Order Of The Garter Recipients


The Order of the Garter is the highest order of chivalry in England and is composed of the King or Queen and 24 knights or ladies. The recipients are chosen personally by the Sovereign and are appointed for life. It is one of the oldest orders of knighthood in the world, dating back to 1348. The motto of the Order, “Honi soit qui mal y pense,” translates to “shame be to him who thinks evil of it.” The Order has traditionally been a mark of excellence for those who have achieved distinction in service to their country or to humanity. Over its long history, many notable individuals have been honored with membership in the Order, including kings, queens, statesmen, military leaders, scientists, and artists.

The Most Noble Order of the Garter is an ancient and prestigious British order of chivalry, founded by King Edward III in 1348. It is one of the most exclusive orders in the world, with only 24 members at any one time. The Order of the Garter is traditionally awarded by the reigning British monarch to those deemed to have made a major contribution to public service or to have held a high office of state. Some of the most famous recipients of the Order include former Prime Ministers Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher, former US President Ronald Reagan, former Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother and many other royal family members.

The Order of the Garter-Awarded Historical Figures

The Order of the Garter is one of the most prestigious awards given by the British Monarchy. It is awarded to those who have made significant contributions to society, arts, and sciences. The award was first established in 1348 and since then many influential historical figures have been awarded this esteemed award.

    • King Henry VIII: King Henry VIII was the ruler of England between 1509 and 1547. He was a renowned statesman, military leader, and patron of the arts. He was one of the first recipients of the Order of the Garter.
    • Queen Victoria: Queen Victoria reigned over Britain from 1837 until her death in 1901. She was highly respected for her social reforms and advances in education and industry, making her an obvious choice to receive The Order of the Garter.
    • Winston Churchill: Winston Churchill served as British Prime Minister during World War II and was one of Britain’s most influential political figures. Churchill received The Order Of The Garter for his leadership during WWII.
    • Charles Darwin: Charles Darwin is best known for his work on evolution through natural selection which revolutionised our understanding of biology. Darwin received The Order Of The Garter for his outstanding contributions to science.
    • William Shakespeare: William Shakespeare is widely regarded as one of Britain’s greatest authors ever. His plays are still performed today around the world and he was awarded The Order Of The Garter for his literary achievements.

Prominent Recipients Of The Order Of The Garter

The Order of the Garter is the highest order of chivalry in Britain and is awarded to those who have made a major contribution to public life or served the country in an exemplary way. Many prominent figures have been recipients of this prestigious award, which is typically bestowed upon individuals who have had a long and distinguished service to the Crown. Here are some of the most famous recipients of this honour:

• Prince Charles – Prince Charles was made a Knight of the Garter in 1958 at the age of 10, making him one of the youngest ever recipients. He currently holds the rank of Knight Companion.

• Queen Elizabeth II – Queen Elizabeth II was appointed a Lady Companion of the Order in 1947 and was later promoted to Dame Grand Cross in 1988.

• Winston Churchill – Winston Churchill was appointed an Extra Knight Companion in 1953, making him one of only two people to receive this honour during his lifetime.

• David Beckham – David Beckham became a Knight Commander in 2003 for his services to football and charity work.

• Nelson Mandela – Nelson Mandela was made an Honorary Member in 1994 for his contributions towards global peace and understanding.

• Margaret Thatcher – Margaret Thatcher became an Extra Lady Companion in 1995 for her outstanding service as Prime Minister.

These are just some of the many distinguished individuals who have been honoured with The Order of The Garter over its centuries-long history. It is a testament to their hard work, dedication and contribution to Britain that they were recognised with such a prestigious award.

Notable Holders Of The Order Of The Garter

The Order of the Garter is an order of knights considered to be the most prestigious in England, founded by King Edward III in 1348. It has over 25 members, all of whom are appointed and selected by the reigning British monarch. Many notable figures have held this honor throughout history, including several members of the British royal family. Here are some of the most famous:

• King Henry VIII: He was a member from 1509 to his death in 1547. He was a prominent figure in English history, and his reign saw significant changes to the structure of government and religion within England.

• Queen Elizabeth I: She was appointed to the Order in 1559 during her reign as queen, making her one of its longest-serving members.

