Knights Templar Cross Symbols

The Knights Templar Cross is an iconic symbol associated with the Knights Templar, a medieval Christian military order. The cross has been used for centuries to represent courage and strength in the face of adversity, and today it is still a popular symbol of honor and loyalty. The Knights Templar cross was originally created as a symbol of the Order’s commitment to the protection of pilgrims during their journeys to the Holy Land. It has since become an emblem of faith and courage in many parts of the world, with its distinctive shape becoming synonymous with strength and perseverance.

The Knights Templar Cross symbol is a distinctive symbol that has been associated with the Knights Templar since the 12th century. It consists of a white eight-pointed cross with two additional points in cross-like extensions at the bottom of each arm. This symbol may also be referred to as the ‘Cross of Jerusalem’ or ‘Cross Pattee’. The symbol was adopted by the Order of the Knights Templar in 1118 as their official emblem, and has since been used on their flags, seals, and other insignia. The symbol was also used extensively during the Crusades, serving as an inspiration and a sign of hope for those who fought for Christianity. Over time, the Knights Templar Cross has become an iconic symbol representing courage, faith, and strength in the face of adversity. It is widely recognized today as a powerful reminder of those who fought for justice and freedom during medieval times.

Meaning of the Knights Templar Cross Symbols

The Knights Templar was a powerful and influential group of knights during the Middle Ages. Their symbol, the Cross of the Knights Templar, is one of the most recognizable symbols in history. The symbol has long been associated with faith, courage, and valor. But what do the crossed swords mean, and why is it so important to this ancient order? Here are some of the meanings behind this iconic symbol.

Courage and Strength
The crossed swords represent courage and strength. They signify that members of the order must always be brave and stand up for their beliefs. This is why they chose to wear a cross on their chests; it was a reminder to never give up in pursuit of their ideals.

The crossed swords also symbolize protection. During times of war or conflict, members of the order would carry swords with them as a sign that they were willing to fight for their beliefs. This was meant to be a deterrent against any potential enemies that may have sought to attack them or take away their freedom.


The cross also represents sacrifice. The Knights Templar were willing to lay down their lives for their faith and beliefs. This was particularly evident during times when they were asked to go into battle against overwhelming odds or face certain death if they refused.


The crossed swords also symbolize unity among members of the order. The Knights Templar banded together as one unified force in pursuit of common goals and ideals. This sense of unity was essential in creating an atmosphere where all members could work together towards achieving their objectives.


Therefore, the Cross of the Knights Templar signifies duty. Members were expected to uphold their oaths and serve faithfully without question or hesitation. Duty was an essential part of being a member of this prestigious order, and it is still an important concept today.

In reflection, the Cross of the Knights Templar has many meanings associated with it. From courage and strength to protection, sacrifice, unity, and duty – this iconic symbol carries with it many important messages that are still relevant today.

Types of Knights Templar Cross Symbols

The Knights Templar, or the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, were a Catholic military order founded in the 12th century. They became renowned for their bravery and dedication to protecting Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land. To this day, they remain an iconic symbol of faith and courage. One of the most recognizable symbols associated with the Knights Templar is the cross. Over time, several different types of Templars crosses have evolved, each with its own unique symbolism and significance.

The most common type is known as the Maltese Cross or Amalfi Cross. This eight-pointed cross was used by the Knights Templar during the Crusades as a symbol of protection and strength. The points represent courage, unity, loyalty, faithfulness and sacrifice. It has become a popular symbol among modern Templars orders.

Another type is called the Iron Cross or Crusader’s Cross. This cross has two crossed swords behind it with a circle at its center. It is typically red or black in color and is believed to have been first used by German crusaders in 12th century Jerusalem. The cross is meant to signify valor and honor in battle.

The Fleur de Lys Cross is another type associated with the Templars. This cross has four petals that are said to represent faith, purity, chivalry and generosity. It was often used on banners during battle for protection against evil forces.

Therefore, there’s also an eight-pointed star called a Baphomet Cross. This cross is believed to be linked to secret rituals conducted by some members of the Knights Templar order during their time in Jerusalem. While it’s unclear what its original meaning was supposed to be, modern interpretations suggest that it symbolizes balance between earthly desires and spiritual enlightenment.

In reflection, there are many different types of Knights Templar crosses that each have their own unique symbolism and significance. From Maltese crosses to Baphomet stars, these symbols continue to serve as reminders of faith, courage and strength even today.

