in combat zones throughout the world.

Today, there are many different variations of the Knights Templar Ring available on the market. Some are made from precious metals such as gold or silver while others are made from more affordable metals such as brass or pewter. No matter what type of material it is made from, all versions feature the same symbols outlined above and serve as a reminder of an ancient tradition that still carries great meaning today.

The Knights Templar

The Knights Templar were a religious order of knights founded in 1119. The order was formed to protect Christian pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land. They fought in the Crusades and became one of the most powerful military orders in medieval Europe.

Structure of the Order

The knights were organized as a monastic military order, with each knight taking vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. The Templars were led by a Grand Master who had complete control over all aspects of the order’s operations. The Templars also had their own chaplain, who was responsible for spiritual matters.

Daily Life for a Knight Templar

Daily life for a Knight Templar was austere. They lived simple lifestyles and devoted themselves to their faith and service to God. They spent much of their time in prayer and meditation, as well as fasting and self-reflection on their spiritual journey. In addition, they were required to attend mass daily and engage in physical training to maintain their combat skills.

Duties and Responsibilities

The primary duty of the Knights Templar was to protect Christian pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land from bandits and other hostile forces. In addition, they served as bankers for wealthy patrons and provided financial services such as loans and investments. They also participated in military campaigns against Muslim forces during the Crusades, often serving as elite shock troops or leading battles against fortified positions.


The legacy of the Knights Templar is one of bravery, piety, and service to God and country. The order had a profound impact on medieval Europe, both politically and militarily, before being disbanded by Pope Clement V in 1312 amid allegations of corruption and heresy. Despite this tumultuous end, the Templars are remembered today for their courage and devotion to protecting Christians during some of Europe’s darkest days.

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Christianity & The Knights Templar Ring

The Knights Templar was a military order of Christian knights founded in the early 12th century. They were renowned for their bravery and dedication to defending the faith, and eventually became a major force in shaping the medieval world. One of the most iconic symbols of the order is their ring, which has come to represent their commitment to Christianity and their commitment to protecting the faith.

The ring was designed as an outward sign of membership in the order, but it also had a much deeper spiritual meaning. The cross at its center symbolizes the Templars’ faith in Jesus Christ, while its four bezels represent the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The engraving around the bezel reads “Non Nobis Domine” or “Not unto us, O Lord” – a reminder that strength comes from God alone.

The ring was also associated with chivalric virtues such as honor and courage; wearing it was supposed to remind Templars of their commitment to these values. It was also believed to protect its wearer from harm, both physical and spiritual – a belief that persists even today among many who wear replicas of the original ring.

In addition to these spiritual meanings, there are practical reasons why a knight would have worn a Templar ring. It could help identify fellow members or allies in battle, as well as serving as an indication of rank within the order itself.

The symbolism of the Knights Templar ring has been taken up by many different groups over time – from Freemasonry lodges to modern-day chivalric orders such as those found in some fraternities and sororities. Whatever their purpose or intent may be, however, all who wear it can take solace in knowing that it symbolizes strength through faith and courage in service to others – ideals that have endured for centuries.

Freemasons and Knights Templar Ring

The Knights Templar ring holds a special significance in Freemasonry and has been an important part of Masonic rituals for centuries. The ring symbolizes the unity of all Freemasons and is a reminder of the shared ideals that bind them together. The Knights Templar ring also serves as a reminder of the ideals of chivalry, courage, and honor that were made famous by the medieval order of the Knights Templar.

The origin of the ring dates back to the early days of Freemasonry when many members belonged to, or had been initiated into, the Order of the Knights Templar. The Order was founded in 1118 AD and was a religious-military order dedicated to protecting pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem. Members wore distinctive rings which were emblazoned with a cross surrounded by two concentric circles. This symbol was also adopted by Freemasons in later years as a sign of solidarity and brotherhood among its members.

The symbolism behind the Knights Templar ring is significant in Freemasonry. The cross is seen as a symbol of faith, while the two concentric circles signify unity and harmony among all Masons. The inner circle represents loyalty and devotion to God, while the outer circle stands for solidarity with fellow Masons. By wearing this ring, Masons show that they are dedicated to upholding these ideals both within their own lodge and throughout society at large.

The significance of wearing this ring is further amplified when it is presented as part of initiation ceremonies or other Masonic rites such as degree ceremonies or installations. In these ceremonies, it serves as an outward sign that one has accepted certain obligations and responsibilities associated with being a Mason. Furthermore, it can be used to mark important milestones in one’s Masonic journey such as reaching a new level or being appointed to a special position within the lodge.

The importance placed on wearing this token goes beyond its symbolic meaning; it has also become an important part of Masonic culture and tradition over time. Many lodges have their own unique designs for their rings which further enhance their meaning for members who wear them proudly every day as reminders of their commitment to each other and to their shared ideals.

Overall, Freemasonry has had an immense influence on the meaning behind the Knights Templar ring over time, both in terms of its symbolism and its importance within Masonic culture today.

Where Can You Purchase a Genuine Knights Templar Ring?

The Knights Templar Ring is an iconic symbol of the medieval order of the same name. The original rings were reputed to have been crafted from gold and set with precious stones, and they were worn by members as a visible mark of their status. Today, you can purchase genuine Knights Templar rings from a variety of sources. Here are some of the best places to look:

• Antique Stores – Many antique stores specialize in religious artifacts and jewelry, including Knights Templar rings. You can usually find genuine items in these stores, usually at a hefty price tag.

• Online Auctions – Online auction sites like eBay are a great place to find collectibles and antiques, including rings from the Knights Templar. Be sure to ask plenty of questions before bidding on an item.

• Jewelry Stores – Many jewelry stores carry reproductions or replicas of Knights Templar rings. They may be labeled as “replicas” or “historical replicas” so be sure to read all labels carefully.

• Specialty Shops – Some specialty shops specialize in religious jewelry and may have genuine Knights Templar rings for sale. These shops often carry rare pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

• Private Sellers – Private sellers often have genuine items for sale that they have acquired from family members or other sources. Ask plenty of questions before purchasing any item from a private seller.

No matter where you buy your ring, make sure it is authentic before purchasing it. There are many fake items out there that look just like the real thing but lack the authenticity you need for a true collector’s piece. Also make sure to inspect the ring thoroughly for any damages before committing to purchase it.

In Reflection on Knights Templar Ring Meaning

The Knights Templar ring meaning is an incredibly powerful and meaningful one. The rings were a symbol of faith and commitment to the Crusades, and even today they are still powerful symbols of chivalry and courage. The Knights Templar ring is a reminder of the bravery and dedication of those who fought for a greater cause. For many, it is an honour to wear their ring as it stands as a reminder of their bravery and loyalty.

The rings have also been known to symbolize the connection between Christianity and chivalry. They represent the strength of faith that drove these knights to bravely fight for what they believed in. It is also representative of the spiritual bond between the members of the Order, who shared similar beliefs in faith, courage, loyalty, and honour.

The Knights Templar rings have also been known to be associated with protection. Many people believe that wearing a Knight’s ring will keep them safe from harm. It is thought that wearing such an emblem will ward off any evil spirits or forces that may be trying to do harm.

In reflection, the Knights Templar Ring Meaning is deeply rooted in symbolism. It represents faith, courage, loyalty, and honour; it also serves as a reminder of the strength and dedication that was required during the Crusades. For many people today, wearing such a ring serves as a reminder of their own bravery in facing life’s challenges.

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