33Rd Degree Masonic Regalia


The 33rd Degree Masonic Regalia is a type of clothing worn by members of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. It is a symbol of their commitment to the ideals and principles of this ancient brotherhood. The regalia is usually composed of a white apron, collarette, and sash with the insignia emblazoned thereon. The regalia is worn during important ceremonies and meetings to signify the wearer’s rank in the organization. This regalia is not only considered an outward sign of status within Freemasonry, but also serves as a reminder to its members that they should live their lives according to Masonic principles.

33rd Degree Masonic Regalia is the ceremonial clothing worn by 33rd degree Masons during their initiation ceremonies and other Masonic events. This regalia typically includes a short cape, a sash, a white lambskin apron, and a chapeau. The cape is usually made of black velvet with gold embroidery, while the sash is typically made of white satin with gold trim and embroidery. The white lambskin apron is usually decorated with an embroidered image of the square and compass, while the chapeau is often decorated with gold braid and tassels.

History of 33rd Degree Masonic Apron

The Masonic Apron is a highly respected and revered symbol of the Freemason. It is an essential article of clothing that all Freemasons must wear during their ceremonies. The apron is also a symbol of office for the highest-ranking members of the fraternity, including those who have achieved the 33rd degree.


The apron is believed to have originated from the Middle Ages, when it was worn by craftsmen to protect their clothing from dirt and debris while they worked in their workshops. The Masons adopted the apron as it was symbolic of hard work and dedication. It was also seen as a badge of honor, as only skilled craftsmen were allowed to wear it.

33rd Degree Apron

The 33rd degree is the highest degree that can be achieved in Freemasonry. It is reserved for those who have demonstrated exceptional service to the fraternity. The 33rd degree apron features an embroidered triangle with three stars on one side, and an all-seeing eye on the other side. This design pays homage to two important symbols in Freemasonry: The triangle represents equality, while the eye symbolizes knowledge and enlightenment.

Symbolic Meaning

The Masonic Apron has long been associated with morality and virtue in Freemasonry. It serves as a reminder for members to uphold these values at all times, even when outside of their lodge meetings. The 33rd degree apron further reinforces these values, as it signifies that its wearer has reached the highest level within the fraternity and should act accordingly with integrity and honor always in mind.


The 33rd Degree Masonic Apron holds great significance within Freemasonry due to its association with knowledge and virtue. It serves as an important reminder for members that they should strive to live up to their moral obligations both inside and outside of lodge meetings. By wearing this prestigious item, individuals are showing respect for one another as well as respect for the fraternity itself by honoring its traditions and symbols.

33rd Degree Masonic Collar

The 33rd Degree Masonic Collar is a symbol of excellence and prestige within the Masonic fraternity. It is the highest level of accomplishment attainable by a Freemason, and it only belongs to those who have achieved the highest level of knowledge and service. The collar is worn at meetings of the Grand Lodge, which is the governing body of Freemasonry, and is an outward sign that the wearer has achieved this lofty rank.

The collar consists of a white leather band with an embroidered blue cross pendant in the center. The cross has two points at each end, which represent faith and fortitude in God. On either side of the cross are two double-headed eagles, which are symbols of strength and protection from evil forces. On either side of these eagles are two five-pointed stars, which symbolize knowledge and wisdom. Therefore, there are four tassels hanging from each point on the cross that represent charity and harmony among brethren.

In order to attain this degree, a Mason must demonstrate an exceptional level of dedication to their craft as well as their community. They must also pass several tests proving their knowledge in areas such as philosophy, symbolism and history. This degree is not open to everyone; only those who have consistently shown themselves to be exemplary members can be considered for it.

The 33rd Degree Masonic Collar is more than just a symbol; it represents a commitment to service, knowledge and integrity that all Masons strive for throughout their lifetimes. It serves as a reminder that Freemasonry stands for something larger than any one individual: it stands for community, understanding and striving to make our world a better place.

Those who wear this collar can take great pride in having achieved such an honor; they have truly earned it through hard work, dedication and following the principles set forth by the Masonic Order. By wearing this collar they show that they understand what it means to be part of something bigger than themselves; they have taken on responsibility for helping others in need while continuing to learn more about their craft each day.

What is a 33rd Degree Masonic Sash & Jewel?

A 33rd Degree Masonic Sash and Jewel is a symbol of rank and achievement in Freemasonry. It is the highest degree of recognition that can be attained in the organization. The sashes are typically made of velvet and embroidered with gold or silver thread, while the jewels are made from precious metals or stones. The colors of the sash signify the hierarchy within the organization, with each color representing a different level of achievement.

