Masonic Club Inverness


Masonic Club Inverness is a friendly and welcoming Masonic club located in the heart of Inverness, Scotland. It was established in 1848 and has been providing fellowship and service to its members ever since. The club is open to all Masons, regardless of their background or experience. It offers a rich variety of activities from formal dinners to informal gatherings and even outdoor activities like fishing trips. With an active membership of over 200, Masonic Club Inverness provides an opportunity for Masons to meet and enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

The Masonic Club Inverness is a friendly and welcoming club for all Masons, from all walks of life. We are a lodge of Freemasons, committed to the highest principles of friendship, morality and brotherly love.

Our lodge meets regularly in Inverness, to discuss topics relating to Masonry, to socialise and to enjoy the fellowship of like-minded individuals. We also hold regular events and activities both in the lodge and in our local area.

We welcome any Masons who would like to join us, or those who are interested in learning more about Masonry. We offer a safe and friendly environment to share our knowledge and experiences, as well as plenty of opportunities for socialising with like-minded individuals.

Whether you are already a Mason or just curious about what we do, we invite you to come along and join us at The Masonic Club Inverness!

History of Masonic Club Inverness

Masonic Club Inverness is one of the oldest and most respected organizations in the city. Founded in 1884, it has been a cornerstone of the community for over a century. The club is known for its strong commitment to philanthropy and its dedication to fostering a sense of brotherhood among its members.

Masonic Club Inverness is made up of men from all walks of life, united in their desire to make a difference in their local community. The club focuses on providing educational opportunities, supporting local charities, and creating social activities for members to enjoy.

The club’s activities are wide-ranging and diverse. Members meet monthly to discuss current events and share ideas about how they can help their community. The club also hosts social events, such as sporting tournaments, picnics, and dinners, where members can relax and spend time with friends. Additionally, the club provides resources for members looking to pursue higher education or take up new hobbies.

In addition to its traditional activities, Masonic Club Inverness offers special programs that focus on improving the lives of those in need. These programs include free tutoring for students struggling with schoolwork; food drives; clothing drives; and fundraising events designed to benefit various charities around the city.

The Masonic Club Inverness has a long history of philanthropy and service to its community. Its commitment to helping those in need has earned it the respect of many in the city and beyond. As it continues this commitment into the future, it will no doubt continue to play an important role in making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Masonic Club Inverness also provides an environment where members can stay connected with each other. Through regular meetings and social gatherings, members can build relationships with other like-minded individuals who share similar interests or goals. This helps foster an atmosphere of camaraderie that allows members to come together as one family.

The Masonic Club Inverness is proud of its long history as an important part of the city’s culture and identity. With its commitment to philanthropy and service still burning strong today, there is no doubt that it will continue making a positive impact on people’s lives for many years to come.

Becoming a Member of the Masonic Club Inverness

The Masonic Club Inverness is an organization that aims to promote fellowship, community service, and personal growth. Becoming a member of this club can provide many benefits for those looking to get more involved in their local community. Here are some of the benefits of joining the Masonic Club Inverness:

  • Fellowship: The Masonic Club Inverness provides an opportunity for members to connect with others who share the same values and goals. This allows members to form friendships and build relationships with like-minded individuals in their community.
  • Community Service: As a member of the Masonic Club Inverness, you can participate in various types of community service activities. These can range from helping out at local food banks to volunteering at local schools or other organizations. By being part of this club, you can help make a difference in your community.
  • Personal Growth: Joining the Masonic Club Inverness opens up a variety of opportunities for personal growth. Through attending meetings and participating in events, members can learn new skills and gain valuable knowledge about topics relevant to their interests. This can be very beneficial for both your personal and professional life.
  • Networking Opportunities: Membership in the Masonic Club Inverness provides many networking opportunities that may not be available elsewhere. Through these connections, you may find potential business partners or even mentors who can help you achieve your goals.

By becoming a member of the Masonic Club Inverness, you will have access to all these benefits as well as other exclusive perks. Whether you are looking for fellowship, community service activities, or just an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, membership with this organization is sure to provide endless possibilities.

Membership Details for the Masonic Club Inverness

The Masonic Club Inverness offers a range of membership options to suit different needs. Membership is open to both men and women, and is the perfect way to get involved in the local community. Here are some of the benefits that come with membership:

• Access to a wide range of social activities and events, such as bar nights, dinners, charity drives, and more.

• Discounts on dining, drinks and other services at the Masonic Club Inverness.

• Invitations to exclusive members-only events.

• Opportunity to take part in charity work and other community initiatives.

• Access to a network of like-minded individuals from all over Scotland.

• Special rates for accommodation at the club’s premises if desired.

Membership fees vary depending on your individual needs; however they start from just £20 per year. To join, simply fill out an application form which is available on the club’s website or contact their Membership Secretary for further information.

Events and Activities at the Masonic Club Inverness

The Masonic Club Inverness offers a wide range of events and activities for its members. From social events to educational programs, the Masonic Club provides fun and engaging activities that can be enjoyed by everyone.

