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The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire is the governing body for Freemasonry in the historic county of Lancashire. The Province was created in 1828, and has since grown to over 70 Lodges, with a combined membership of over 2,000. This Province is one of 47 Provinces within the United Grand Lodge of England.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire strives to uphold the values of Freemasonry; providing a place for members to meet, support each other and help local communities through charitable donations and activities. There are regular events held throughout the year which offer members an opportunity to get together, have fun and raise money for worthwhile causes.The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire was founded in 1772 and is one of the oldest Provincial Grand Lodges in England. It was formed by the United Grand Lodge of England, and is responsible for the management of Freemasonry in East Lancashire, which includes Blackburn, Accrington, Burnley and Preston. Over the centuries, the Province has grown from a single lodge to more than 200 lodges today. The Province’s first Grand Master was William Molyneux, 2nd Earl of Sefton. He held office from 1772 to 1803 and was responsible for expanding Freemasonry in East Lancashire and beyond. The current Provincial Grand Master is Alan Jones MBE. He has held office since 2013 and is a stalwart supporter of Freemasonry in East Lancashire. The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire holds an annual Investiture meeting each spring where new officers are appointed and promoted within the organisation. The Investiture provides an opportunity for members to come together to celebrate their achievements and reaffirm their commitment to the fraternity.

The Role of Provincial Grand Master of East Lancashire

The Provincial Grand Master (PGM) of East Lancashire is a position of great importance within the Masonic Order. The PGM is responsible for overseeing the activities and affairs of all lodges in East Lancashire. He is also responsible for promoting and advancing the purposes and interests of Freemasonry in the area.

The PGM is appointed by the Grand Lodge, which is the governing body of English Freemasonry. He holds office for a term of seven years, after which time he must stand down, unless re-appointed by the Grand Lodge. The PGM’s main role is to ensure that all lodges within East Lancashire are operating according to Masonic principles and regulations. He also acts as an ambassador for Freemasonry in public forums, and represents East Lancashire in meetings with other Provinces and Lodges abroad.

The PGM has a number of important duties:

  • Act as a liaison between local lodges and other Masonic bodies
  • Representing East Lancashire at national Masonic functions
  • Presiding over Provincial Grand Lodge meetings
  • Visiting lodges around East Lancashire to assess their performance
  • Organising Provincial events such as dinners, lectures, classes etc.

The PGM also has an important role in promoting harmony between different branches of Masonry and ensuring that all members are treated fairly and equally regardless of their rank or status within the fraternity. He is also responsible for appointing District Officers to assist him in his duties and ensuring that all lodges have sufficient funds to carry out their activities.

In reflection, it can be seen that the role of Provincial Grand Master is an important one within Freemasonry, especially when it comes to promoting harmony between different branches, visiting individual lodges around East Lancashire and representing them at national Masonic events.

Freemasonry in East Lancashire

Freemasonry is an ancient institution that has been around for centuries, and it has a rich history in East Lancashire. In the 18th century, Freemasonry began to take hold in the region, and over time it became popular with many of the local people. The Freemasons in East Lancashire had a number of lodges, which were established for members to meet and conduct rituals.

The Freemasons of East Lancashire were also involved in many charitable activities, such as helping to build churches and schools, as well as providing financial assistance to those in need. They were also actively involved in politics, and some even held high offices such as that of Mayor or Member of Parliament.

Today, there are still many active lodges in East Lancashire, although membership has declined over the years. The lodges continue to provide members with opportunities to come together for fellowship and to discuss matters of mutual interest. There are also still a number of charitable activities that the lodges engage in, with many donating money or providing practical assistance to those less fortunate than themselves.

The rituals that the Freemasons practice have remained largely unchanged since they first came into existence centuries ago. They involve teaching members about morality and ethics, as well as encouraging them to be good citizens who give back to their community. There is also an emphasis on brotherly love among members, with each helping and supporting each other during times of difficulty or hardship.

Freemasons have become increasingly visible in modern society over the last few decades due to their involvement with various causes and charities, but they still prefer to remain relatively discreet about their activities. This is because they believe that knowledge should be kept within the lodge walls so that it can be safeguarded from those outside who may wish to use it for nefarious purposes or exploit it for personal gain.

Despite its declining membership numbers, Freemasonry remains an important part of life in East Lancashire today. It is a way for people from all walks of life to come together and share their knowledge and experiences while promoting values such as charity and brotherly love among its members.