The Meaning Behind the 33rd Degree

The 33rd Degree is a symbol of honor bestowed upon members who have shown exceptional service to Freemasonry. It is also known as “The Sovereign Grand Inspector General” and is one of only two degrees that are not conferred upon a member but rather awarded in recognition for their service to the fraternity. Those who are awarded this degree become part of an elite group, known as “Knights Commander Court of Honor” which is made up of some of the most esteemed members in Masonry.

What Does it Symbolize?

The 33rd Degree Masonic Sash & Jewel symbolize that its wearer has achieved a high level of excellence within Freemasonry. The sash stands for honor, virtue, integrity, and loyalty; while the jewel represents wisdom, knowledge, and truth. It symbolizes their commitment to upholding these values and represents their willingness to serve their fellow man.

How Do You Get It?

In order to be awarded this prestigious degree, one must demonstrate exemplary service to their lodge or chapter over an extended period of time. They must show that they possess leadership qualities such as integrity, loyalty, and commitment to their craft. Additionally, they must have gained significant knowledge about Freemasonry through study and practice.

At least three current 33rd Degree Masons must vouch for an individual before they can be considered for this honor. Once approved by the Supreme Council, they will then receive their sash and jewel at a formal ceremony held in front of other Masons who have been similarly honored.

For those who are awarded this degree it serves as motivation to continue striving towards excellence within Freemasonry. It also serves as an outward signifier that others can recognize when awarding honors or promoting candidates within the organization.

33rd Degree Masonic Breast Jewel

The 33rd Degree Masonic Breast Jewel is a symbol of distinction for Freemasons who have achieved the highest rank within the fraternity. It is a unique and special honor that recognizes one’s dedication to the principles of masonry and sets them apart from all other members. This breast jewel consists of a gold cross with an encircled “G” in the center, surrounded by a wreath of laurel leaves and surmounted by an eagle. The overall design is meant to represent strength, courage, and wisdom.

The symbolism behind this jewel is quite extensive, starting with the gold cross which is a reminder that one must always strive for purity and integrity in their life, and the encircled “G” stands for God, reminding us to always be mindful of our spiritual connection. The laurel leaves surrounding the cross are meant to represent victory and success in life while the eagle represents strength as well as freedom from oppression.

In addition to being symbolic, this 33rd Degree Masonic Breast Jewel also serves as a badge of honor that identifies its wearer as someone who has achieved the highest rank within Freemasonry. It is only bestowed upon those who have displayed exemplary service and dedication to their craft, showing that they are true examples of masonic virtues such as brotherhood, fellowship, and charity.

To become eligible for this honor one must demonstrate outstanding leadership abilities and be willing to go above and beyond what is expected from them in order to promote the ideals of Freemasonry. Furthermore, they must have attained all other available degrees within Masonry such as Fellow Craftsman or Master Mason before they can be considered for recognition at this level.

The 33rd Degree Masonic Breast Jewel is something that should be cherished by its wearer as it represents all that they have accomplished within their craft; it serves both as a reminder of their success but also motivates them to continue striving towards higher goals in life.

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33rd Degree Masonic Gauntlets & Gloves

Masonic Gauntlets and gloves are essential items for members of the Freemasonry order. The 33rd degree is an honorary degree that is bestowed upon members of the order who have made significant contributions to the organization. Masonic gauntlets and gloves are symbols of this honor and are often worn by 33rd degree Masons during their ceremonies. They are usually made from fine leather and feature intricate stitching and detailing. The gauntlets often have the Masonic square and compass emblem, as well as other symbols of the order, embroidered into them. The gloves usually feature intricate designs that represent different aspects of Freemasonry, such as unity or wisdom.

Masonic gauntlets and gloves come in a variety of colors, such as black, brown, or red. Some designs may also use metallic accents to add a touch of elegance to the overall look. The gauntlets may also be personalized with the Mason’s name or a special message to commemorate their dedication to the order.

Masonic gauntlets and gloves are important symbols for 33rd degree Masons who have been honored with this distinction. These items not only provide a reminder of their commitment to Freemasonry but also serve as a reminder of their responsibility to uphold its principles and traditions. They can be worn during ceremonies or simply displayed in an office or home as a sign of respect for the organization’s history and values.

Masonic gauntlets and gloves can make unique gifts for 33rd degree Masons or those aspiring to achieve that rank within the organization. They are meaningful keepsakes that will be cherished for years to come, serving as reminders of one’s commitment to Freemasonry and its values. Whether they’re worn during ceremonies or simply displayed in an office or home, they will always be a physical representation of one’s dedication to this ancient order.

