Freemason Greeting Words

Freemasons are members of a fraternal organization known as the Free and Accepted Masons, or simply Freemasons. The roots of Freemasonry go back centuries and its members have been associated with many of the world’s great thinkers, leaders and builders. The organization has a strong sense of brotherhood and fellowship among its members, and they use a special language to greet each other. This language is known as Freemason Greeting Words. These words are used to recognize fellow masons when they meet and to express their appreciation for each other’s commitment to the fraternity.

The most common Freemason Greeting Words are “brothers and sisters of the craft, may peace and harmony be ever present among us.” It is a reminder of the shared bond between members of the fraternal organization, and a wish for harmony, understanding, and goodwill.

Freemason Greeting Words

Freemasons use a set of greeting words to recognize one another, as well as to welcome new members. These words usually relate to the core values of the organization, such as friendship, morality and brotherhood.

Here are some examples of Freemason greeting words:

  • Brotherly Love – Acknowledge that even though we may have different opinions, we should still love each other.
  • Truth – A commitment to be honest and truthful in our dealings with each other.
  • Relief – A reminder that charity is an important part of being a Freemason.
  • Tolerance – Respect for the beliefs of others, no matter how different they may be from our own.
  • Fortitude – The courage to stand by our beliefs and do what is right, even in difficult times.

These words form the foundation of Freemasonry and are an important part of its culture. They serve as a reminder that Freemasons are bound together by their shared values and principles. They also remind us that we must always strive to live up to these ideals if we wish to be good members of the fraternity.

The use of these special words can also help new members feel more at ease when joining a lodge. By using these terms, they can quickly familiarize themselves with the language and culture within the organization. It also serves as a way for members to show respect and camaraderie toward one another.

Therefore, these special greetings serve as a reminder that Freemasonry is about more than just fraternalism; it’s about upholding certain values and principles that make us better people in general. By using these words when greeting one another, we can demonstrate our commitment to living up to those ideals every day.

Origins of Freemason Greeting Words

The Freemasons are one of the oldest fraternal orders in the world. For centuries, members of the order have used certain words and phrases to greet each other and recognize each other as brothers. Many of these words and phrases have their origins in the ancient languages and traditions of the order. Here are some of the most common Freemason greeting words and their meanings:

• “Brothers All”: This is a traditional greeting among Freemasons, used to signify that all members are equal and no one is above another. It also has a spiritual connotation, as it reminds members that they are all brothers under God’s watchful eye.

• “Long May You Prosper”: This phrase is commonly used when a new member is initiated into the order. It expresses a wish for success and good fortune for the new member.

• “In Perfect Friendship”: This phrase conveys friendship between two Freemasons, signifying an unbreakable bond between them.

• “The Light Is Always Shining”: This phrase is used to remind members that God’s light will always be with them, no matter what situation they find themselves in. It serves as a reminder that they can always turn to God for guidance and protection.

• “Truth Will Out”: This phrase serves as a reminder that truth will ultimately prevail over falsehood or deception. It encourages members to stay true to their beliefs and values, even in difficult times.

These traditional Freemason greeting words are still used today by members of the order, providing comfort and camaraderie among its members as they strive towards their shared goals of brotherhood, service, charity, and self-improvement.

Introduction to Masonic Greetings and Their Meanings

Masonic greetings are used by Freemasons to recognize each other and express good wishes. These greetings are often accompanied by handshakes, secret signs, and special words. In this article, we will discuss the different Masonic greetings and their meanings:

The Masonic handshake is a sign of recognition between two Freemasons. It’s a secret handshake that only members of the fraternity can recognize. The handshake is performed by extending the right hand with the thumb extended and pointing up or outwards. The other Mason then extends his right hand in a similar manner and they shake hands firmly. This is often accompanied by the phrase “brotherly love”.

The Masonic salute is another sign of recognition between two Freemasons. It involves placing the right hand over the left breast or heart with the thumb extended upwards and pressing it firmly against the chest. This gesture is accompanied by the phrase “faithful brother” or “true brother”. This salute can also be used as a greeting when two Masons meet or when one Mason leaves a meeting room.

  • The Grand Hailing Sign of Distress:

This is a sign of distress used in an emergency situation when a Mason needs assistance from another Mason. It involves raising both arms above one’s head with palms facing outward while saying “Oh Lord, my God, is there no help for the widow’s son?” This sign should only be used in an emergency situation as it means that someone is in need of help urgently.

  • The Sign of Fidelity:

This sign is used to show loyalty to one’s brothers in Freemasonry. It involves placing one’s right hand over one’s heart while saying “My fidelity to my brothers never fails” or “My fidelity to my brethren never falters”. This sign shows your commitment and loyalty to your fellow Masons, which is an essential part of being a member of Freemasonry.

  • The Sign of Affirmation:

This sign is used to express agreement with something that has been said or done by another Mason. It involves raising both hands up with palms facing outward while saying “I affirm” or “I agree”. This gesture shows that you agree with what has been said or done, showing unity among Masons.

In Reflection

These are some of the most common Masonic greetings and their meanings used by members of the fraternity today. Through these greetings, Masons can recognize each other, exchange good wishes, show their loyalty and commitment to their brothers, as well as express agreement with something that has been said or done.

