Provincial Grand Lodge Of Durham

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham is an independent constituent of the United Grand Lodge of England, which is the governing body for Freemasonry in England. It was founded in 1725 and has been in operation ever since. The Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham is responsible for overseeing more than 140 Lodges and 4,000 Freemasons within the County Durham area. As a result, it holds regular meetings to discuss and vote on relevant matters with regard to the organisation and its members. Its main duty is to ensure that all lodges comply with the rules and regulations laid down by the United Grand Lodge of England. The Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham also provides support and guidance to its members, enabling them to practice Freemasonry in a safe and enjoyable manner.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham was established in 1723. It is one of the oldest Masonic Lodges in the United Kingdom and is the governing body for over fifty lodges throughout County Durham and Northumberland. It was formed by the Grand Lodge of England following a petition by brethren in the area who wanted to form a Masonic lodge that would be separate from those already in existence. Over time, it has grown to be one of the most respected lodges in England with its headquarters located at Freemasons’ Hall, Durham. The Provincial Grand Master, who is elected every three years, presides over all lodges under its jurisdiction and ensures that all members adhere to Masonic principles and laws. The lodge also awards various awards for meritorious service including The Provincial Grand Master’s Award for Outstanding Service which recognizes individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to Freemasonry within County Durham and Northumberland.

The Role of Provincial Grand Master

The Provincial Grand Master (PGM) is a senior office in Freemasonry, responsible for the overall well-being of the Masonic Lodges in their Province. The PGM is considered to be the head of all the Lodges in their Province, both those that are part of their own Grand Lodge and any other lodges that may be under its jurisdiction. It is the responsibility of the PGM to ensure that all lodges adhere to the laws and regulations set out by their respective Grand Lodge, and to ensure that Masonic principles and activities remain true to the values and traditions set out by Freemasonry.

The duties of a Provincial Grand Master can vary depending on the particular structure of their Province. Generally speaking, however, they will have overall responsibility for:

  • Ensuring proper record keeping within each Lodge.
  • Organizing or attending meetings with other members.
  • Approving or denying applications for new members.
  • Ensuring proper financial management within each Lodge.
  • Promoting Masonic education amongst members.
  • Enforcing rules and regulations within each Lodge.

In addition to these duties, a Provincial Grand Master will also be responsible for ensuring that any issues that arise between different Lodges within their Province are dealt with in an appropriate manner. They may also act as an arbiter between two or more Lodges if disputes arise between them. It should also be noted that while it is ultimately up to the individual Provinces to decide how they wish to run themselves, it is generally expected that any decisions made by a PGM should reflect positively on Freemasonry as a whole. To this end, it is important for Provincial Grand Masters to take into account any opinions or suggestions from other members of Freemasonry when making decisions.

Therefore, Provincial Grand Masters will often have an important role to play in representing Freemasonry in public forums. In many cases they may be asked to give speeches at events or conferences related to Freemasonry, or even appear on television programs about Masonry. This can be a great opportunity for them to showcase what Masonry stands for and promote its values and ideals across a wider audience.

The Structure of Provincial Grand Lodge Of Durham

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham is an organization that has been in existence since 1813. It is comprised of a number of lodges and masonic associations located throughout the region. The main purpose of the organization is to promote masonic values and principles, and to provide support to its members in their various activities.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham is structured into four distinct levels. The first level consists of the Provincial Grand Master, who oversees all aspects of the organization. The second level includes the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, who assists the Provincial Grand Master in his duties. The third level includes the District Masters, who are responsible for overseeing all lodges within their respective districts. Therefore, each lodge has its own leadership structure, consisting of a Worshipful Master, Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer and Secretary.

The Provincial Grand Lodge also has a number of committees that are responsible for specific tasks or areas within the organization. These committees include: Education & Training Committee; Masonic Care Committee; Membership Committee; Finance & Administration Committee; Communications & Public Relations Committee; and Charities & Benevolence Committee. Each committee has its own chairperson who is appointed by the Provincial Grand Master or Deputy Provincial Grand Master.

