Provincial Grand Lodge Of Hertfordshire


The Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire is an organisation that seeks to promote Freemasonry in the county of Hertfordshire, England. Established in 1767, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire is the official governing body responsible for overseeing all Freemasonry activities in the area, including lodges, chapters and other masonic orders. It is also responsible for ensuring that masonic principles and values are upheld throughout its jurisdiction. Membership is open to all men who profess a belief in a Supreme Being and who have been initiated into a Lodge under the United Grand Lodge of England’s jurisdiction. The Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire works closely with its affiliated Lodges to encourage fellowship and learning among its members, while also providing charitable support to those in need in the community.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire was founded in 1792, making it one of the oldest Masonic Lodges in the United Kingdom. It is part of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) and is responsible for all Masonic activity within Hertfordshire. The Provincial Grand Master, as its leader, is appointed by the UGLE and presides over all meetings and activities of the Provincial Grand Lodge.

The first meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge took place on 28th July 1792 at The Three Tuns Inn in Ware, Hertfordshire. At this meeting, a total of nine lodges were present and were represented by their Worshipful Masters. During this meeting, it was decided that from then on all lodges would meet at least once a year as a group with proceedings conducted under the auspices of the Provincial Grand Master. This has been a tradition which has been upheld ever since.

In 1813, a new constitution was adopted to regulate and govern all lodges within the Province. This document is still in force today and outlines how meetings should be conducted and what roles each lodge should have in regards to decision-making processes.

Today, there are over eighty lodges located throughout Hertfordshire who come together to form The Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire. They are committed to upholding the traditions which have been set out over two centuries ago while also embracing modernity and innovation where appropriate.

Officers Of The Provincial Grand Lodge Of Hertfordshire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire is a prestigious Masonic body, with a long and distinguished history. It is comprised of officers, who are appointed to serve the Province and assist in its administration. The officers of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire are:

    • Provincial Grand Master
    • Deputy Provincial Grand Master
    • Assistant Provincial Grand Masters
    • Provincial Grand Treasurer
    • Provincial Secretary
    • Provincial Chaplain
    • Grand Superintendent of Works
    • Provincial Director of Ceremonies
    • Senior Provincial Deacons

The roles and responsibilities for each officer varies depending on their rank within the lodge. The Provincial Grand Master is the head of the Province and is responsible for its overall administration. They are also responsible for appointing, promoting, and expelling members from the lodge. The Deputy Provincial Grand Master supports the Provincial Grand Master in their duties and assists them with decision-making.

The Assistant Provincial Grand Masters act as deputies to the PGM and work together to ensure that all lodge matters are managed efficiently and effectively. They also assist with recruitment campaigns to bring new members into the lodge. The Provincial grand Treasurer is responsible for all financial matters relating to the Province, including managing funds, accounts, investments, and donations.

The Provincial Secretary is responsible for keeping records accurate, up-to-date, and readily available for review by members. They also provide assistance to other officers in administrative tasks such as writing correspondence or taking minutes at meetings. The Provincial Chaplain provides spiritual guidance to members of the lodge and leads worship services at meetings or events.

The Grand Superintendent of Works oversees any repairs, renovations or large projects within a lodge building or grounds; while also ensuring that all work is conducted safely and legally according to building regulations. The Provincia Director of Ceremonies organizes ceremonial events such as receptions or initiations; while overseeing that all proceedings are carried out correctly according to Masonic tradition. Lastly Senior Deacons help facilitate meetings by introducing visiting dignitaries or escorting candidates through lodges during initiations ceremonies.

The Provincial Grand Lodge Of Hertfordshire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire is a Masonic governing body that oversees the activities of Freemasonry in the county of Hertfordshire. The structure of the Provincial Grand Lodge follows that of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE). It is comprised of a number of Lodges, each with their own individual identities, but united under the banner of the Province.


Membership to the Provincial Grand Lodge is open to all qualified Masons who are members or affiliated with any Lodge under UGLE. There are no restrictions on membership based on gender or religion. The Provincial Grand Master is elected every four years by ballot and serves as the head of the Province.


Lodges in the Province meet regularly for formal meetings, dinners and other social events. Each lodge has its own unique identity and traditions, including its own rituals, regalia and secret signs, which are passed down from one generation to another. The lodges also take part in charitable activities such as fundraising for local causes and supporting other charitable organisations.


The Provincial Grand Lodge is made up of several officers who help to keep it running smoothly. These include an Assistant Provincial Grand Master, a Deputy Provincial Grand Master and several other officers such as a Treasurer, Secretary, Director of Ceremonies and Charity Steward. Each officer has a specific role within the Province which they must fulfil in order to keep it running effectively.