Traditional Masonic Greetings

Masonic greetings are an important part of the organisation and its culture. These greetings have been passed down from generation to generation and are used to show respect and admiration for fellow members. Here are some traditional Masonic greetings:
• “Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth” – This is the most commonly used greeting among Masons. It is a reminder of the values that all Masons strive to uphold.
• “Honor the Craft” – This is another popular greeting among Masons, which serves as a reminder to always respect and honor the craft of Masonry.
• “God Bless All Who Enter Here” – This greeting is often used when welcoming guests into a lodge or other Masonic gathering. It serves as a reminder to show hospitality and respect to all who enter.
• “To Be One Ask One” – This is a common phrase used by Masons when referring new potential members or candidates for initiation into Masonry.
• “Labor To Improve Ourselves” – This phrase is often used by Masons to remind each other of their responsibility to work towards self-improvement through knowledge and understanding of the craft.
• “May We Meet On The Level And Part On The Square” – This phrase reminds Masons of their commitment to treat each other with respect, honesty, and fairness throughout their Masonic journey.
Using these traditional Masonic greetings can help bring together members from different generations and help them remember the values that they should be striving for in their Masonic lives. They are also great reminders for new members who may not yet understand all of the traditions associated with Masonry. By using these traditional greetings in everyday conversations, it helps unify all members under one common goal – that of building better relationships with each other through fellowship, knowledge, and understanding.

Masonic Salutations for Different Occasions

Masonic salutations are used to greet and recognize members of the Freemason fraternity. They are a sign of friendship and respect, and there are many variations depending on the occasion. Here is a look at some of the most common Masonic salutations:

• “Brotherly Love”: This is one of the oldest and most traditional forms of Masonic greeting. It is used to show that all members of the Freemason brotherhood are united in friendship and love.

• “Peace, Love, & Harmony”: This is a more modern version of the traditional Masonic greeting. It is often used to greet new members or to welcome visitors at meetings.

• “Goodwill Forever”: This is another common Masonic salutation that expresses goodwill between members. It is often used when wishing someone luck in their endeavors or when congratulating them on an achievement.

• “May Peace Reign”: This is a slightly more formal variation on the traditional Masonic greeting. It is often used during special occasions such as holidays or anniversaries.

• “Be True To Yourself”: This phrase conveys that each member should remain true to themselves and their beliefs as they progress through life. It emphasizes self-reflection and personal growth.

These are just some examples of commonly used Masonic salutations for different occasions. Each Freemason has their own unique way of expressing themselves, so it is always important to be respectful when exchanging greetings with fellow members.


Freemasonry is a fraternal organization famous for its use of certain phrases and words known as “greeting words”. Greeting words are used to show respect and to show recognition of fellow Freemasons. Knowing how to use these greeting words appropriately is important, as improper usage can be seen as insulting or disrespectful.

Understanding Greeting Words

Greeting words are sometimes referred to as “Masonic formulas” or “Masonic signs”. They are usually short phrases or single words that can be used in a variety of contexts. For example, the greeting word “Ahmen” is used when beginning or ending a prayer. The phrase “So Mote It Be” is used to show agreement or acceptance of something said by another Freemason.

How to Use Greeting Words Appropriately

When using greeting words, it is important to remember that they should only be used in appropriate contexts and should not be used in an offensive manner. For example, the phrase “So Mote It Be” should not be used when referring to something that another person has said if it does not reflect agreement with what was said. Additionally, the word “Ahmen” should not be shouted out in a public setting where it could cause offense.

It is also important to remember that some Freemasons may have different interpretations of certain greeting words than others. Therefore, it is important to consider the context in which the greeting word is being used before responding with another greeting word.

Therefore, some Freemasons may choose not to use certain greeting words at all due to their personal beliefs or preferences. It is important to respect these preferences and refrain from using such phrases if requested by another Freemason.

In Reflection

In reflection, using Freemason greeting words appropriately requires consideration of both context and personal preference. Respectful usage of such phrases can help maintain the principles on which Freemasonry was founded and ensure that all members feel welcome and included in the organization’s activities and rituals.

Popularly Used Freemason Greetings

Freemasons have their own unique way of greeting one another. Though there are a variety of ways to express greetings, some of the most common Freemason greetings include:

  • ‘Ahoy!’ – This exclamation is believed to have originated from the Royal Navy and is typically used when two Masons meet.
  • ‘On the Level’ – This greeting is used to remind Masons of their commitment to always act with honesty and integrity.
  • ‘Trestle Board’ – This phrase is derived from an ancient symbol and is used as a reminder of the importance of education and knowledge.
  • ‘Peace, Love, & Harmony’ – This phrase reflects the values that Freemasonry stands for and is often used as a farewell between members.

These phrases serve as an important reminder of what it means to be a Mason and how important it is to maintain these values in everyday life. As a Mason, you can use these greetings in your everyday conversations with other members or even strangers who you may come across in daily life. Additionally, using these phrases can help remind you of your commitment to the principles of Freemasonry. Not only do they serve as an important reminder for yourself but they can also be used as conversation starters when meeting new people in your community.

Final Words on Freemason Greeting Words

Freemasonry is an ancient and respected fraternity that has been around for centuries. Its members are united by the values of brotherly love, relief, and truth. Freemason greeting words are symbols used to express these values in a meaningful way. They remind us of our commitment to one another and are reminders of the importance of our shared values.

We can use these words to greet each other with respect and understanding, as well as to express our appreciation for being part of such a special fraternity. While the words may vary slightly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, they all serve the same purpose: To show unity and fellowship among brothers.

Freemason greeting words also serve as reminders of our responsibility to uphold the values that we believe in and share with each other. They remind us that we should always strive for excellence in everything we do, both within the fraternity and outside it. The words also encourage us to stay true to our core beliefs and be loyal to one another no matter what challenges come our way.

The words we use when greeting each other have an incredible power that can bring people closer together even if they come from different backgrounds or have different beliefs. We should strive to use them with respect and understanding so that they may continue to be a source of strength and comfort for generations to come.

In reflection, Freemason greeting words are an integral part of the brotherhood’s culture and tradition. They remind us of our commitment to one another while encouraging us to stay true to our core beliefs no matter what challenges come along the way. We should always strive use them with respect in order for them continue bringing people together with their powerful messages into the future.

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