Freemason 1St Degree Working Tools

The Freemason 1st Degree Working Tools are a set of symbolic tools which are presented to a newly initiated Freemason during the First Degree Ceremony. These tools represent a Freemason’s journey of self-improvement and enlightenment, and each tool has a unique meaning that serves as a reminder of the lessons of Freemasonry. The tools are used throughout all three degrees of Freemasonry as symbols to help with moral guidance and spiritual growth. The set of tools includes the 24-inch Gauge, Common Gavel, Chisel, Square and Level. Together these five tools symbolize the principles of Freemasonry – Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.

The Working Tools of a Freemason in the First Degree are the 24-inch Gauge, the Common Gavel, and the Chisel. The 24-inch Gauge is a tool used by Operative Masons to measure and lay out their work. Symbolically, it is used by Speculative Masons to remind them to divide their time wisely and to make proper use of their day. The Common Gavel is a tool used for chipping and shaping stones in Operative Masonry. Symbolically, it is used to break off the rough and superfluous parts of our character so that we may be better prepared for service to God, family, country, neighbor, and self. The Chisel is a tool used for dressing stones in Operative Masonry. Symbolically, it is used to help us smooth and shape our behavior so that we may better fit into society’s framework.

Definition of Freemason 1st Degree Working Tools

The tools used by a Freemason of the first degree are divided into three categories: The Working Tools, The Furniture, and The Jewels. These tools have symbolic meanings that help educate the member in Masonic principles.

Working Tools

The Working Tools are the most important tools for a Freemason of the first degree. They are:
• The 24-inch Gauge – symbolizes the importance of time management and that we should use our time wisely.
• The Common Gavel – symbolizes self-improvement and moral refinement, as well as breaking away ignorance and vice.
• The Chisel – symbolizes how one can shape their character through hard work and dedication.
• The Plumb Rule – symbolizes truth and justice, as well as uprightness in all dealings with others.
• The Level – symbolizes equality among men, regardless of rank or social standing.


The Furniture used by a Freemason of the first degree is also symbolic in nature. They are:
• The Altar – symbolizes devotion to duty and service to mankind.
• The Bible (or other holy book) – symbolizes faith in a Higher Power.
• The Square & Compasses – symbolize morality, justice, truth, and humility before God.


Therefore, there are three Jewels associated with a Freemason of the first degree: The Jewel of an Entered Apprentice Mason (EAM), the Jewel of a Fellow Craft Mason (FCM), and the Jewel of Master Mason (MM). Each Jewel has its own symbolism:
• EAM’s Jewel – represents purity and innocence before entering into Masonry;
• FCM’s Jewel – represents knowledge gained through study;
• MM’s Jewel – represents wisdom gained through experience.

List of Freemason 1st Degree Working Tools

Freemasons use a variety of tools in their initiation ceremonies. This includes tools from the working toolbox of the first degree, which are typically used for symbolic purposes. These tools include:

  • Gavel: Symbolizing authority and judgment.
  • 24-Inch Gauge: Symbolizing the 24 hours in a day, and how to proportion them.
  • Common Gavel: Representing the transformation from a rough to a smooth stone.
  • Level: Representing the equality of all men, regardless of rank or station.
  • Plumb Rule: Symbolizing uprightness in all dealings with others.
  • Square: Representing honesty and truthfulness with oneself and others.

The use of these tools is one of the ways that Freemasonry seeks to instill moral values into its members. The level teaches its members to be equal with one another, while the square teaches them to be honest and truthful. The plumb rule encourages them to act uprightly, as well as adhere to their moral principles. The gavel symbolizes authority and judgment, reminding members that they should always exercise sound judgement in their actions. Therefore, the 24-inch gauge serves as an important reminder that time is precious and should be used wisely.

In summary, these tools serve an important purpose for Freemasons by helping to instill moral values into its members. By using these tools during their initiation rituals, Freemasons can learn lessons about morality that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

Uses of Freemason 1st Degree Working Tools

The Freemason 1st degree working tools are a set of items that have been used for centuries by Masons as symbols to illustrate moral and ethical lessons. These tools have a variety of uses, from teaching to physical labor.