• Queen Victoria: Queen Victoria was made a Lady Companion of the Order in 1837 and served until 1901. She is known for being one of Britain’s longest-reigning monarchs and for helping to shape modern Britain into what it is today.

• Winston Churchill: The former Prime Minister was appointed to the Order in 1953 after leading Britain during World War II. He is considered one of Britain’s greatest leaders and statesmen.

• Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh: Prince Philip has served as a member since 1947 and currently holds one of the highest positions within its hierarchy as a Knight Grand Cross with Collar.

• Duke of Cambridge (Prince William): Prince William was appointed to the Order in 2008 by his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, making him one of its youngest members at just 28 years old.

These are just some examples of well-known people who have held membership within this prestigious order throughout history. Each has contributed significantly to England and its culture, making them all worthy holders of this great honor.

The Order of the Garter

The Order of the Garter is a prestigious honour that has been bestowed on some of the most distinguished people in Britain and around the world. It is one of the oldest orders of chivalry and dates back to 1348 when it was created by King Edward III. The award has been given to more than 700 people since then, including kings, queens, politicians, military leaders, and celebrities. Here are some notable recipients of the Order of the Garter:

• Queen Elizabeth II: Queen Elizabeth II has been a member since she ascended to the throne in 1952. She is the longest-serving monarch in British history and is currently the oldest living member of the order.

• King George V: King George V was awarded membership in 1911, shortly after his accession to the throne. He held the title until his death in 1936 and was succeeded by his son, Edward VIII.

• Winston Churchill: Churchill was awarded membership in 1953, shortly after becoming Prime Minister for a second time. He held this title until his death in 1965 and remains one of Britain’s most celebrated leaders.

• Prince Philip: Prince Philip was awarded membership in 1947, shortly after his marriage to Queen Elizabeth II. He held this title until his death in 2021 and remains one of Britain’s longest-serving consorts.

• Nelson Mandela: Mandela was awarded membership in 1994, shortly after being released from prison and becoming South Africa’s first black president. He held this title until his death in 2013 and remains one of Africa’s greatest leaders.

The Order of the Garter is an esteemed honour that recognises outstanding contributions made by individuals from all walks of life. The recipients are an inspiring reminder that anyone can achieve great things if they put their minds to it!

The Order Of The Garter

The Order of the Garter is the oldest and most senior Order of Chivalry in Britain, established by Edward III in 1348. It is awarded to those who have held public office, performed military service, or have made a significant contribution to national life. Members of the Order are known as ‘Companions’ and are personally selected by the Sovereign.

History Of The Order

The Order was founded in 1348 by King Edward III, who wanted to reward those who had served him faithfully and with distinction. He chose the symbol of the garter as a sign of his affection and loyalty to his close friends and courtiers. Over the centuries, membership has grown from 24 Knights Companions at its inception to more than 200 today.

Membership Requirements

Membership is open to both men and women who have achieved excellence in their chosen field or profession, or have provided outstanding service to their country. Membership is limited to a maximum of 24 Companions at any one time, although additional members may be appointed as Honorary Members. To become a Companion of the Order one must be recommended by two existing members and approved by Her Majesty The Queen.

Rights And Privileges

Members of The Order of the Garter enjoy certain rights and privileges such as wearing a special blue velvet robe with red velvet lining during formal occasions; being allowed precedence over all other orders of knighthood; receiving an annuity; having their coat of arms displayed in St George’s Chapel; and having access to certain royal parks. They also take part in several annual ceremonies such as Garter Day at Windsor Castle.

Esteemed Members Of The Order Of The Garter

The list of esteemed members is long and illustrious, consisting primarily of high-ranking members of British society such as politicians, diplomats, senior military personnel, judges, church leaders and business people. Well-known past members include Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Nelson Mandela and Diana Princess of Wales. Current members include Prince Philip Duke Edinburgh; Prime Minister David Cameron; Archbishop Desmond Tutu; Lord Dyson; Baroness Scotland; Sir John Major; General Sir David Richards; Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller; Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope; Lord Guthrie; Lord Sainsbury and many others.

The Order continues to be an important part British society today with its members providing an example for others to follow through their commitment to excellence in their chosen fields or professions.

