32 Degree Masonic Consistory

A 32° Masonic Consistory is a body of Freemasons who have been awarded the highest degree in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. It is the highest degree attainable in Freemasonry and is only available to those who have earned all other degrees of the Scottish Rite. Those who are members of a 32° Consistory are known as Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret and are considered to be among the most influential members of Freemasonry. Membership in a 32° Consistory requires a commitment to uphold Masonic values, as well as a deep understanding of historic Masonic rituals. Those who are awarded this prestigious honor often go on to serve their local Lodge, Grand Lodge, or even their nation in an esteemed capacity.

A 32° Masonic Consistory is a form of Freemasonry that is a part of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. This degree of Freemasonry is the highest degree that can be attained in the Scottish Rite and is considered to be symbolic of a Mason’s spiritual journey through life. The 32° degree focuses on philosophical teachings, enlightenment, and personal growth. Members of the 32° Masonic Consistory are known as Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret and are expected to strive for knowledge, truth, and excellence in all aspects of their lives.

The Benefits of Joining a 32 Degree Masonic Consistory

Membership in a 32 Degree Masonic Consistory offers many unique benefits. From gaining access to exclusive social networks to participating in charitable events, there is something for everyone. Here are some of the advantages that come with joining a 32 Degree Masonic Consistory:

• Access to Exclusive Social Networks: Joining a 32 Degree Masonic Consistory provides members with access to exclusive social networks and activities. This could be anything from dinner parties and after-hours events, to lectures and seminars.

• Charitable Giving: 32 Degree Masonry encourages its members to give back to their local communities through charitable giving. This could be anything from donating money or goods, to volunteering time and energy.

• Education Opportunities: Many lodges offer educational opportunities for their members, including seminars on Masonic history and philosophy. These can be great opportunities for self-improvement and personal growth.

• Networking Opportunities: Joining a 32 Degree Masonic Consistory gives you access to a wide network of like-minded individuals who can provide valuable insight into your career or business pursuits. Through these networks, you may find potential mentors or business partners.

• Leadership Development: Becoming an active member of a Masonry lodge provides opportunities for leadership development. Members have the chance to take on leadership roles within the organization, such as becoming an officer or even Grand Master.

• Spiritual Growth: For those seeking spiritual growth, Masonry can offer an invaluable resource in the form of teachings on morality and ethics. By engaging in this type of learning environment, members can gain important insights into their own beliefs and values.

Overall, joining a 32 Degree Masonic Consistory can provide many benefits for its members.

History of 32 Degree Masonic Consistories

The degree of the 32nd Masonic Consistory is one of the highest degrees in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. It is a highly sought after degree that involves a lot of ritual and ceremony. The history of this degree goes back centuries, and its secrets have been handed down from generation to generation. Here, we will take a look at the history of this degree and what it means to become a 32nd Degree Mason.

The 32nd Degree was first established in 1804 by Albert Pike, who was Grand Commander of the Southern Jurisdiction Supreme Council at the time. He wanted to create an elite body of Masons who were devoted to seeking out truth and knowledge as well as preserving the traditions of Freemasonry. This degree has since been adopted by many other Masonic bodies around the world, including some that are not affiliated with Albert Pike’s Supreme Council.

The ritual for this degree is highly symbolic, with each part representing something special about Masonry. For instance, one part involves an altar with three steps leading up to it, which represents faith, hope, and charity – three pillars upon which Freemasonry stands. There are also numerous questions posed during this ritual that require deep thought from the candidate seeking this degree.

Becoming a 32nd Degree Mason requires years of dedication to Masonic ideals and principles as well as study and practice of all other degrees within the Scottish Rite system. It is one of the highest honors a Mason can attain and shows that they have achieved a level of knowledge and understanding far beyond most others within their organization.

For those looking to join this prestigious fraternity or learn more about its rituals and secrets, there are many resources available both online and through local lodges or organizations associated with Freemasonry. Becoming a 32nd Degree Mason requires dedication, commitment, hard work – but also provides many rewards for those who achieve it successfully!