• Square: The square is used to teach the importance of fairness and honesty. It is also used as an aid in layout work and measuring angles.

• Compass: The compass is a symbol for circumscribing one’s desires so they do not exceed their limits. It is also an aid in layout work and measuring angles.

• Plumb Line: The plumb line is a symbol for uprightness, truthfulness, and rectitude in life. It can also be used as an aid in layout work or measuring vertical angles.

• Level: The level is a symbol for equality among all people regardless of social status or wealth. It can also be used as an aid in setting foundations or flooring that are level with each other.

• Gavel: The gavel is a tool used by the Worshipful Master to keep order within the lodge while conducting ritualistic ceremonies. It can also be used for small tasks such as chiseling stone or woodworking.

These are the main uses of Freemason 1st degree working tools, but they can be adapted to many other purposes as well depending on the skill of the Mason using them. With proper knowledge and practice, Masons can use these tools to perform any task with accuracy and precision.

What Are Freemason Working Tools?

Freemason working tools are physical objects used for various tasks in Freemasonry. They are symbols of the lessons taught during the ceremonies and rituals involved in becoming a Freemason. The tools are divided into three categories: rough, perfect, and trestle-board tools. Rough tools are used to shape materials and include the 24-inch gauge, the common gavel, and the chisel. Perfect tools are those that measure or contain something like a square or compasses. Trestle-board tools represent symbols of labor, such as a plumb line and level.

How to Acquire 1st Degree Working Tools

The first degree of Freemasonry requires the candidate to acquire three working tools: the 24-inch gauge, common gavel, and chisel. These tools can be obtained from local Masonic supply stores or online retailers that specialize in Masonic items. It is important to make sure that any items purchased meet Masonic standards for quality and accuracy.

In addition to purchasing these items, some lodges offer loaner programs where candidates can borrow working tools until they have completed their degree work and can acquire their own set of tools. This is an excellent way for new members to save money while still honoring their commitment to the craft.

Therefore, it is possible for Masons who have completed their degrees to donate their used working tools to other candidates or lodges. Lodges often accept donations of these items in order to help offset costs associated with running their organizations. Donating gently used working tools is a great way for Masons to give back to their fraternity while also helping out those who may not be able to afford new items on their own.

In reflection, acquiring 1st degree working tools is an important part of becoming a Freemason. While it is possible to buy these items from specialty retailers or borrow them from local lodges, donating gently used working tools is also a great way for Masons to give back while saving money at the same time.

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Tools in Masonic Rituals

Masonic rituals are based on three degrees, each with its own set of tools. The tools used at each degree represent various symbols that help members remember the lessons and principles they learn as they progress through the degrees. The working tools of the first degree are some of the most recognizable symbols in Freemasonry and include a gavel, a trowel, and a 24-inch gauge.

The gavel is an important tool used in Masonic rituals. It is generally used to symbolize authority and justice, representing the power of a master Mason to build upon his own moral foundation. The trowel is also an important tool, representing unity among members and their commitment to building a better world by helping one another. Therefore, the 24-inch gauge serves as a reminder of time management – that every moment should be used wisely and productively.


The gavel is often associated with Freemasonry due to its use in Masonic rituals. It is believed to represent authority and justice, reminding members that although they are part of an organization with strong principles, they must also take responsibility for their own actions. It can also be seen as representative of control over oneself – emphasizing self-control as an essential part of becoming a better person.


The trowel in Freemasonry has many symbolic meanings. It is often seen as representing unity among Masons and their commitment to helping one another – symbolizing that everyone has something to contribute when working towards a common goal. Additionally, it can be seen as representative of spreading love and understanding – encouraging Masons to build relationships with those outside their organization that are based on mutual respect and understanding.

24-Inch Gauge

The 24-inch gauge is another important tool in Masonic rituals which serves as a reminder of time management. It encourages Masons to use every moment wisely by setting goals for themselves and taking action towards achieving them efficiently and productively. Additionally, it serves as a reminder for members not only to use their time wisely but also to appreciate every moment they have – emphasizing that time should not be wasted but instead cherished for all its potential opportunities for growth and development.