In addition to these committees, there is also a Board Of General Purposes which consists of representatives from each lodge as well as other members from outside lodges who provide advice and guidance on matters relating to masonry in Durham Province. This board meets twice a year and makes decisions on various matters related to masonic activities within Durham Province.

Therefore, there are provincial meetings which are held at least once a year where all members have an opportunity to discuss issues that affect them and receive updates on current events within the organization. These meetings are open to all members regardless of their lodge membership status and serve as an important way for members to stay informed about what’s happening in their area.

Overall, The Structure of Provincial Grand Lodge Of Durham provides an organized system for managing masonic affairs in Durham Province and ensuring that masons have access to resources they need for personal growth while also providing support to their local communities through charitable acts and initiatives.

Membership Requirements for Provincial Grand Lodge Of Durham

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham has certain requirements that must be met before one can become a member.

• They must also provide evidence of having held Masonic office in their own lodge or other lodges.

In addition, all applicants will need to submit letters of recommendation from two current members in good standing with the Provincial Grand Lodge. These letters should speak to the applicant’s character, knowledge, and understanding of Freemasonry.

Once these requirements have been met, applicants may submit their application for membership to the Provincial Grand Master. The application will then be reviewed by the Membership Committee who will make their recommendation on whether or not to admit the applicant as a member. If accepted, they will become a full member with all rights and privileges that come with membership.


The Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham is an organization that is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the practice of Freemasonry in the Durham area. It functions through a network of local lodges, each of which is led by a master and wardens. The Provincial Grand Lodge is responsible for the regulation, administration and supervision of all Masonic activities within its jurisdiction. It also works to promote the general welfare of members and to provide education and support to those interested in Freemasonry.


The Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham accepts applications for membership from qualified individuals who are at least 18 years of age. Prospective members must be recommended by at least two existing members before they can be considered for admission. Once admitted, members are expected to follow a code of conduct that includes maintaining their dues, attending meetings regularly and participating in Masonic charitable activities.


The Provincial Grand Lodge organizes several activities throughout the year such as educational classes on various aspects of Freemasonry, social gatherings such as dinners and dances, and charitable events such as fundraisers for local charities. The lodge also holds regular meetings which provide an opportunity for members to discuss new ideas and initiatives as well as exchange information about upcoming events or activities. Additionally, the lodge offers a variety of services for its members including access to publications, insurance programs, travel discounts and other benefits.

The Annual Festival

One of the most important events organized by the Provincial Grand Lodge is its annual festival which takes place in June each year. During this event, members come together to celebrate Freemasonry while also engaging in activities such as lectures by prominent speakers, debates on Masonic topics and various competitions between lodges from across the province. This festival provides an opportunity for members to come together in fellowship while furthering their knowledge about Freemasonry.

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Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham is an independent Masonic body that oversees a number of Masonic lodges in the area. It is responsible for ensuring that each lodge operates according to proper Masonic principles and practices. The Provincial Grand Lodge also arranges meetings between lodges and other Masonic bodies.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham consists of three grades: Past Masters, Masters, and Wardens. Each grade is responsible for different duties within the lodge, such as overseeing ceremonies, greeting visitors, and organizing events.

The Provincial Grand Lodge also oversees a number of lodges under its jurisdiction. These include the Ancient Order of Free and Accepted Masons (AOFAM), the United Ancient Order of Druids (UAOD), the Order Of Mark Master Masons (OMMM), and the Royal Arch Chapter Of Durham (RACD). Each lodge has its own set of rules and regulations, which are enforced by the Provincial Grand Lodge.

The Provincial Grand Lodge also organizes social events for members of its lodges, such as dinners and parties. These events provide members with an opportunity to get to know each other better and build relationships within the Masonic community.

In addition to organizing social events, the Provincial Grand Lodge also provides resources to help members learn more about Freemasonry. These resources include books on Freemasonry, audio recordings on various topics related to Freemasonry, articles about Freemasonry in newspapers and magazines, as well as online courses on various aspects of Freemasonry.

Furthermore, the Provincial Grand Lodge organizes educational lectures throughout the year on a variety of topics related to Freemasonry. These lectures provide members with an opportunity to learn more about Masonry from experienced Masons who have studied it for many years. The lectures are open to all members who wish to attend them.

