Provincial Grand Lodge Of Buckinghamshire


The Provincial Grand Lodge of Buckinghamshire is one of the most respected Masonic Lodges in the United Kingdom. Established in 1753, it is a part of the United Grand Lodge of England, and is governed by four Provincial Grand Masters who are responsible for upholding the traditions and customs of Freemasonry in Buckinghamshire. The Lodge seeks to promote friendship, morality, and brotherly love amongst its members, while also encouraging charitable works within the community. A number of local lodges operate within Buckinghamshire, each with their own unique history and traditions.The Provincial Grand Lodge of Buckinghamshire is the governing body of Freemasonry in the County of Buckinghamshire, England. It is part of the United Grand Lodge of England and is responsible for overseeing all Masonic lodges within its jurisdiction. The Provincial Grand Master for Buckinghamshire is Most Worshipful Brother Graham W. White, TD, DL and he is currently supported by seven Deputy Provincial Grand Masters who are elected from within the Masonic Lodges in the Province. The Provincial Grand Lodge of Buckinghamshire is a vibrant and active organisation, with its main aim being to ensure that all Freemasons within its boundaries remain true to their obligations as set out in their oaths and declarations.

The History of Provincial Grand Lodge Of Buckinghamshire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Buckinghamshire is a masonic organization whose history dates back hundreds of years. It was established in 1760, making it one of the oldest provincial grand lodges in the country. The lodge has seen many changes over the years, but its core principles remain the same: to provide a fraternal space for members to gather and share their knowledge and experiences.

The lodge was initially founded by Sir Henry Halford, who served as its first Grand Master. Halford was a prominent member of the British aristocracy at the time, and he set up the lodge in order to promote Masonic ideals and principles. Under his leadership, the lodge became one of the most influential Masonic organizations in England.

Throughout its history, Provincial Grand Lodge Of Buckinghamshire has been involved in a variety of charitable activities. These include providing aid to those affected by natural disasters, such as floods and earthquakes; supporting educational initiatives; and fundraising for local hospitals and other organizations that provide assistance to those in need. The lodge also has a strong commitment to youth development and has sponsored numerous scholarships for young people who wish to pursue higher education.

Membership of Provincial Grand Lodge Of Buckinghamshire is open to all men over 21 years old who profess a belief in God. Members must also be able to demonstrate good moral character and adhere to strict standards of conduct set forth by the organization. The lodge also requires that applicants have been affiliated with Freemasonry or another recognized form of Masonry prior to applying for membership.

In addition to its charitable work, Provincial Grand Lodge Of Buckinghamshire holds regular meetings throughout the year where members can come together for fellowship and discussion on Masonic topics. The lodge also organizes educational sessions on various topics related to Freemasonry, such as philosophy, ethics, history, symbolism, ritualism, etc., which provides an opportunity for members to learn more about their craft and develop their skills further.

Provincial Grand Lodge Of Buckinghamshire remains committed to its core mission: providing a fraternal space where members can come together in fellowship while working towards common goals of improving society through charity work and education initiatives. Its membership base continues to grow each year as more individuals discover what Freemasonry has to offer them both professionally and personally.

The importance placed on charity work is something that sets Provincial Grand Lodge Of Buckinghamshire apart from other Masonic organizations as they strive not only for growth among their members but also for greater involvement within their local community through philanthropy projects. This commitment has allowed them to touch lives around them while simultaneously strengthening their bond with each other through shared values and beliefs that are integral parts of Freemasonry.

In today’s world where technology plays an ever-increasing role in people’s lives, Provincial Grand Lodge Of Buckinghamshire continues its dedication towards preserving traditional values while embracing modern technology when necessary so that it can further its mission both efficiently while still adhering true its original principles which have stood firm over centuries since it was first established back in 1760.

Background of Provincial Grand Lodge Of Buckinghamshire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Buckinghamshire is one of the oldest lodges in the Province and has been around for more than two centuries. It was originally formed in 1790 and has a rich history that dates back to the 18th century. It is an independent body, governed by its own Grand Master, and it is not affiliated with any other Masonic organization. The lodge is composed of members from various Masonic Lodges throughout the county and beyond, all of whom share a common goal – to promote friendship, morality and brotherly love among all Masons.

Role of Provincial Grand Master

The role of the Provincial Grand Master is to oversee and manage the activities of all Provincial Lodges within his jurisdiction. He presides over meetings, appoints officers, sets policy, and ensures that all activities are conducted in accordance with Masonic law. He also serves as an ambassador for Freemasonry in general, representing the Province at public events such as parades or ceremonies.