Many lodges host events throughout the year where members can socialise and participate in activities such as lectures on Masonic topics or enjoying fine cuisine at special dinners. These events provide an opportunity for members from different backgrounds to come together under one roof and build relationships based on mutual understanding.

Freemasonry also provides its members with access to a network where they can seek advice or support from other Masons across the country when needed. This gives them a sense of belonging which can help them through difficult times or provide guidance when making important decisions about their lives.

Structure of Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire

The structure of the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire is an important part of its governance. It consists of a number of different levels, each with its own responsibilities and functions. These are:

• The United Grand Lodge: This is the highest level in the Masonic system and is responsible for the overall governance and management of Freemasonry in England and Wales.

• The Provincial Grand Master: This is an appointed official who oversees all activities within the Province. He or she is also responsible for ensuring that all lodges adhere to the rules and regulations set out by UGLE.

• Provincial Executive Officers: These officials are appointed by the Provincial Grand Master to support him or her in their duties. They are responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations within the Province, including financial matters, membership records, and any other administrative tasks that may arise.

• District Officers: Each district has its own officers who are responsible for overseeing matters within their area. They liaise closely with local lodges as well as with other provincial officers to ensure that all matters are handled efficiently and correctly.

• Local Lodges: These are the individual lodges located throughout East Lancashire that make up the Province as a whole. Each lodge has its own set of officers who manage their own activities, such as meetings, initiations, degree ceremonies, etc., as well as providing assistance to other lodges when needed. Local lodges also have their own internal management structures which dictate how they operate on a daily basis.

Freemasonry Lodges in the Province of East Lancashire

The Province of East Lancashire is home to a rich Masonic heritage. With more than 250 lodges, members can enjoy a variety of activities and fellowship opportunities. Whether you’re looking to become a member or just want to learn more about Freemasonry, this guide will provide you with all the information you need.

• History of Freemasonry: The history of Freemasonry in East Lancashire dates back to 1781 when the first lodge was formed in Preston. Since then, there have been many lodges established throughout the region, providing members with a chance to meet and socialize with other like-minded individuals.

• Types of Lodges: There are three main types of lodges in East Lancashire: Craft Lodges, Mark Lodges and Royal Arch Chapters. Each type has its own purpose and rules, so it’s important to research each one before joining.

• Benefits of Joining: Joining a lodge can provide many benefits, both personal and professional. For instance, members can develop leadership skills through involvement in the lodge’s activities and gain access to networking opportunities that may not be available otherwise. Additionally, Masonic charities support those in need in their communities and contribute to charitable causes around the world.

• Meeting Times & Locations: Most lodges meet regularly throughout the year at various locations across East Lancashire. Most meetings are held on weekdays or weekends depending on the lodge’s schedule. Additionally, some lodges offer special events such as dinners or lectures that are open to the public.

• Cost & Membership Requirements: Membership fees vary depending on the type of lodge and its requirements for admission. Additionally, there may be additional fees for activities such as dinners or lectures hosted by each lodge. Generally speaking, members must be men who are over 18 years old and have good moral character.

Overall, the Province of East Lancashire is home to numerous Masonic lodges that offer members an array of benefits such as leadership development opportunities, networking events and charitable work within their local communities. If you’re interested in learning more about Freemasonry or joining a lodge yourself, make sure to do your research before taking any steps forward!

Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire is an organization that offers educational programs and events for its members. The programs are designed to benefit the members by providing them with opportunities to learn and grow in their Masonic studies.

The organization offers a variety of events and activities that can be enjoyed by all members and those interested in learning more about the fraternity. These include lectures, seminars, workshops, study groups, and social gatherings.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire also provides educational materials on various topics related to Freemasonry. These materials can be used to supplement classroom learning or as stand-alone resources for independent study. They can also be used for research or as reference materials for further exploration into Masonic history and teachings.

The organization also provides support for members who are looking to pursue higher degrees in Freemasonry. They offer guidance on the requirements for advancement and have a network of contacts that can help members find resources they need to move up in the ranks.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire works hard to ensure that its members have access to quality educational opportunities. They strive to create an environment where knowledge is shared freely among peers, which helps foster a greater understanding of masonic principles and practices.

In addition to their educational offerings, the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire also organizes social events such as dinners, sports days, dances, theater nights, picnics, and other forms of entertainment throughout the year. These events are designed to provide opportunities for members to connect with one another and build stronger relationships within the lodge.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire is committed to providing a safe space for its members where they can learn from one another while enjoying fellowship with like-minded individuals. Their educational programming allows them to stay informed about current Masonic topics, while their social events provide an opportunity for relaxation and camaraderie among friends.

