Holy Royal Arch Masons Symbols

The Holy Royal Arch Masons is a unique branch of Freemasonry, and its symbolism is equally unique. It has its own set of symbols, which are used to represent the values and beliefs of the organization. These symbols are a way for Royal Arch Masons to communicate their principles and traditions without words. By understanding these symbols, we can learn a great deal about not only the organization’s history, but also its philosophy.

The Holy Royal Arch masonry is a form of Freemasonry which dates back to the 18th century in England. It is said to be the oldest form of Freemasonry in Europe and, as its name suggests, it has strong ties to Christianity. The origins of the Holy Royal Arch are somewhat disputed, but one theory states that it was founded by four masons in London who had been members of a Masonic lodge called ‘The Lodge of Antiquity’. They created a new degree known as the ‘Royal Arch’ which was for members who had achieved high levels of proficiency within their original lodge. In 1770, the Grand Chapter of the Holy Royal Arch was established in London and it quickly spread to other countries across Europe.

Today, The Holy Royal Arch is an important part of Freemasonry and it is controlled by Supreme Grand Chapters in each country where it exists. The Supreme Grand Chapter of England manages all chapters within England and Wales, while Scotland has its own Supreme Grand Chapter. The main purpose of The Holy Royal Arch is to promote moral and spiritual growth amongst members, with its teachings focusing on understanding God’s wisdom and judgement.

An Overview of The Grand Chapter

The Grand Chapter is an important part of the history of Freemasonry. It was founded in 1717, and is the oldest fraternal organization in the world. It is an international organization, with lodges located in many countries around the world. The Grand Chapter has a long and distinguished history, which includes many famous members, including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Winston Churchill.
The Grand Chapter is composed of several degrees, or levels of membership. These include Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craftsman and Master Mason. Each degree has its own set of rituals and ceremonies, which are based on the symbolism associated with Freemasonry. The Grand Chapter also has a code of conduct, which all members must adhere to.

Membership in the Grand Chapter is open to men aged 21 years or older who profess a belief in a Supreme Being. Each candidate for membership must pass through several stages before being accepted into the fraternity, including an examination by a committee on his character and knowledge of Freemasonry.

Once admitted to the lodge, members are expected to attend meetings regularly and take part in activities such as charity work and community service projects. Members are also expected to conduct themselves according to the principles of Freemasonry: brotherly love, relief and truth.

The Grand Chapter meets annually at its headquarters in London for business meetings and social events. During this meeting, officers are elected for the coming year and legislation is discussed and voted upon that affects all members worldwide.

The Grand Chapter also awards honors such as medals for outstanding service to Freemasonry or exemplary behavior within the fraternity. These awards are presented at special ceremonies held throughout the year at various locations around the world.

The Grand Chapter continues to be an important part of Freemasonry today; it provides guidance on matters related to Masonic doctrine and ritual and helps maintain order within its ranks by enforcing its code of conduct among its members. Its mission remains unchanged since its formation over two centuries ago.


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What is The Mark Master Degree?

The Mark Master Degree is a degree conferred by a Masonic Lodge. It is the second of three degrees in the Order of the Temple. This degree is unique in that it does not require a specific ritual or ceremony to be conferred. Instead, candidates are presented with a “Mark” which symbolizes their recognition as having achieved a certain level of knowledge and understanding of Masonry. The Mark Master Degree also provides an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their proficiency in Masonic work. The most important feature of this degree is that it serves as the gateway to higher degrees in Masonry, such as that of Past Master and Most Excellent Master.


The objective of this degree is to provide candidates with an understanding of the history, symbolism, and principles behind Masonry as well as an opportunity to develop key leadership skills that are necessary for advancement within the fraternity. Candidates are expected to demonstrate their proficiency in Masonic work, such as learning how to open and close a Lodge, give lectures on various topics related to Masonry, and perform all duties required for each degree.


The Mark Master Degree makes use of several symbols to represent its teachings. These symbols include a trowel, which symbolizes brotherhood; a pair of compasses that represent justice; and a rule or square which symbolizes morality. Other symbols used include an open Bible, which represents faith; a sprig of acacia, which symbolizes immortality; and an armchair or throne, which represents authority.


In order to receive the Mark Master Degree, candidates must first become proficient in the preceding degrees – Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft – or have received them through affiliation with another Lodge. In addition, they must have been recommended by two members of their lodge and receive approval from the Worshipful Master before admission into the degree can be granted.


The ceremony for conferring this degree typically includes several lectures on various aspects of Freemasonry including its history and symbolism. Candidates will then be asked questions concerning these topics in order to demonstrate their understanding. At the In Reflection of the ceremony, they will receive their “Mark” which will serve as tangible proof that they have completed this step towards becoming more proficient Masons.


What is the Past Master Degree?