Membership Requirements

Membership into the Provincial Grand Lodge of Buckinghamshire requires that each applicant be a member in good standing in some other recognized Masonic body, such as a lodge or grand lodge. Additionally, applicants must have attained at least a certain degree within their respective lodges – typically the Third Degree – before they can be considered for membership into the provincial grand lodge.

Benefits Of Membership

Membership into the Provincial Grand Lodge of Buckinghamshire provides several benefits to its members. These include access to exclusive social events such as banquets and receptions; opportunities to network with other Masons from across the county; assistance with Masonic charities; access to exclusive resources such as newsletters; and access to Masonic education programs designed to help Masons improve their knowledge base in relation to Freemasonry.

In addition to these benefits, members are also eligible for certain honors within the Province such as awards for outstanding service or achievements within their respective lodges or within Freemasonry in general. These honors can serve as a source of pride for members who have dedicated themselves to furthering Freemasonry through their work within their lodges or other activities related to their involvement in Masonry.

Provincial Officers of Provincial Grand Lodge Of Buckinghamshire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Buckinghamshire is composed of several officers that carry out the day to day activities and serve the lodge. These officers are:


The Provincial Grand Master serves as the leader of the lodge and is responsible for establishing policy, overseeing operations, and ensuring that all members are abiding by the rules of the lodge. The Deputy and Assistant Masters assist in carrying out the duties of the grand master, as well as providing support to other lodge members. The Senior and Junior Wardens serve as liaisons between the grand master and other members, while also helping with administrative tasks. The chaplains provide spiritual guidance to members and ensure that they uphold their vows to God. Therefore, the Deputy and Assistant Chaplains assist in providing spiritual guidance to members.

Each officer holds a specific rank that is determined by their level of experience and dedication to the lodge. All officers must be elected or appointed by a majority vote of all members in attendance at a meeting. New officers must complete an oath before they can assume their duties, which includes a promise to abide by all rules set forth by the grand master.

The job of each officer in the lodge is essential for maintaining order and creating a positive atmosphere for all members to enjoy. By working together, these officers ensure that everyone in attendance has an enjoyable experience at meetings and events held by the lodge.

Meetings and Events of the Provincial Grand Lodge Of Buckinghamshire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Buckinghamshire is a Masonic organisation that has been running for many years. It is a part of the United Grand Lodge of England and was founded in 1776. The Provincial Grand Lodge meets regularly throughout the year to discuss important topics relating to Freemasonry in the county. These meetings are attended by senior members of the lodge, who are all highly respected individuals.

The meetings are held at various venues across the county, depending on availability and size. They can be as small as a single meeting or as large as an entire weekend conference with several hundred attendees. The agenda for each meeting is usually decided in advance, with topics such as legislation updates, charity projects and other business being discussed.

At these meetings, members share their experiences and take part in debates about important issues that are affecting Freemasonry in the area. There is also an opportunity to network with other lodges from around Buckinghamshire and beyond, allowing members to learn from one another’s stories and experiences.

In addition to regular meetings, the Provincial Grand Lodge also organises several events throughout the year. These events often involve social gatherings where members can enjoy food, drinks and entertainment together. Other events may involve fundraising activities such as sponsored walks or auctions that help raise money for charity projects or local causes.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Buckinghamshire is an important part of Masonic life in the area and its meetings and events are well attended by its loyal members who continue to support it’s work every year.

Charities Supported by the Provincial Grand Lodge Of Buckinghamshire

The Provincial Grand Lodge Of Buckinghamshire is a charitable organization that supports a variety of good causes. These include providing relief to the elderly, those in need, and those suffering from poverty. They also provide educational support to young people, and help fund medical research and other forms of health care. The following are some of the charities they support:

• Cancer Research UK – This charity helps fund medical research into the causes and treatments for cancer.

• Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital Charity – This charity provides funding for projects that help improve the quality of life for children who are suffering from serious illnesses or disabilities.

• The British Heart Foundation – The BHF funds medical research into heart health and provides education about cardiovascular disease prevention and management.

• Age UK – Age UK is a charity that helps elderly people in need by providing them with essential items such as food, clothing, and heating costs.

• Oxfam – Oxfam works to fight poverty and injustice around the world by providing food, water, education, healthcare, and other essential services to disadvantaged communities.

