What Are Sons Of Freemasons Called

The sons of Freemasons are often referred to as “Junior” or “DeMolay.” The Junior title is derived from the Masonic term “junior warden,” which is a position of leadership within a Masonic lodge. The DeMolay title is derived from the Order of DeMolay, a youth organization formed in 1919 by a Freemason.

Sons of Freemasons

The Sons of Freemasons is an organization that is dedicated to helping the sons of Freemasons carry on the proud tradition and heritage of their father’s fraternal organization. It provides support, guidance and assistance to its members in their journey to continue the legacy passed down through generations. Sons of Freemasons is a worldwide organization with members from all around the globe.


Membership in the Sons of Freemasons is open to any son, stepson or adopted son of a Master Mason in good standing with a recognized Grand Lodge, regardless of age or residence. The membership fee for joining the organization is nominal and can be paid online through their website.


Sons of Freemasons participate in various activities throughout the year such as social events, fundraising projects, educational seminars and workshops, community service projects, and trips to visit other chapters across the country. These activities serve as an opportunity for members to strengthen their bonds with fellow brothers and expand their knowledge on Masonic principles and history.


Being a member of Sons of Freemasons offers numerous benefits such as access to an extensive online library full of Masonic books and literature, mentorship opportunities from experienced members within the organization, access to exclusive discounts on products related to Masonry such as jewelry and regalia, and much more. Additionally, members are also eligible for scholarships that are offered by the organization throughout the year.

Overall, Sons of Freemasons provides an excellent platform for sons of Master Masons to come together in fellowship and learn more about their father’s fraternal order while enjoying all its benefits.

Qualifications Required To Become A Son Of Freemason

Becoming a son of a Freemason is not an easy task. It requires dedication and commitment to the craft. To become a member of the fraternity, one must meet certain qualifications and abide by a certain code of conduct.

The most important qualification for any prospective son of a Freemason is that he must be 18 years old or older. This age requirement is set in place to ensure that all members are mature enough and have the ability to make sound decisions when engaging in Masonic activities.

In addition, all prospective members must be able to show proof of good character and morality. This includes having a good reputation in the community, as well as displaying the qualities of honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness. It also means that one should not have any criminal record or history of drug abuse or other immoral behavior.

For those who are religious, there is also an expectation that they will practice their faith according to their own beliefs and rituals while being respectful of the beliefs and practices of others who may be involved in Masonry.

In addition to these qualifications, prospective members must also demonstrate financial stability as well as having an understanding and appreciation for Masonic principles, such as charity, brotherhood, honor, loyalty, truthfulness, and respect for all people regardless of race or creed.

The final step before becoming a member is to pass an examination given by the Grand Lodge where one will be applying for membership. This test covers various aspects of Masonry such as its history and philosophy as well as its ritualistic practices. After successfully completing this examination and meeting all other qualifications for membership, one can then become a member of the fraternity and begin enjoying all its benefits.

To become a son of Freemasonry does take some effort but it can be extremely rewarding both personally and professionally for those who choose to join this ancient fraternity. The time spent studying Masonic principles can help foster personal growth while providing an opportunity to make lifelong friends with similar ideals.

By following these qualifications set forth by Masonry, anyone interested in this fraternal organization can join provided they have what it takes to become part of something truly special that has stood the test of time throughout history.

Benefits Of Being A Son Of Freemason

Being a son of a Freemason has its advantages. Here are some of the benefits of having a father who is a Freemason:

  • Access to exclusive clubs and events
  • Opportunities to network with other like-minded individuals
  • Financial Benefits, such as scholarships and grants
  • Support from the Masonic community
  • Mentoring from experienced leaders in the organization
  • Exposure to a variety of traditions and cultures

Having a father who is part of the Freemasonry can open doors that would normally be closed to the general public. For example, attending exclusive clubs and events gives sons access to high-level networking opportunities with other influential people. It also provides them with valuable financial support in the form of scholarships and grants. Furthermore, sons can look to their father for mentorship as they learn more about this ancient organization.

The Masonic community itself is another invaluable benefit for sons of Freemasons. The Masons are known for their close-knit brotherhood, which can be an invaluable source of support during trying times. Sons may find comfort in knowing that their fathers have an extensive network of friends who are there for them whenever needed. Additionally, by being part of this organization, sons gain exposure to many different cultures and traditions that they may otherwise not have been exposed to.