The Significance of the Knights Templar Cross Symbols

The Knights Templar were a powerful and influential military order of Christian knights in the Middle Ages. Their legacy is marked by their use of distinctive symbols, including a unique cross with a curved top. This cross is now commonly referred to as the Knights Templar Cross, and its design has come to symbolize courage, faith, and justice.

The Knights Templar Cross was first used as a symbol of protection by the knights who belonged to the Order of the Temple of Solomon. This group was formed in 1118 CE by nine crusaders who swore an oath to protect Christian pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem from Muslim attacks. They wore white cloaks emblazoned with a red cross on their chests as a sign of their religious devotion and courage.

The design of the Knights Templar Cross is believed to have been inspired by the Iron Cross or Maltese Cross, which had strong ties to Christianity in medieval times. The curved top may have been added as an homage to Jerusalem, which was known as “the city on a hill” due to its elevated position above sea level. The curved top also gave it a more distinct look that could be easily recognized in battle.

The Knights Templar Cross also became associated with justice and courage due to its ties with Christianity. The Templars were sworn to defend those who were unable or unwilling to defend themselves against oppression or injustice, and they often sacrificed their own lives for this cause. As such, the symbol came to represent strength in the face of adversity as well as faith in one’s convictions.

Today, this symbol remains an important part of popular culture and is used by people from all walks of life who seek strength and inspiration from its message of courage and justice. It can be found on clothing, jewelry, tattoos, flags, banners, memorials, and other items that are associated with strength and faith. No matter how it is used or interpreted today; there can be no doubt that it still holds deep significance for many people around the world.

Modern-Day Use of the Knights Templar Cross Symbols

The Knights Templar Cross is an iconic symbol that has been used for centuries, and it still holds immense meaning today. It’s a symbol of chivalry, faith, loyalty, courage, and honor. The Knights Templar Cross is also a reminder of the courage and strength of the men who bravely served for the Order during the Crusades. Today, this symbol is often seen on jewelry, tattoos, clothing and other items to represent these values.

The Knights Templar Cross is a representation of two intersecting lines that are crossed in the middle. This symbolizes unity between two entities or ideas. It can also be seen as a reminder to have faith in God’s protection and guidance. The cross was originally designed by the Order’s Grand Master, Bernard de Clairvaux as a sign of allegiance to their cause.

The most popular way to display a Knights Templar Cross today is through jewelry such as rings and necklaces. These pieces often feature intricate details such as swords or crowns that add to its symbolism. Many people choose to wear these pieces as a reminder of their faith or as a show of solidarity with others who share these same values. A tattoo featuring this cross is another popular way to show one’s dedication to the Order’s beliefs and ideals.

This symbol can also be found on clothing items such as t-shirts or hats which serve as an outward expression of one’s beliefs in courage, loyalty and honor. Additionally, it can be seen on bumper stickers or decals which allow people to share this message with others while they are out and about in public spaces.

Overall, there are many ways that people are utilizing the Knights Templar Cross in modern day society. Whether it is worn as jewelry or displayed on clothing items; this iconic symbol serves as an expression of strength, courage and faith in God’s protection for those who choose to embrace its meaning.

The Knights Templar Cross Symbol

The Knights Templar cross symbol is a symbol of strength and courage, and it has been popularized in recent years by the popularity of the Knights Templar organization. The symbol is a representation of the unity that exists among all members of the organization, and its popularity is increasing as more people become aware of it. The symbol consists of two crossed swords with a circular emblem in the center. It is said to represent courage, strength, and unity. The Knights Templar cross symbol can be seen in many places, such as on clothing, jewelry, tattoos, and even cars.

The Knights Templar cross symbol has become increasingly popular due to its rich history and symbolism. It dates back to the 11th century when a group of knights called the Templars were formed to defend the Holy Land from Muslim invaders. The Templars adopted this symbol as their own and it has been associated with them ever since. The symbolism behind the cross is said to represent courage, strength, and unity among all members of the organization.

Today, there are many different variations of the Knights Templar cross symbol that can be found in various places around the world. Some popular variations include those with a red background or ones that feature a fleur-de-lis in the center. There are also versions that incorporate other symbols such as crowns or dragons into their design. These different variations allow individuals to express their own unique style while still paying homage to this ancient order.

In addition to its symbolism, many people also recognize the Knights Templar cross as a sign of protection against evil forces. This belief originated in medieval times when knights would wear this cross into battle as a form of protection from enemies or malicious spirits. Today, people may still choose to wear this cross for protection against negative energies or for general good luck.

