Masonic Trowel Tattoo

The Masonic Trowel Tattoo is an iconic symbol in the world of Freemasonry. It is a powerful visual representation of the values and ideals that are core to the Masonic tradition. The trowel tattoo is a meaningful reminder of the importance of brotherly love, the power of knowledge, and the importance of service to others. It also serves as a reminder of the commitment that Masons have to each other and to their work. The Masonic Trowel Tattoo is an important part of Freemasonry’s long and proud history, and it continues to be a source of inspiration and strength for Masons today.

A Masonic Trowel Tattoo is a type of body art that symbolizes Freemasonry, which is a fraternal organization that dates back to the 1700s. It typically depicts an image of a trowel, which is an instrument used by Masons to spread their values of brotherhood and camaraderie. The trowel can also be surrounded by symbols related to Masonry, such as the compasses, square, and all-seeing eye.


The Masonic Trowel is one of the most important tools used in Freemasonry. It is a symbolic representation of the spread of brotherly love and truth throughout the world. The Masonic Trowel is also an important tool in ritual work, particularly in initiation ceremonies and other forms of ritual work. This article will explore the history of the Masonic Trowel and its symbolism.


The origin of the Masonic Trowel is not known for certain, but it is believed to have been developed in England during the 18th century. It is believed that it was used by masons to spread mortar when building structures. The symbolism of this tool has been adapted over time to represent many different ideas, such as spreading brotherly love and truth throughout the world.


The Masonic Trowel is seen as a symbol of brotherly love and truth. It represents spreading these ideals throughout the world and helping others to find their way on their journey towards understanding these principles. In Freemasonry, this tool is often used during initiation ceremonies as a symbol of guidance for new members on their journey into Masonry.


Masonic Trowels come in a variety of designs, each with its own symbolism. Most commonly, they are triangular or oval-shaped with a handle at one end and a blade at the other end. Some designs may also include symbols or markings on either side of the blade which represent various aspects of Freemasonry such as brotherly love or truth-seeking.


In addition to its symbolic uses in Freemasonry, some lodges also use Masonic trowels for practical purposes such as spreading cement or mortar during construction projects or repairs. The trowel can also be used to carve symbols into stone or wood, which can be used to mark walls or other objects with Masonic symbols and messages for future generations to discover and learn from.


The Masonic Trowel has played an important role in Freemasonry throughout its history, both as a symbol and as a practical tool for masons carrying out their work around the world.

The Meaning of the Masonic Trowel Tattoo

The Masonic Trowel is a symbol of Freemasonry that has been used by its members for centuries to represent their craft. It is often seen on tattoos, and it has a variety of meanings depending on the context in which it is seen.

• The Masonic Trowel is a symbol of spreading knowledge and truth. It represents spreading goodwill and friendship throughout the world. This is why it is often placed on tattoos, to remind the wearer to spread these values wherever they go.

• The Masonic Trowel can also be seen as a sign of charity and brotherly love. It symbolizes helping other people in need, no matter their background or beliefs.

• Lastly, the Masonic Trowel can be seen as a reminder to always strive for excellence and perfection in all aspects of life, including relationships with others, work, and personal development.

The meaning behind the Masonic Trowel tattoo is very powerful and meaningful for those who choose to have it tattooed on their bodies. It serves as a reminder to stay true to oneself, while also spreading goodwill and kindness throughout the world.

Masonic Symbology in the Trowel Design

The trowel is a commonly used symbol among Freemasons due to its strong connections with masonry. The trowel was used by the medieval masons to spread the mortar on the stones they were building. It is also a symbol of unity and harmony, as it bonds the stones together in a structure. The design of the trowel has several elements that have significant masonic symbolism.

The first element is the handle. The handle is typically made of wood, which represents strength and durability. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of patience and dedication in masonry work. The handle of the trowel is usually curved, which symbolizes flexibility and adaptability – important qualities for any successful mason.

The blade of the trowel is also an important part of its design. The shape of the blade has several symbolic meanings related to Freemasonry. The rounded shape represents balance, while its sharp edges point towards precision and accuracy – essential skills for a successful mason. Additionally, it can also represent truth – something that Freemasons strive to uphold throughout their lives.

