18Th Masonic Degree

The 18th Masonic Degree, known as the Knight of the Pelican and Eagle, is a degree of chivalry and Christian knighthood within Freemasonry. It is the highest degree in the symbolic lodge, and is associated with Christian principles such as charity, justice, truth, faithfulness and humility. This degree provides an opportunity for members to reflect upon their own spiritual journey and to commit to living a life of morality and charity.

The 18th Masonic Degree, or the Knights of the Eagle, is an appendant degree of Freemasonry that traces its origin back to the mid-18th century. During this time, many Masons were searching for a degree that could provide more philosophical and spiritual teachings than those found in the 1st to 17th degrees. As a result, in 1758, a group of Masons in Paris created the 18th degree as part of their Rite of Perfection. While this degree was originally intended to be part of the 25-degree system, it was eventually adopted into all other existing Masonic systems in Europe and North America.

The 18th degree is based on a combination of themes from both Biblical and Masonic sources. It focuses on teaching members about moral virtues such as justice, temperance, and charity. The ceremony includes symbolic references to Christianity as well as elements from ancient mythologies such as the story of Hercules and his 12 labors. The ritual is also designed to remind members about their duty to serve God and their fellow man.

Today, the 18th Masonic Degree is still practiced by Lodges around the world. It continues to be a popular choice for those seeking deeper spiritual knowledge within Freemasonry.

Meaning of 18th Masonic Degree

The 18th Masonic Degree is known as the Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept. It is a degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, and it is given to those who have achieved the highest levels of initiation in Freemasonry. This degree represents the highest level of spiritual attainment in Freemasonry, and is a symbol of enlightenment.

The purpose of this degree is to teach its members how to use their spiritual knowledge and understanding to help others in their lives. The Knight of the Sun symbolizes a person who has achieved a high level of spiritual enlightenment through his own efforts, by striving for perfection, humility, justice and charity. By becoming a member of this degree, an individual can learn how to become an example for others on how to live in harmony with their fellow brothers and sisters.

This degree also seeks to provide its members with guidance on how to be stewards for the world we live in. This involves taking care of our environment, our communities, and our fellow man. It also emphasizes helping those less fortunate than us while practicing selflessness and charity towards all living things. The teachings found within this degree are meant to help its members become enlightened individuals who will use their knowledge wisely in order to make the world a better place.

In this degree, members learn about various aspects related to Freemasonry such as symbolism, rituals, history, ethics, philosophy and more. They also learn about several ancient mysteries which are only revealed upon completing this degree. Through studying these mysteries they can gain insight into deeper aspects of life such as existence itself, as well as developing personal growth leading them towards greater spiritual understanding.

By becoming a member of this degree an individual can gain access to many beneficial resources that will aid them in achieving greater spiritual growth and enlightenment throughout their lives. The teachings found within this degree are meant to provide guidance on how best to use one’s knowledge for the benefit of society at large as well as themselves personally.


The 18th degree of Freemasonry, also known as the Knight of the Pelican and Eagle, is a degree that has long been shrouded in symbolism. It is believed to have originated in Scotland and has been adopted by many Masonic Lodges around the world. In this degree, Masons are taught lessons of charity and humility through allegory and symbolism. This article will explore some of the key symbols associated with this degree.


The first symbol associated with this degree is the pelican. This symbol represents charity and self-sacrifice, as it is thought to feed its young with its own blood. The second symbol is an eagle, which represents strength and courage in the face of adversity. The third symbol is a broken column, which stands for humility and perseverance in difficult times. Therefore, the fourth symbol is a ladder which stands for progress towards higher ideals and spiritual enlightenment.


The clothing worn by Masons when they take part in this degree also has symbolic significance. The colors most commonly associated with this degree are red, blue, yellow and white. Red represents strength, blue stands for faithfulness, yellow signifies wisdom and white stands for purity. The clothing itself typically consists of a robe or cloak made of velvet or silk with an embroidered pelican on one side and an eagle on the other side.


In addition to its symbols and clothing, the 18th Masonic Degree also includes several rituals that are performed during its meetings. These rituals involve various symbols such as a candle burning in a triangular shape to represent faithfulness; an inverted triangle to signify humility; a ladder set up at four different points to represent progress; and other symbols that represent charity, justice, mercy and truthfulness among others.

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The 18th Masonic Degree is full of symbolism that teaches important lessons about charity, humility and perseverance among other virtues. Its symbols include the pelican representing charity; an eagle representing strength; a broken column representing humility; and a ladder representing progress towards spiritual enlightenment. Its clothing consists of robes or cloaks made from velvet or silk with embroidered pelicans on one side and eagles on the other side while its rituals involve various symbols such as candles burning in triangles that represent faithfulness among others.