• Social Events: The Masonic Club Inverness hosts several social events throughout the year. These events include open house parties, themed gatherings, holiday celebrations, and more. The club also offers live music performances and entertainment from local acts throughout the year.

• Educational Programs: The club also offers educational programs to its members on a variety of topics such as history, philosophy, technology, art and culture. These programs are designed to help members gain knowledge and understanding of different topics as well as broaden their perspective on life.

• Special Events: The club also hosts special events from time to time such as charity dinners, fundraising activities and other special occasions. These events are designed to bring the members together to celebrate milestones in their lives or support charitable causes in the community.

• Outdoor Activities: For those looking to get out into nature, the Masonic Club provides plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping trips, fishing trips, bird watching trips and more. These activities are designed to help members explore nature in all its beauty while enjoying the company of other members.

In addition to these activities, the Masonic Club Inverness also offers a variety of other services such as catering services for private functions or corporate meetings as well as guest speakers for special events or lectures. The club’s staff is always available to assist with any additional requests that may arise during events or activities held at the club. With so many exciting opportunities available at the Masonic Club Inverness, there is something for everyone!

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Rules and Regulations of the Masonic Club Inverness

The Masonic Club Inverness is a private organization, dedicated to providing its members with a safe and secure environment for socializing and fellowship. As such, all members of the organization are expected to adhere to certain rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are designed to ensure the safety of all members, as well as promote respect between members.

• All members of the Masonic Club Inverness must abide by the laws of Scotland. Any behavior that goes against these laws is strictly prohibited.

• Members are expected to treat each other with respect at all times, regardless of differences in opinion or background. Any form of harassment or discrimination will not be tolerated.

• Proper attire must be worn when attending any meetings or events held by the Masonic Club Inverness. This includes appropriate clothing for both men and women.

• All guests attending events at the Masonic Club Inverness must be registered in advance with their full name, address, telephone number and date of birth.

• No smoking is allowed on the premises. Additionally, no alcohol consumption is permitted during any meetings or events held on the premises.

• Any member found to be engaging in any illegal activity will immediately be ejected from the premises and may face additional disciplinary action if deemed necessary by club officials.

• Members must always act in a professional manner while on club property. Disruptive behavior such as loud talking or fighting will not be tolerated.

• Members are expected to properly clean up after themselves after using any facilities at the Masonic Club Inverness.

These rules and regulations are designed to ensure that all members can enjoy their time at the Masonic Club Inverness safely and responsibly. By adhering to these rules, members can help create an environment where everyone feels welcome and respected.

Masonic Club Inverness

The Masonic Club Inverness is open to all individuals over 18 years of age who are interested in joining as a member and taking advantage of its facilities and activities. Membership fees vary depending on the type of membership chosen and can be paid either in full or by instalment throughout the year. Membership benefits include access to all areas of the club, discounts on all purchases made through the club shop, bar facilities at special rates for members only, and free entry to certain events organised by the club.


Masonic Club Inverness

The Masonic Club Inverness is a great place to enjoy a variety of activities and resources. From social events to educational opportunities, the club offers something for everyone. Here are some of the resources available at the Masonic Club Inverness:

  • Social Events: The Masonic Club Inverness hosts a variety of social events throughout the year, including dinners, dances, and other gatherings. These events are great for meeting new people and enjoying fellowship.
  • Educational Resources: The Masonic Club offers educational resources such as lectures, seminars, and workshops on topics related to history, philosophy, and other aspects of Freemasonry. These resources can help anyone interested in learning more about the organization.
  • Library: The club has a large library with books on a variety of topics related to Freemasonry. This includes history books, biographies, and other works that can provide valuable insight into the organization.
  • Sports Facilities: The club also offers sports facilities such as tennis courts and golf courses for members to enjoy. This is great for anyone who wants to stay active or just relax after a long day.

In addition to these resources, the club also provides support services such as financial assistance for members in need. This is another way that the club helps its members by providing assistance when it is needed most. All in all, the Masonic Club Inverness provides a great environment for anyone looking for an enjoyable experience or educational opportunities.

In Reflection On Masonic Club Inverness

The Masonic Club Inverness provides a unique opportunity for members to come together, build friendships, and celebrate the power of brotherly love. It is a place where people from all walks of life can come together in harmony and share common values and ideals. By joining the club, members are able to experience the benefits of being part of an exclusive network that is dedicated to providing fellowship and support. Through its various events and activities, the Masonic Club Inverness has been able to create an atmosphere that encourages people to connect with one another in meaningful ways.

For those who are looking for a way to strengthen their bonds with their friends, family, or local community, membership at the Masonic Club Inverness is highly recommended. It is a great place to find like-minded individuals who are passionate about developing strong relationships through shared experiences and activities. The club also offers members access to exclusive resources such as educational programs and special events that can help further develop their skills or gain recognition for their accomplishments.

In short, the Masonic Club Inverness provides a safe space for people from all backgrounds to come together in unity and friendship. With its wide range of activities and events, members can benefit from building strong relationships with others while also enjoying access to exclusive resources that can help them grow as individuals. As such, it is an ideal place for people who want to join a community of like-minded individuals who value brotherly love above all else.

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