Introduction to 32 Degree Masonic Rituals and Ceremonies

The 32nd Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, commonly known as the Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, is one of the highest degrees of Freemasonry. This degree is made up of a set of rituals and ceremonies which are used to confer various aspects of knowledge on members. These rituals and ceremonies cover a range of topics from morality to philosophy, history, and ancient mysteries. In this article, we will discuss some of the common rituals and ceremonies in the 32nd Degree.


The first ritual in a 32nd Degree initiation ceremony is usually a procession. This procession consists of different Masonic officials that are dressed in their full regalia marching in a single file line towards the meeting place. During this procession, all members must remain silent as they are representing their lodge with dignity and respect.

Opening Ceremony

Once all members have arrived at the meeting place, an opening ceremony is performed. This ceremony includes prayers, readings from scripture or other sacred texts, and other symbolic gestures that are meant to remind members why they are there. It also serves as an introduction to any new members that may be present at the meeting.


After the opening ceremony is complete, a lecture is usually given by an experienced Mason on some aspect of Freemasonry such as its history or one particular ritual or symbol. This lecture allows new members to gain insight into what it means to be a Mason while also reinforcing concepts that have already been taught during previous meetings.

Closing Ceremony

Once all lectures have been given, a closing ceremony is performed which includes more symbolic gestures such as saluting flags or other symbols associated with Freemasonry. After this closing ceremony has concluded, all members will then proceed out in reverse order from which they entered so that they can receive their degree certificates at the end of the evening.


One important part of any 32nd Degree initiation ceremony is taking various obligations from each member present at the meeting. These obligations can vary based on the particular lodge but usually involve promising loyalty to Freemasonry ideals such as protecting fellow Masons and keeping certain secrets confidential within the fraternity. Once these obligations have been taken from each member present at the meeting, they will then receive their degree certificate signifying their successful completion of this particular degree in Freemasonry.

In Reflection

The 32nd Degree initiation ceremony is an important part of becoming a Mason and gaining access to higher levels within Freemasonry’s hierarchical structure. The rituals and ceremonies discussed above provide valuable insight into what it means to be a Mason while also giving members an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment through taking various obligations within their lodge meetings.

Membership Requirements for a 32 Degree Masonic Consistory

Joining a 32 degree Masonic Consistory is an important step in the Freemasonry journey. To become a member, there are certain requirements that must be met.

Age: Prospective members must be at least 18 years old.

Good Standing: Those applying for membership must be in good standing with their former lodges and demonstrate moral and ethical behavior.

Sponsor: The applicant must have a sponsor who is an active member of the Consistory. This sponsor will be responsible for vouching for the applicant’s character and qualifications.

Application Process: After the applicant has been sponsored, they will need to fill out an application form and provide information such as their full name, date of birth, address, occupation, etc. The application will then need to be signed by two current members of the Consistory who can vouch for the applicant’s good character and qualifications.

Initiation Fee: All applicants must pay an initiation fee before they can become members of the Consistory. This fee covers administrative costs associated with processing the candidate’s application and preparing them to take part in ceremonies and rituals as a member of the Consistory.

Once all these requirements have been met, prospective members will be invited to take part in an initiation ceremony after which they will officially become members of the 32 degree Masonic Consistory.

Masonic Consistory Officer Roles

The 32nd degree of Freemasonry is one of the most prestigious and highest ranks to achieve. A Masonic consistory is a body of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, which consists of 33 degrees. Each consistory is led by a group of officers who are appointed to different roles that help the consistory function smoothly. Here are some of the officer roles in a 32 degree Masonic Consistory:

• Master of Kadosh: This officer presides over all meetings, initiations, and rituals that take place in the consistory. They are responsible for ensuring that the meetings are conducted according to Masonic regulations.

• Commander-in-Chief: This officer assists the Master of Kadosh by overseeing all activities in the consistory. They also serve as an ambassador for the lodge whenever they travel to other lodges or Masonic events.

• Captain General: This officer is responsible for making sure that all rituals and ceremonies are conducted according to Masonic regulations. They also supervise any new members who have been initiated into the lodge and provide guidance on their Masonic education.

• Orator: This officer is in charge of delivering speeches during meetings, initiations, and other special occasions. The orator must be well versed in Masonic ritual and philosophy so they can accurately deliver their speeches with clarity and eloquence.

• Treasurer: This officer is responsible for managing all financial aspects of the lodge including dues collection, expenses, and donations. The treasurer must ensure that all financial transactions are conducted according to Masonic regulations.