Therefore, there are often symbols inscribed on the blade or handle which further emphasize Masonic values and beliefs. These symbols usually include geometric shapes such as squares or triangles, which are believed to represent knowledge, wisdom, and understanding – all qualities that every Mason should strive for in their work and life in general. Other symbols may include words from Masonic texts or pictures depicting relevant events or figures from Masonic history.

The trowel is an important tool for Freemasons – not only because it serves an essential function in their craft but also because it carries significant symbolism within its design. From its curved wooden handle to its inscribed blade, every element carries some sort of meaning related to Masonic values or beliefs – making it an indispensable tool for any Mason looking to further their understanding and appreciation of their craft.

Placement of a Masonic Trowel Tattoo

The placement of a Masonic trowel tattoo is a very important decision for an individual to make. A trowel is a symbol that belongs to members of the Freemasons, and it holds special significance for those who are part of this organization. It generally symbolizes the spread of brotherly love in the world, and it is also associated with construction and building. When choosing where to place a Masonic trowel tattoo, there are several factors to consider:

• Size and Placement: The size of the tattoo will determine how much detail can be included in the design. It is important to find a spot on the body where it can be clearly seen, and where it will not be covered up by clothing or jewelry. For instance, if someone wants a large tattoo, they may choose to put it on their back or chest.

• Meaning: The meaning behind the tattoo should be taken into account when deciding where to place it. It may be beneficial for someone to get a smaller tattoo that is more symbolic in nature if they want the design to represent something specific.

• Visibility: Depending on what type of work or lifestyle someone leads, they may need to consider how visible their tattoo will be. If someone works in an environment where tattoos are not allowed, then they may want to choose an area that is easily covered up with clothing.

• Health: Placing a tattoo in certain areas, such as near joints or areas with thinner skin, can increase the risk of infection or other complications during healing. It is important for someone getting a tattoo to make sure that they are aware of these potential risks before deciding on an area for placement.

When deciding on placement for a Masonic trowel tattoo, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration before making a decision. From size and placement, meaning and visibility, all the way down to health risks associated with certain areas; being informed about all these aspects can help make sure that an individual chooses the best spot possible for their unique design!

Masonic Trowel Tattoos

Masonic trowel tattoos are a popular symbol of the Freemasons. They represent the tools used to build the Temple of Solomon and are a symbol of the brotherhood and unity amongst members of the Masonic Order. The trowel tattoo can be seen in a variety of designs, commonly featuring bold colors and intricate details. Here is a look at some of the most common colors used in Masonic trowel tattoos:

• Red: Red is often seen as a symbol of strength, courage, and power in Freemasonry. It is also associated with passion, ambition, and danger. Red is also often used to indicate high rank or authority within the Masonic Order.

• Blue: Blue is another popular color used in Masonic trowel tattoos. It typically symbolizes truth, loyalty, wisdom, trustworthiness, honor, justice, and faithfulness within the Order. Blue can also be used to represent knowledge or intelligence.

• Yellow: Yellow is sometimes seen as an indication of strength or power within Freemasonry. It can also be viewed as a symbol of joy or happiness within the Brotherhood. Yellow often represents enlightenment or spiritual growth in Masonic trowel tattoos too.

• White: White has many meanings in Freemasonry including purity, innocence, truthfulness, knowledge, humility and spirituality. White can also be associated with peace or serenity within this ancient brotherhood.

• Black: Black is sometimes seen as an indication of secrecy or mystery within Freemasonry but it can also indicate protection from evil forces and dark spirits as well as strength and resilience in facing life’s challenges head on.

No matter what colors are chosen for this unique tattoo design it always conveys a deep meaning that speaks to those who belong to this ancient organization while still remaining mysterious to outsiders who may not understand its significance. The symbolism behind these tattoos makes them particularly meaningful for those who choose to get one permanently etched onto their skin!