In short, being a son of a Freemason comes with many unique benefits. From networking opportunities and financial assistance to mentorship and support from the Masonic community, this ancient organization provides its members with invaluable experiences that can help shape future generations.

The History Behind Sons Of Freemasons

The Sons of Freemasons is a fraternal organization that dates back to the early 19th century, with its roots in the Freemasonry movement. The organization was established to provide a social and charitable outlet for those who had been initiated into the Masonic order. Today, the Sons of Freemasons is an active international organization devoted to assisting its members in their personal and professional lives.

The original formation of the Sons of Freemasons began in 1822, when a group of Masons from England, Scotland, and Ireland created a fraternal society called the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows. This society sought to unite members of all faiths in brotherhood and service to others. In 1847, the Grand United Order became known as the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF), which eventually spread throughout Europe and North America.

In 1883, several members of IOOF formed another fraternal organization called The Order of Sons of St. John (OSJ). This organization was created to provide assistance to those who had been initiated into Masonry but were unable to continue their membership due to financial or other reasons. The OSJ also provided a unique social outlet for its members, allowing them to network with other Masons from different countries and regions.

In 1889, The Order of Sons of St. John merged with the Grand United Order Of Odd Fellows and became known as The United Order Of Odd Fellows And Sons Of St. John (UOOSJ). This new organization was dedicated not only to supporting individual members but also providing assistance to those less fortunate through various charitable works.

In 1897, UOOSJ changed its name once again, this time becoming known as The Grand United Order Of Odd Fellows And Sons Of Freemasonry (GUOSOF). This new name reflected the close ties between Masonry and Odd Fellowship that had developed over time; it also expressed a commitment by GUOSOF’s founders to uphold both organizations’ principles and values.

Today, GUOSOF is still an active international fraternity devoted to providing support for members both financially and socially through various activities and initiatives such as fundraisers, retreats, scholarships, educational workshops and more. GUOSOF has also continued its commitment to philanthropy through various charitable works including housing projects for homeless veterans as well as medical care access programs for disadvantaged families throughout North America and Europe.

The history behind Sons Of Freemasons is one that highlights the importance of brotherhood and service that are still core values within today’s Masonic societies around the world. Through their commitment to helping others less fortunate than themselves in both financial aid and social support initiatives, this fraternity continues its legacy in upholding these ideals in our modern world today.

Importance of Sons of Freemasons in Society

Sons of Freemasons play an important role in society, as they are a part of a larger network dedicated to service and moral development. They have the opportunity to learn and grow through fellowship, charity, and knowledge-sharing. Freemasonry is a centuries-old organization that promotes self-improvement and brotherhood among its members. As such, Sons of Freemasons can make a significant contribution to society by passing on the values that they learn through their involvement with the organization.

Sons of Freemasons have the opportunity to develop leadership skills through their involvement with the organization. Through their activities, members can learn how to communicate more effectively, as well as how to properly manage projects and lead initiatives. These skills will be invaluable when it comes time for them to take on more responsibility within their communities or organizations. Additionally, Sons of Freemasons have access to a variety of resources that can help them become successful leaders in their own right.

The commitment to service is another important value that Sons of Freemasons can bring into society. Members are expected to use their time and resources to help those in need. This could include anything from helping out at local homeless shelters or soup kitchens, volunteering at community centers or churches, or participating in any other kind of charitable work within the community. The dedication that members show towards helping out those less fortunate will undoubtedly be beneficial for society as a whole.

The bonds formed between members is yet another benefit provided by Sons of Freemasons organizations. Through these bonds comes an increased sense of camaraderie and trust amongst members that would not otherwise exist if not for this organization’s involvement. This creates an atmosphere where members feel comfortable discussing sensitive topics or seeking advice from each other when needed without fear of judgment or ridicule.

Therefore, Sons of Freemasons provide an avenue for members to stay connected with one another long after their time in the organization has ended. Through communication channels such as websites and social media groups, former and current members can stay in touch with each other no matter where they are located geographically. This allows for further growth within the group as well as continued support for one another throughout life’s many ups and downs.

In reflection, Sons of Freemasons provide numerous benefits that are essential for any society looking to promote growth and progress amongst its people. From leadership skills gained through activities within the organization, dedication towards service projects within communities, bond formation between members, and staying connected even after leaving the group; these benefits are invaluable aspects cultivated by Sons Of Freemasons organizations around the world today which make a real difference in our societies today!