The Provincial Grand Lodge meets twice a year at different locations around Hertfordshire for formal meetings known as ‘Quarterly Communications’. These meetings are attended by members from all over the Province and provide an opportunity for officers to report back on their activities throughout the year and allow for any matters that require discussion or decision making to be raised and considered by all those present.

The Provincial Grand Lodge Of Hertfordshire provides an important governing body that oversees Freemasonry within its jurisdiction. Its structure follows that set out by UGLE and includes membership open to all qualified Masons, numerous lodges each with their own individual identities, officers who help keep it running smoothly and regular Quarterly Communications meetings attended by members from across the province.


The Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire is a part of the United Grand Lodge of England, and is dedicated to preserving the values and traditions of Freemasonry. Membership in the Provincial Grand Lodge is open to all Masons who meet the criteria laid down by Lodges within the Province.

In order to become a member, an individual must first be a Mason in good standing with a Lodge under the provincial jurisdiction. Once an individual has been accepted into a Lodge, they can then apply for membership in the Provincial Grand Lodge.

Once accepted, members are required to agree to abide by certain principles and regulations, as set out by the provincial authorities. These include upholding high moral standards, respecting other members and their beliefs, and taking part in lodge activities. All members must also attend regular meetings and lodge functions as part of their commitment to the organisation.

Membership in the provincial grand lodge also comes with certain privileges, such as access to exclusive resources and events such as conferences and seminars. Furthermore, members may also be eligible for certain benefits such as discounts on travel or accommodation when attending events related to Freemasonry.

In addition to these benefits, members are expected to uphold their commitment to upholding Masonic values at all times. This includes conducting oneself with dignity at all times, promoting Masonic ideals, and helping promote unity within the organisation through charitable works or other activities that benefit society at large.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire provides an invaluable service for its members; offering them support and guidance throughout their Masonic journey while allowing them to remain rooted in tradition and continue growing spiritually within Freemasonry.

Aims and Objectives of the Provincial Grand Lodge Of Hertfordshire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire is a masonic body, whose aim is to bring together Freemasons in the area and promote the principles of Freemasonry. The organisation strives to provide an atmosphere of fellowship and support for members, as well as encouraging Masonic education and charitable works. The aims and objectives of the Provincial Grand Lodge include:

• Promoting the principles of Freemasonry through education programs.

• Providing fellowship among members.

• Encouraging charitable works within the community.

• Organizing events for members, such as social gatherings, lectures, workshops and competitions.

• Providing guidance to new members on the meaning and practice of Freemasonry.

• Promoting Masonic values such as integrity, tolerance and respect for others.

The Provincial Grand Lodge also strives to ensure that its members are kept up to date with developments in Masonic law and practice. It also seeks to provide leadership in the area by taking an active role in promoting understanding between different faiths and cultures. By working together, it hopes to build strong relationships between members from all backgrounds.


The Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire is proud to offer initiations to those interested in Freemasonry. Initiation into the fraternity involves a series of symbolic rituals, lectures, and oaths that provide the initiate with the knowledge they need to further their Masonic journey.

The initiation process begins with an invitation from a current lodge member. This invitation is then followed by an interview with two members of the lodge, who will ask questions about the applicant’s character and beliefs. After this, the initiate must then make a solemn declaration of their intention to become a Freemason and take an oath of secrecy.

Once accepted as a member, initiates are required to attend three ceremonies: The Entered Apprentice Degree; The Fellowcraft Degree; and The Master Mason Degree. During each ceremony, initiates will be taught about the principles of Freemasonry and learn important symbols that will help them on their Masonic journey.

Lastly, successful initiates will be presented with an official certificate that confirms their admission into the lodge. This certificate will also contain information about their lodge membership number and other pertinent details.


The Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire recognizes the importance of acknowledging its members’ achievements within Freemasonry by offering promotions for those who demonstrate exceptional dedication and commitment to the fraternity. Promotions are available for both officers and regular members alike.

Promotion for officers typically involves advancement from one rank to another within their respective branch or division in accordance with established protocols and regulations. Regular members may be eligible for promotion as well if they have made significant contributions to Freemasonry or acted in exemplary fashion while representing their lodge or district.

Promotions are typically awarded at special ceremonies, where awards are presented by high-ranking officials such as Grand Masters or Deputy Grand Masters of the Province or District Lodges respectively. Promotions may also involve additional responsibilities such as being appointed as a representative on various committees or councils within Freemasonry at both local and provincial levels.

