Provincial Grand Lodge Of East Lancashire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire is a governing body of Freemasonry in the Province of East Lancashire, England. Established in 1822, it is responsible for the organisation and administration of Freemasons’ Lodges in the area and is recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England as the supreme governing body within its jurisdiction. The Provincial Grand Lodge administers over 500 lodges and has a membership of more than 12,000 Freemasons. It is committed to promoting the values and principles of Freemasonry within its jurisdiction, as well as to supporting charitable endeavours both locally and nationally. The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire is an organization dedicated to the growth and development of Freemasonry in the area. It is a part of the United Grand Lodge of England, and is responsible for overseeing the activities of more than 50 Masonic Lodges in East Lancashire. The Provincial Grand Master oversees the activities of each lodge, and is responsible for ensuring that all lodges are adhering to the regulations set out by the United Grand Lodge of England. The Provincial Grand Lodge also works to promote Masonic ideals, foster friendly relations between lodges, and encourage new members to join. By creating a strong network of support within East Lancashire, this organization helps to ensure that Freemasonry continues to thrive in this area.

History of Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire has a rich and vibrant history, dating back to 1813. It is one of the oldest and most respected branches of the Free Masons in the region, with a long and proud tradition of service to the local community. The Lodge was founded by five Lodges in the area, who wanted to create an organisation that would bring together Freemasons from all over East Lancashire. These five Lodges were Bolton, Rochdale, Accrington, Blackburn and Burnley.

Since its inception, the Lodge has grown in size and influence. It now boasts more than 200 members, making it one of the largest Masonic lodges in England. The Lodge is dedicated to providing charitable services to the people of East Lancashire, as well as supporting other Masonic lodges throughout England.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire is divided into four divisions: Bolton & Bury; Blackburn & Darwen; Burnley & Pendle; and Rochdale & Rossendale. Each division has its own officers and committees responsible for running the day-to-day affairs of each lodge within their jurisdiction. In addition to this, there are several provincial committees that manage the overall affairs of the Province as a whole.

The Provincial Grand Lodge holds regular meetings throughout the year at various locations in East Lancashire. These meetings usually involve a formal agenda with items such as elections for new officers or changes to bylaws being discussed and voted upon by members present at these meetings. At these meetings members also take part in various activities such as lectures, debates or social events that are designed to foster fellowship among members.

In addition to these regular meetings there are also many special events held throughout each year such as dinners, lectures or dances which are organised by various lodges within each division for their own members and invited guests from other lodges across England.

The Provincial Grand Lodge also plays an active role in promoting Freemasonry throughout England by holding conferences or seminars on topics related to Freemasonry which are attended by members from all over England as well as representatives from other Masonic organisations across Europe and beyond.

The Provincial Grand Lodge is proud to be part of a long history of service to its local community and strives to uphold its ideals through its commitment to charity work and dedication to maintaining high standards within Freemasonry both locally and nationally.


The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire is the governing body of Freemasonry in the Province. It is responsible for the management and regulation of regular Freemasonry in East Lancashire and its surrounding areas. The organisation is divided into four main parts: the Provincial Grand Master, the Provincial Grand Lodge, subordinate lodges and other affiliated Masonic orders. The Provincial Grand Master is the head of the organisation and oversees all activities within the Province. The Provincial Grand Lodge consists of representatives from each subordinate lodge, as well as members from other affiliated Masonic orders.


The structure of the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire is based upon a hierarchical system. At its highest level, it consists of a Provincial Grand Master, who serves at the pleasure of Her Majesty The Queen, and two Deputy Provincial Grand Masters who serve at his discretion. Beneath these there are several other levels, including Assistant Provincial Grand Masters, Past Provincial Senior Wardens and Past Junior Wardens. In addition to these levels, there are also several officers such as Secretary, Treasurer and Chaplain who act in support roles.