The Order of the Garter: Most Prestigious British Honour

The Order of the Garter is one of the most prestigious honours in the United Kingdom. It is awarded to individuals who have made a significant contribution to society, and it is regarded as an honour of great merit. This article will explore who has been awarded this prestigious honour and what it means to them.

The Order of the Garter was established by King Edward III in 1348, making it one of the oldest orders in Britain. It is awarded to people who have made a major contribution to British life or government, and only 24 people can be members at any one time. The Order has been awarded to many prominent figures over the years, including politicians, military personnel, scientists, artists and philanthropists.

Some of the most notable recipients include Winston Churchill, Field Marshal Montgomery and Margaret Thatcher. Other recipients include Queen Elizabeth II’s husband Prince Philip and her father George VI. Other members include former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown as well as Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela.

The Order offers its members a range of benefits including access to exclusive events such as state banquets and garden parties at Buckingham Palace. Members also receive a unique medal known as a Garter Star which they can wear on special occasions such as ceremonial occasions or official visits abroad.

The award of the Order is an incredible honour for those selected, but it also carries with it a great responsibility for its members to uphold its ideals and values in their everyday lives. Those selected for this prestigious award are expected to act with integrity, courage and humility throughout their lives in order to honour this unique distinction bestowed upon them by Her Majesty The Queen.

Honoring the Most Ancient and Noble Order in Britain

The Order of the Garter is an ancient and noble order of chivalry in Britain, dating back to 1348. It is the most senior and prestigious British order of chivalry. Membership of the Order is limited to 24 Knights or Ladies plus the Sovereign and Prince of Wales. Members are chosen personally by The Queen and appointed for life.

The Order includes many distinguished individuals who have been admitted over its 700 year history, including senior members of the Royal Family, former Prime Ministers, military personnel, diplomats, politicians, lawyers and academics. Past members have included Sir Winston Churchill, The Duke of Wellington and Field Marshal Montgomery.

Benefits of being a member include a banner bearing the symbol of St George slaying a dragon, plus a badge containing a representation of St George’s shield suspended from a belt or ribbon. Other privileges include precedence after royal family members when at court functions and precedence at state funerals.

Members also have access to private social occasions hosted by The Queen including an annual Garter Day service in June at Windsor Castle where all Garter Knights process wearing their robes, hats and insignias. The service includes prayers for all members, living or deceased.

The motto ‘Honi soit qui mal y pense’ (‘shame on him who thinks evil upon it’) is associated with the Order and appears on banners above their stalls in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. This phrase has been used since 1789 as part of the full style of Her Majesty The Queen – ‘Elizabeth II: By The Grace Of God Of The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland Queen Defender Of The Faith Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense’.

Membership also includes exclusive access to select private events such as garden parties organised by Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle. These events provide an opportunity for members to meet each other as well as important people from all walks of life within British society.

Overall, being admitted into this prestigious order is an honour that many aspire to receive – signifying recognition not only from Her Majesty but from your peers too!

Final Words On Order Of The Garter Recipients

The Order of the Garter recipients have a long and noble history, with many esteemed members who have held important positions in the British government, military, and within other prestigious organizations. The organization itself is an exclusive one with a long list of membership requirements. Membership is only open to those that can demonstrate their integrity and loyalty to the Crown.

The Order of the Garter recipients are a select group of individuals who have earned recognition for their service to the United Kingdom and its people. They are respected as role models and examples of excellence in public service. It is no wonder that so many people strive to join this exclusive club and share in its history.

The Order of the Garter has changed over time but its core values remain the same; loyalty, integrity, courage, and responsibility. Those awarded this honour are required to uphold these values in all aspects of their lives. This means that even though members of this prestigious society may come from different backgrounds or hold different beliefs, they are all expected to live up to a set standard of excellence.

These qualities make Order of the Garter recipients true leaders in our society today; ones who can be trusted with difficult tasks and looked up to by others as role models worthy of emulation. In times when our country needs guidance, it is comforting to know that there are still individuals out there who have earned such high honours for their outstanding work and commitment to serve their country.

In reflection, it is clear that those chosen for membership into the Order Of The Garter have made significant contributions in various areas throughout their lives to merit such recognition from Her Majesty’s government. Their stories serve as an inspiration for others as they continue striving for excellence in all aspects of life while remaining loyal citizens dedicated to serving the United Kingdom with distinction.

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