Masonic cufflinks and shirt studs are a great way to show your loyalty to your lodge and Freemasonry. These stylish accessories are perfect for formalwear or to show off on more casual occasions. 33rd Degree Masonic Cufflinks and Shirt Studs are an ideal choice for any Mason who wants to make a statement. The distinctive design of these pieces features the 33rd Degree Square and Compass emblem, which is associated with the highest level of Masonry. Made from high-quality materials, these cufflinks and shirt studs have been crafted with attention to detail and care, making them a timeless addition to any collection.

The 33rd Degree Square and Compass emblem has been used by Masons since the 18th century as a symbol of their commitment to Freemasonry. Today, this same symbol is proudly displayed on these cufflinks and shirt studs, which feature a brushed silver finish that gives them an elegant look. The intricate design of the emblem ensures that it stands out against any background, making it an eye-catching piece that will draw attention wherever it is worn. The high-quality construction ensures that these cufflinks will last for years to come, making them the perfect accessory for any Mason who wants to wear their pride with style.

Whether you’re dressing up for a formal occasion or looking for something more casual, 33rd Degree Masonic Cufflinks and Shirt Studs are sure to be a hit. These stylish pieces feature the classic Square and Compass emblem in a brushed silver finish that will look great with any ensemble. Whether you’re attending lodge meetings or just want something special for everyday wear, these cufflinks and shirt studs are sure to become favourites in no time. With their timeless design and quality construction, they make an excellent addition to any collection of Masonic accessories.

33rd Degree Masonic Tie Tacks & Pins

Masonic tie tacks and pins are one of the most popular pieces of Freemasonry jewelry worn by 33rd degree Masons. These special pins and tacks come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials, allowing 33rd degree Masons to express their dedication to Masonic ideals in a way that is unique and eye-catching.

For 33rd degree Masons looking for a unique way to show their commitment to the Craft, Masonic tie tacks and pins are an excellent option that can be customized with symbols, initials, or other designs. These items come in a variety of sizes, so they can be worn on lapels, ties, hats, or any other piece of clothing. They also come in many different materials including gold-plated brass, sterling silver, stainless steel, and enameled metals.

Masonic tie tacks and pins are often engraved with symbols that represent the values of Freemasonry. These include the compass and square which symbolizes brotherly love between members of the fraternity; the all-seeing eye which symbolizes divine guidance; the sun which symbolizes justice; and the moon which symbolizes faithfulness. Other common symbols found on Masonic jewelry include stars for hope; lions for courage; serpents for wisdom; and eagles for strength. Many 33rd degree Masons also choose to have their initials engraved on their tie tacks or pins as well.

Masonic tie tacks and pins are often presented as gifts from brother Masons at initiation ceremonies or other special occasions within the fraternity like birthdays or anniversaries. They can also be purchased separately by any 33rd degree Mason who wants to show his commitment to Freemasonry with a unique piece of jewelry. Regardless of how they are acquired, these items make great symbolic gifts that will be treasured by any 33rd degree Mason who receives them.

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Final Words On 33Rd Degree Masonic Regalia

Masonic Regalia is a symbol of the bond that exists between different members of the Masonic fraternity. It is a way of expressing the values and beliefs shared by the members and a reminder of their commitment to each other. The 33rd Degree is an especially important part of Masonic Regalia, as it recognizes the highest level of achievement and leadership within Masonry. This regalia serves as a badge of honor for those who have attained this level and a reminder of their commitment to service in Masonry.

Masonic regalia is also symbolic of the principles that Masons live by, such as truth, honor, justice, brotherly love, relief and charity. The 33rd degree regalia has special significance as it represents those who have dedicated themselves to upholding these principles and living up to their Masonic obligations. It is an outward sign of dedication and commitment to Masonry and its ideals.

Therefore, 33rd Degree Masonic Regalia can be used in ceremonies to recognize important milestones or accomplishments within Masonry. It serves as a reminder of the members’ hard work and dedication to their craft, while also honoring their contributions to Masonry. Additionally, it can be used as an educational tool for new Masons so that they can understand the importance of these symbols and how they relate to Masonry’s core values.

At its heart, 33rd Degree Masonic Regalia symbolizes unity among all Masons – both past and present – who strive for nothing less than excellence in all aspects of life. As such, it serves as both an inspiration for current members while honoring those who have come before them.

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