• Macmillan Cancer Support – Macmillan provides financial assistance to people living with cancer, as well as emotional support for those affected by it.

The Provincial Grand Lodge Of Buckinghamshire also works closely with local charities in their area to provide assistance and support where needed. Through their work they hope to make a difference in their community by helping those who are most vulnerable or disadvantaged.

Lodges in the Province of Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire in the United Kingdom is home to some of the most luxurious lodges. Whether you’re looking for a romantic weekend away, a family holiday, or an escape from the hustle and bustle of life, Buckinghamshire has it all. Here are some of the best lodges in the province:

• Buckinghamshire Cottage: Located in a rural area, this charming cottage is perfect for those seeking peace and quiet. The cottage includes a fully-equipped kitchen, living room, and two bedrooms.

• The Lodge at Woodside: This secluded lodge is perfect for those looking for a romantic getaway. It features a large open-plan living room with an indoor fireplace, two bedrooms, and a fully-equipped kitchen.

• Langley Lodge: This luxury lodge is set within acres of countryside and provides guests with stunning views of the surrounding area. It features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large open-plan living space with an indoor fireplace.

• Tilstone Lodge: Located on the banks of the River Thames, this lodge offers guests stunning views of the river and surrounding countryside. It includes two bedrooms, one bathroom, and an open-plan living/dining area with breathtaking views.

• The Dower House at West Wycombe Park: This stunning lodge provides guests with luxurious accommodation in an 18th century manor house. It features four spacious bedrooms, three bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen and dining area as well as direct access to West Wycombe Park’s gardens and grounds.

For those looking to experience all that Buckinghamshire has to offer without compromising on luxury or comfort then these lodges are sure to provide you with everything you need for your stay in this beautiful part of England!

Membership of the Provincial Grand Lodge Of Buckinghamshire

Joining the Provincial Grand Lodge of Buckinghamshire is a great way to become part of a vibrant and diverse Masonic fraternity. It is open to all men aged 21 and over who have been initiated into Freemasonry, regardless of their faith or background.

The Provincial Grand Lodge provides its members with numerous opportunities for personal growth and development, as well as a platform to support local charities and community initiatives. Membership provides access to exclusive events, such as educational talks, banquets and dinners, and social gatherings.

The process for joining the Provincial Grand Lodge is relatively straightforward. Interested parties should contact their local lodge, who will provide them with an application form. This must be completed in full and returned to the lodge along with payment of the annual subscription fee. Upon successful completion of this process, they will be accepted as a member of the Provincial Grand Lodge.

Once accepted as a member, individuals will be given access to exclusive benefits such as discounts on Masonic publications, invitations to special events and access to various resources such as books, lectures and video tutorials. They will also have the opportunity to take part in regional meetings and workshops which are held throughout the year.

The Provincial Grand Lodge also offers mentoring programs that provide members with advice on how best to develop their skills within Freemasonry. These programs are designed to help members progress from one degree or rank to another by providing guidance on topics such as ritual practice, etiquette and regulations within Freemasonry.

Joining the Provincial Grand Lodge is an excellent way for Freemasons to expand their knowledge base and network with like-minded individuals from across Buckinghamshire while also contributing towards charitable causes in their local area.

In Reflection on Provincial Grand Lodge Of Buckinghamshire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Buckinghamshire has a long and illustrious history. It is an organization that has provided a platform for Freemasons to meet, learn, and grow as a community. From its charitable works to its educational programs, the PGL of Buckinghamshire has been instrumental in providing support and guidance to its members.

The Lodge’s commitment to helping those in need continues today with its many outreach programs that provide help to the less fortunate. This is a testament to the organization’s dedication to service and charity.

The PGL of Buckinghamshire is also dedicated to preserving the tradition and culture of Freemasonry through its many Masonic lodges around the county. These lodges serve as places for members to gather, discuss, and practice their craft in a safe, secure environment. The Provincial Grand Lodge also provides educational materials and resources for both members and non-members alike.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Buckinghamshire is an example of an organization that strives for excellence in everything it does. Whether it be providing aid or preserving tradition, the PGL of Buckinghamshire works towards making sure that everyone can experience the benefits of Freemasonry.

The value that this organization brings cannot be understated. From its commitment to charity work and education, to its dedication to preserving tradition, it is evident that the PGL of Buckinghamshire is an important part of our community here in Bucks County. We should all strive to uphold these values as well as we can so that we can continue being proud members of this great organization for years to come.


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