Each subordinate lodge has its own officers which include a Worshipful Master, Senior Warden and Junior Warden. These officers are responsible for running their respective lodges in accordance with national regulations set out by UGLE (United Grand Lodge of England). In addition to this, each lodge has an elected committee which oversees day-to-day running of its activities such as meetings and fund-raising events. Other Masonic orders such as Mark Masonry also have their own internal structure with a range of different offices ranging from Treasurer to Steward to Marshal depending on their size and purpose.

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Events Organised by Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire is the governing body for Freemasonry in the area. It offers a wide range of events throughout the year that can be tailored to suit individual members or groups. Events range from simple social gatherings to elaborate ceremonies and dinners, and there are also opportunities for members to take part in charitable fundraising activities. Here are some of the events organised by PGL:

• Social Gatherings: Social gatherings are a great way for members to get together and enjoy each other’s company. They can be as informal or formal as desired and often involve refreshments, music, and entertainment.

• Ceremonies: The PGL hosts numerous ceremonies throughout the year, including annual elections, installation ceremonies, and other special occasions. These ceremonies often involve an honour guard, flags, dignitaries, speeches, presentations, and more.

• Dinners: The PGL organises formal dinners throughout the year where members can enjoy a sumptuous meal with their friends and colleagues. There is usually an after-dinner speaker or entertainment provided for added pleasure.

• Charitable Fundraising: The PGL also provides members with the opportunity to take part in various charitable fundraising activities such as raffles, auctions, collections, etc., which help to raise money for good causes in the local area and beyond.

With its wide variety of events on offer throughout the year, there is sure to be something to suit everyone at Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire!

Charitable Work Undertaken by Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire is a charitable organisation that strives to improve the lives of those in need. Since its establishment in 1885, the lodge has been dedicated to making a real difference in the local community. It does this through a variety of initiatives, including:

• Donations to local charities and funds: The lodge donates money to local charities and funds that are helping those in need. This could be for medical research, housing, or other causes.
• Community outreach: The lodge also takes part in community outreach programmes where they provide volunteers with training and resources to help those who are struggling financially or have suffered from an illness or trauma.
• Fundraising events: The lodge hosts fundraising events throughout the year, such as dinners and auctions, to raise money for their causes.
• Education programmes: The lodge runs education programmes for young people, providing them with knowledge and skills that will help them become productive citizens.
• Disaster relief: The lodge also provides support during natural disasters by providing supplies and assistance to those affected.

In addition to these initiatives, the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire also organises social events throughout the year for its members and their families. These include picnics, barbecues, bowling nights, and more. This helps build relationships between members and strengthens ties within the community.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire is an excellent example of how a charitable organisation can make a real difference in people’s lives through its various initiatives. It truly is an inspiring organisation that puts its members first while always striving to improve the lives of those around them.

Membership Requirements

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire has a range of membership requirements that must be fulfilled for prospective members. This includes:

• Being a Freemason in good standing, having been initiated at least one year before the date of the election.

• Being a resident of the Province or having an affiliation with it.

• Acceptance by the Lodge in which membership is sought and confirmation by two subscribing members that they have known the candidate for at least one year prior to their election as a member.

• Having sufficient means to pay the entrance fee and contribute to the funds of Provincial Grand Lodge.

• Adherence to all regulations and laws laid down by Provincial Grand Lodge.

• A willingness to devote time and effort towards charitable causes supported by Provincial Grand Lodge.

These requirements ensure that all members are suitable for entry into Provincial Grand Lodge. Any candidate who does not meet these criteria may be declined membership. The Provincial Grand Master is empowered to waive any of these conditions should he deem it necessary.