Therefore, the Provincial Grand Lodge provides assistance to lodges in need by providing financial aid and other forms of support when necessary. This helps ensure that all lodges under its jurisdiction are able to continue functioning properly despite any difficulties they may be facing.

Events Organised by Provincial Grand Lodge Of Durham

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham is an association of Freemasons and they organise several events during the year. These events are aimed at bringing members together in fellowship, as well as providing an opportunity for members to learn more about Freemasonry and its ideals.

Some of the events that the Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham organises include:

  • Lectures on a variety of topics related to Freemasonry
  • Social gatherings, such as dinners and parties
  • Excursions to interesting places in the region
  • Charity fundraisers and other charitable activities
  • Educational workshops on various aspects of Freemasonry
  • Conferences and seminars to discuss topics related to Freemasonry

The aim of these events is to promote fellowship among members and to raise funds for charity. The funds raised from these events are donated to various charities around the world. Additionally, these events provide an opportunity for members to learn more about Freemasonry and its principles. By attending these events, members can gain a better understanding of the values that form the foundation of this ancient organisation.

At these events, members have the chance to meet other Freemasons from different parts of the country, or even from around the world. This provides an invaluable opportunity for them to exchange ideas and experiences with each other, and build lasting friendships. It also gives them a chance to network with like-minded individuals who share their values.

Furthermore, by hosting these events, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham is able to attract new members into its ranks. By showcasing their work through such activities, they are able to spread awareness about Freemasonry and encourage more people to join their organisation.

Benefits Offered by Provincial Grand Lodge Of Durham

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham offers a range of benefits to its members. These include:

• Financial Aid: The Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham provides financial aid to its members who find themselves in difficult situations and need help. This includes grants, loans and other forms of financial assistance.

• Educational Support: The Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham also offers educational support to its members. This includes providing funding for educational programmes, such as apprenticeships and higher education courses. The lodge also offers advice and guidance on educational matters.

• Social Opportunities: The lodge provides numerous social opportunities for members, including regular meetings at the lodge, dinners, events and other activities. These activities are designed to bring members together in a social setting and foster a sense of fellowship among them.

• Mentorship Programmes: The lodge also provides mentorship programmes which are designed to help young members develop their skills and abilities in areas such as leadership, public speaking, problem solving and communication. This helps them become more capable individuals who can contribute more to their community.

• Health Benefits: As part of its commitment to the well-being of its members, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham offers health benefits such as access to medical care, dental care and vision care services.

• Community Support: In addition to providing financial aid and health benefits, the lodge also provides support for local community initiatives such as charities or projects related to education or health services. It also supports local businesses by providing them with advice and resources when needed.

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Final Words On Provincial Grand Lodge Of Durham

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham is an organization that seeks to promote excellence in the practice of Freemasonry in the United Kingdom. They believe that their work should be based on ancient customs and traditions, while also embracing modern principles and values. Through their leadership, they have been able to provide members with a sense of identity, belonging, and purpose. They have also provided members with the tools necessary for them to be successful in their masonic endeavors.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham has played an important role in the history of Freemasonry and has been instrumental in preserving its traditions and culture. They have also been involved in numerous charitable endeavors and have aided those less fortunate than themselves through their generosity. In doing so, they have set a strong example for other lodges and organizations to follow.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham is an organization that is committed to excellence in masonry and service to its members. Their commitment to promoting fellowship amongst its members makes them a great example for other organizations to follow. As we look back on the history of Freemasonry, we can be proud that it was organizations like this that helped shape our shared legacy.

Not only does this organization exemplify the best qualities of Freemasonry, but it has also served as an inspiration for many other lodges around the world which strive for similar ideals as well as providing assistance where needed. The Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham continues to lead by example when it comes to setting standards for excellence within Freemasonry and should be commended for its efforts.

In reflection, The Provincial Grand Lodge Of Durham is an exemplary organization that strives towards excellence within masonry while providing assistance where needed. It serves as a great source of inspiration for many lodges around the world who strive towards similar goals and values. We are all fortunate enough to benefit from their commitment to excellence when it comes to Freemasonry, its traditions, culture, and charitable endeavors.

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