Charitable Activities by Provincial Grand Lodge Of East Lancashire

Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire has been actively involved in providing charitable support to the communities in and around East Lancashire. Here are some of the activities that they have undertaken:

• Fundraising: The Provincial Grand Lodge has been active in fundraising for local charities, from small donations to large fundraising campaigns. This has included donations to hospitals, hospices and other charities across the region.

• Community Support: Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire has provided support to local community initiatives such as setting up soup kitchens, running food banks and providing meals for those in need. They have also provided financial support for local schools, libraries and other organisations.

• Mentoring: The lodge has dedicated members who provide mentoring and guidance to young people in the area. This includes advice on career paths, personal development and life skills.

• Volunteering: The lodge members volunteer their time and expertise for a variety of causes including helping out at local events, providing support at homeless shelters and offering help to charities that are struggling with funding or resources.

Charity Events: The lodge holds various charity events throughout the year such as quiz nights, auctions and bake sales which help raise funds for various causes.

• Donations: The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire also makes regular donations to a range of different charities throughout the region which includes both national organisations as well as local ones.

Social Events Organised by Provincial Grand Lodge Of East Lancashire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire organises a variety of social events throughout the year, giving members of the Lodges the opportunity to come together and celebrate their shared interests. These events are open to all members of the Lodges, allowing them to network, learn more about each other, and discuss topics related to Freemasonry.

Some of the most popular social events organised by the Provincial Grand Lodge include:

  • Annual Dinners
  • Lectures and Debates
  • Musical Evenings
  • Garden Parties

The Annual Dinner is held each year in honour of the Provincial Grand Master and is an opportunity for members to share stories, celebrate achievements and enjoy a meal together. The Lectures and Debates give members an insight into different topics related to Freemasonry, while Musical Evenings provide an opportunity for members to perform or listen to music. Therefore, Garden Parties are held during summer months and are a great way for members to relax in pleasant surroundings.

The Provincial Grand Lodge also holds regular meetings throughout the year which allow for discussion on lodge matters as well as providing updates on activities within the Lodges. These meetings also serve as a platform for members from different Lodges to come together and exchange ideas. Additionally, there are often special speakers at these meetings who can provide valuable insight into various aspects of Freemasonry.

The Provincial Grand Lodge also organises special events such as seminars which can be used as educational opportunities for members. These seminars often cover topics such as Masonic history or Masonic law and provide Lodges with valuable information that they can use in their own work. Additionally, there are often guest speakers at these seminars who provide unique perspectives on different aspects of Freemasonry.

Overall, the social events organised by the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire give its members a chance to come together and celebrate their shared interests while also providing opportunities for learning more about Freemasonry. By participating in these events, members can gain valuable knowledge that will help them in their work within their lodges as well as allowing them to network with other like-minded individuals from across East Lancashire.

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In Reflection on Provincial Grand Lodge Of East Lancashire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire is a proud and vibrant organisation, with a rich history and a bright future. Through their many lodges, they provide a safe and welcoming environment for Freemasons to meet, socialise and learn more about the principles of Freemasonry. They are also dedicated to serving the local community by providing support to those in need, whether through charitable donations or volunteering their time.

The Grand Lodge has made great strides over the last few years, with an ever-increasing number of new lodges opening up across East Lancashire. This shows that there is still a strong demand for Masonic membership in this area, which is testament to the hard work of all those involved in running the lodges and organising events.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire has shown that it can continue to grow and thrive even in the face of adversity by responding quickly and positively to changes in society. They have embraced modern technology, allowing them to keep up-to-date with current affairs whilst maintaining traditional values and principles.

As we look back on the history of this Provincial Grand Lodge, it is clear that they have come a long way since its inception over two centuries ago. Its members remain committed to providing an important service to their community, as well as helping Freemasons throughout East Lancashire live out their Masonic ideals and values.

The commitment and dedication shown by the members of this Provincial Grand Lodge has been invaluable in ensuring its longevity and success over the years. No matter what challenges may come their way, they can rest assured that they have laid down a solid foundation so that future generations can continue to benefit from their efforts.

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  1. • Mentoring: The lodge has dedicated members who provide mentoring and guidance to young people in the area. This includes advice on career paths, personal development and life skills.

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