Benefits of Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire Members

Being a member of the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire offers a wide range of benefits and responsibilities. These include:

  • Access to exclusive social events, such as annual dinners and other functions
  • Opportunity to participate in Masonic ceremonies at various lodges within the Province
  • Networking opportunities with other Freemasons in the Province
  • An opportunity to learn more about Freemasonry and its history
  • The chance to take part in charity work and fundraising
  • The ability to take part in Masonic education programs

Responsibilities of Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire Members

Members of the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire have a number of responsibilities, which include:

  • Adhering to the rules and regulations set down by the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE)
  • Attending meetings and ceremonies regularly li >
  • Taking an active role in local Masonic activities, such as charitable work or fundraising li >
  • Showing respect for other members and upholding the principles and traditions of Freemasonry li>

Provincial Grand Lodge members are expected to demonstrate a commitment to their fellow brethren by helping others, offering advice where appropriate and creating a positive environment. They should also strive to uphold the values and traditions that make Freemasonry an important part of British society.

Honorary Officers Serving in the Provincial Grand Lodge Of East Lancashire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire is responsible for overseeing the many lodges and Freemason activities throughout the region. The honorary officers within this organisation perform a number of vital roles, from administering meetings to ensuring that all members adhere to the standards of conduct expected within the fraternity.

• The Provincial Grand Master is the most senior officer and is responsible for all aspects of Freemasonry in East Lancashire, from financial matters to disciplinary issues. They are appointed by the Grand Lodge and serve a term of three years.

• The Deputy Provincial Grand Master assists in overseeing lodges and meetings, as well as representing the Provincial Grand Master when required. They are appointed by the Grand Lodge and serve for a period of three years.

• Assistant Provincial Grand Masters act as ambassadors for Freemasonry in East Lancashire, attending public events, ceremonies and other functions throughout the region. As with other officers, they are appointed by the Grand Lodge and serve a three-year term.

• The Provincial Senior and Junior Wardens are charged with ensuring that meetings run smoothly, from opening proceedings to closing them at an appropriate time. They each serve a one-year term.

• Provincial Treasurers are responsible for managing accounts and ensuring that funds within lodges are used appropriately and efficiently. They serve for two years.

• The Secretary is responsible for administering correspondence between members, keeping records up-to-date, organising meetings and maintaining an accurate account of lodge activities. Those serving in this role usually do so on an annual basis.

• Almoners provide comfort to members who may be ill or experiencing troubles due to external circumstances such as financial hardship or bereavement. They also help ensure that any visitors to meetings feel welcome and have their needs met during their visit or attendance at any event organised by lodges within East Lancashire. Almoners usually serve two-year terms but may remain in post for longer periods if circumstances require it or if they choose to do so voluntarily – though it should be noted that they receive no remuneration whatsoever for their work as part of Freemasonry’s charitable commitments.

Final Words On Provincial Grand Lodge Of East Lancashire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire is an organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the values and history of Freemasonry in England. The Grand Lodge is composed of Lodges located in the counties of Lancashire, Cheshire and Cumbria, with a membership of over 10,000 Freemasons. The Provincial Grand Lodge has been a cornerstone in the development and promotion of Freemasonry for over 150 years.

The Provincial Grand Lodge is responsible for providing guidance, support and education to its members. It has established a number of committees that focus on specific areas, such as charitable giving, education and social events. The Grand Lodge also provides opportunities for its members to meet regularly to discuss topics related to Freemasonry.

The Provincial Grand Lodge has been instrumental in bringing together members from different Lodges to work together on projects that benefit the community. This includes supporting charities, providing educational programs for children and young adults as well as hosting social events that bring the community together.

In addition to its local activities, the Provincial Grand Lodge also works closely with other Masonic organizations around the world to promote Masonic values internationally. This includes participation in international conferences and meetings as well as working with other organizations to raise awareness about Freemasonry and its ideals.

In Last Thoughts, it is clear that the Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire has played an important role in preserving and promoting the values of Freemasonry throughout England for more than 150 years. Its dedication to charitable works, educational programs and social events have strengthened both its membership base as well as its influence abroad. As it continues its mission today, it stands as an example for other Masonic organizations across the world seeking to promote their values.

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