Rites and Rituals of 18th Masonic Degree

The 18th Masonic degree is a complex and highly revered degree in the world of Freemasonry. It is a degree of respect, understanding, and honor that requires an individual to be well versed in the rituals and ceremonies of Freemasonry. To receive this degree, an initiate must undergo a series of rituals, tests, and lectures that will help them develop their spiritual awareness.

The main focus of this degree is to help an individual gain insight into the spiritual principles of Freemasonry. This includes understanding the importance of brotherhood, self-improvement, charity, and justice. The individual must also learn about the history and symbolism associated with the craft and develop their own moral compass through self-reflection and inquiry.

The initiation ceremony for this degree is a solemn affair that involves several rituals. These include reading from sacred texts such as The Bible or The Book of Constitutions, taking oaths on certain symbols such as compasses or a Bible, and paying homage to various symbolic artifacts inside the lodge room such as the altar or gavels. The ceremony also includes a lecture in which an initiate learns about the importance of proper behavior within Freemasonry.

After passing these tests, an initiate can then move on to more advanced studies that are included in this degree such as ethics, alchemy, numerology, astrology, mnemonics, geometry, chivalry, music theory and philosophy. Each one is designed to help an individual not only understand but also apply different aspects of Freemasonry in their everyday life.

At the end of this degree an initiate must pass further tests before they can be considered for full membership in a Masonic Lodge. These include further lectures on symbolism and morality as well as demonstrations on how to perform various rituals correctly. After passing these tests they are then given full membership into one’s respective lodge where they will continue their Masonic journey with other members who have achieved similar levels within the Fraternity.

In addition to learning about all these aspects related to Freemasonry during this degree one must also practice certain ceremonies regularly for it to become part of their life practice. These include prayers offered at each meeting along with reciting special passages from sacred texts before meals or at special times during meetings or gatherings related to Masonry. This helps ensure that each member remembers their obligations towards God and fellow brothers when engaging in any activity related to Masonry.

Who are Eligible for the 18th Masonic Degree?

The 18th degree of Masonry is a unique and exclusive degree, and only those who have proven their dedication to the craft may be eligible. The eligibility requirements are strict, but there are some general guidelines:

  • The individual must have advanced to at least the 17th degree of Masonry.
  • The individual must be a Master Mason in good standing with their local Lodge.
  • The individual must have demonstrated a commitment to the principles of Masonry.
  • The individual must have an excellent reputation within the Masonic community.

In addition, certain Lodges may require additional requirements or qualifications. These may include letters of recommendation from other Masons, a minimum age requirement, or a period of apprenticeship with an experienced Mason. It is best to consult with your local Lodge to determine the specific requirements for admission into the 18th degree.

Once an individual has been accepted into the 18th degree, they will be able to take part in ceremonies and rituals associated with this degree. These ceremonies may involve oaths of secrecy, pledges of loyalty, and other rituals that demonstrate each Mason’s commitment to their craft. The purpose of these ceremonies is to strengthen ties among Masons and reinforce their dedication to Freemasonry. It is also intended as a way for Masons to honor those who have come before them and celebrate their accomplishments.

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Preparations Required for the 18th Masonic Degree

The eighteenth Masonic degree is filled with a great deal of symbolism and meaning that should be understood by all members. The degree is also known as the Knight of the Pelican and Eagle, and is one of the more advanced degrees within the organization. Before attempting this degree there are certain preparations that must take place in order to ensure a successful journey through the degree.

Additionally, members should also be aware that there may be additional requirements depending upon their lodge or group. Each lodge may have its own set of rules and regulations governing how they conduct their degrees, so it is important for members to be familiar with these before beginning their journey through this particular degree.

It’s also important for members to remember that this is not just a physical journey, but an emotional one as well. Taking part in this particular Masonic degree can be a deeply rewarding experience, as it provides a deeper understanding of Freemasonry as a whole. Members should take time to reflect on what this journey means to them before taking part in it, so they can gain the most from it when they do finally go through it. This will help ensure that everyone involved gets the most out of their experience.

For those who have gone through this process before, it’s important to remember that each time can bring its own set of challenges and rewards. By keeping an open mind and being prepared both mentally and spiritually, members can take full advantage of all that this degree has to offer. With some proper preparation beforehand, all involved will come away with a greater appreciation for what Freemasonry stands for and why it’s such an important aspect of our society today.

The Duties and Obligations of the 18th Degree Mason

Masonry is a fraternal organization that has been around since the 17th century. It is one of the oldest and most respected organizations in the world, and its members are expected to abide by certain duties and obligations. The 18th degree is one of the highest degrees in Masonry, and its members must adhere to a set of strict rules and regulations that govern their behavior.