The Masonic Trowel tattoo is a popular design amongst Freemasons and those associated with the Masonic organization. This design is often used to symbolize the members commitment to the brotherhood and their dedication to helping others. The trowel itself is an iconic symbol within Freemasonry, representing everything from unity and fellowship amongst brothers to a commitment to service. Here are some of the most popular styles of this tattoo:


This vintage style of a Masonic Trowel tattoo features a unique take on this classic design. It’s usually done in black ink with shading and detailing that gives it an antique feel. This style often has some kind of ornamental addition, such as a banner or ribbon, which serves as an additional reminder of the ideals associated with Freemasonry.


The detailed style of a Mason’s trowel tattoo often incorporates intricate line-work and elaborate details. This style can be done in either black or color, depending on what you prefer, but it’s always incredibly detailed and eye-catching! Some popular designs include symbols like compasses, squares, or even animals associated with Freemasonry.

Celtic Knotwork

This variation on the classic trowel design incorporates traditional Celtic knotwork into the design. This style often features multiple knots within a single motif that represent different aspects of Freemasonry. The knots can be done in either black ink or colorful interlacing patterns that create a visually stunning piece of art for any Mason’s body!


The abstract version of this trowel tattoo is perfect for those who want something more unique and modern looking. It features abstract shapes and lines that come together in interesting ways to form something completely different from a traditional trowel design. This type of artwork can also incorporate other elements like geometric shapes or symbols associated with Freemasonry for even more meaning behind it!

The Masonic trowel is a symbol that represents the fraternity of Freemasonry. It has been used for centuries to spread the bond of brotherly love and friendship among its members. The trowel is also used as a tattoo design and there are many popular variations of it. Here are some of the most common:

• The Traditional Trowel: This variation is probably the most popular type of Masonic trowel tattoo. It features a trowel with a handle made up of two crossed lines – representing the fraternity’s unity and brotherhood – and three blades which represent truth, justice, and friendship.

• The Winged Trowel: This variation features a trowel with two wings on either side, representing freedom and spiritual growth. The wings may also be decorated with symbols such as stars, crescents, or even flames.

• The Compass & Square: This variation features a trowel with two intertwined compasses & squares in the middle – representing morality and justice – surrounded by intricate scrollwork or other decorative elements.

• The Double Headed Trowel: This variation features two trowels side by side, connected by their handles which form a single line across them. This symbolizes unity within the Masonic order.

• The Rose Cross Trowel: This variation features a rose cross in the center of the trowels design surrounded by intricate scrollwork or other decorative elements. The rose cross represents faith, hope, and charity within Freemasonry.

The Masonic trowel tattoo is an eye-catching symbol that expresses one’s commitment to their fraternal order as well as their dedication to truth, justice, friendship, freedom, morality, and charity in life. Each variation has its own unique meaning that can be personalized further with decorative elements like stars or flames to make it stand out even more!

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In Reflection on Masonic Trowel Tattoo

Masonic trowel tattoos are a unique way to honor the craft of Freemasonry and its deep history. The symbolism of the trowel tattoo speaks volumes, from its representation of hard work and dedication to the brotherhood, to its reminder of the importance of charity and fellowship. This powerful imagery has been embraced by both Masons and non-Masons alike, as people around the world have chosen to decorate their bodies with this meaningful symbol.

Trowel tattoos can come in many different forms, depending on personal preference and individual design. They may be small or large, colorful or black and white, intricate or simple. Whatever form they take, they all serve to remind us of the values that we strive for as Masons: hard work, dedication, loyalty, fraternity and charity.

For those who choose to adorn their bodies with this meaningful symbol, it is a reminder not just of our own commitment to Freemasonry but also of our duty to make sure that these values remain alive in our own lives. It is a reminder that we must continue to strive for excellence in all aspects of our lives and make sure that we live up to the standards that were set by those before us.

In conclusion, Masonic trowel tattoos can be an excellent way for Masons and non-Masons alike to show their commitment to the craft and its timeless values. It’s a great way for people around the world to honor their heritage while also showing their appreciation for all that Freemasonry has done throughout history.


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