The Past Master Degree is a degree conferred by some Masonic Lodges to members who have previously served as the Master of the Lodge. It is an honorary degree that recognizes the service of a Mason in that particular office. The degree is usually conferred at a special meeting of the Lodge, and is usually accompanied by a lecture or other presentation. The recipient must be a Master Mason in good standing, and must have previously served as Worshipful Master of his Lodge.

Requirements for the Past Master Degree

In order to receive the Past Master Degree, a Mason must have previously served as Worshipful Master of his Lodge. Additionally, he must currently hold active membership in good standing within that same Lodge. The degree may only be conferred upon one member at each meeting of the Lodge, and is usually presented during a special meeting dedicated to conferring this degree.

Symbols and Significance

The Past Master Degree has many symbolic meanings associated with it. Generally speaking, it symbolizes the ability to remember and use past knowledge and experience for present challenges. It also serves as an acknowledgement of service to both the individual Mason and to his Lodge, as well as an affirmation of his commitment to Masonic principles and ideals. Therefore, it serves as an example for other Masons in their own service to their Lodges.

Ceremony for Conferring the Past Master Degree

The ceremony for conferring this degree typically consists of several parts. First, there will typically be some form of speech or presentation given by either another Mason or by some outside speaker about its history and meaning. Then there will be some form of ritualistic activity where either symbols or objects are used to represent certain aspects of this degree’s symbolism or significance. Therefore, there will usually be some kind of formal announcement made declaring that the individual has been duly elected or appointed to receive this degree.


The benefits received from being awarded this degree include recognition not only from within one’s lodge but also from other lodges around the country or even around the world. Additionally, it can open up opportunities for further advancement within Freemasonry such as being appointed to Grand Lodge offices or committees. Therefore, it is also seen as an honor among Masons in general due to its long history within Freemasonry and its association with service and dedication.

The Royal Arch Mason Degree

The Royal Arch Mason Degree is the first step to becoming a Master Mason. It is a degree that is part of the Freemasonry tradition and requires a man to be initiated into the order. In this degree, men learn about the history and symbolism of Freemasonry and are introduced to its core principles of brotherly love, relief, and truth.

The Royal Arch Mason Degree is composed of seven sections, or points, that are designed to teach the initiate about the craft of Freemasonry. The first point covers the history of Freemasonry and its various symbols. The second point focuses on morality and how it applies to Masons. The third point emphasizes charity among Masons, while the fourth point discusses how Masons should work together to better their communities. The fifth point explores Masonic rituals and their symbolism. The sixth point teaches about the importance of Masonic secrecy and non-intervention in politics, while the seventh point focuses on charity for other members of society.

In addition to learning about the principles of Freemasonry, new initiates also receive instruction in various Masonic rituals such as opening and closing ceremonies, raising a brother from darkness to light, balloting for membership, installation ceremonies, consecration ceremonies, passing ceremonies, funerals rites, etc. These rituals are designed to help Masons remember their oaths and duties as members of this ancient fraternity.

The Royal Arch Mason Degree is also an important part of Masonic education as it teaches its members about Masonic philosophy and values. Through this degree, Masons learn principles such as brotherly love, morality, charity work in their communities and commitment to secrecy when discussing matters related to Freemasonry with those outside of its ranks. This degree also serves as a way for members to deepen their understanding of Masonic teachings by exploring its symbolism through ritualistic practices.

In order for someone to become a Master Mason they must first complete all seven levels or points in the Royal Arch Mason Degree program. This journey will require hard work but will ultimately provide initiates with an understanding that goes far beyond what can be learned from books alone. By completing this degree program one gains access not only to deeper knowledge but also acceptance into a community that prizes loyalty and respect amongst its brethren.

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Final Words On Holy Royal Arch Masons Symbols

The symbolism of the Holy Royal Arch Masons is a deep and powerful source of spiritual guidance. The symbols used throughout the history of this order have been used to demonstrate the spiritual growth of its members. It has also been used to represent the values and beliefs of the organization. The symbols have been used as a way to pass down knowledge and wisdom from generation to generation, ensuring that each member can benefit from the teachings of those before them.

The symbols also demonstrate how the organization has changed over time, reflecting a deeper understanding of their faith and values and how they relate to their daily lives. Though some aspects may have changed, many remain unchanged, providing an important source of stability for members in times of change.

The Holy Royal Arch Masons are an order that deeply values spiritual growth, knowledge, and wisdom. Their symbols are an important part of their culture, demonstrating both their traditional beliefs as well as their modern ones. They are a testament to the power that symbolism can have in helping one grow spiritually and emotionally.

In reflection, Holy Royal Arch Masons Symbols are powerful tools for spiritual learning and imparting knowledge through generations. They represent values and beliefs that have remained unchanged while also evolving with time in order to continually help members grow spiritually. As such, these symbols are integral parts of this organization’s culture and should be appreciated by all who seek a deeper understanding of themselves as well as others around them.

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