The first duty of an 18th degree Mason is to uphold the laws of his state or country. This includes obeying all civic laws, respecting the rights of others, and living a moral life. Masons are also expected to be charitable in their actions, supporting worthy causes such as education and providing assistance to those in need.

In addition, Masons must abide by the rules of their lodge, such as attending meetings regularly and paying dues on time. They should also be willing to help other members who may be struggling with their own obligations or have questions about masonic principles.

The 18th degree Mason must also strive for personal growth by regularly attending Masonic education classes, reading masonic literature, and participating in activities that promote masonic values such as charity work or public service projects. Members should also seek out ways to contribute positively to society by taking part in events such as blood drives or food drives.

Therefore, Masons should strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives by setting high standards for themselves both personally and professionally. This means studying hard at school or work, striving for success in business endeavors, being ethical in dealings with others, and living up to their commitments both inside and outside the lodge room.

All these duties form an important part of Masonic life for any 18th degree Mason; they demonstrate a commitment to upholding Masonic principles and contributing positively to society as a whole. By following these obligations faithfully, Masons can make a difference in their community while gaining knowledge that will help them reach new heights within the craft itself.

Symbols and Jewels of the 18th Degree Masonry

The 18th Degree of Masonry is a part of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, which is the highest branch of Freemasonry. It is often referred to as the “Rose Croix” degree, or simply “Rose Croix”. It is one of the most important degrees in Freemasonry, as it involves its members in deep contemplation on their spiritual journey and also teaches them about universal brotherhood.

The 18th Degree Masonry has several symbols and jewels associated with it that represent different aspects of the degree. These symbols, jewels, and other elements are used in rituals to help promote spiritual growth and understanding within the Freemason group.

The most important symbol associated with this degree is the Rose Cross. This symbol represents enlightenment and hope for a better future through spiritual development. The Rose Cross also serves as a reminder to members that they should strive to be better individuals both spiritually and morally.

Another important symbol associated with this degree is the double-headed eagle. This symbol stands for strength, courage, loyalty, and justice – all qualities that are essential for any Mason to live by. The eagle also serves as a reminder to members that they should always strive to be brave in their actions while upholding justice and truth in their lives.

The final symbol associated with this degree is the Triangle of Perfection. This triangle represents balance between body, mind, and spirit – all qualities that are necessary for true spiritual growth. The triangle also serves as a reminder that no matter what challenges life throws at us we must strive to remain steadfast in our beliefs while striving towards perfection in every aspect of our lives.

In addition to these symbols there are several jewels associated with the 18th Degree Masonry which serve as reminders for members about different aspects of their journey towards enlightenment. The most important jewel associated with this degree is known as the Jewel of Perfection which stands for faithfulness, perseverance, loyalty, courage, justice and truth – all qualities essential for any Mason to live by. Other jewels include: The Jewel of Harmony which stands for peace; The Jewel of Wisdom which stands for knowledge; The Jewel of Hope which stands for optimism; And finally The Jewel of Love which stands for compassion towards others.

These symbols and jewels serve an important purpose within Masonic rituals by reminding Masons about their purpose on their path towards enlightenment while also inspiring them to pursue higher levels of knowledge through contemplation and reflection on these symbols’ meanings.

In reflection, the 18th Degree Masonry has several symbols and jewels associated with it that are used during rituals to remind Masons about different aspects on their path towards enlightenment such as faithfulness, perseverance, courage justice, wisdom truth etc..

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Final Words On 18Th Masonic Degree

The 18th Masonic Degree is a unique degree that has served as a key to understanding the traditions of Freemasonry. The symbolism of the number eighteen is rooted deep in the myths and legends of the Craft, and this degree serves as a powerful reminder of our shared history and heritage. With its symbolisms and allegories, this degree provides an opportunity for those initiated to gain deeper insight into their own spirituality and personal growth.

It is important to remember that although this degree has a long history, it is still evolving with the changing times. The 18th Masonic Degree is constantly being modified in order to meet the needs of modern-day Masons. As such, it’s important to keep up with these changes so that you can continue to benefit from this powerful symbol system.

In addition, it’s important to remember that if you’re considering joining a Lodge, the 18th Masonic Degree is just one part of your initiation process. It’s essential that you understand all aspects of the Craft before taking on any obligations or responsibilities as a Mason. This includes both studying and understanding the symbols associated with this degree as well as learning about other degrees within Freemasonry.

In reflection, the 18th Masonic Degree offers Masons an opportunity to gain greater insight into their own spirituality and growth through its symbolic lessons. It also serves as a reminder of our shared past with its historic roots in Freemasonry. By understanding all aspects of this degree, modern-day Masons can continue to benefit from its teachings while adapting it for use in today’s world.

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