Common Practices Among Sons Of Freemasons

Sons of Freemasons have a wide range of common practices that they use to express their loyalty and commitment to their fraternity. These practices range from the use of symbols and rituals to the implementation of certain behaviors and beliefs.

One of the most important symbols used by Sons of Freemasons is the Square and Compass, which is a symbol that represents a moral code. This symbol is used in rituals, ceremonies, and everyday life to remind members of their obligations to uphold the values of Freemasonry.

Another common practice among sons of Freemasons is adherence to certain beliefs and behaviors. Many follow a code that includes honesty, integrity, consideration for others, service to humanity, respect for nature, and tolerance for cultural differences. The belief in freedom of religion and acceptance of people from all backgrounds are also prominent themes in Freemasonry.

In addition to adhering to beliefs and behaviors outlined in a code, sons of Freemasons also participate in rituals such as initiation ceremonies. During these ceremonies, members receive special teachings about the history and values associated with the fraternity. They are also given a unique regalia or uniform that is worn during official meetings or gatherings.

Lastly, sons of Freemasons may participate in charitable activities such as fundraising initiatives or volunteering for community service projects. This practice reinforces the idea that members should strive to help those who are less fortunate than them while striving for personal excellence at all times.

In reflection, sons of Freemasons have many common practices that help them express their commitment to their fraternity. These include adherence to a moral code represented by the Square and Compass symbol; acceptance of certain beliefs and behaviors; participation in initiation ceremonies; wearing special regalia; and engaging in charitable activities. All these practices serve as reminders for members about why they joined the fraternity in the first place – to better themselves as well as society as a whole.

How To Join Sons Of Freemasons

The Sons of Freemasons is an international charitable organization that provides financial, spiritual, and moral support to its members. Joining this organization can be a rewarding experience for those looking to give back and create lasting relationships with fellow Freemasons. Here are some steps to consider when joining the Sons of Freemasons.

  • Find an Existing Lodge: The first step is to find a local lodge that you can join. Lodges are typically made up of several members who meet regularly to discuss matters of interest and share experiences. You may be able to find an existing lodge in your area by searching online or contacting the Grand Lodge in your state.
  • Fill out an Application: Once you have found a suitable lodge, you will need to fill out an application form. This will require some basic information about yourself, such as your name, address, and age. You may also be asked to provide information about your Masonic background or affiliation.
  • Attend Meetings: After submitting your application, you should attend meetings at the lodge you are interested in joining. This will give you the opportunity to meet other members and get a better understanding of how the organization works. It is also important to observe any rituals or ceremonies that take place during these meetings.
  • Pay Dues: In order to become a member in good standing with the Sons of Freemasons, you must pay dues on a regular basis. The amount of dues will vary depending on the lodge you join and other factors such as your level of involvement in activities.

In addition to following these steps, it is important for prospective members of the Sons of Freemasons to understand their obligations and duties as a member. These include upholding the values and principles of Freemasonry and participating in activities that benefit both their local lodges and society at large. With dedication and commitment, individuals have the potential for growth within this organization that can lead them towards personal fulfillment while making positive contributions towards their community.

In Reflection on What Are Sons Of Freemasons Called

Sons of Freemasons have a proud and noble tradition that goes back centuries. They are the children of the members of the Freemason fraternity, and as such, they enjoy the same privileges and benefits as their parents. They are called “Masonic Sons” or “Masonic Brothers,” which is a testament to the strong bond between them.

The Masonic Sons also have a unique culture and lifestyle that is different from any other fraternity or organization. Their beliefs are centered around service to others, morality, and brotherhood. They are expected to live up to certain standards of conduct and be responsible members of society.

Masonic Sons participate in various activities like fundraisers, educational opportunities, social events, and volunteer work. This helps them establish relationships with other members of their community as well as contribute to society in meaningful ways.
Masonic Sons also have access to exclusive resources like scholarships, exclusive invitations to events, special discounts on merchandise, and more. This gives them an edge over the competition when it comes to college admissions or job opportunities.

In reflection, Masonic Sons are highly respected within their community for their commitment to service and brotherhood. They enjoy many privileges that come with being members of this powerful fraternity while also having access to exclusive resources that can help them succeed in life. It’s clear that Masonic Sons have a lot going for them!

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