In addition to recognition within Freemasonry itself, promotions may also come with certain privileges such as access to exclusive events or opportunities for additional education related to Masonic principles and practices. Ultimately, becoming promoted within a lodge is an excellent way for members to demonstrate their commitment to Freemasonry while simultaneously furthering their own knowledge and understanding of its principles in order to better serve others in need throughout society at large.

The Provincial Grand Lodge Of Hertfordshire is a charitable organization that works to improve the lives of those in need throughout the county. The organization offers several different projects and charities that have varying focuses, from providing assistance to those in financial need to helping the elderly stay connected with society. This article will discuss some of the charities and projects offered by the Provincial Grand Lodge Of Hertfordshire.


The Provincial Grand Lodge Of Hertfordshire offers a variety of charities that focus on helping those in need. Some of these include:

      • Providing financial assistance to those who are struggling financially.
      • Supporting organizations and individuals who are working to improve their communities.
      • Creating opportunities for youth in disadvantaged areas.
      • Providing support for mental health initiatives.


In addition to its charities, the Provincial Grand Lodge Of Hertfordshire also offers a number of projects designed to help improve the lives of people throughout Hertfordshire. These include:

      • Organizing events and activities for seniors, such as day trips and movie nights.
      • Establishing mentoring programs for young people.
      • Supporting local food banks with donations.


The Provincial Grand Lodge Of Hertfordshire is committed to improving the quality of life in their communities through their charitable organizations and projects. They are dedicated to helping those in need through providing financial assistance, mentoring opportunities, and activities for seniors. With their support, they hope to create a brighter future for all those living in Hertfordshire.


The Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire offers regular meetings for its members to attend. At these meetings, members discuss the current state of the lodge, important events coming up, and any changes that need to be made to ensure that the lodge is running smoothly. They also have guest speakers who come and talk about topics related to Freemasonry and its history. All members are encouraged to take part in the discussions and contribute their thoughts and ideas.


The Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire also hosts various events throughout the year. These events are open to all members of the lodge, as well as their guests. The events can include talks from guest speakers, visits from other lodges, or celebrations for special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays. The goal is always to bring together people from different backgrounds and interests so that they can learn more about Freemasonry and get acquainted with each other.


The Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire also organizes festivals for its members throughout the year. These festivals provide an opportunity for members to come together in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy each other’s company while participating in activities such as picnics, games, competitions, or simply socializing around a bonfire. The festivals are usually held at different locations throughout Hertfordshire so that everyone can have access to them and take part in them no matter where they are located.

Overall, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire provides its members with plenty of opportunities to stay connected with each other through regular meetings, special events, and festive gatherings. This helps foster a sense of community among everyone involved with Freemasonry in the region and is an important part of keeping it alive for future generations.

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In Reflection On Provincial Grand Lodge Of Hertfordshire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire has a long and proud tradition of supporting Freemasonry within their county. From the establishment of the first lodge in 1730, to the modern day Grand Lodges that provide support and guidance to their members, the PGL has been an integral part of Masonic culture in Hertfordshire. Through educational programmes, charitable works, and community outreach initiatives, the PGL has helped to promote Freemasonry within their county, while maintaining their commitment to upholding the highest standards of conduct.

The PGL is dedicated to ensuring that all Lodges in Hertfordshire are run according to the Book of Constitutions and Rules. They also ensure that all members abide by the codes of conduct set out by both the United Grand Lodge of England and Provincial Grand Lodge. This commitment to upholding high standards ensures that Freemasonry continues to be a respected institution within society.

The commitment of the PGL to providing excellent service and care for its members does not go unnoticed. The number of memberships in Hertfordshire has grown steadily throughout the years due to their dedication and hard work. By providing support systems, such as educational classes, mentoring programmes, social events and more, they have helped foster a strong sense of unity amongst its members.

The work that is undertaken by the PGL is remarkable and it is testament to their dedication that they continue to serve so many lodges across Hertfordshire with such distinction. It is through this commitment to providing excellent services that they have been able to shape an organisation which enables its members not only to benefit from Freemasonry but also contribute significantly towards society as a whole.

In reflection, The Provincial Grand Lodge Of Hertfordshire serves as an example for other lodges around England on how Freemasonry should be practiced with utmost respect and integrity. With their focus on education programs, charitable works and other community outreach initiatives they have been able demonstrate how Masonic culture can positively contribute towards society as a whole. The success story of this lodge shows just how far hard work and dedication can take you – something which every member should strive for when joining any Masonic lodge across England.


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