Overall, there is no doubt that the Knights Templar Cross Symbol has gained immense popularity over time due to its powerful symbolism and protective qualities. Whether worn for spiritual protection or simply for fashion reasons, it is clear that this ancient symbol continues to be highly sought after by many individuals around the world today.

How to Identify Genuine Knights Templar Cross Symbols

The Knights Templar is an order of knights founded in the 11th century to protect pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land. Their legacy has inspired a variety of symbols, including the Templar Cross. This distinctive symbol is used as a piece of jewelry, a decorative element in churches and homes, and even as a logo for businesses. To ensure that the cross you are buying or wearing is an authentic Knights Templar symbol, there are some key features to look out for.


The classic shape of a Knights Templar cross is an equal-armed Latin cross with slightly curved ends and arms of equal length. The middle should be slightly raised above the arms. However, this design varies from one place to another, so it is important to look for symbols that resemble this classic shape.

Size & Proportions

A genuine Templar Cross should be proportional and symmetrical in size and shape. All the arms should be evenly spaced with no one side longer than the other. There should also be room between each arm so that they don’t appear cramped or overlapping.

Colors & Materials

Traditionally, Knights Templar crosses were made from metals such as gold or silver but today they can also be found in bronze or brass. The colors used are usually black, red or white but any combination of these colors can work depending on your preference.

Symbols & Designs

In addition to the Latin cross shape, genuine Knights Templar crosses may feature other religious symbols such as fleur-de-lis designs or pomegranates. These symbols may vary depending on the country of origin but should always feature prominently on the cross itself.

Engraving & Writing

Authentic Knight’s Templar crosses sometimes feature inscriptions or engravings such as “God Bless You”or “Courage and Honor”on them. If these messages appear on your cross then it may indicate that it is genuine although this isn’t always a sure sign.

By taking note of these features and doing some research into different types of Knight’s Templar crosses, you can ensure that you are buying an authentic symbol that will last for years to come. Whether you wear it around your neck as a piece of jewelry or display it proudly in your home, make sure you know what makes a genuine Knights Templar Cross so you can appreciate its beauty and meaning for many years to come.

The Knights Templar Cross Symbols

The Knights Templar cross is a symbol used to represent the Knights Templar, an order of knights founded in 1119 AD in Jerusalem. The Knights Templar were a powerful medieval military order that fought for the protection of Christians during the Crusades. The cross was adopted by the order as a symbol of their mission and quickly became a popular symbol among Christians throughout Europe. Here are some interesting facts about the Knights Templar cross symbols:

• The original design of the cross was a red Latin cross with pointed ends. It was often worn on the surcoats of knights or embroidered on their garments. The cross was originally used to represent martyrdom and to honor Christian crusaders who died in battle.

• Over time, variations on this basic design evolved, such as adding fleurs-de-lis, crosses pattee, and other designs. These variations were used to denote different ranks within the order.

• The Knights Templar also adopted other symbols such as two knights riding on a single horse and a seal depicting two knights sharing one shield.

• The Knights Templar cross became very popular during the Middle Ages and was often used as a badge of honor by those associated with the order. It could be seen on banners, flags, shields, jewelry, churches, and even tombstones.

• Today, the Knights Templar cross is still widely recognized and is commonly used as an emblem for various organizations such as Freemasonry and Scouting organizations. It is also used to represent Christian ideals such as faith, courage, and sacrifice.

• Many modern versions of the cross feature two swords crossed behind it instead of one sword in front. This version is known as “The Seal of Solomon” and is believed to be derived from an ancient symbol used by King Solomon himself.

• In modern times, some people have adopted variations on this design for their personal use. For instance, some people wear rings featuring crossed swords or have tattoos featuring crossed swords behind a red Latin cross.

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In Reflection On Knights Templar Cross Symbols

The Knights Templar Cross symbol is a reminder of the legacy of the Templars. As a symbol, it stands for courage, loyalty, and service. It is a reminder that we are all capable of great things if we have faith in ourselves and our ideals. The Knights Templar Cross symbol is also an important part of the rich history of the Templars and has come to symbolize the values, courage, and loyalty to which they devoted their lives.

The Knights Templar Cross symbol can be found in various forms today. From jewelry to tattoos, it is a reminder of a time long past. It’s a symbol that has been passed down through generations as something that should be held with reverence and respect. The Knights Templar Cross is still seen today as an emblem of strength, courage, and honor.

As the world changes around us, the legacy of the Knights Templar will continue to live on with its symbols being displayed proudly around us. The Knights Templar Cross symbol is a reminder that we should strive for greatness in all aspects of our lives and never forget our duty to serve others with honor and strength.

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