• Secretary: This officer records minutes from all meetings held in the lodge as well as keeps track of membership information and other important documents such as charters or bylaws. The secretary must ensure that all documents are maintained securely and accurately.

These are some of the key roles held by officers within a 32 degree Masonic Consistory.

32 Degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

The 32 Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite is an important and respected degree that is earned by members of this order. It is a highly esteemed degree that has been passed down through generations. The degree consists of three main components which are the theoretical, practical, and spiritual aspects.

The theoretical aspect focuses on the philosophical basis for the order, which is rooted in the teachings of Freemasonry. This includes a deep understanding of Masonic symbols, history, and philosophy.

The practical aspect covers the various rituals that are used within the order. These rituals are used to initiate new members into the order, as well as to mark special occasions or events in their lives.

Therefore, the spiritual aspect deals with understanding how one’s actions can affect their own soul and how they interact with other people in their life. This includes developing a better understanding of oneself and others, as well as developing a moral code that can be used to guide one’s everyday life.

All three aspects are equally important when it comes to mastering the 32 Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. Each of these components works together to provide a comprehensive education for all members who wish to become part of this ancient order. With dedication and commitment, members can gain a deep understanding of all aspects related to this degree.

Grand Lodge Authority over the 32 Degree Masonic Consistory

Grand Lodge is the governing body of a Masonic Constistory, with authority over all Freemasonry-related activities. It is responsible for setting rules and regulations, convening meetings, maintaining records, and ensuring the proper functioning of a Masonic Consistory. Grand Lodge has authority over all matters related to membership, ceremonies, rituals, finances, and other aspects of running a successful Masonic organization. The Grand Lodge has ultimate authority over all activities in the 32nd degree level of Masonry.

The Grand Lodge sets policies governing membership in a Masonic Consistory. This includes eligibility requirements for admission into the 32nd degree level. In addition, it sets rules regarding ritual work and other activities associated with Masonry. It also sets guidelines on how to conduct meetings and how to use ceremonial regalia within the lodge.

The Grand Lodge also maintains records of all members within a Masonic Consistory. This includes keeping track of dues paid by members, as well as any disciplinary actions taken against them. The Grand Lodge also enforces rules regarding uniforms for members and use of proper regalia during rituals or ceremonies.

Furthermore, it is responsible for overseeing financial management within a Masonic Constistory. This includes setting budgets and approving expenditures for special events or projects that require additional funding. The Grand Lodge can also issue grants or loans to assist Masons in need of financial assistance.

Therefore, the Grand Lodge has ultimate authority over any disputes that arise within a Masonic Consistory. This includes settling disputes between individual Masons or between lodges in different jurisdictions—a process known as arbitration—as well as resolving any issues related to ritual work or ceremonial regalia.

In short, the Grand Lodge holds significant power and responsibility in running a successful Masonic Constistory at the 32nd degree level. From setting rules to keeping records to managing finances and resolving disputes between members—the Grand Lodge plays an integral role in maintaining order within Masonry’s highest degree level.

In Reflection on 32 Degree Masonic Consistory

The 32 Degree Masonic Consistory is an organization of men and women who strive to uphold the values of Freemasonry. The members of this organization work to foster a spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood among its members, to help support the community, and to promote the teachings of Freemasonry. By becoming a member of this prestigious organization, one can gain access to exclusive events, receive benefits such as discounts on products and services, and even receive recognition for their achievements within the fraternity. The Consistory also provides its members with opportunities for personal growth and development through education programs, leadership initiatives, and other activities.

The 32 Degree Masonic Consistory is a unique organization that has been around for centuries. It offers a sense of family and community among its members while promoting the values of Freemasonry. The organization’s commitment to helping its members achieve success in their endeavors is commendable. Through its various activities and initiatives, it provides individuals with an excellent opportunity for growth and development in their chosen career paths or hobbies. Those who join this elite group are sure to benefit from its many offerings.

In reflection, 32 Degree Masonic Consistory is an excellent choice for those who wish to join an organization that fosters brotherhood and sisterhood among its members while promoting the values of Freemasonry. Its commitment to providing educational opportunities for personal growth is commendable.

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