Significance of Freemason 1st Degree Working Tools

The Freemason 1st Degree Working Tools are important symbols used by Freemasons to represent the moral and ethical principles of the Fraternity. They serve as a reminder to always strive for self-improvement and personal growth. Each tool has its own unique meaning, which is used to instruct and guide members in their journey of life.

• Square: The square is a tool used to measure the length and width of an object. It also symbolizes morality and truth, as it is used to ensure that anything built is done so with integrity.

• Compasses: The compasses are a pair of instruments used to draw perfect circles. They represent self-control, as they can be used to help create perfect boundaries in life, ensuring that only good deeds are done within them.

• Level: The level is an instrument used to make sure that everything is built on a level surface, ensuring that foundations are stable and secure. Symbolically, it stands for equality – all men should be treated the same regardless of their differences or backgrounds.

• Plumb Rule: The plumb rule is an instrument used for measuring vertical angles and depths – it ensures that walls or any other structure remain upright and straight. In terms of morality, it serves as a reminder for members to remain upright in their lives and not deviate from the path of righteousness.

• Trowel: The trowel is an instrument used for spreading cement or plastering walls – it symbolizes unity, as it can be used to bind individuals together in working towards a common goal or purpose. It also serves as a reminder that members should always strive towards creating unity and harmony among themselves.

Overall, the Freemason 1st Degree Working Tools serve as reminders for members to stay true to their values and beliefs, while at the same time working together towards creating a better world for all mankind.

The Advantages of Using Freemason 1st Degree Working Tools

Freemasonry is a fraternal organization that uses a variety of tools to help members learn and practice its teachings. One of the most important tools used in Freemasonry are the working tools of the First Degree. These tools are used to teach lessons about morality, integrity, and service to others. Here are some of the advantages that come with using these working tools:

• Improved Understanding: By using these working tools, members can gain a better understanding of Freemasonry’s core values and teachings. They can also gain an understanding of how these values apply to their own lives.

• Mastering Craftsmanship: By engaging in practical activities with the working tools, members can learn more about craftsmanship and how to apply it in their lives. This helps them to become better builders and craftsmen, both spiritually and physically.

• Practicing Service: The use of working tools allows members to demonstrate their commitment to service by using their skills for the benefit of others. This helps them to become more active within their communities and creates a lasting legacy for themselves and future generations.

• Developing Humility: Working with these tools helps members develop humility by reminding them that no matter how great they become, they always need to be humble enough to recognize the importance of learning from others. This allows them to maintain a sense of balance between pride and humility.

• Building Relationships: Through shared experiences with other Freemasons, members can build strong personal relationships based on mutual respect and understanding. This creates an environment where everyone feels accepted and appreciated for who they are.

• Growing Spirituality: Working with these tools helps members connect with their spirituality in meaningful ways through symbolic lessons that can be applied in everyday life. This helps them grow as individuals by deepening their faith in God or other higher powers.

Overall, using the working tools of the First Degree provides many advantages for Freemasonry members. Not only do they gain practical skills that will help them throughout their lives, but they also have opportunities for spiritual growth, developing relationships, practicing service, mastering craftsmanship, improving understanding, and cultivating humility.

In Reflection on Freemason 1st Degree Working Tools

Freemason 1st Degree Working Tools represent the first step towards understanding the deeper secrets of Freemasonry. The tools are symbols of the journey that every Mason takes towards enlightenment and understanding. They can be used to help a Mason explore and understand his own path, as well as to teach others. By studying the tools, a Mason can gain insight into his own motivations and goals in life.

The tools also represent a way for a Mason to connect with other members of the Order. Through them, he can gain knowledge about Masonic history and philosophy, as well as forge relationships with other Masons. Furthermore, they provide each Mason with a sense of identity and purpose within the Order.

Moreover, by learning how to properly use the tools, a Mason can become better equipped to serve his community and make a difference in people’s lives. He can use his newfound knowledge and skills to bring about positive change in his local area or even on a global scale.

In reflection, using these tools is an important part of any Masonic journey. They provide Masons with an invaluable opportunity to further their own understanding of themselves and their role within Freemasonry, as well as to help others in need. By learning how to properly use these working tools, each Mason can become a more effective leader in his community while also gaining greater self-awareness and insight into himself.

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