Southland Masonic Charitable Trust

The Southland Masonic Charitable Trust, established in 1885, is a charitable trust dedicated to providing support to those in need within the Southland region of New Zealand. The Trust seeks to provide assistance with medical expenses, educational needs and welfare support for those in need. It also works to promote the values of Freemasonry, such as integrity, moral courage and respect for others. The Trust is funded through donations from members of the Southland Lodge of Freemasons and other generous supporters. All funds received are used solely for charitable purposes.

The Southland Masonic Charitable Trust is a charitable trust dedicated to providing assistance to those in need in Southland, New Zealand. Established in 1973, the Trust has provided support and assistance for health, education, welfare, sporting and community activities in Southland since then. The Trust is funded by donations from Freemasons throughout New Zealand and is administered by a Board of Governors made up of Freemasons from throughout the region. The Trust aims to assist individuals and organizations with grants that will improve the quality of life for those living in Southland. The Trust also provides financial assistance to help with medical costs or special needs, as well as support for recreational activities that promote good health and well-being. The Trust also offers scholarships for students studying at tertiary level. These scholarships are awarded annually and offer financial assistance to those who demonstrate scholastic excellence or have demonstrated significant involvement in their community through service or volunteerism.


The mission of the Southland Masonic Charitable Trust is to preserve the rich history and culture of Freemasonry in New Zealand, while also advancing the wellbeing of current and future generations. To achieve this, the trust provides support for a range of activities including education, health care, research and development, and community service. The trust works in collaboration with local government, businesses, charities and other organisations to ensure that its work has a positive impact on those it serves.


The Southland Masonic Charitable Trust’s vision is to be recognised as a leader in promoting and supporting sustainable development initiatives that benefit its beneficiaries and the wider community. The trust seeks to develop partnerships with organisations that share its commitment to advancing social justice and environmental sustainability, whilst also supporting economic growth. By working together with these partners, the trust aims to create positive change for all those involved in its work.


The primary objectives of the Southland Masonic Charitable Trust are:
• To provide financial assistance for educational opportunities to improve social mobility
• To promote health care initiatives that improve access to quality healthcare services
• To support research and development projects that advance scientific knowledge
• To create partnerships with other organisations that share a commitment to social justice and sustainability
• To provide community service initiatives that benefit local communities
• To protect and preserve Freemasonry’s rich history and culture in New Zealand.

History of Southland Masonic Charitable Trust

The Southland Masonic Charitable Trust has been a part of the local community since the late 1800s. It was established by a group of Freemasons from Invercargill in New Zealand who were determined to provide financial support to those in need. The trust has since grown and expanded to include a variety of charitable initiatives, including educational and health-related programs, as well as providing assistance to families in need.

The trust is managed by volunteers from the local Freemasons lodges, who have devoted their time and resources to helping those less fortunate in the Southland region. The trust is funded by donations from individuals and corporations, as well as grants from government bodies. All funds are used for charitable purposes only and are fully tax deductible.

The trust offers a number of different programs that benefit individuals and families in the Southland region. These programs include educational scholarships for students, financial assistance for medical emergencies, grants for research projects, assistance with housing costs, and support for community projects. The trust also provides emergency relief in times of natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes.

One of the most important aspects of the Southland Masonic Charitable Trust is its commitment to providing long-term assistance to those who are struggling financially or are faced with other challenging circumstances. This includes providing emergency relief when needed, as well as offering guidance and support so that people can become self-sufficient over time. This commitment to helping people meet their own needs is something that sets this charity apart from other organizations in the area.

In addition to its charitable activities, the trust also organizes social events throughout the year that bring together members of the local community and allow them to share their experiences with one another. These events also give people an opportunity to learn more about Freemasonry and how it can help them make positive changes in their lives.

The Southland Masonic Charitable Trust has enriched many lives over its long history and continues to be an important part of the local community today. By providing financial assistance when needed, offering advice and support when necessary, and organizing social events that bring people together, this organization has helped countless individuals make positive changes in their lives while making a real difference in our community.

Services Provided by Southland Masonic Charitable Trust

The Southland Masonic Charitable Trust (SMCT) provides a wide range of services and programs to the citizens of Southland. These services are designed to improve the overall quality of life and promote community engagement. The SMCT provides a variety of services including:

  • Educational scholarships and grants
  • Financial assistance for medical treatment
  • Support programs for veterans
  • Assistance with housing needs
  • Support for youth programs and activities
  • Community outreach initiatives

The SMCT is committed to providing the people of Southland with the resources they need to lead healthy, productive lives. Through its many services, the SMCT strives to foster a strong sense of connection with the local community. The trust also works to ensure that those in need have access to educational opportunities, financial assistance, and other forms of support. The trust also operates a variety of programs aimed at promoting economic development in the region, such as job training initiatives and business incubator programs.

In addition to its core services, the SMCT also offers numerous outreach activities such as public lectures and workshops. These activities provide an opportunity for members of the community to come together to learn about topics such as health care, financial literacy, veterans’ issues, youth development, and more. Through these outreach activities, the trust seeks to create a more informed and engaged citizenry.

The SMCT is dedicated to making sure that everyone in Southland has access to resources they need in order to achieve their goals. Through its commitment to providing quality services and engaging in meaningful outreach activities, the trust seeks to empower individuals and strengthen communities across Southland.

Southland Masonic Charitable Trust

The Southland Masonic Charitable Trust is a trust established by the Freemasons of Southland in New Zealand. The trust provides financial assistance to those in need, and has been doing so for many years. The trust supports people from all walks of life, from young people to the elderly, and is dedicated to helping those who have fallen on hard times.

Objective of the Trust

The objective of the Southland Masonic Charitable Trust is to provide financial assistance to those in need. The trust’s primary focus is on providing relief to those who are struggling financially, but it also provides assistance for other areas such as education, health care and housing.


The beneficiaries of the Southland Masonic Charitable Trust are individuals and families in need throughout Southland. The trust provides financial assistance for a range of needs including medical expenses, food parcels, utility bills, educational costs and housing costs. The trust also assists with emergency needs such as clothing, furniture and transportation costs.

Types of Assistance Offered

The Southland Masonic Charitable Trust offers a variety of types of assistance depending on the individual’s or family’s circumstances. Assistance may include one-off grants or loans; ongoing payments for basic living expenses; help with education costs; help with medical bills; and help with housing costs such as rent and mortgage payments.

Application Process

Those wishing to apply for assistance from the Southland Masonic Charitable Trust must submit an application form along with supporting documentation. All applications will be assessed by a committee who will consider each case individually before making a decision about whether or not to provide financial assistance.

Funding Sources for Southland Masonic Charitable Trust

The Southland Masonic Charitable Trust (SMCT) is a trust that was founded in 1984 by members of the Freemasons in Southland, New Zealand. The trust provides financial assistance to those in need within the community. There are a number of different funding sources available for SMCT, including:

• Grants from government departments – Government departments such as the Department of Internal Affairs provide grants to SMCT for specific projects or initiatives.

• Donations from members – Members of the Freemasons often donate money and other resources to help support SMCT’s work.

• Fundraising events – The trust holds regular fundraising events, such as galas and dinners, which help to raise money for its various initiatives.

• Corporate sponsorships – Large companies often sponsor SMCT’s events and programs, providing them with additional funds.

• Endowments – Endowments are a type of long-term investment that can provide a steady stream of income for SMCT.

By utilizing these various funding sources, SMCT is able to continue its work in helping those in need within the community.

Southland Masonic Charitable Trust

The Southland Masonic Charitable Trust is a charitable trust founded in 1883 by members of the Freemasonry movement in New Zealand. The purpose of the trust is to provide financial support to those in need, and it has made significant contributions to many causes throughout its history. The trust has funded educational scholarships, medical research, and provided aid to various charities in the South Island. It has also provided assistance to families affected by natural disasters. This article will discuss the impact of the Southland Masonic Charitable Trust on those who benefit from its generosity.

The Southland Masonic Charitable Trust has helped many people over the years, from providing grants for education and medical research to providing aid for those affected by natural disasters. It has helped fund projects such as a new school building in Invercargill and an endowment for medical research at Otago University. The trust also provides grants for charities and other organizations that are helping people in need, such as food banks and homeless shelters. These grants have had a significant impact on those who receive them, allowing them to continue their important work or launch new initiatives.

The trust also supports local communities through its grants and donations. It provides funds for community projects such as playgrounds and parks, as well as assistance to local sports teams and clubs. These donations have had a positive effect on the communities they serve, providing access to recreational facilities that would otherwise be unavailable. Additionally, the trust provides scholarships to students who wish to pursue higher education but are unable to do so due to financial constraints. This allows these students access to further education that would otherwise be out of their reach.

In addition, the Southland Masonic Charitable Trust is committed to transparency when it comes to its grantees and donations. The trust publishes annual reports detailing where funds are allocated each year, allowing donors and grantees alike an understanding of how money is being used and how it is making an impact on those who benefit from it.

Overall, it is clear that the Southland Masonic Charitable Trust has had a positive impact on many people throughout New Zealand’s South Island region over its long history. From helping families affected by natural disasters through providing funding for educational opportunities or recreational facilities for local communities, this trust has helped many individuals directly or indirectly over the decades with its generous donations and grants.

Organizational Structure of Southland Masonic Charitable Trust

Southland Masonic Charitable Trust (SMCT) is a charitable trust established with the aim of providing financial support for the good works of Freemasonry within New Zealand. The Trust is divided into two parts – the Southland Freemasons’ Charitable Trust and the Southland Freemasons’ Lodge Education Fund. The Trustees are charged with managing both funds to ensure that they are used to benefit those most in need.

The structure of SMCT is made up of three main bodies: the Board of Trustees, the Finance Committee and the Executive Committee. The Board of Trustees consists of seven members who are elected by the members of SMCT and is responsible for making decisions about how best to use the funds for charitable purposes.

The Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing the finances and investments held by SMCT, while also providing advice to the Board on matters relating to finance, investments and taxation. The Executive Committee is responsible for providing guidance on all administrative matters such as fundraising, marketing and communications.

The trustees are supported by a number of staff members who provide administrative support, financial management and strategic planning services. These staff members are employed on a part-time or full-time basis depending on their role within SMCT.

The trustees are also assisted by a number of volunteers who help with fundraising activities, communications and other tasks related to running SMCT. These volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds including business, education and welfare organisations.

In order to ensure that funds are distributed in accordance with its charitable aims, SMCT has developed a number of policies which set out how it will use its money to support those most in need within New Zealand’s communities. These policies cover areas such as eligibility criteria for funding applications, criteria for assessing applications, reporting requirements and procedures for appeals against decisions made by SMCT trustees or staff members.

SMCT also has an internal complaints procedure which sets out how complaints can be made about decisions made by trustees or staff members. This process ensures that any grievances can be addressed in a timely manner and that appropriate action can be taken if necessary.

SMCT seeks to operate in an ethical manner at all times, adhering to principles such as transparency, accountability and integrity when making decisions about how best to use its funds for charitable purposes. This commitment ensures that SMCT continues to provide much needed financial assistance for those most in need within New Zealand’s communities while adhering to its core values at all times.

Final Words On Southland Masonic Charitable Trust

The Southland Masonic Charitable Trust is a great representation of the values and principles of Freemasonry. The trust’s commitment to empowering individuals to achieve their potential, as well as its steadfast dedication to providing assistance in the areas of health, education, and the arts for those in need, are admirable qualities that make it stand out from other organizations. In addition, the trust’s unique approach to utilizing its resources and developing partnerships with other organizations is a testament to how well it understands and engages with its community.

The success of the Southland Masonic Charitable Trust speaks volumes about how far Freemasonry has come in its mission to provide assistance and support those who need it most. The trust’s commitment to excellence and collaboration with other organizations is an example that any organization should strive for. It is clear that this trust will continue to be a positive force in the community and will bring much-needed assistance for many years to come.

Through its varied initiatives, the Southland Masonic Charitable Trust has built a strong foundation for its future growth and success. Its reputation as an organization dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives is undeniable. As such, this trust will continue to be an integral part of our community for many years to come.

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